Ice Show Storyline Edits - Kim & Shane and Bo & Hope

Feb 08 - 18, 1985 / 1:56
Hope persuades a cop to let her skate at arena. Hope wants to get on the security force at arena...Bo & Shane discuss prism at Shenanigans. Kim & Bronsky are there too. .. Hope interviews and gets the job as security guard at arena. .. Hope skates at practice rink in striped outfit...Shane, Bo, Hope, Kim discuss plans for getting the prism. Kim is to go to the airport with Bronsky to greet skaters and take pictures. Bo poses as airport employee, switches Sonja’s case with prism, but she retrieves it. ..Kim & Hope get pictures of ice sculpture...Shane, Bo, Hope plan to steal the prism. Bo dresses as a maintenance man and gets the prism, but looses it in scuffle on the ice.... Stephano stops Bo. ...Hope & Shane, she is worried about Bo... Stephano has Bo, but he escapes. HOPE SKATES to “Just Once” and nice Bo & Hope flashbacks... She & Bo find the prism Bo lost, frozen in the ice...Bronsky proposes to Kim, and gives her a fur hat.... Kim tells Shane about proposal & spends the night sleeping on his couch.... Bo & Hope get locked in the arena & spend the night together.

Feb 19 - 26, 1985 / 1:52
Kim wakes up on Shane’s couch.... Bo & Hope get caught in the ice arena.... Bo quickly puts prism on one of the headresses.... Bo punches Hope to make it look like he escaped. ... Shane & Bo find out Stephano has Marlena’s twins.... Alice sees Marlena get into car with a strange man....Kim & Bronsky arrive at arena for the Ice Show. Bo hides in the backseat of the car where Honeycutt has the twins. ...Hope picks up headdress with prism, but other skaters walk in.... Bo saves twins, ties Honeycutt to a tree. .. Shane backstage in preparation for the Ice Show... Bronsky goes backstage and sees the prism has changed colors and he goes to get Kim to leave arena.... Hope skates in clown act...Hope gets the headress with the prism and begins skating in the finale of the Ice Show.... Bo & Shane watch from backstage....Shane sees Bronsky taking Kim away and follows them...Shane takes keys to limo... Bronsky threatens to kill Kim, so Shane gives back the keys....Bronsky takes Kim to the airport....Marlena shoots Stephano and he drops the prism and it catches the arena on fire.... TV cameras catch the shooting... Bo saves Marlena... Kim & Shane tell Bo & Hope that Shane recovered and iced the prism.... Marlena is arrested & jailed for killing Stephano....Bo & Hope and Kim & Shane briefly celebrate then Bo & Hope return to his place, where someone with a gun lies in wait... Bo & Hope are held at gunpoint by Jimmy & Honeycutt. Hope pleads for Bo’s life as Bo fakes unconsciousness and he listens to Hope’s heartfelt words... Hope is shot, taken to hospital, has to have surgery.

Feb 27 - Mar 12, 1985 / 1:54
[Kim & Shane edits end with Mar 01 at 51 Mins - 1 hour more of Bo & Hope engagement edits thru Mar 12]
Hope makes it through surgery. . Shane takes Nickerson the empty prism case and tells him he dropped the prism in the Atlantic... Shane quits ISA. ... Kim & Shane at Shenanigans, going to share cheesecake, go to work out. .. Kim & Shane have tea at her place... Kim & Bo at the hospital, Neil tells Bo that Hope’s hemorrhaging has stopped... Later Neil tells Bo that Hope needs some “special goal” to help her recover. .. Kim & Shane at her place talking about new beginnings...

Dragon/England/Wedding Storyline Edits - Kim & Shane and Bo & Hope

Apr 11 - 23, 1985 / 2:26
Anna DiMera Designs fashion show... Kim taking pictures of the event... Caroline attends the fashion show with Hope.... Nicky is killed by the ring of the Dragon...Hope sees the Dragon’s face and tries to remember what he looks like.... Kim develops the pictures from the fashion show hoping to get a picture of the killer.... Shane recognizes the mark on Nicky’s neck and tells Kim he knows who killed Nicky. It was the same man who killed his wife, an international terrorist. ..Kim’s pictures of the fashion show were picked up by someone else.... Shane goes to see Nickerson about the Dragon, Nickerson tells him that Emma was killed because of her lineage. ..Shane tells Kim that Emma’s death was not an accident, and not meant to kill him....Tony asks Bo to find the killer of the Prince... Shane tells Kim about the Dragon & Emma, he asks Kim to go to the library and get books on the Royals. .. Sonja apologizes to Bo about the Ice Show. Bo later realizes she is a Romanoff and next in line on the Dragon’s list... Shane realizes it too and. both arrive and find her dead at the hands of the Dragon. .. Kim has flashbacks to, “Learning The Ways Of Love”. .. Kim reading paper about Sonja’s death, Shane arrives at her place... Kim massages Shane’s temples as he has a headache...they then kiss. .. Another Romanoff descendant is killed in France. Shane wants Bo to go to England with him to investigate. Shane asks Kim to go to England with him. ...Shane wants an answer from Kim if she is going to England. He is leaving at 6pm and is booking 2 seats... Marlena tells Kim to go with Shane, but Hart attempts suicide and Kim goes to the hospital... Kim later rushes to the airport, but has vision problems and doesn’t take the flight and instead she returns home... Bo has info for Tony about the Dragon being in Europe and that he is going there... Hope overhears this and she does not want Bo going after the Dragon... Kim & Bo fill in at the fishmarket and talk about Shane and committment. They continue their talk on the docks and the fishmarket is vandalized in their absence.

Apr 25 - May 03, 1985 / 2:04
Kim decides to go to Shane in England, after all... Bo tells Hope he won’t go after the Dragon, which pleases Hope, as the Dragon is right outside the fishmarket...Kim gets airplane tickets to London... Kim & Hope at Shenanigans. .. Shane & Simmons reunite in England, Simmons tells him of some strange going-ons... Hope and Tom talk about wedding plans and Alice’s excitement about the wedding.... Dragon is lurking around Jump, where Hope is.... Kim arrives on Shane’s doorstep in London...Kim & Shane discuss her missing the plane, she tells him Hart Bennett tried to commit suicide... Hope is attacked by the Dragon at Jump, but she is OK.... Kim is having trouble with the blinds in her room, Shane comes in to help her and their hands touch. .. They begin to make love, but she wants him to make sure her past isn’t a problem...Kim & Shane make love for the first time and he brings her breakfast in bed. ...Hope’s bridal shower. ... A vandal goes after Melissa’s car, and the women at the shower capture him using pots, pans & household items as weapons... Shane & Kim in England-- they get caught in the rain. Shane shows Kim his mother’s cameo... Part of the cameo set is missing and only Emma knew the combination to the safe...Kim & Shane still in England, Kim is having vision problems. .. Shane returns from pawn shop with missing jewelry, he tells Kim that his dead wife hocked the items. .. Bo tells Shane about Hope’s near attack by The Dragon in Salem and that Hart Bennett committed suicide. .. Kim and Shane fly home.

May 03 - 16, 1985 / 1:56
Neil examines Kim’s eyes at her apartment, and wants her to have some tests run. Kim doesn’t want anyone to know....Shane figures out a way for Bo to go to England to help find the Dragon--Bo is to become a rock singer... Bo sings, “Surrender To Me” at Jump as a surprised Hope looks on... Shane gives Kim his mother’s cameo pin...Shane, Bo & Hope are going to England for Bo to sing... Kim joins them at the airport to go to England with them. .. Emma is revealed for the first time. ..In England, Kim & Shane discuss finding the Dragon, he tells her she has become very special to him. ..Bo, Hope, Kim & Shane discuss not finding the Dragon at Westminster Abbey--too much publicity. They figure he will try to kill the queen at the Masquerade Ball... Neil calls Kim in England and tells her the tests confirmed Papillitis and that she needs medical attention. ..Shane visits the Duke of Earl and Royals and tries to warn them about the impending danger. ..Kim & Shane walk around London on location. Emma also walking around... Bo sings, “Surrender To Me” at the charity event. .. Kim has more vision problems at the charity event... Dragon captures Hope and interrogates her. .. Hope escapes and jumps into the moat...Hope hitches a ride back to Donovan Manor... Emma lurking around & inside Donovan Manor.... Kim tries to contact Neil about her vision problems.... Shane & Kim visit the home of the Duke of Earl [revealed to us, as the Dragon] about someone using his castle [where Hope was taken].

May 17 - 22, 1985 / 2:06
Kim asks Shane if she can wear a dress from his attic to the Masquerade Ball this afternoon.... Hope prays in an old church, Bo shows up and they tour London on a bicycle to the song, “Starcrossed”. .. Kim & Shane walk around London and watch the changing of the guard.... The Dragon tells Emma to kill Lady Johanna when they play “God Save The Queen”.... Emma tries to warn Lady Johanna, but the Dragon is close by and foils her attempt. ... Kim wears the dress she found in the attic, Shane is taken aback when he sees her in it as it was Emma’s.... They all go to the Masquerade Ball. ... Bo sings, “Turn It On”. ... Kim unknowingly talks to Emma in the ladies room,...Shane sees Emma at the Ball... Hope identifies the Dragon at the unmasking,... Bo chases after the him and Hope follows them.... Kim tells Shane she talked to Emma before and she seemed fine and not dazed like she now is... Bo & the Dragon chase one another and then duel it out, as Hope watches horrified...The Dragon is captured. ... Shane & Kim take Emma back to Donovan Manor. .. Grand Duchess wants to show her gratitude to Bo & Hope. .. They ask if they can marry in the church Hope found in the Cotswolds. .. The family will be flown in for the wedding....Invitations to Bo & Hope’s wedding are delivered in Salem. Shawn & Caroline arrive at Donovan Manor... Dragon is put into jail, but he kills the guard and escapes.... Bo steals a milk truck.... Kim & Shane walk around London to, “Friends & Lovers”.

May 23 - 27, 1985 / 2:01
Bo is arrested for stealing the milk truck. .. People are arriving for the wedding. ... Bo then steals a white horse and races to get to the wedding on time to, “Holding Out For A Hero”. .. Bo & Hope’s wedding begins... Bo surprises Hope and sings, “Love Between Us” to her during the ceremony....Bo & Hope are pronounced “Husband & Wife” and Emma tries to shoot Bo & Hope as they come down the isle...Shane stops Emma from shooting Bo & Hope...Dragon calls Kim and says that Bo & Hope are the new targets. Wedding reception goes on at Donovan Manor without Bo & Hope, who are arrested just as he is about to carry her over the threshold... Bo & Hope have adjoining jail cells for their honeymoon night to, “Starcrossed”. ..Theo helps Bo & Hope escape by impersonating a Magistrate. .. Shane & Kim go to the police station to help Bo & Hope, but they are already gone... Bo, Hope & Theo on the plane back to Salem.... Theo wants Bo to continue as a rock musician to infiltrate the video company.

May 28 - Jun 03, 1985 / 2:04
Bo & Hope arrive back in Salem. .. Shane & Emma reminisce over old photos... Kim leaves Shane in England--flashbacks & “Friends &Lovers”... Kim back from England, she calls Neil over. Neil has her go to the hospital and tells her the Pappalitis is worsening. She won’t go to the hospital... Kim refuses Shane’s person-to-person call from England. ..Hope meets Chief Cates for the first time. .. The Dragon tells Emma she must go back to Salem with Shane. ..Kim is now totally blind and calls Neil. He wants her to go to a specialist in Cleveland. ..Kim tells Neil that nobody is to know about her blindness... Emma, now in Salem with Shane is having nightmares, Shane is taking her to see Marlena... Shane goes to see Kim. .. Dragon is in Shane’s apartment and about to kill Shane while Emma is at Bo & Hope’s apt and she wants to hear the music box, it plays “God Save The Queen”, she draws a gun on Bo & Hope....Emma is about to shoot Bo & Hope as the music box plays...Bo & Hope figure out that the music box is the trigger.... Dragon is about to poison Shane, butShane wakes up, they fight and the Dragon plunges to his death out the window.

Miami Storyline Edits - Kim & Shane and Bo & Hope

Oct 25 - 30, 1985 / 2:01
Amy & Todd arrive back in Salem... Bo & Hope return home after being followed for miles.... Shane has a new offer for them to go to Miami.... Party at Curtises to celebrate Bo & Hope's safe return.... Amy poses as a hostess at the party to get to talk to Bo & Hope.... Todd tells Bo & Hope about Boston.... Emma overhears Kim & Shane pledge their love and make plans to meet later.... Emma drugs Kim's drink; Kim switches the glasses and Victor sees her do it.....Bo & Hope take over the treasure hunt for Pete & Melissa and figure out the clues lead to Miami.... Patch finds Hope and takes the last 2 clues from her in Boston, then turns them over to Savannah.... Kim gets Neil to lie to Victor about her blindness... Shane learns Savannah has a plane ticket to Miami. .. Victor tricks Kim by knocking over a glass and Kim reflexes....Victor confronts Kim about lying to him about regaining her sight.... Victor forces Kim tell Shane she wants him to leave her alone, which she does and she and Shane have a nasty confrontation. ...Shane later sneaks into Kim's room to tell her he knew Victor made her do it and he spends the night there with her....Victor makes arrangements for he & Kim to go to Miami.... Shane questions Patch who won’t tell him anything. ..Savannah gives Patch money to go to Miami. ... Shane & Peach eavesdrop on Patch & Savannah. ... Bo & Hope arrive in Miami.

Oct 31 - Nov 07, 1985 / 1:56
Miami storyline begins with Victor, Kim first arriving.... Shane arrives and Chris also arrives in Miami and surprises Savannah to “In The Air Tonight”.... Kim & Shane play “footsies” under the table on the patio at Victor’s estate. ..Shane meets with Bo & Hope. .. Bo & Hope go to the Orange Bowl. ...Kim & Shane's begin to make love on the lawn on Victor’s estate, but are interrupted by the sprinklers.... Shane falls into Victor's alligator pit....Kim pulls Shane out of the alligator pit.... Kim tells Shane she overheard Victor talking about “Purse, Pawn & Power”.... Kim & Shane make love in her room at Victor’s estate....Steve breaks into Bo & Hope's hotel room and steals a picture of them, he tears off the half with Bo and kisses the picture of Hope....Victor discovers that Petov’s informer is Alexander.... Shane solves a problem for the British Consulate while Kim searches Victor’s belongings.... Victor & Shane toast one another....Savannah arranges to meet with Steve on the “Dolphin”.

Nov 07 - 13, 1985 / 1:55
Bo & Hope who have sneaked onboard the “Dolphin” become stranded there when their boat floats away, just as Patch & Savannah are arriving for their meeting... . Kim distracts Victor by going for a walk on the beach with him, while Shane searches Victor’s room, and flirts with Janet as a cover....Bo & Hope are stranded in the shower on the yacht during Steve & Savannah's meeting.... Savannah gives Patch details of the drug deal and tells him to go meet with Panama Jack.... Kim & Victor walk in on Shane & Janet.... Bo suggests that Shane take Panama Jack’s place to meet with Patch.... Patch kidnaps Hope who is dressed as a Salvation Army worker....Steve takes Hope to his sleazy room & torments her with fake acid hanging over her head. ..Amy gets Todd to make a list of the drug ring participants and then she steals the list to give it to Petrov... Shane disguises himself as Panama Jack and meets with Patch....Patch leads Bo & Shane to Hope, ...Shane knocks Patch out.... Hope asks what makes Patch hate Bo so much, but Bo begs Hope not to ask him.... Bo has flashbacks to Stockholm with Patch in bed with Britta. ... Shane goes to his room and finds Kim sleeping with a Tarantula, courtesy of Victor. ...Victor shows up instead of Shane for breakfast in bed with Kim... Victor accuses Kim of being evasive.... Steve gives Savannah the last clue as Chris bugs their conversation.

Nov 14 - 19, 1985 / 2:00
Victor has a maid keep Kimberly under house arrest while he and Shane compete in a yacht race of which Victor wins and Shane narrowly escapes injury...Patch calls Savannah for a meeting, and she finds him playing his harmonica on the boardwalk...Chris follows Patch as he leaves a note for Panama Jack changing locations of the drug deal.... Chris picks a fight and steals the note.... Bo & Hope skindive their way in to Victor’s estate to search for the book... Chris tips Shane to the change in drop site, then grabs Savannah to have a talk and she throws him into the pool. ...Bo & Hope search Victor’s estate for the treasure, they find the book in the grotto and give it to Shane.... Bo & Hope find the map to the treasure and head off to find it...Kim begins to detain Victor, as Shane is locked in the study and attempts to decode the book using Victors computer.... Nickerson & Petrov & the Pawn are en route to the meeting at Victor's estate.... Shane is shot in Victor’s study. ... Bo & Hope bring the treasure up from the sea, only to find Savannah & Patch on the yacht, with guns aimed on them....Shane is still locked in Victor's study, but he had on a bullet-proof vest, so he is not hurt.... Kim overhears Victor say that the study doors will automatically unlock at 4 o’clock and then Shane will be killed.... Kim once again tries to detain Victor. ... Savannah & Patch take Bo & Hope hostage on the yacht.... Patch wants to open the treasure, but Savannah won’t let him.... Shane finds out the treasure will explode within seconds of being opened...Bo & Hope break free and Bo & Patch fight on the yacht.... Shane & Chris arrive by helicopter as Bo pushes Savannah overboard and Chris jumps in to go after her.... Shane shoots Patch from the ladder on the helicopter and Patch also falls overboard.... Bo & Hope escape onto the smaller boat with the treasure in it as the lid opens with a ticking bomb inside with only seconds to go.... Shane yells to Bo & Hope to jump, which they do just as the boat explodes.... Kim sleeps with Victor to save Shane’s life.... Miami finale done to “Just A Job To Do”. ...Victor realizes that Kim tricked him, later he tells her that they both got what they wanted.

Nov 19 - 25, 1985 / 1:55
Victor catches Kim taking a picture out her window and he removes the film and discards it in the trash can... Bo saves Patch from drowning, and they have an awkward moment as Patch realizes that Bo saved his life... Chris rescues Savannah and then she is arrested... Amy pulls a gun on Todd and he lets her escape and then Todd is arrested... Victor is arrested and Kim can’t bring herself to tell Shane what happened between she and Victor... Bo & Hope again search for the real book at Victor’s estate... Shane finds the book along with a snake and Kim kills the snake... Bo & Hope find film in Kim's trash can... Bo visits Patch in the hospital and Patch wants to know why Bo saved his life... Victor who is in jail offers Larry Welch the deal to take the fall for him and Larry agrees to do it... Chris packs to leave Miami and then later visits Savannah in the jail... Bo, Hope & Kim all back home in Salem... Chris visits Patch in the hospital before leaving Miami with memories of his time with Savannah... Shane visits Victor in Salem’s jail and tells him he has the book, then later Shane turns the book over to Nickerson... Victor & Kim agree to keep secret their encounter, as she moves out of his home for good... Patch sees the Pawn being made ready for surgery and recognizes him, then Patch escapes from the hospital... Kim, Bo & Hope try to enlarge the photo of the pawn that Kim took out her window at Victor’s estate... Patch goes to Hope’s apt and she holds him at gunpoint wanting to know how he got out... Patch tells her if she shoots him, she will never know the new secret... Shane sets up Nickerson on docks and overhears Nickerson & Victor's conversation.

Nov 26 - Dec 05, 1985 / 2:08
Hope visits Patch in jail, but he won’t talk, yet he taunts her by telling her they will be together someday... Hope goes to see Patch again and he sings “The Ballad Of A Boy Named Bo” for her... Bo shows up repeating the scene from Stockholm by catching Hope with Patch... Through flashbacks, Bo confesses to Hope that he put Patch's eye out over Britta when he caught them in bed together... Shane confronts Nickerson who first destroys the book and then kills himself by taking poison... Kim has "flu" symptoms... Petrov brings the pawn to Salem... Kim is still sick and Peach asks if she is pregnant... Neil tells Kim she is pregnant... Hope goes to see Brother Francis who is now teaching Theology in Salem... Kim tries to deal with her pregnancy... Shane, Bo & Peach hunt for the pawn... Nurse Honeycutt changes the dressings on the Pawn... Hope tells Alice about Bo and Patch's eye... Hope is upset that Patch is getting released from jail and that Bo arranged it... Shane, Bo, Hope & Peach sneak into the basement and eavesdrop on the meeting between Petrov & Victor... Kim has flashbacks of England & Miami to "Friends & Lovers".