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For providing the following detailed descriptions for these Luke & Laura edits.

Luke & Laura - Hours 1 & 2
First hour or so is complete epis, then switches to L&L edit around the time of Wyndham's. Morning of Luke's wedding to Jennifer, Scotty and Laura argue. She feigns being sick to get out of going, he insists she goes. Luke and Joe Kelly, same morning. Alan and Monica with baby AJ. Then skips to L&L wash their clothes. Hutch waits outside with a gun but doesn't go after them, just continues to follow them. Hutch reports into Frank Smith, commercials. Alan & Monica, Edward & Alan. L&L hit the streets, Luke buys a paper and finds their pictures plastered all over the front page. They see cops and duck into Wynham's Dept store. They head to the beauty shop section looking for a wig for Laura. Luke pretends they are the expected French hairstylists. He cuts some poor woman's hair, who screams when she sees the results. His next client brings in a black wig, which he talks her out of. Next, Luke sneaks trainee badges for them and they head to the shoe dept. Luke tries to sell shoes to a difficult customer. They remain in the stock room as the store closes and they are there alone. Then they go shopping for new clothes but they aren't alone, Hutch has remained behind as well. After they shop, Luke tells her they are going to get dressed up and have dinner in the gourmet section. All dressed up, they dance around Wyndham's, then they have French champagne and caviar. Luke tells her she has never been more beautiful to him and she tells him the evening is like a dream. They dance and Luke swirls her into his arms and carries her off to the bedroom dept where they continue kissing till Laura falls asleep on him. Hutch finds them sleeping and goes after the black book but takes off after killing a security guard. Next am, L&L change clothes, Laura apologizes for falling asleep on "their night". They find the dead security guard, Laura is really scared. They take off again. Hutch follows them onto the street [location scenes]. L&L in a bus station? Hutch follows them.

Luke & Laura - Hours 3 & 4
L&L at the bus station. They run out of money when the get as far as Beecher's Corners so they take refuge in a barn, surrounded by noisy chickens and a cow. Next am, Mr. Whitaker offers them room and board for doing chores. They tell him they are newlyweds. In their new room, Laura wants to string a blanket across the room for privacy. Luke tells her he wants her to be Mrs. Spencer for real but doesn't want an answer from her yet. Hutch overhears that L&L are looking for a job and heads to the dinner to get work there ahead of them. Luke and Laura run into Hutch at the diner. He has already got a job, and L&L get hired too. Luke gets ticked when customers flirt with Laura. Back at the Whitaker's, Laura insists on putting the blanket back up across their bedroom. Luke is suspicious of Hutch, he knows too much about them as "Lloyd and Lucy" (L&L's aliases). L&L working at the diner, living at the Whitaker's. Mrs. Whitaker bring L&L breakfast in bed on their morning off, Luke takes the opportunity to jump in bed with Laura and snuggle. When Mrs. W leaves, Laura tells Luke if he does that again she will blow their cover! When Mrs. W accidentally picks up the black book when taking their clothes to be washed, they start imaging that she is the hitman. Later, Mrs. W picks up a rifle to clean it and L&L hit the deck! They realize they are overreacting. Luke is not pleased to find Hutch in the Whitaker's barn, also looking for room and board. L&L make out in a haystack in the barn.

Luke & Laura - Hours 5 & 6
Back at the diner, hutch sees pictures of L&L on the front page and acts weird. He tries to hide the newspapers, Luke sees the pictures and tells Laura they have to leave town immediately. Hutch sets fire to the stack of newspapers that is the whole towns supply. Now L&L don't have to leave town. Trusting Laura believes Hutch all along, while Luke continues to mistrust him. Hutch's story that he tells Luke checks out, so Luke decides to trust him. Mrs. W offers to make Laura a new dress for the Labor Day square dance/barbeque party. Hutch plays the guitar, later he tells Frank that he can't kill L&L till he discovers where they have hidden the black book. Square dancing at the party. Hutch searches their room while L&L are at the party, when they come up to their room, he hides under the bed. Laura takes a nap, Luke leaves, and Hutch gets out undetected. Laura loves Beecher's Corners and wants to stay longer. Luke tells her they have to move onto Fair Oaks as soon as they have enough money. Luke notices that Hutch is left handed and wonders if he is the left handed boy or the hitman. Poker game at the Whitaker's for the guys. Burt Ramsey shows up at the diner looking for L&L, Hutch helps them get out before he sees them. L&L pack up to leave town, meanwhile Frank has sent a new hitman. Luke is ready to hit the road but Laura wants to wait out the storm. They say goodbye to Mrs. Whitaker, then head to the barn. L&L make out in the haystack again.

Luke & Laura - Hours 7 & 8
L&L make out in the haystack again, Luke hears something in the barn. He makes a pile out of their clothes to look like they are still lying there and they sneak off into a dark corner of the barn. The new hitman throws a knife hitting Laura's sweater in the pile. Hutch calls Frank who tells him he has sent a back up hitman, Hutch isn't happy as he considers this his job. Hutch goes into the barn and knocks out the hitman. Hutch tells L&L to take off, that he will take care of the hitman and catch up with them later. L&L take refuge in an old cabin... Several scenes of L&L kissing and snuggling together. Luke sets a snare outside of the cabin and Hutch gets caught up in it. L&L and Hutch leave in van for Fair Oaks. Hutch sabotages the van, cop comes by and Hutch covers. They decide to camp out with sleeping bags. L&L at restaurant in Fair Oaks. Hutch with L&L at restaurant, they meet up with Sally. Hutch sings and plays guitar.

Luke & Laura - Hours 9 & 10
L&L back together at Sally's - decorate the place. L&L talk about him almost marrying Jennifer. Hutch and L&L collecting info. Luke figures out Hutch is bad guy. Lots of L&L at Sally's, working, searching for clues. L&L smooching. Hutch gets a gun out of his hiding place when no one is around. L&L say their goodbyes as Luke is off to pick up Frank's black book at the bus station locker. L&L kiss and say goodbye again. Hutch readies his gun. Luke calls Laura from the bus station. Luke pays a guy to get the black book out of the locker. Sally is revealed to be a man. Laura calls an extatic Leslie.

Luke & Laura - Hours 11 & 12
Luke is suspicious of Sally and searches her office/apartment. He finds men's clothing in her closet. When she returns he hides in the closet and watches as she takes off her wig, she is a man! Then she locks the closet door with Luke inside. Hutch says something that makes Luke suspicious. He watches him and finds his hiding place. Luke is onto Hutch working for Frank. Great outdoor scenes, Luke & Hutch in outdoor mall, courtyard area. Luke sees Hutch and takes off. Still outside, Luke meets Laura sees Sally and rushes Laura back to the restaurant. Hutch playing guitar while L&L plot. Hutch following Luke, Luke sees statue and figures out who the Left Handed Boy is. Luke argues with Laura, wants her to go home, slaps her, and then puts her on a bus. (of course she doesn't go home!) Hutch still following Luke. Laura comes back and is gald to see Hutch, he takes Laura into the magic shop and pulls a gun on her. Joe Kelly and Bobbie go back to tell Leslie about break in. Luke has gone back to restaurant (he doesn't yet know that Hutch has Laura), Sally pulls a gun on him when he confronts her about being a hit man. Hutch calls Luke to cut a deal Laura for the black book, Hutch wants the gold that the black book will lead to. Hutch with Laura. Luke goes to the statue and finds the gold. Laura begs Hutch not to kill Luke, he tells her he really doesn't want to kill her but will if he has to.

Luke & Laura - Hours 13 & 14 - some commercials
Laura is freed, exchange takes place, Luke gets the gold out of the statue. While Hutch has Luke start to take the gold out of the hidden spot in the statue, Sally shoots at them, hits Hutch, Luke shot (classic scenes). Luke gets up (he's okay) and L&L take off. L&L steal motorcycle and make their getaway. L&L back to Beecher's Corners to Whitakers Farm. They call Joe Kelly and fills him in. Luke carries Laura up to bedroom at Whitakers - they smooch. She tells him she has never loved anyone like she loves him, they make love for the first time. Hutch hiding out in the Whitakers barn with a gun. Luke goes out to milk the cows, Hutch confronts Luke. Luke tells him to go ahead and shoot, he doesn't believe Hutch will kill him. Laura joins him, she also doesn't believe Hutch will shoot them. Hutch collapses from his own gunshot wound, he is taken away by ambulance. Next day, Luke gives Laura a cigar band to symbolize their vows to each other. He tells her as soon as she is divorced from Scotty he will marry her. 1:46 L&L Promo (they've returned and Laura removes the wedding ring during the press conference, and Luke is very hurt and betrayed - this scene is not shown). Luke working at Kelly's, Laura comes in and wants nothing to do with her. He feels she betrayed their love. Luke comes upon her in the park, she tells him she told her parents that she loves him.

Luke & Laura - Hours 15 & 16
Laura checks out a new apartment. L&L run into each other at the hospital, then at the restaurant. She is there with Leslie, he is out with Bobbie. Everyone at Webbers and at Q's going to Thanksgiving football game. Luke & Alex & Q's drinking champagne talk about his summer adventure. Webber's party, Laura flashesback to Wyndhams. Scenes at the park with PCers going to the game, then back to the Spencers. Leslie & Anne at park. Laura, Richard Simmons, everyone else gathers at the park. L&L see each other, Q's gather, back to Spencer's house - Luke has dinner with Bobbie and Ruby, Webbers with their company. Laura and Luke both try to call each other and get a busy signal. Luke reaches Laura, she smiles that he has reached out to her. Luke is surprised to run into Laura working at ELQ as a receptionist. Laura runs into Luke then Alexandria shows up. At the disco, Laura is jealous to see Luke dancing with Alexandria. L&L go to see Hutch in the hospital, they allow him to believe they are getting married. Laura, Bryan at her new apt. Luke moves upstairs from Laura. Both Luke and Laura complain about their neighbor (it is each other they are complaining about not knowing who their neighbor is). Laura receptionist at ELQ, Luke gets his own office at ELQ. Christmas party at Q's. Luke sees Laura home, they share a bottle of champagne that he lifted from the Q's. Luke helps Laura with her tree. L&L at her place with the sticky door. Christmas at GH, Steve Hardy tells the Christmas Story.

Luke & Laura - Hours 17 - 24
Alex receives a rattlesnake in a pretty package delivered to ELQ, fortunately it is defanged. But Luke takes it as a warning and believes that Alex is associating with some dangerous people. Luke working at Kelly's, Laura, comes in. He wants Laura to quit working at ELQ as he thinks it has become too dangerous. She insists that he is the one who should quit, after he had his apartment ransacked and hit over the head. Then L&L decorate Kelly's and get ready for the midnight New Year's party there. Laura comments that this New Year's is going to be a lot different than last years but prefers the changes. At midnight, Alex kisses Luke while Laura looks on. L&L have a wonderful New Year's kiss. Alex gives Laura the address of where Luke went for a meeting (he is trying to track down the guy that sent the snake), its down on the waterfront. Luke is waiting in a seedy hotel lobby, the desk clerk takes Luke for a bum and wants to throw him out. Luke pretends he just got married and his bride kicks him out of the room. Laura comes in at the perfect moment and they pretend to be married once again. They follow the guy who sent the snake, he leads them to a ritzy house. They hide outside a large house in the bushes. Luke approaches the door and impersonates a census taker to try and get some info on who lives in the house. Luke searches out a real estate agent to get info on the mysterious house and gets info on Robert's new place! Robert comes by ELQ to see Alex, he meets Laura for the first time! He asks her out on a date. She indignantly tells him she is married, then finds herself telling him about her separation from Scotty. Robert comes back later, urgently looking for Luke. He runs into Laura. When she asks if Luke is in danger, he cryptically responds that they are all in danger. He offers to drive her home. Back at her apartment, once again her door sticks. Luke pushes and she pulls from the inside - they wind up in each other's arms. Luke tells Laura that he ran into her father and told him that he is living upstairs. He reports that Rick wasn't too happy. Luke also notices that Laura is more independent,not as concerned with what other people think. Luke pumps her for info on the "friend" who drove her home (not knowing it was Robert). Alex comes by to see Luke. She tells him that the Ice Princess are some papers showing the boundary to a mine. Luke isn't buying it and tells her he won't be lied to. Robert and Laura go to dinner, Luke and Alex enter the restaurant and join them. Alex goes to the bathroom, Robert gets called away to the phone leaving L&L alone together. Luke grills Laura about what she is doing with Robert. He asks her, "What are you doing with this guy? He carries a gun! He likes to smack people over the head with it!" (refering to Robert bopping him on the head at his apartment the first time they meet.) Luke warns her further, "This guy could be a killer!" Laura responds, "So...some of my best friends have been killers. Look at Hutch!" Alex & Robert rejoin them, then they are off to the disco. Laura visits Hutch in the hospital. Luke stops by as well. Hutch tells them how happy he is for them getting together. They don't have the heart to tell him that they have split up. Luke, Edward, and Alex at ELQ headquarters. Luke calls their bluff and tells them he found the boundary papers that they were searching for. He gets no reaction from them - they obviously aren't thrilled as they really weren't looking for any such papers (it was just a cover story for what the Ice Princess really is). Luke confronts them about their lying. Edward agrees to tell Luke what the Ice Princess really is. He tells Luke that it is a priceless statue. They explain that Alex shipped it to PC but it was stolen. Since the Cassadine's & Robert are also looking for it, they figure some waterfront thief has stolen it. Someone who has no idea of its real value. Edward shocks Luke with the info that it is the world's largest diamond. He brags that it makes the Star of India look like a pebble. Luke tells them his price just went up from a $5,000 finder's fee to $50,000! Robert shows up at ELQ to pick up Laura for dinner. Luke stares daggers at him. Luke assures Robert that he will be solo that night. Laura enters and does not contradict Luke but apologizes profusely for forgetting that she had made previous plans with Luke - a business meeting. Luke takes her home and apologizes for coming on so strong against her having a relationship with Robert, then asks her about it. She wants to know why he ruined her evening with Robert. He says he wanted to talk to her privately and he wouldn't have interfered in her private life if it wasn't important. He is worried about her. He has a strong feeling that they are both being used by the Quartermaines. He asks her again to quit her job. He tells her he has uncovered "something" and he thinks things are going to get "messy". She says no that she needs this job. He tells her that he needs her. She earnestly promises, "anything you want!" He admits to caring about her a little, she returns the feelings. He accuses her of messing with his head. They finally go out to dinner - their first date since Beecher's Corners. Heads turn as they enter the restaurant. He watches Laura to see how she reacts to the public reaction. She calmly shrugs it off, he seems impressed. She tells him that she wants to talk about their relationship. She has him trapped, he can't run off in the middle of the restaurant. She tells him she is sorry for hurting him that day at the police station, that she hates herself for doing it. She tells him that in their past, he didn't rape her - it wasn't rape she assures him. Later, Luke walks her to the door. He is confused, not sure what to do next. He tells her that she has been an obsession with him for years. He doesn't want to give up on them, but says the time isn't right for them yet. Laura tells him she will wait till he gets over his hurt. He hints that he gets over his wounds real fast! Then they have a teasingly soft merest brush of the lips. Robert is following Luke. Luke notices Robert outside watching Luke's building. Luke sneaks out by helping some neighbors move a couch while Laura distracts Robert. Luke tells Laura that he is investigating a theft for the Q's. He needs her to distract Robert tonight at the disco, he calls Robert "son of Koaloa breath". So Luke can check out a warehouse without Robert tailing him. Robert arrives to pick up Laura. Luke comes down too. Cute moment as neither of the guys can open Laura's door but she shows they how it is done. Robert & Luke arrive to pick up Bobbie & Joe Kelly. Luke takes Bobbie aside and tells her that he doesn't trust Robert with Laura. He doesn't think Laura can handle Robert, Luke is worried that Robert is putting the make on her. He wants Bobbie to be Robert's dance partner for the dance contest. Luke calls Robert "Captain Kangaroo", "The Scorpian" "Kangaroo skin". The dance contest is fixed so Luke is eliminated early and he sneaks out. Bobbie and Robert are in the finals, she worries when she realizes Robert has also left. (Robert saving Luke's butt is left off but is on Cari's tapes). Next am, Laura is upset with Luke as he won't tell her more about what he is really doing for the Quartermaine's. She wants to know what the Ice Princess is and who the Cassidines are. Luke tells her it is too dangerous. She catches him sneaking out of his apartment with a mysterious box, and she is dying to know what is inside. He grabs her and they wind up in each other's arms and have a very seductive conversation with their faces together and lips an inch apart. Bennie shows up and says someone is following him. Next, there they are at the parade. Later, Luke is jealous. He grabs Laura and kisses her. Laura is upset over Diana Taylor's murder. Luke consoles her, they both go to the Webber's. While babysitting PJ, they talk about the time Laura thought she was pregnant with Luke's child. Luke and Laura later talk about the kiss, Laura tells him she wishes it never ended. Luke kisses her again but Rick Webber knocks on the door and interrupts them. Luke shows up at Laura's door with a bag of groceries and invites her up to his apartment for breakfast. He is trying to cheer her up as he knows she is down about Diana's murder. Luke tells Alex that a guy in a junk shop recognized the photo of the Ice Princess, Emma Lutz tried to sell it. Luke quizzes Laura for what a "comb out" means in beauty shop lingo. Just as Robert arrives to take Laura to lunch, Luke takes off. Robert & Laura at lunch, Robert is shocked to see Leslie walk in with Tony Castle (actually Tony Cassadine). Luke and Emma Lutz show up at the restaurant. Next, Luke shows up at Laura's apartment. She is very cool towards him, as she is jealous of him lunching with Emma. Laura and Luke talk about her wanting children. He winds up annoying her and she tells him that while she had agreed to wait until he feels he can trust her enough not to hurt him but she pointedly warns him that no woman wants to wait forever and she storms off. Next at the ELQ offices, Luke tells her he is very close to finding what he has been looking for. He asks her if she would go out with him in the coming week, that they need to talk about where they stand. Laura listens in as Luke makes lunch plans with Emma Lutz. Then she pumps Slick for info and finds out that Luke wants to search Emma's place. Laura questions Luke about why, what he is after at Emma's. He tells her to stay out of it and to NOT follow him. Luke has lunch with Emma at her place. Her husband comes home, Luke hides in the bedroom. Slick distracts Charlie so Luke can get out of the apartment. Luke is frustrated that the Ice Princess is not at the Lutz's. Robert is waiting but Luke is empty handed. Luke vents to Robert that the Ice Princess was his shot at some financial security. Robert gloats that he is taking Laura to dinner that night. Luke immediately calls Laura and asks her to dinner. Luke confides in Laura that he is depressed as he was counting on the Ice Princess for his financial future. He tells her that the Q's financial future also depends on him finding the statue. She assures him he will be successful. L&L see an article about Hutch, he gets 25-life in prison. Laura fishes a chair out of the dumpster and Luke tells her she is turning into a bag lady. Luke arrives at her apartment in the am and wants a good morning kiss. Luke is shocked to see a picture of the Ice Princess statue on the front page of the newspaper. It has been donated to Lila's charity auction. They find out the auction items are being stored in the police property room. The next morning, Laura is frightened when she finds Luke's room ransacked and no sign of him. Luke and Slick make plans to break into the Police department property room. While Luke searches it, Slick distracts the cop on duty. Robert shows up and helps Luke search the room. They don't find it. Luke returns to Laura's upset that he once again failed in his quest. Laura tells him that she doesn't need this financial stake for their future that he does. Edward sends Laura to help Lila organize the donor list for the auction. Luke heads over to help them. Ed Begley Jr. has a small guest spot as a painter. Luke pays him $150 to be able to take over for him to paint the room the charity auction to be held at. Laura enters and is shocked that Luke is paying the guy that much, Luke tells her it is to get his apartment painted. He points out the magenta paint he is using as a cover as the paint he has chosed to use. She offers to do paint his place for him for $50. He goes to the paint job, they want a union card. Just as they are going to throw him out, Slick arrives with a phony card. This gives Luke a chance to scout the place. But they figure out he is a phony and he gets out in the nick of time. Meanwhile, Laura has gotten the landlady to let her into Luke's apartment so she can paint it. He is more than a little surprised to return home to his magenta walls! Luke pretends he likes it. Cute scene as Laura helps Luke shave, then they kiss. Next morning, poor Luke wakes up to magenta walls - not a pleasant site first thing in the am. After breakfast, Luke makes a slip and says something about when they get married. Laura is thrilled as this is the first time he has actually admitted he thinks about marrying her. Next, Laura is disappointed. She has placed ads in the personal columns looking for Scotty so she can get a divorce from him. The responses she has received are rather lewd and not from Scotty. Luke finally takes Laura out to dinner. He tells her it is "the night of nights!" He is in a celebratory mood. He takes her to the Versaille Room, where he has champagne on ice waiting. He has a violinist seranade her with Wyndham's music. He is planning their future. He is once again counting on the $50K that he plans on recieving from the Q's for finding the Ice Princess. Then he says they will find Scotty and get her divorce. Next, he takes her to the docks where a candlelit table is waiting. He has a tape recording of the Wyndham's music which they dance to and toast with champagne. Luke tells her he loves her and doesn't want to lose her as her eyes fill with tears. She has waited so long for him to say that. They talk about their future. They continue to dance up to her door. Lots of kissing once they enter her apartment, things get heated. He formally asks her to marry him, she estatically answers yes! (Great romantic evening, nice long series of scenes for the two of them together). Luke & Laura tell Rick that they are going to marry. He is not overjoyed with the news. At the auction, whole town is there. Luke is concerned to see Lesley there with Tony Castle (Alex tells him he is really a Cassadine and she suspects Robert may be his partner). Robert warns Luke about the dangerous people involved in the Ice Princess caper. The auction gets under way, the Ice Princess goes up for bid. Luke hits the lights, snatches the Ice Princess and hides in the mummy case. He gets away with it. He later calls Laura to let her know he is safe. Next am, Robert has left Laura a note under the door. It says that Luke is sending telegrams to Alex. Laura is furious with Luke, and jealous. She goes up to his apartment and spray paints, "I hate you Luke, where ever you are". Slick comes in. He assures her that Luke is okay and he will turn up when the timing is right. He takes her to breakfast to cheer her up. She tells him how much she hates being left out of this latest adventure, not being Luke's partner. When Slick gets back to his cab, Luke is waiting in the back seat for him. Luke tells him he is in big trouble. He says the Cassadines have threathened his life if he doesn't turn over the statue immediately. Slick doesn't understand why Luke doesn't just turn over the statue and take the money from the Cassadines.

Luke & Laura - Hours 25 - 32
Luke hides out in a homeless shelter. Laura in disguise, she gets Slick to take her to Luke. Luke is captured and taken to Tony Cassidine aboard the yacht. Robert & O'Reilly are watching the boat and know Luke is being held there. Robert works out a signal with O'Reilly for her to cut the electricity to the yatch - Robert to the rescue! Robert walks in and leads Luke to believe that he is working with Tony who threathens to frame Laura. Tony threathens Luke that if he doesn't talk, he will make Laura talk. Robert does the signaling with his lighter to O'Reilly. Luke is starting to catch on that Robert is on his side. Unfortunately, Tony also catches on and breaks it up as he is on to Luke & Robert and intends to dispose of them. Robert finally gets the final signal out, O'Reilly cuts the lights and the boys make their escape. Robert takes Luke to his penthouse, they go into the secret room. Luke is shocked to learn that Robert is a secret agent "CK8" for the WSB. As the Cassidine henchmen arrive and search Robert's penthouse, Luke & Robert hide safely away in the secret room. O'Reilly comes in, huffing and puffing about the mess at Robert's place that she has to clean up and scares the henchmen off. She then sneaks them out in the laundrey tub. The boys return to Luke's place. First, Laura is relieved that they are okay ...then furious with them that they won't tell her what is going on. But Laura has the address for the scientist involved in the secret formula that the Ice Princess is involved with. She told Duvall that she wasn't working for the Q's anymore. Luke and Robert at a bar, Luke tells Robert how he became involved in the search. Luke figures that Charlie Lutz stole the Ice Princess. Luke does not want Laura going home. He keeps her safe at Robert's penthouse, and O'Reilly guards her. She gets aboard the Cassidine yatch. Tony Cassidine has invited Laura and her mother to tour the boat. Laura gets into the radio room and tells them all about it (the tour is not shown). Emma strolls into Kelly's and tells Laura that she gave the statue to Alex for a donation to GH. Slick heads over to Robert's and tells the boys about Alex getting the statue. O'Reilly has headed to the docks realizing that this is where Alex would take the statue (to the Cassidine yacht). Laura finds Duvall, the scientist, dead in her apartment. She flashes back to the death of ?, who she was accused of murdering (she pushed him, he fell and hit his head on the fireplace). Luke takes her upstairs to his place and comforts her while Robert investigates the scene. She is being framed for murder. The boys remove the body. In the process, they get kicked out of their apartments by the manager - they tell her their friend is drunk. Luke tells Laura that he believes that Alex killed Duvall to silence him. Robert tells Luke the truth behind the Ice Princess that it could be used to create a weapon that would disrupt world peace. O'Reilly calls Robert and tells him Alex is on board the yatch and they are getting ready to sail. Robert, in his secret room, calls for reinforcements. They can't get there in time. The head spy guys offer Luke a job should he ever want one. When Luke realizes that help won't arrive in time he offers to be Robert's partner. Robert refuses, it being too dangerous. Finally, Robert agrees to let Luke be his partner. Laura begs Luke not to go. He reassures her that he will be fine, after all he is "Super Luke"! He tells her that Alex tried to frame her for murder and now it isn't just a job, its personal. After the guys leave without her, Laura flashes back to helping Luke in the past when he escaped from Frank Smith's boat the day of his wedding to Jennifer, the scenes at the Left Handed Boy statue. Laura gets a smile on her face, a knowing look that indicates she knows Luke needs her help even if he doesn't! Luke and Robert are on location on the docks, watching the ship. (O'Reilly's death is not shown). Slick creates a distraction as Luke and Robert shimmy across a rope and board the ship undetected. Laura gets on board an easier way, she's in disguise and dressed as a maid. Luke is not happy to see her on board. The three of them sleep in a cargo hold. Luke is very sea sick. Robert brings some bread and food and they have a picnic. Robert tells them that while everyone is up on deck, they need to search Victor's and Tony's staterooms. They all hide when Tony and Victor Cassidine enter the hold. They go up on board and search a room. Great location shots aboard the ship at sea. At night, they go up on deck and search another room. They wash their clothes and when the maid tries to enter the laundry room they block the door. After she leaves they head to the sauna to dry their clothes. One of the guests enters and is surprised to see the crew using the facilities. Lots of adventure on board as L&L and Robert spy on the Cassidines and try to find the hidden formula. They hear a seaplane and later learn that Alex has left the ship. Laura meets Tiffany as "lucy" the maid. Luke is in disguise as a Swedish steward. Victor is suspicious of Luke and begins to think he is working for Maximillian (he isn't). They arrive at the island. The gang watch as Cassidine & co take a boat to the seemingly deserted island with no dock. (these scenes are not on the Cari tapes) L&L & Robert swim for shore and start hiking. Laura is frightened when they find absolutely no sign of civilization after hiking around. Robert takes off and he comes back that he couldn't find anything either. They have no idea where the Cassidines have gone to. Meanwhile, we see them in an underground compound. L&L will eat fruit, and Luke promises to use his dock skills to catch some fish. Robert has found a fresh water supply. They lay down some palm fronds on the ground and try to get some sleep. Robert figures out that the Cassidines have gone underground. Luke is on more important matters such as their island wardrobe. He cuts his pants into shorts and encourages Laura to do the same. Then she realizes she has brought along material and he suggests she make a sexy island sarong. Robert is walking around without a shirt, just wearing shorts. He runs into Tiffany in the jungle. She protects him from detection by her bodyguard. Robert returns and tells L&L about the encounter. They begin working on building a shelter out of bamboo. Laura shaves Luke with a seashell. L&L (ala Robinson Crusoe) play in the tropical oasis, Laura showers in the waterfall and creates a sarong. A Luke, Robert, Laura building hut. Luke shimmies up palm tree for a look out. Laura is now making curtains for the windows of their hut! The island starts to freeze as Mikos demonstrates his evil invention to his guests. Fortunately for our gang, the island starts to warm up again. When Robert returns from meeting Tiffany, L&L are concerned whose side she is on. Laura goes to get mangos, L&R go to collect firewood, Laura trips radar beam and alarm sounds. Laura returns and the Cassidine guards come running, the gang hides. Robert continues meeting with Tiffany. He has told her the tale and asked her for help against the Cassidines. The next time they meet he asks what she has decided. She is hesitant as there are so many Cassidines and only one of him! He tells her he has a way of evenning the odds and takes her to meet L&L...who are i the middle of their morning grooming. Laura looks like a true island princess in her saraong and flowers in her hair. They talk about having a romantic evening and she insists on shaving him again - with a shell! Then she bathes in the small lagoon with a waterfall that they have set up home near. She has removed her sarong and is bathing as Robert shows up towing Tiffany. Tiffany is surprised to see Lucy - (she meet her when she was pretending to be her maid aboard the yacht), she reintroduces herself as Laura. She tells the gang she doesn't know if she can help them but assures them she is on their side. She tells them the Cassidines pretty much keep her in the dark. She does tell them about a secret room. She reports that Mikos gave a creepy demonstration where he threw diamond dust over the champagne fountain and froze it (this is what has led her to help our heros - this scene is not included.). They figure out this was the same night it grew so cold. Suddenly they hear the guards calling Tiffany's name. She heads out to draw them off. Later, L&L & Robert share an island dinner. Laura has spent the day making curtains for their outdoor hut for privacy. Robert leaves them alone after dinner, and L&L begin to make love. Laura is suddenly taken ill. The next day she is worse, she spikes a high fever. As she continues to worsen Luke wants to take action. He is willing to storm the Cassidine compound to get Laura medicine (Tiffany has showed them where the entrance is).

Luke & Laura 1981 - Hours 33 - 40
On the island, Laura's illness continues. Robert evades a Cassidine guard. When he returns Luke tells him about his run in with the monkey who has stolen the gun. Luke is desparate to help Laura and uses native medicine that he has learned by watching movies. He carefully watches over her. Tiffany agrees to get medicine for Laura from the compound but she is unable to return to meet up with them. Fortunately Luke's cures start to take effect and Laura says she is hungry - to which Luke rejoices. Next they start to plan on how they are going to blow up the Cassidine compound without blowing up themselves, and afterwards they will sail off to safety on their homemade raft. The gang had all agreed to enter the compound below together. Robert meets up with Tiffany and arranges for her to create a distraction so he can enter the elevator to go down to the compound. Meanwhile, L&L share a romantic interlude in their tropical paradise. Hot sultry kisses, flowers in her hair, water cascading in the background. Then L&L find a note that Robert left telling them he decided to go down alone without them. Luke is furious. Laura points out that Robert knows how much they love each other and how much they want a future together. Robert has instructed them if he doesn't return within 24 hours that they are to leave the island on the raft. Luke tells Laura they need to remove all traces that they were there, sadly they take down their hut. And he warns if that crazy Aussie isn't back by the next day that he (Luke) is going down into the compound after him! A patrol of guards force L&L into hiding...the guards spot signs of where L&L had set up camp and they begin looking for the intruders in earnest. L&L are able to find a hidden shaft that gives them entrance to the Cassidine compound. They enter it as an alarm is furiously sounding combined with a lot of activity. Black tie dinner at Cassidines w/ L&L, Robert just before Mikos intends on killing them. Luke pretends to be convinced by Mikos to the horror of Laura. Mikos believes Tiff helped Robert. Robert takes over the guards, he and Laura hold machine guns on them outside the control room door which is locked shut with Luke & Mikos inside. Luke tries to overpower Mikos, who retailiates by throwing PC into total freeze. News reports from around the world are shown on the monitor of the strange weather hitting PC. Robert throws grenade against door to secret room to no avail. Luke offers to verify to PC that Mikos will freeze PC, he is able to tell them island is located off the coast of Venezuela. He fights Mikos, and throws him in the freezing room and kills him. Luke is able to use the microphone to get word to Robert & Laura outside that Mikos is dead but that he has thrown the weather machine into full freeze and Luke doesn't know how to stop it. Luke tells PC they are saved and everyone rejoices, L&L snuggle. L&L & Robert dance together. L&L destroy weather machine. L&L romantic evening at waterfall on island and he proposes. Leslie & Rick arrive on island with Ballantine. Heather and Joe back in PC. L&L & R&T return home. R&T flirting and smooching. Laura plans to go to Mexico to see Scotty to get a divorce.

The edits continue through the wedding preps and then the wedding and honeymoon of Luke & Laura.