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Jan 1 - No Episode Shown

January 2,1987:Characters: steve, kayla, roman, carrie, shane,kim, abe, neil, mike, paul (full house) : steve and kayla are getting romantic, when someone throws a rock through the window.. roman and carrie talk about marlena. shane discovers emma as kim walks in. he tells her to get neil, as kim looks on horrifed. he finds several strands of blonde hair in emma's hand, and takes them. neil and mike work on emma to no avail. roman finds a woman in the snow. steve blocks the broken window, and kayla is cold towards him after reading the file on him spying on her. neil and mike guess it was a drug overdose that killed emma, as shane watches kim's every move. steve admits to kayla he was paid to spy on her. after arguing steve leaves. after some evidence shows up, abe declares emma's death was a murder.

January 5,1987:Characters: neil,abe, alex, kim, shane, jenn, glenn,melissa,lars, chris, victor,leslie. H/L: Shane brings kim home after abe is done questioning them. abe questions neil about the evenings events. victor goes to see alex about andrew, as do shane and kim. chris talks to melissa about her upcoming divorce from pete. abe goes to see alex, and mentions that emma planned to take him out of her will. shane brings kim home, and starts to think of all the things he found that lead him to believe kim killed emma. before he leaves, he gets a sample of kim's hair. neil goes to see kim and tells her he won't tell abe anything about her, as kim tells him she didn't kill emma. shane matches the hair in emma's hand to kim's.

January 6,1987:Characters: kayla, max, steve,roman, abe, carrie, victor, bo,kim, shane, olivia,hope. H/L: Kayla takes max out for lunch, and he sees steve and wants him to join them. abe fills roman in on emma's death. victor destroys some files that could look bad for kim. shane goes to see kim about emma's murder. shane then tells kim not to be scared and be honest with him, as they argue, abe comes to see her. after abe leaves shane tells kim about the hair he found. kim admits she fought with emma, but that she didn't kill her. abe comes back and asks shane his exact steps after he found emma. he leaves out the fact he found the hair in emma's hand. kim worries about being brought up on charges, as shane swears he won't allow that to happen.

January 7,1987:Characters: jenn, frankie, mike, robin, mitch, kim, paul, abe, caroline,tom,alice,glenn.H/L: Jenn tells frankie she and glenn are history. mike tries to be a friend to robin.paul tells kim about abe wanting to talk to him, and wonders what he should say about kim and emma. paul covers with abe about kim.

January 8,1987:Characters: steve, kayla,adrienne, roman, olivia, kim, neil,shane,abe, gillian, chris,leslie,mickey,alex, melissa, lars,maggie H/L:Steve watches as kayla trains a new person at the emergency center. he sees the girl and believes she is following him.olivia cooks lunch for roman. kim goes to see neil about abe's investigation. abe questions shane about emma. adrienne insists to steve she is only there to help kayla, but steve doesn't believe her.shane talks to gillian about throwing the track off kim. kim tries to comfort neil over his divorce from liz. kayla argues with steve about adrienne. alex tries to shift the blame on kim, as shane defends kim. abe tells mickey he needs search warrants for:victor, alex, shane and kim in emma's death.

January 9,1987:Characters: kayla, steve,shane,gillian, abe, kim, paul, alex, ivy, mike, jenn, frankie,victor, calliope. H/L Shane watches as abe searches his place. shane tries to learn who else is on the list, but all he'll say is he's close to an arrest. paul tries to calm kim at the hospital, as she talks to a nurse about her situation.kayla tries to get steve to open up about his past to her, but he won't. kim and paul hear alex on the phone arguing about abe searching his place. abe goes to kim's and finds a drug vival in her apartment, and she swears she never seen it before. while kim is having dinner with paul, abe comes to arrest her.

January 12,1987:Characters: roman,carrie,oliva, bo, shane, gillian, caroline, shawn, hope, chris, paul,neil, alex, barbara, victor. H/L: bo calls roman and tells him about kim.shane goes to see abe. abe questions kim about the vival having her fingerprints on it. hope tells shawn and caroline about kim being arrested. shane is determined to see kim. chris talks to kim about the night emma was killed. paul and neil discuss kim's situation. shane sneaks in to see kim. roman and abe are at odds over this whole situation with kim. shane tells kim to tell chris everything. barbara returns home. kim tells chris about the fight with emma. shane concludes he needs to come up with the real killer to free kim.

Tape 31 6 shows, ep speed.

January 14,1987:characters: roman,kayla, steve, frankie, jenn, sasha, glenn,kim, shane,melissa,chris, lars, abe, mickey,leslie,shawn, caroline,victor. H/L: roman and kayla discuss kim's situation, and how he's not able to get any information, when steve overhears and says he can help. shane goes to see kim before the arringment. roman refuses to listen to steve's idea, so he decides to take matters into his own hands. when a reporter harrasses kim, shane slugs him. the state wants to deny kim bail, but chris gets it set, at $1 million. steve barely escapes from the evidence room without being seen by abe. victor offers to post kim's bail, but shane beats him to the punch. steve tries to assure kayla things will be fine. shane brings kim to her apartment, as they start to get close again.

January 15,1987:Characters: kim,shane, chris, steve,kayla, roman, abe, adrienne, gillian, mickey, leslie, maggie. H/L: shane goes to pick up kim for the hearing. chris comes and tells them it's been postponed, since the evidence has disappeared. steve goes to the clinic and kayla tells him what has happened, and he acts clueless. abe accusses roman of stealing the evidence against kim. steve tries to learn more about adrienne, but she plays coy with him. roman talks to kim about the missing evidence, and how leslie may make it worse for kim now.kayla figures out steve took the evidence and confronts him and tells him to take it back, but he says he can't. when he does later, he gets caught.

January 16,1987:Characters: steve, kayla, adrienne,kim, shane,chris, mickey,leslie,neil,paul,jenn, frankie,mike, bo,hope, victor,abe, robin, calliope. H/L:Kayla goes to visit steve in jail and tells him she will get him out. kim and shane talk in the courtroom, before anyone is there, as he tries to calm her fears. mike decides to study judism. kayla convinces roman to release steve, then she fixes dinner for them at her place. as they get romantic, they are interupted by adrienne. after the evidence is returned, the judge rules there should be a trail.

January 19,1987: Characters: jenn, glenn, roman, abe, shane,kim, calliope,tamara, paul, gillian, abe, oliva. H/L: jenn is worried about glenn living in the fishing shack. kim and shane literally bump into each other at the hospital.when a patient's(kelly) grandmother wants to take kelly away, kim tries to defend herself, to no avail. paul tries to reasure kim, after shane fills him in. dr horton tells kim she can no longer work at the clinic, due to her current situation. paul takes kim to blondies,but people stare and gossip about her. when she runs out, shane goes after her,and brings her back in and they share a dance(friends and lovers)

January 20,1987:Characters: mike, robin,victor, bo, hope, steve, kayla,adrienne,shane, caroline,gillian,melissa, lars. H/L: bo and victor talk about kim and his offer to get a highly skilled defense attorney for her.steve and kayla try to pick up where they left off, when adrienne comes down and interupts them,again. caroline tries to get shane to admit he still loves kim, and vise versa. bo tells shane about the idea victor had, and shane stronly disagrees. adrienne cooks dinner for steve and kayla but gets burned in the process, as steve acts weird and gets a flashback of fire. bo and hope plan for the baby, after they feel it kicking. steve flashes back to himself as a boy in a fire.

January 21,1987:Characters:mike, jenn, shane,neil,frankie,caroline,calliope, robin,paul, max, barbara, abe. H/L: shane talks to neil about emma's murder. frankie doesn't want kim to see max, after the social worker comes and threatens to take him if she does. kim later tries to explain to max why she can't see him for a while. barbara goes to see paul, as they talk about their move to the country. kim finds her apartment ransacked and the words murderer scrolled on her walls. when shane arrives she tries to hide it from him, but he sees it and insists she stay with him at his place, as they fight their feelings for each other.

Tape 32

January 23,1987:Characters:kim, emma, shane, bo, hope, alice, mike, jenn, melissa,maggie, steve, kayla, gillian, robin, adrienne, frankie,alex. H/L: kim has a nightmare about emma, and shane wakes her and tries to comfort her, when gillian comes in. steve and kayla make plans to pick up where they left off.adrienne talks to kayla about steve. alex tells shane and kim emma had a videotaped will. kayla misunderstands when she sees steve playing pool, instead of going on their date. in the videotape, emma says she took andrew, and knows where he is, but teases them and won't say where. Shane tries to comfort kim as he holds her close.

January 26,1987:Characters:roman, olivia, paul, barbara,shane, kim, lars,melissa,neil, leslie,carrie, calliope,victor, orphus, marlena, gillian. H/L:paul gets teddy dressed to take him to work with him, but barbara comes up with another excuse. kim is reading a book of poetry when shane comes in. he tries to get kim to remember anything that might of been out of the ordinary that night. orphus goes to see victor with a proposal. shane watches as kim talks to neil and continues to fight her feelings for shane. marlena continues to stroll on tropical island.

January 28,1987:Characters: bo, hope, calliope,mickey, leslie,alex,shane, kim, shawn,caroline, neil. H/L: Alex gives leslie emma's videotape will. kim and shane go over that night again, when she remembers hearing one of the horse stearing up. hope has pains and thinks it's the baby. neil examines hope and tells her it was false labor and she's fine. kim and shane have a beautiful dinner they made together. they later share a tender moment thinking of andrew. When kim falls asleep he picks her up and carries her upstairs. kim has another dream and shane goes to her.

January30,1987:Characters:steve, adrienne, glenn, jenn,frankie,shane,kim,kayla, gillian, caroline, shawn. H/L: kim tells shane about another offer in her case- 2nd degree murder, and she's considering taking it. shane convinces her not to take it. steve tells adrienne to stay away from him, as kayla learns the reason behind steve playing pool that night. kayla and adrienne share a flask on steve's doorstep, waiting for him to return. kayla gets tipsy and steve picks her up and takes her home. once there, he tries to get her to bed, but she gets frisky, but then falls asleep on him. after kim overhears leslie's plans for her, she races back to shane's and asks gillian to help her vanish.shane comes back and gillian fills him in, as kim comes back in the room. shane then argues with kim and tells her one reason she shouldn't run- and kisses her passionately.

Feburary 2,1987:Characters: glenn, jenn, alex, roman, shane, kim,frankie, caroline, shawn, max, chris, marlena. H/L:jenn and glenn are on the run from the coach, who is selling drugs. roman tells alex off about kim and shane and the newspaper article. shane and kim kiss, but are interrupted by chris who shows them the article and tells kim she needs to move out. glenn throws the track off jenn as she goes for help and finds frankie and tells him. frankie tells her to go for help, as he watches the situation unfold.. kim decides to move out,but shane isn't convinced this is the right thing to do. marlena is on a tropical island with two small children.shane brings kim back to her apartment. max is caught in the line of gunfire. kim tries to talk down what happened between her and shane, and he agrees, nothing has changed.

Feburary 3,1987:Characters:kayla,steve, bo, hope, victor, frankie, max,jenn, glenn,mike, robin, melissa,lars, abe, alex, shawn,neil, justin(1st scene). H/L: kayla wakes up after sobering up, and aks what steve is doing there. max is brought to the hospital, as mike and robin work on him. kayla doesn't remember anything, and steve assures her nothing happened. frankie blames glenn for everything that has happened. caroline goes to kayla's and tells her and steve about max. kayla talks to kim about her and shane. mike and robin save max.

Tape 33

Feburary 4,1987:Characters: steve, adrienne,kayla, roman, olivia,orphus,kim, shane,chris, paul, barbara,alex,lars, gillian,melissa,leslie,mickey,victor, caroline,alice. H/L: Shane sneaks in to see kim, who is a nervous wreck. he tries to comfort her before she heads to court. paul tells barbara he is going to the trail to support kim. steve drops adrienne's purse at the clinic, and when he goes to pick up the contents, he finds a picture of himself as a child. melissa and lars go to the next level in their relationship. kim's trail begins.steve remembers setting a fire with his father the victim when he was five, and wonders why adrienne has a clipping of it in her purse.gillian arranges a meeting between shane and kim in the park. steve confronts adrienne, and she tells him she's his sister.

Feburary 5,1987:Characters:steve, adrienne, kim,chris,leslie, alex,kayla,frankie, caroline,shawn, jenn,mike,max, shane, melissa. H/L: steve doesn't believe adrienne. frankie gives jenn a cold shoulder when she goes to see max. frankie later sneaks max out of the hospital. kayla watches as steve and adrienne argue, and asks what's up, but adrienne tells kayla to ask steve. things go from bad to worse at the trail. steve convinces frankie to bring max back.

Feburary 6,1987:Characters:steve, adrienne,kayla, kim,shane,marlena,orphus,bo, hope,roman, chris,gillian,mickey,leslie, justin,neil, paul. H/L: steve refuses to talk to adrienne. kayla asks steve what's up, but he blows up at her and pushes her away. shane tells kim about the ISA fingerprint expert in the judges chambers. marlena is on an island with orphus and his two kids, acting like his wife and their mother. hope tries to get bo to talk to shawn. chris tells shane the expert can't be sure one way or another. steve finally believes adrienne when she tells him something only he and their mother knew of. shane gives kim a locket with a picture of andrew. when marlena is alone with orphus, she tells him not to touch her. bo and hope meet justin, who is in bed with janet the maid. kayla comforts steve.

Feburary 9,1987:Chararcters: caroline, frankie, max, jenn, robin,mike,paul,barbara, kim,shane, alex,chris,leslie. H/L: jenn goes to visit max, who is recovering at home.robin and mike share a day off together. barbara gets upset with paul, as kim overhears. kim tries to play peacemaker, to no avail. shane talks to a nurse, vickie jarvis,who worked at the hospital. kim overhears shane and chris arguing about her, and she breaks them up, as she and shane grow closer again.

Feburary 10,1987:Characters: roman, oliva, shane,gillian, justin,hope,bo, adrienne,steve, neil, chris. H/L: Justin tries to get to know hope. steve breaks into adrienne's and sees a picture of their mother. shane tells roman about the nurse, vicki jarvis, and how he needs to get into neil's study. steve continues to push adrienne away. kayla walks in on them arguing and knows something isn't right. roman sneaks into neil's study and finds something in the carpet that was overlooked. justin is determined to learn all about his new cousin, bo. kayla and steve reach an impass.

Feburary 11,1987:Characters: robin, mike, jenn,frankie,glenn, kim, chris,leslie,shane, shawn,mickey, roman, abe, paul. H/L: Shane tells kim and chris he can't find the nurse that alex paid off, so chris plans to impeach alex's testimony. frankie and glenn argue. roman and abe argue about the stain he found on the carpet. vickie jarvis, the nurse, comes into the court room and tells all about alex hiring her to get the drug that killed emma.

Tape 34

Feburary 12,1987:Characters: steve, adrienne, kayla,hope, bo,calliope,justin,kim, chris, shane,alex,melissa,victor. H/L: kayla walks in on steve telling adrienne he knows who she is. alex says emma deserved to die, as shane embraces kim. alex admits he placed the drug in emma's drink. justin steps on bo's toes with business. kayla figures out the connection between steve and adrienne. justin sets his sights on melissa. kayla tries to bring steve and adrienne together.shane tries to keep kim's moral up,in light of the turn of events. steve and adrienne's mother shows up at the clinic beaten.

Feburary 13,1987:Characters: steve, kayla, adrienne,roman,carrie, marlena, orphus, kim, shane,olivia, melissa,hope,justin.H/L: Kayla finds steve playing pool and tries to talk to him about adrienne. they then exchange early valentine presents. adrienne nurses her mother back to health.kim awakens to find shane holding her. carrie tells olivia her problem and roman agrees to let them go shopping, instead of her going to school.kim takes the stand in her own defense. adrienne calls kayla to check her mother, and kayla says she needs to be in the hospital. leslie cross examines kim on the stand, and kim blurts out she loves shane still. shane asks kim if it's true and they share a kiss and a tender reunion, but before they can go to celebrate, chris tells them the jury is back. steve sees his mother for the first time in years when adrienne brings him to the hospital.

Feburary 16,1987:Characters:steve, kayla, adrienne, mike, robin, kim,shane,roman, chris,gillian,shawn, caroline, jenn, max(new), frankie. H/L:Steve gets emotional when he sees his mother, as kayla tries to comfort him. kim is found guilty, as she and shane stare at each other in disbelief. she is then taken away in handcuffs as shane goes up to her, but is speechless, but tells kim not to give up. steve goes back to see his mother after the surgery. shane arranges for kim to be released until the next day and takes her home to his house.

Feburary 17,1987:Characters: roman, olivia,kim, shane, abe, melissa,lars, chris,leslie, calliope,justin, bo, hope, neil. H/L: shane brings kim home and they talk for a bit, but she wants to leave. chris discusses the case with leslie. bo tells hope and neil about kim. shane tells kim they need this time together, and they share a tender bittersweet reunion. he gives her the ring back and asks her to marry him.

Feburary 18,1987:Characters:steve, adrienne,mike,robin, shane, kim,jenn, frankie,chris, leslie,shawn, caroline,kayla, gillian. H/L:adrienne agrues with steve. shane watches kim sleep, as she wakes up and they discuss what is about to happen. adrienne goes to see her mother and tells her she was right about steve.jenn tries to get frankie to be friends with her again.shane tries to keep kim strong, as they get ready for court.steve goes to see his mother and wants to know why she gave him up and neve came back for him. kim is sentenced to life in jail. steve goes to see kayla, but doesn't know what to say. shane talks to gillian about letting kim down, but he's not done he swears.as kim is taken away, she tells shane she'll always love him.

Feburary 19,1987:Characters:marlena, orphus, roman,frankie, olivia,melissa,justin,lars,abe, chris,tamara. H/L:Marlena and orphus talk about her role with his kids. carrie comes home from school upset about kim.shane sees kim in the police station and they embrace. melissa tries to rehearse with her injured knee as justin tries to help. shane reassures kim he will get her out of this as they share one more tender moment. the warden explains to kim how things work inside. kim gives shane the ring back to hold. they share a final good-bye, as shane says he'll be back soon to take her home.

Tape 35

Feburary 20,1987:Characters: steve, kayla, adrienne, jo, shane, gillian,mike,robin,neil, paul,barbara. H/L:steve goes to check on his mother and kayla tells him she's doing better. adrienne tries to convince jo to stay, but she insists she's going home.shane reviews the evidence in kim's case and comes up with an idea. adrienne gets steve to talk to jo about their father. shane learns that barbara went to visit emma at the sanitarum. neil talks to barbara and paul about meeting teddy, and about kim's appeal. barbar acts strangely when paul says the real killer will be revealed. shane talks to paul discretly about barbara. shane talks to gillian about his theory, but can't figure out a motive for barbara to kill emma. steve and adrienne's father goes to the hospital, and steve and him share a bitter encounter.

Feburary 23,1987:Characters: shane, gillian, barbara, kim, jenn,glenn,steve, jo, duke,adrienne, kayla, neil. H/L:Shane checks the airline schedules to see if barbara could of gotten back the night emma was killed. barbara goes to see kim. jenn learns frankie is her math tutor. duke berates steve as they go at each other. kayla walks in and tries to break them up. barbara talks to kim about what is happening in her case. shane decides to sneak a picture of barbar to follow up his hunch. neil goes to see kim and tries to keep her spirts up. steve fills in kayla about his childhood, and the fire. shane goes to visit kim.

Feburary 25,1987:Characters: shane, gillian, kim, steve, kayla, adrienne,jo, duke,mickey,leslie,chris,paul,barbara, neil. H/L: shane and gillian try to figure out the connection b/t barbara and emma. kim runs into someone roman put in jail. kayla goes to see steve about helping his mother. adrienne still tries to pursuade jo to leave, as duke comes in. the warden tells kim she's working on a transfer for her, but to watch her back.paul and barbara take teddy to the pier, but she acts weird when he wants to take him to the hospital when he's working. shane goes to see kim and when kim mentions how teddy was adopted, shane starts to piece things together.shane talks to paul about kim and brings up teddy, and paul shows him a picture. kayla tries to break up duke and steve, when she gets hit, steve then pulls out a gun. shane learns teddy is andrew.

Feburary 26,1987:Characters: jenn, glenn, frankie, shane, paul, steve, kayla,duke, roman, olivia, gillian, barbara. H/L:Shane is at a lost for words when he learns teddy is andrew. steve pulls a gun on duke,as kayla stops him.shane tells roman what he has discovered. steve gets jo to finally listen. barbara pumps paul about shane's reaction to teddy's picture. she then makes plans to leave town with the baby. gillian and shane talk about this finally being over. before barbara can leave town, she's in a car accident.

Feburary 27,1987:Characters: marlena, orphus, shane, roman, paul,kim,mike,neil,justin,victor,bo, hope, robin. H/L: shane and roman wonder what's keeping barbara as paul gets worried. kim has a nightmare. barbara's car has flipped over with andrew in it.paul learns of the accident, as shane and roman head to the hospital with him. kim hears about barbara on the radio.mike and robin tell paul barbara is bad off, and it doesn't look like she will make it, but teddy is fine. neil sees teddy and asks shane if he is seeing things, but shane tells him he is andrew. shane sees andrew for the first time in months, as paul takes him, not knowing yet. justin gives victor a file bo has on him. paul hands teddy to shane, as he goes to see barbara. barbara tells paul she needs to talk to shane.

March 2,1987:Characters: steve, kayla,kim, paul, shane,adrienne, duke, barbara,frankie, jenn. H/L: shane goes to see barbara, and she wants to tell him the truth before she dies. she tells him teddy is andrew, as paul looks horrified. kim learns about a missed call from shane. paul thinks barbara doesn't know what she is saying, but she insists it's true. shane asks her if she killed emma. steve and kayla go to play pool. duke goes to see adrienne about where jo is. abe arrives at the hospital and shane tells him to hear a confession, as barbara tells about emma's murder. adrienne gets steve and kayla as duke beats jo at the clinic. paul is with barbara as she dies. abe is speechless. shane goes to the prision and talks to the warden and refuses to leave until he sees kim.

Tape 36

March 3,1987:Characters: kayla, steve,mike,paul, neil, robin, shane, kim,duke, adrienne, victor, chris, abe, mickey, leslie. H/L:kim goes to the warden's office and finds shane waiting there. kayla tells steve about kim and andrew, and they plan to celebrate. shane tells kim about barbara dying and then tells her the rest,that teddy is andrew. the warden releases kim to go to court. steve and kayla have a lobster dinner. victor and paul argue about the baby. kim is freed. paul takes andrew with him after the argument.

March 4,1987:Character: kim, shane,neil, steve, kayla, jo, duke,adrienne,roman, olivia, bo, hope, shawn,caroline,justin, melissa. H/L: kim and shane go to the hospital to see andrew and learn paul has left with him. hope plans a surprise party at shane's. kim worries that paul has run off with andrew, but shane assures her they will get him. steve and kayla get romantic when they are interrupted by the phone-again. everyone gathers at shane's. kim and shane go to paul's, and he acts coldly towards them, and says he's not letting anyone take his son, and if they want to see him they will have to get a court order. steve goes to adrienne's and hears gun shots. he breaks the door and finds her holding a gun with duke laying on the floor. paul brings andrew to shane's and watches as shane places andrew in kim's arms.

March 5,1987:Characters: kim,shane, frankie, jenn, glenn,sasha, abe, steve, adrienne, kayla, gillian,chris, neil. H/L: Kim and shane learn how to be parents to an infant. steve takes the blame for shooting duke. shane surprises kim with a nursery for andrew. kayla examines adrienne, who doesn't remember what happened, and abe arrest steve. steve argues with kayla not to get involved. kayla tells jo about duke being dead. neil tells kayla and jo adrienne was raped by her father. kim and shane share a romantic homecoming. kayla goes to see steve in jail and tells him about adrienne.

March 6,1987:Characters: melissa, justin, lars, olivia, roman, shane, kim,paul, calliope, caroline, shawn, bo,hope, victor. H/L: kim worries about andrew, who is not adjusting too well. paul comes by with some of his toys and makes him feel better. he offers to go with kim and shane to the party to help out with andrew.melissa and justin hide as lars brings in another dancer to the doctors office.victor goes up to kim to see andrew. paul helps kim soothe andrew when he keeps crying as shane assures kim he will adjust.

March 9,1987:Characters:kim, shane, mike, robin, jenn, frankie,steve,adrienne, kayla, chris, gillian. H/L: Kim and shane try to figure out how to comfort andrew. mike talks to robin about his conversion.jenn and frankie discuss their first kiss. kim and shane take andrew to the park, as someone watches them, chris tries to talk some sense into steve, but he won't listen.kim convinces shane to go ahead on his new assignement.

March 11,1987:Characters: kim, paul, andrew, neil, jenn, frankie, steve, kayla, adrienne, calliope, glenn. H/L:kim brings andrew to see neil and paul sees her. neil tells her andrew needs time to adjust and suggest he spend time with paul. frankie tells jenn it's better for her to get a new math tutor. kayla goes to see adrienne to help her,but steve is there and arguew with them. kim tries to help adrienne remember what happened. steve burst in as adrienne is talking to kim, and takes her out. neil suggest kim and andrew move in with paul until he adjusts to his new situation. kim runs the idea by paul, and they decide to have dinner at his place as a start.

Tape 37

March 12,1987:Characters: melissa, justin, lars, robin, mike,maggie, kim, paul, shane,leslie,chris, gillian, victor. H/L: Shane goes to paul's and wakes kim, who' asleep on the couch. maggie almost faints as robin notices, and aks what's going on, and orders some test. justin brings melissa some gourmet food, as lars wonders why he is there when melissa is out of town.kim fills shane in on the situation with andrew. when they take him back to shane's he reacts the same way, and kim tells him about neil's suggestion. shane thinks things will work out and that is a drastic step not necessary. victor goes to shane's to see andrew, and when shane sees him they exchange words.

March 13,1987: Characters: victor, bo, hope,shane, kim,roman, adrienne, kayla, gillian. justin. H/L:Bo and hope hear victor talking to orphus. shane and kim discuss andrew not sleeping or eating. adrienne and kayla talk about steve not wanting her to remember what happened. steve tells kayla to stop taking adrienne to see kim, and she knows he is hiding something. kim comes back and finds andrew crying, and she decides to move into paul's. steve and kayla argue

March 17,1987:Characters:mike, robin, mickey, maggie, justin, melissa,lars, kim, shane, caroline, paul, neil, alex. H/L: Justin helps melissa cover her tracks. kim is worried about andrew not eating and tells shane she is going to take him to paul's. when she gets to paul's he tells her to fix things with shane, and she goes back to the house and sees "Gillian" in shane's bed nude. kim tells caroline what she saw and caroline encourages her to talk to shane first.kim sees shane kissing gillian, very innocently on the pier, but remembers what she saw earlier and gets the wrong idea. when shane sees her, she runs off, as gillian gloats.

March 19,1987:Characters: robin,mike, justin, melissa ,lars, kim, paul,shane, anjelicia, neil. H/L: Mike wants to know why robin didn't tell him maggie is sick.paul knows something is bothering kim, and when shane calls to speak to her, she refuses to come to the phone, so he heads over to paul's. justin continues to cover for melissa. paul tries to get kim to tell shane what is the matter, but she refuses to talk to him. shane arrives and she tells him about gillian and he thinks she's crazy. shane then takes kim to talk to gillian,but she insists she saw her there. shane gets a tip that makes him belive emma's real killer is still out there. shane and kim make up, but wonder what's going on as someone watches them.

March 20,1987:Characters: kayla, adrienne, max, steve,frankie,victor,orphus,jenn, glenn,sasha,roman, gillian. H/L: victor meets orphus,as bo watches them. kim sneaks in the house with andrew to surprise shane, and gets a surprise- gillian in shane's bathrobe. she explains she had plumbing problems, as kim says she believes her but wonders what she saw before. roman talks to kim about andrew and he encourages her to move back with shane. as shane waits for the cab driver to arrive, "Gillian" stabs him. roman goes after orphus. kim returns to shane's with andrew. a note is delivered to shane's. gillian's twin sister, grace is seen with her,explaining the double gillian's.

March 23,1987:Characters: roman, orphus, kim, paul, shane, gillian, grace, neil, anjelicia,calliope, bo, abe,justin,melissa, lars:H/L: Roman and orphus face off. kim goes back to paul's and tells him she's moving back with shane. shane finds the note on the floor, warning him to drop the investigating into emma's murder. gillian and grace discuss the note, when shane comes there, grace hides. neil and anjelicia go to blondies to discuss business. orphus shows roman a tape of marlena,as bo and abe grab him when he tries to escape. justin flirts with anjelicia. shane tells kim she can't move back now. gillian tells grace she wants shane. kim tells paul they are staying, since emma's real murderer may still be out there. olivia reports back to orphus about roman.


March 25,1987:Characters: roman, olivia,kim, adrienne, jo, gillian,grace, shane, victor,chris, leslie, bo, caroline. H/L: Gillian tells grace to stay put in the guesthouse, but shane comes and thinks she is gillian, as grace covers. roman tells olivia they need to cool things down, in light of recent developements with marlena. victor goes to shane's to see andrew, and they again again. kim continues to work with adrienne to help her remember. gillian goes to see shane and acts strangely when he mentions their chat earlier. adrienne remembers the rape. shane returns to the house to find it torn up and gillian "roughed" up. kim comes and shane tells her to stay away from him until this is resolved, as gillian gloats.

March 27,19887:Characters: kayla, steve, kim, paul, gillian, grace, shane, justin, anjelicia,alex, tom, hope. H/L: kim fills paul in on the latest events at shane's. kayla talks to steve at the hospital about the stitches in his hand. shane yells at gillian when she goofs up a case they are working on, as she covers for grace pretending to be her. hope tells kim she needs to go to the tunnel. when she gets there, shane is waiting. he tells her about gillian acting weird, and how he plans to find out what's going on. steve gets entangled with a gang fight at the clinic with kayla in the middle.after the stable boy at neil's mistakens gillian for kim from behind, shane starts to put the pieces together and thinks he has found emma's real killer.

March 30,1987:Characters: steve,kayla, shane, gillian, jenn, frankie,glenn, kim, roman,grace,anjelicia,justin, paul. H/L:steve is arrested and kayla tries to get him released. shane calls kim and tells her to meet him in the tunnel. shane fills kim in and tells her he suspects gillian.kayla argues with roman to release steve.justin goes to see anjelicia, after their day of passion. shane tells gillian he and kim are having problems. he then invites her to dinner at blondies, where kim and paul are dinning. while in jail, steve dreams about him and kayla dancing( Lady in Red). kim and shane "argue" in front of gillian and paul. roman release steve. shane and kim meet in the tunnel after their performance.

March 31,1987:Characters: adrienne, mike, melissa,justin,kim,paul, shane, lars, gillian,alex. H/L: paul and kim take andrew to the park, and he tries to convince her shane is concerned about her. adrienne gets freaked out by an orderly at the hospital, and mike tries to comfort her.shane grabs kim in the park and tells her of his plan to trap gillian. when shane sees gillian, he lays down the ground work of his plan. adrienne sits in the park trying to remember all the details, when justin comes across her crying. shane's plans are ruined thanks to gillian and grace. shane tells kim gillian has a partner.

April 2,1987:Characters: victor, justin,hope, bo, gillian, grace, shane, calliope, doug, kim,adrienne, jo, anjelicia. H/L:Victor questions justin about a missing letter, as bo reads it and believes victor is not his father after all. gillian dreams that shane learns the truth, as he wakes her up. shane calls kim and sets up a secret meeting.bo confronts victor with the truth. shane tells kim of his latest plan to trap gillian with kim's help.paul knows kim is up to something when she gives shane his ring back. justin sees adrienne in the park again and this time they talk. shane sneaks into paul's and wakes kim with a kiss.

April 7,1987:Characters: jenn, frankie, glenn,victor, kim, grace, gillian,justin, anjelicia, adrienne,shawn. H/L: kim tells victor off over bo. gillian wants grace to leave before shane finds out. when shane comes in and sees the suitcases, grace pretends to be gillian and tells shane she is in love with him. he plays along and tells her he needs for her to stay. justin runs into anjelica at the park. shane and gillian go to blondies, as paul and kim are already there. kim and gillian then exchange words again i front of shane and paul.

Tape 39

April 8,1987:characters: bo, hope, roman, kim, kayla, jo, steve,abe, melissa,mike, adrienne. H/L:Bo and hope bring the baby home. kayla calls steve looking for adrienne, when jo comes to the clinic looking for her too. kim goes to pick up roman to go to bo and hope's but he says he's not going. steve finds adrienne siting on the docks. kim tries to cover for roman not showing up, until he does. bo tells them he is not victor's son, that he is indeed a brady. after jo tells steve how duke was when he was younger, steve feels he may be like him someday.

April 9,1987:Characters: hope, bo, justin,kim, paul, grace, gillian,shane,alex, chris,leslie,anjelicia,doug, tom. H/L: bo pampers hope. kim tries to avoid paul, and he calls her on it. shane finds a sheet of paper from grace's book and wonders what it is. paul tells kim he doesn't buy shane's display with gillian, and grows more suspicious. kim runs into shane and gillian, and they exchange a cold stare. bo and hope take a walk and see a boat that is for sale(location scenes) kim and gillian go at each other,as paul walks in and breaks them up, but not before kim slugs her. bo and hope name the baby shawn-douglas.kim and shane bump into each other on the stairs, and discuss her fight with gillian. shane asks kim to meet him in New York city, unaware gillian is headed there to surprise him.

April 10,1987:Characters: jenn, frankie, sasha,kim,paul, gillian,grace,steve, adrienne,jo, kayla,glenn, jack. H/L:kim calls shane from the airport, as paul checks her bags in.gillian prepares to leave as grace mentions covering for her in NY on New years eve. adrienne tries to play matchmaker between steve and kayla. paul worries kim is planning to take off with andrew, despite her saying that's not the case.when gillian misses her flight, she calls grace as paul listens. gillian thinks of how she killed emma that night.shane and kim have a wonderful time in new york, as gillian arrives. kayla's old friend jack comes to see her. kim comes back from the lobby to see shane with gillian.

April 13,1987:Characters: roman, abe, mike, robin, shane, gillian,kim,paul,olivia,orphus,tamara,diana. H/L:kim runs into shane and gillian, but before she can say anything, paul comes from behind and says kim is there with him. gillian implies to shane she thinks kim and paul are an item now. paul wants answers from kim. robin asks mike to see a patinet of hers that was stabbed, but he's called away before he can. kim goes to shane's room to get her things, and tells him what paul said. he tells her she and paul need to act like they are an item now. mike reconizes robin's patient as an old friend of his, diana collive. kim tells paul about gillian and how she thinks they are an item now.

April 15,1987:Characters: shane, gillian, frankie, jenn, kim, paul, melissa, bo,hope,tom,alice,calliope, neil. H/L:shane is awaken by gillian and breakfast in bed. kim tells paul she saw gillian and how she is jealous of what is happening there. bo and hope announce they have bought a boat and are going on an adventure with the baby. paul tells kim he'll act like they are an item to catch gillian.kim spies on shane and gillian. when they get back home, shane goes to talk to kim and paul. he tells kim they have a new problem and the solution is for kim to marry paul.

April 17,1987:Characters: jenn, frankie, bo, hope,roman,shane, kim,paul,gillian, grace,neil,shawn, caroline,carrie, tom,alice, melissa,chris. H/L: Jenn and frankie are being held hostage, after they videotape something they shouldn't have.bo and hope prepare to leave. kim ask paul to marry her as part of their cover.grace meets neil in the park. bo and hope attend their going away party. shane talks to paul about the plan. when gillian sees them together, paul tells her he's going to marry kim. paul and kim later make the announcement of their engagement.


April 21,1987:Characters:kim, caroline, shane, justin, anjelicia,steve,kayla, shawn,neil, jo, jack, adrienne.H/L:caroline summons kim and shane and wants answers about paul. steve and kayla discuss bo and hope leaving(location scenes on yacht). shane and kim do their best to convince caroline they are done. justin goes to the clinic and sees adrienne, and asks her to dinner.while kim is on the docks thinking, she is approached by a "drunk".at first she doesn't reconize him,but later sees it's shane.jack hires kayla as his private nures.justin takes adrienne on her first date ever. steve sees kayla out with jack and thinks he is more her type.

April 22,1987:characters: marlena, olivia, orphus, roman,paul, shane, kim, calliope, gillian, kayla, maggie, alice,melissa, diana, robin, alex. H/l: Marlena and olivia discuss orphus and their plan to escape. roman arrives to find marlena, as orphus watches him. shane goes to see paul about the "wedding" gillian listens to kim and calliope talking. mike visits diana, and asks how she ended up there. alex gloats to shane, then almost reconizes the minister. shane tells gillian he needs to see kim marry paul to believe it. shane gets "drunk" as he watches the wedding.kim has a surprise for shane, but when he arrives with gillian, she hides fast. when shane goes in the bathroom and sees a bathtub full of bubbles, kim pops her head up, but when shane sees gillian coming, he pushes kim underwater.shane slips gillian a mickey and gets kim out fast.

April 24,1987:Characters: shane, gillian, roman, paul, kim, kayla,jack, justin,jenn,frankie,adrienne, olivia, mike.H/L: when gillian wakes up, shane pretends something happened b/t them. kayla sees kim with paul and thinks she has the right idea, to move on.steve stops justin from being beaten. gillian doesn't remember anything,as shane pours it on thick.shane finds a reciept for an airline ticket to london in g forrester's name dated the day before, as he wonders what's going on, since gillian was with him.jack tells steve he's trying to help the people on the waterfront. grace calls for gillian, but shane answers. she pretends to be gillian, but as soon as shane hangs up gillian comes in the door, as shane looks a bit confused to say the least.

April 27,1987:Characters: mike, diana, robin,kim, shane, gillian,paul, alex,abe. H/l:Robin talks to kim about her wedding to Paul. shane is surprised when gillian walks in. someone dressed as a doctor tries to kill diana. shane plans a surprise for gillian. shane and gillian go to blondies, as kim and paul watch when shane asks gillian to marry him right away. abe questions diana, but she doesn't say anything. shane meets with kim in the tunnel, and tells her of the next step.

April 29,1987:Characters: kayla, jack, anjelicia, steve, jo, justin,melissa, kim, calliope, shane, gillian, alex, neil, adrienne, abe, grace. H/L: anjelicia and jack discuss the problems on the waterfront, as steve arrives. kim goes to blondies and calliope tries to get rid of her before shane and gillian get there. shane tells alex enough to get him to gossip, after alex figures out paul and kim's secret. steve talks to kayla about jack and his plans. shane asks abe for his help. alex tells gillian about kim and paul's fake wedding. gillian spots shane and kim kissing. grace calls gillian and tells her about the end of her book, and this gives gillian an idea.

April 30,1987:Characters: steve, kayla, mike, diana, kim, shane,grace, gillian,roman, neil, calliope,paul,alex. H/L:kim meets with shane as he introduces her to grace, gillian's identical twin sister. steve brings a woman to kayla, who was bitten by a rat. diana is anxious to leave, sinces she is in danger. shane and grace fill kim in about the murder mystery ending, unware gillian has a twist of her own. steve and kayla find diana on the landing of the stairs at the hospital. shane fills roman in. kim gets gillian to confess-just like it was planned. gillian watches kim's car go off the cliff and expolde. steve,kayla and mike hide diana in the loft.

Tape 41

May 1,1987:Characters: mike, diana, steve, kayla,jack,adrienne,justin, shane, gillian, neil, calliope,paul, alex, roman, victor, anjelicia,jo. H/L: mike tries to get diana to open up to him.steve worries about kayla's safety, and wants to stay around. shane worries about kim.justin arranges for adrienne to win a prize from a radio station. gillian asks shane who he is waiting for, and he covers. shane and gillian's wedding begins. kim arrives and stops it, as gillian looks on in disbelief. abe and peachy then grace all confront gillian, as she pulls a gun out. shane grabs it from her and she is arrested. kayla thinks of her and steve on a yacht( location scenes). justin and adrienne celebrate her"prize" from the radio station. shane proposes to kim and asks her to marry him- right then and there, since he has planned every detail, except her answer, to which she of course says yes.

May 4,1987:Characters: shane,peachy, kim, caroline,calliope, kayla, steve,jack,frankie, roman, shawn, abe,paul, neil,(full house)H/L: shane is a nervous wreck, as kim is as well as they prepare for their long awaited wedding. paul brings andrew to see kim. kim and shane's wedding begins, and finally, they are married in grand style. they later leave for their honeymoon.

May 5,1987:Characters: adrienne, justin, anjelicia,sasha, frankie,jenn, glenn,kim, shane,leslie, alex. H/L:shane carries a blindfolded kim to their compartment on the orient express. glenn wants a second chance with jenn. justin's mind isn't on business, after seeing adrienne. jenn defends frankie to sasha and the others. justin gives adrienne a book of poetry, but she flashes to her father when she was younger. shane plays hero on the o/e.

May 7,1987:Characters: roman, abe,mike, diana, robin, kim, shane, carolien, victor. H/L: mike goes to roman and abe on the sly about diana. kim and shane gleam in the joy of finally being married. victor sees caroline in the park with andrew. kim and shane have a mystery to solve a man claiming to be their friend who was arrested, but they can't find him at the police station.

May 11,1987:Characters: shane, kim, caroline, victor, mike, robin, steve, jack, roman, abe, kayla, diana. H/L: shane and kim come home from paris. victor goes to see andrew, but caroline refuses. mike is devasted when the research lab blows up. shane tells kim he wants to adopt andrew, but she worries about victor. steve looks for kayla in the rumble. kim and shane finding victor holding andrew, and he threatens to sue for custody. steve and kayla are trapped.

May 13,1987:Characters:kim, neil, adrienne, jo,jack, roman, shane,steve,kayla,mike,victor,carrie, frankie,jenn, calliope,anjelicia, harper. H/L: kim invites neil to lunch with her and shane. everyone is looking for kayla, unaware she and steve are trapped in the rumble. steve tries to bring down kayla's fever. victor meets with his lawyer about andrew.kim and shane tells neil and peachy they are christening andrew on his birthday,and want them to be his godparents.steve and kayla are finally rescued.

Tape 42

May 15,1987:Characters:kim, caroline, shane, victor, adrienne, justin, steve,calliope,kayla, jack, roman, shawn,neil, grace. H/L: shane tells kim he has the ball rolling to adopt andrew, but caroline worries about victor. victor's lawyer tells him he'll have andrew soon.steve and kayla meet with a reporter jack sent to clear up the facts. justin sets adrienne's poem to music. andrew is christened. justin sings the song for adrienne. kim is served papers by victor for custody of andrew.

May 18,1987:Characters: kim, shane, victor, caroline, shawn, kayla, jenn,frankie,jack, peachy, roman, neil, abe.h/L:victor accuses kim of being an unfit mother,and that is why the judge ordered an emergency hearing. jenn wants to interview steve and kayla for her school paper. steve shoots harper, with what was suppose to be blanks,as per the plan. shane goes after victor, but is restrained. kim tells shane he knows victor was telling the truth about her past, as shawn and caroline are shocked. steve gets away before the police catch him. the judge rules in victor's favor.

May 20,1987:Characters:shane,kim, victor, kayla, steve, roman, jack, paul( new #3),caroline,shawn, alex, chris. H/L: kayla is happy to see steve. he tells her he had no place to go, and hides when roman shows up. victor goes to see kim and shane with a deal. kim tries to explain her past to her folks. alex tries to bargain with shane, when shane slugs him.

May 22,1987:Characters:shane, kim, kayla, jack,steve, roman,frankie, caroline, carrie,victor, anjelicia. H/L: shane reads the newspaper article victor placed. shane tries to assure kim they will find bo and things will be okay again. jack knows kayla is helping steve, as she defends steve.kim arranges to see andrew. jack tells kayla he's fallen in love with her. shane goes to bring bo back. kim meets with victor, and while he's in a meeting, he allows her to visit with andrew on a street corner. steve calls kayla on a pay phone and asks her to get some things together for him, including his gun. while kim is with andrew, the mystery man approaches, but a car comes out of no where and hits andrew's stroller. victor comes back to find kim craddling andrew, and they rush him to the hospital.

May 25,1987:Characters:kayla, steve, diana, mike, shane, peachy,kim, caroline,neil, shawn, victor,robin, paul, anjelicia. h/L:kayla goes to the barn to see steve. shane and peachy wait to meet with a contact that can help them locate bo. victor and kim rush andrew to the hospital. neil tells them andrew is in critical condition, and they need to have some of the same blood type on hand to operate, so kim goes first, but is not a match, so victor is next. shane finally gets caroline's message and tells kim he's on his way. neil has some shocking news, Victor's blood type doesn't match either, and kim says he's not andrew's father, shane is, finally knowing the truth.

May 26,1987:Characters:justin, adrienne, neil, kim, victor, caroline, frankie, shane,peachy,jenn, shawn. H/L: justin and adrienne run into each other in the park. neil explains how it's impossible for victor to be andrew's father. kim says shane's blood will match, he's andrew's father. shane is on the plane home, talking to peachy about andrew and kim. kim tells caroline and shawn victor is not andrew's father-shane is. shane arrives and they take his blood before he even knows what is going on. kim tells shane he is andrew's father, and he is overwhelmed. neil comes and tells them Andrew made it through the surgery, and shane wants to see his son. kim and shane watch andrew sleep,and plan the future.

May 28,1987:Characters:kim, shane, justin, adrienne,anjelicia,jo, jenn,frankie,steve,kayla,neil, alex. H/L: kim and shane keep a watchful eye on andrew. the man following them from their honeymoon comes to see shane, and kim recognizes him.steve holds kayla as his"hostage" as they run from the cops.he tells kayla by doing it this way, she won't get charged with helping him. kim introduces hans to shane, but they are interrupted by neil, who tells them andrew will be fine. steve insists kayla go back, but she refuses. anjelica has hired some thugs to raise havoc on adrienne's demonstration. shane confronts alex about what emma did with the blood test results. hans grabs kim in the alley of shennigans, but before he can tell her anything he is shot.

May 29,1987:Characters:justin, kayla,steve,diana, mike, kim, hans, shane, abe, robin, adrienne, victor. H/L: justin bails adrienne out, but leaves before she sees him. kayla and steve find a bar, where he plans to hussle a few people in a game of pool, but some of them recognize him.kim goes to the emergency room with hans, who was shot. diana is there and seems to know him. kim fills in shane and abe. hans gives robin a disk to give to kim. steve and kayla are held in the bar, but steve gets them out.

June 2,1987:Characters: frankie, jenn, carrie, diana,mike, kim, shane,peachy,robin, neil, grace. H/L: diana and mike talk about the picture of james and hans. kim and shane get ready to bring andrew home from the hospital. robin calls and tells kim about the disk.carrie helps jenn cover with frankie. when robin gets back to her office, the disk is gone, as dr hopkins as ordered the braided man to search kim and shane's house for the disk. kim and shane bring andrew home and he notices someone has been there, as kim finds peachy on the floor.

June 4,1987:Characters:frankie, sasha, jenn,melissa, mike, maggie, mickey,kim, shane, diana. H/L:kim and shane meet with diana about the missing disk. shane learns hans was a scientist like diana's friend james. kim and shane meet with mike and diana at the sciene convention. jenn and frankie finish her project, as they share a kiss. melissa starts her first day as jack's assistant. shane learns hans was working on a secret project for the government.jenn and frankie go back to the fishing shack and find her project destroyed. maggie decides to have the surgery. kim and shane discuss their little caper.

June 8,1987:Characters:jo, justin, kim, shane,mike, robin,kayla,steve, adrienne,victor. H/L:justin tells jo adrienne won't have anything to do with him. mike calls shane and kim and tells them the disk showed up. mike finds robin in her office-shot.steve creates a diversion to get the hit men off their trail. while justin tries to explain to jo why he didn't tell adrienne the truth, she comes in and they share a looked over glaze toward each other. kim and shane learn from diana about robin. kim creates a diversion so shane can search robin's office. steve and kayla continue to hide out. seem victor and hopkins are working together.

June 9,1987:Characters:jenn,frankie, kim,shane,robin, mike,diana,roman, neil,glenn,sasha, calliope. H/L: jenn is worried she won't graduate. kim finds shane hard at work on the computer-still.mike continues to hold a vigil for robin.shane plans to meet with zelda to try and learn a code for the disk.kim happens to have lunch with neil at blondies, as shane comes in with zelda.

Tape 44

June 11,1987:Characters: jenn,frankie, anjelicia,diana, mike, shane, kim, neil, melissa, mickey, alice, carrie, paul, roman, shawn. H/L:shane finally breaks the code to the disk. frankie is determined to help jenn graduate on time. paul tells kim he is leaving town.diane takes a tongue lashing after sneaking in to see harper, who has just awoken from his comma.shane shows roman and mike the print out from the disk, and mike believes they are chemical equations.

June 16,1987:Characters: kim, shane, caroline, shawn, carrie,frankie,steve, justin,adrienne, jenn, kayla. H/L:kim makes a secretive phone call then coaxes shane out of the house. steve questions justin about adrienne as she listens. kim meets with a karate instructor.the 4 muskeeters(steve, kayla, adrienne, justin) try to learn about dr hopkins. when shane comes home and tries to get frisky, kim tries to stop him, since she is hiding her instructor. kim later demonstrates on shane what she has learned, by flipping him.

June 22,1987:Characters:kim, shane, kayla, steve,adrienne, justin,victor, hopkins,grace, neil. h/l:while in los angeles, kayla notices something is bothering steve, as he think back to when he was a kid and was there with duke(location scenes).adrienne and justin get locked in the library at the college and she is very jittery. kim is upset by the publicity for grace's book. victor talks to hopkins about steve being in california and wants to be sure there is nothing there to be found.kayla gets steve to open up to her. kim and shane read grace's book, and she realizes it's not bad, but very romantic.

June 25,1987:Characters: jenn,frankie, kim, shane, peachy, abe,roman, diana. H/L:shane and kim have a visit from peachy, with her new fiancee. diana goes to roman for help, after learning james lied to her about his identity. shane thinks something stinks with jeffrey, but kim thinks he is jealous. shane goes to roman for a favor to use his computer, and not tell kim he was there.

June 30,1987:Characters:kim, neil,peachy, shane, kayla, abe, diana,roman,jeffrey, mike,calliope, grace. H/L:kim tells neil about peachy getting married. shane overhears peachy planning to transfer all her money to jeffrey, and he stops her. shane admits to kim he's jealous. kayla tells roman about daniels and hopkins, but he already knows.

Tape 45

July 2,1987:Characters: kim, shane, mike, abe, melissa, diana, kayla,maggie, roman,peachy, jeffrey,jack, steve. h/L:abe goes to see shane about the fingerprints, and confirms his suspicions.diana tells kayla the guy with the braid is following her. kim and shane try to find a delicate way to tell peachy, but peachy tells shane she already knows the truth about jeffrey's past, but still plans to marry him. steve calls kayla and she tells him roman believes him.

July 8,1987:Characters: shane, mike, kim, jack, melissa,diana,grace, neil, roman. H/l;kim walks in on shane and mike brainstorming. shane is lured to the park by kim. grace talks with neil about helping with kim's surprise birthday party. diana is taken by the braided man and comes face to face with her father.

July 10,1987:Characters: diana, kim,shane, jo, adrienne,justin, kayla, steve, abe, jack, melissa. H/L:kim plans a romantic dinner for her and shane, but he tells her he has ISA business, and pretends he doesn't remember it's her b/d. steve pulls kayla aside and kisses her at the party. justin meets adrienne at the park. kim is very surprised with her b/d party shane has given her. she later tells shane her wish,another baby for them.

July13,1987:Characters: kim, shane,frankie, jenn, mike, diana, peachy, pamela, jeffrey. H/l:kim and shane talk about peachy when a woman comes to the door looking for her husband-jeffrey. frankie and jenn spend the day on the beach. diana tries to get her aunt pamela help her get away from her father.sasha shows jenn and frankie how her older new boyfriend spends money on her. shane confronts jeffrey. shane fills kim in but peachy comes and says jeffery is gone. shane is then forced to tell peachy the truth.

July 16,1987:Characters: kim, shane,eve, justin, adrienne, anjelicia,steve,kayla,jack, melissa. H/l: shane continues to work on the disk as he and kim talk about getting some dinner. a young girl(Eve) arrives in town, and looks up shane's address and phone number. justin and adrienne talk about their plan to help steve. kayla takes steve to the stables when jack comes in. kayla tries to explain to him what's going on, and he lets steve go, this time. nick instructs sasha to recruit eve.justin treats adrienne like cinderalla, as she gets ready to attend the party. when shane goes back to work on the disk, it won't work,that is when he notices it's different then his other disks. steve and kayla get into the chemical plant to snoop around with daniels hot on their trail.

July 20,1987:Characters: kim, shane,eve,nick,jenn, frankie, mike,diana,steve,kayla, carrie, roman. H/L:kim and shane talk about her going to work and needing to leave andrew with a babysitter. jenn and frankie are literally "stuck" on each other, when he bangs into her and gets hooked with her pin.mike talks to diana about her father. steve and kayla wake up next to each other and talk about their night of passion, and he tells her he loves her. nick works on eve. kim meets her new volunteer at the abuse clinic, eve. kim introduces eve to shane.

Tape 46

July 21,1987:Characters: adrienne, steve, jo, justin,melissa, kim, shane,jack(new #2), anjelica. H/l: steve asks adrienne about the party with justin, but she doesn't want to talk about him.kim flips an ISA agent at the house who is there working with shane. kim plants a bug in shane's communication room to listen in,when he won't let her stay. adrienne is with steve in the secret room, as she hears justin argue with anjelicia. shane notices the bug and rushes adam out, he then yells kim can come out now. adrienne tries her best to restrain steve, but he breaks out and decks justin. melissa makes a picnic lunch for her and jack to share on the beach. kim and shane have a romantic afternoon in front of the fireplace.

July 23,1987:Characters:victor, justin, adrienne, alex, shane,kim,diana,mike,steve,kayla, eve,nick, calliope, anjelicia. H/L:kayla tells steve there is a way to get them into cava chemicals, as he wonders how.victor puts justin on the spot over adrienne.kim and shane go to the salem inn for lunch. nick tells eve he has lined up a job for her. diana and mike go on a tour of cava, when the coast is clear,mike takes off to set the plan in motion.justin gives adrienne a puppy. alex sets the hotel on fire to collect the insurance money. shane save eve from the fire, and catches alex red handed.

July 27,1987:Characters: kim, shane, eve,justin,victor, adrienne,mike, diana,kayla,steve, roman,alice, abe. H/L:eve goes to see shane, but before she can tell him why she is there, he is called out of the room. when kim comes in and talks to her, andrew starts to cry, and eve is shocked to learn of him. kim brings andrew down and kim and shane introduce eve to their son. hopkins holds alice hostage at the hospital with steve and roman trying to get him to let her go. the crisis is over when hopkins is shot and killed. shane fills in kim on the material the disk is made out of.

July 28,1987:Characters: jenn, alice, kim, calliope,shane, adrienne,justin, sasha,nick,frankie. H/L: kim tries to cheer up calliope, since eugene is gone. shane comes in and knows kim is up to something. jenn tells frankie nick is sasha's pimp. shane's old ISA buddy, trevor stops by, and kim gets an idea. justin catches adrienne reading the book of poetry he gave her in the park. adrienne gets justin to rollerskate with her, despite the fact he doesn't know how. he later mows down anjelicia. kim fixes up calliope with trevor, and after a rough start, they hit it off. justin watches adrienne tell off anjelica.

July 31,1987:Characters: kim, eve, mike, diana, kayla, anjelica,justin,victor, shane,jack, nick, sasha. H/l: kim and eve talk at the clinic,when shane comes to pick her up. she acts strangely and tells him she can't leave right now,so he goes out to do some things and she says she's just tired when he asks what's bothering her. anjelica invites kayla to dinner, but forgets to tell her it's only her and jack. nick goes to see eve with another job offer.eve learns about her new "friends" victor doesn't approve of justin seeing adrienne. eve steals some money from kim's wallet. kim tells shane she's pregnant again, as eve listens. nick tries to "help" eve with her problems. shane tells kim he believes this baby is a girl and is estatic about it.As he goes on about him and emma not having any kids, eve listens and gets very angry. jack plans to propose to kayla. jo sees the ring jack has and stares at him.

August 3,1987:Characters:kim,shane, kayla,eve, diana,mike,roman,calliope, shawn. H/L:kayla tells shane and kim about Kye being killed, and it has to do with the disk. kim then tells kayla she's pregnant again. when a guy bothers eve in the alley, nick comes to her rescue, and she agrees to go with nick, and become one of his girls. kim and shane go to the fish market to tell her parents, but caroline is away, so they make shawn promise not to say anything. shane and kim share a tender good-bye, before he heads to washington.

Tape 47

August 4,1987:Characters: jenn, victor, anjelicia, adrienne,justin,kayla,jack, steve,shane,nick, frankie. H/L: Adrienne goes to see justin as anjelica and victor are arguing about the project, shane goes to washington as steve is being questioned by an ISA offical. justin and adrienne have a picnic lunch in the park. steve finally gets to call kayla. frankie and jenn try to figure out how to prove nick is a pimp.jo looks at the ring jack plans to give kayla, and remembers giving it to jack's adoptive mother for her son, billy.steve turns down shane's offer to work undercover for the ISA. victor goes to see Adrienne about her relationship with justin, and tries to pay her off. shane save steve from a mugging and tries to persuade him to change his mind, but he won't.

August 5,1987:Characters: roman, abe, kim,eve,diana, mike,lexie,carrie, shawn,caroline, nick. H/L: Eve and kim talk as she offers to babysit andrew. roman replaces abe on a stakeout with lexie. kim tries to explain to eve after she knows andrew may then she can babysit for him.while carrie babysits, eve goes to see her. they look at kim's jewerly, as eve asks about the cameo. when kim comes home and goes to pay carrie, she finds some money missing. kim then notices the cameo is missing as well.

August 6,1987:Characters: shane, steve, kayla, kim, justin, victor,adrienne, jo, anjelicia,jack, melissa,calliope. H/L:Steve and Shane get back to his place from washington, and are greeted by Kayla and kim.when justin calls to talk to adrienne, she has jo cover for her. jo then sees the check from victor, as adrienne fills her in.steve tells kayla he wants jack to know she is taken. melissa notices jack is sick, but he covers. steve tells jack to back off kayla, but he won't listen.justin questions adrienne, but she won't talk to him, just saying they don't belong together.

August 11,1987:Characters: diana,mike, tom, kim, eve, adrienne,justin, carrie,shane, roman,anjelicia. H/L: Mike learns robin has resigned. kim is at the clinic with andrew and needs someone to watch him, when eve comes in and offers.Justin tries to talk to adrienne again, but she still won't tell him the real reason. carrie talks to eve about the cameo, and eve plays dumb. shane and roman discuss steve not wanting to work with the ISA. mike learns tom offered robin's job to his father, bill. kim comes back and is impressed with how eve took charge. shane talks to kim about maybe quiting the ISA, but she talks him out of it. justin confronts adrienne with victor's check.

August 13,1987:Characters: caroline, frankie,jenn,diana, roman, shane, trevor, calliope,eve, nick. H/L: Eve is arrested for shop lifting and tries to hide when she sees shane.diana gets caught by roman for pumping riley, a rookie cop, for information about the disk.caroline gives frankie advice on columbia university.nick bails eve out of jail. frankie tells jenn he's staying because of her.

August14,1987:Characters: adrienne, jo, justin, roman, abe, lexie,frankie,kayla, steve, anjelicia,kim, grace,neil, jack. H/L: adrienne takes noelle horseback riding and bumps into justin there. roman sets up abe on a stakeout with lexie. frankie congratulates Kayla, as Steve comes in and covers with what he is saying to her, as she asks what's going on. steve tells frankie he didn't ask kayla to marry him after all, not saying it's because of jack, who is his brother billy and is gravely ill.kim and kayla talk about steve and her confussion. harper argues with jo about jack being her son billy. abe is shot during the stakeout. steve pushes kayla into jack's arms.

Tape 48

August18,1987:Characters: carrie, alice, eve, kim, shane, melissa, adrienne, justin, neil,abe, jo, maggie,mickey,jonah. H/L: While talking at the hospital with carrie, eve drops her purse, and when carrie goes to help her pick up the contents, she sees newspaper clippings on kim. While kim tries to coax shane into spending the day with her, he notices some red spots on her. she worries it could be measles and about the baby. eve covers with carrie about the clippings.kim calls neil and shane tries his best to keep her calm. abe's mother comes to visit him. melissa tries to play matchmaker between justin and adrienne. neil confirms kim has german measles. carrie talks to jonah about his brother abe being a cop. jo talks to justin about adrienne. justin later sees adrienne and has an offer for her about his uncle and the check.

August 19,1987:Characters: mike, jenn, jack, angelicia,melissa,kayla, kim,neil, shane,shawn, frankie,daniels, victor. H/L: mike gives jenn a letter from their father, bill. kayla goes to see kim as steve goes to see shane at the same time.shane comes out of the communication room as kayla and steve share an uncomfortable stare.steve agrees to work with shane. kayla and steve bump into each other again at the hospital, and while in the elevator, they are stuck. kayla tries to get through to steve about breaking up with her, but he doesn't tell her the truth.

August 21,1987:Characters: adrienne, victor, justin, anjelica,steve,kayla, jo, shane,kim, eve, roman,melissa. H/L: adrienne goes to see victor about the check, and insists she will pay him back. justin tells anjelica he is going to greece- indefintely.steve dreams that kayla came to him and that she knows the truth.eve goes to visit kim, and brings up the newspaper clippings,and plays dumb.melissa brings justin to the airport and convinces him to call adrienne. steve lies on the witness stand to go undercover, as kayla watches in disbelief. adrienne and justin finally catch up at the airport.

August 24,1987:Characters:kim, shane, frankie,caroline, adrienne,justin, jenn, alice, eve, nick. H/l: Adrienne bumps into justin and they talk about the kiss they shared at the airport.shane tries to nurse kim, but she wants him to go on his ISA business.frankie talks to caroline about his growing feelings for jenn, as jenn has the same talk with alice. eve shows nick her eye, after the customer he set her up with hits her. justin and adrienne go to a desert island to have a picnic lunch, as their boat takes off. eve lies to shane about her eye and how it happened. kim invites eve to stay. frankie and jenn decide to go steady.

August 27,1987:Characters: kim, eve, jack, kayla, justin, adrienne, steve, caroline,shawn, victor, jo, anjelicia. H/l:justin has a surprise for adrienne-horse back riding lessons.kim wonders why eve is so interested in donovan manor, as kim starts to get sicker.kayla goes to see jack and he gets her to talk about what's bothering her. upon his request, kayla returns steve's necklace to him. eve eleborates on her father to kim. jack tries to comfort kayla over steve. justin and adrienne have a mud fight, as they grow closer. jo and steve talk about kayla helping Billy(Jack) get better.

August 31,1987:Characters: adrienne, justin, kayla, shawn, melissa, jack,steve, kim, eve, nick, frankie, jenn, sasha, diana, roman, lexie. H/l:melissa calls kayla about jack's condition. kim is sicker as eve tries to take care of her. eve calls nick and tells him she can't work, but he insists she does.sasha tries to convince nick to let frankie and jenn go, but he wants them to do a prono movie for him. justin goes to see adrienne with a pizza.steve and kayla argue again. roman and lexie save jenn and frankie from nick. roman stops diana from getting a head start on the story, as they bicker more.

Tape 49

September 1,1987:Characters: diana, roman, nick, jenn, kim,eve, neil, grace,sasha, victor, tom,shawn,caroline, carrie. H/L:kim's condition worsens. roman has diana brought in the station, as they play a game of cat and mouse. he tells her he is planning on giving a news conference on the prostution ring. eve calls neil about kim, and she's rushed to the hospital. diana "sneaks" into the jail to see nick, as roman watches. neil tells kim she has pneumonia, but she refuses to take the antibotics because of the baby. roman asks diana to dinner, but later cancells when he learns about kim.

September 2,1987:Characters: roman, eve, shane, adrienne, justin, kayla,jack, steve,anjelica,kim,jo. H/L: Roman goes to shane and kim's to try and find a number to reach shane.while eve is there, shane calls, but she lets the machine get it.adrienne dreams of cooking dinner for justin, and then they get frisky, until he turns into her father. she screams as justin wakes her and asks what's going on, but she asks him to leave. kayla tells jack she is done with steve.anjelica questions steve about his visits to jack. eve goes to see kim, as she asks for shane.roman finally reaches shane and tells him about kim. neil fills shane in on kim's condition. shane then tells kim she needs to take the medicines, but she still refuses.jack asks steve about him and kayla,when jack lunges at steve, kayla walks in. shane finally convinces kim to take the medicine. adrienne tells justin about the dream.

September 4,1987:Characters: kim, shane,neil,jo, adrienne, justin,victor,steve, kayla,eve, caroline, melissa. H/L:shane and neil talk about kim's condition. adrienne talks to jo about a surprise for justin. steve puts on a show with a girl in front of kayla. shane sits by kim's bedside,as eve watches. adrienne invites justin and victor for dinner, but it turns into a disaster. neil tells kim and shane the medicine is working. adrienne and justin grow closer. jack tells kayla how he feels and asks her to marry him.

September 8,1987:Characters:shane,eve, frankie,jenn, victor, daniels,steve, adrienne,justin, kim,neil, grace. H/L:eve makes shane a traditional english breakfast. victor gives daniels his instructions for steve. adrienne goes to the stables and acts strangely when she sees justin. steve tells daniels he wants in the organization. frankie and jenn go to register for classes and are quite a hit. justin watches as adrienne meets with a tall dark stranger in the stables. kim tells shane she can go home the next day, as they discuss eve. jsutin learns adrienne's surprise, and gives her a surprise, riding clothes and a crop.

September 10,1987:Characters: mike, alice, jenn,frankie,jo, jack,steve,kayla,shane, roman,abe,kim,eve, bill,victor. H/L: jack asks jo to get his mother's ring so he can give it to kayla. frankie gives jenn a birthday present- a heart with their initals on it.shane talks to roman and abe about steve getting in daniels organization. kayla goes to see steve and tells him about jack's proposal. bill arrives back home in time for jennifer's birthday.kayla imagines steve asking her to marry him. jo tells jack the ring is missing, so he sends melissa to the jewlers to get him a few to chose from. jack gives kayla a ring and asks if she has an answer for him.

Septermber 14,1987:Characters:frankie, jenn,shane, steve,kayla, jack,carrie,johan,roman, diana,shawn, caroline, abe, anjelicia. H/L: frankie and jenn make out in her new dorm room.steve tells shane about his 1st job assingment with daniels, to kill shane.kayla tells jack she'll marry him. shane comes up with a plan, but steve doesn't like it. bill goes to see jenn at her dorm room and encounters frankie there. kayla tells the family about her marrying jack. diana dives off the pier into the water to save carrie, after she and johan get in trouble. roman thanks diana, as they start to grow closer.

Tape 50

September 15,1987:Characters:kim, shane, eve, adrienne,jo,victor,justin, neil,grace. H/L: Kim and shane decide they want to meet Eve's parents. grace spoils jo's surprise for neil.eve hires a hooker to pretend to be her mother. justin and victor argue about the bodyguard. while in the park with adrienne, a man accidently bumps into justin while rollerskating and the bodygurad attacks, as adrienne yells. justin explains to her what is going on, and she leaves. kim and shane meet eve's "mother". shane fills kim in on his latest assingment and steve's role. justin tells adrienne he got rid of the bodyguard.

September 16,1987:Characters:jenn,mike,frankie, bill,shane,steve, kim, gabrielle,jack, anjelicia,harper,melissa, victor. H/L:jenn talks to mike about their father bill. bill talks to frankie about him and jennifer. steve and shane talk about the new ISA agent that is to help them, when she arrives, and she and shane share an uncomfortable reunion. kim comes in and introduces herself to gabrielle. steve spills the beans to daniels about shane. shane fills in kim about gabrielle and his past together. jenn refuses to move in with bill. daniels reports to victor what steve told him about shane. gabrielle thinks of her last time with shane, as shane and kim make the best of their fianlly moments together before all hell breaks lose.. daniels goes along with steve's plan for shane.

September 17,1987:Characters: diana, roman,justin, victor, kayla,adrienne,shane, gabrielle, jo, kim, eve. H/L:roman asks diana how's she's doing after saving carrie from drowning. he then gives her a present- a life preserver on a chain.adrienne learns about kayla and jack. kayla tells adrienne steve doesn't want her anymore, and jack needs her. gabrielle and shane "make love" in a hotel room. steve comes and shows them the pictures he got of them. diana has another date with victor, and this doesn't sit well with roman.kim anxiously waits to hear from shane. gabrielle is "dragged" down to see daniels. kim and shane talk about him "going away", as the fbi comes and arrests shane for espionage.

September 21,1987:Characters:diana, roman, victor, daniels,steve, gabrielle,kim, kayla,shane, abe, melissa, jack, mike, maggie, janice. H/L: roman talks to diana about the car accident she had with victor. steve and gabrielle talk about the hearing and their jobs. roman shows diana a report that shows the accident wasn't an accident. kim and kayla attend shane's hearing, as kayla watches steve. maggie visits a grown up janice, after her mother dies.kayla tells steve off about all the lies he is spreading. the charges against shane are dismissed. steve overhears kim and kayla discussing her wedding to jack. shane is "fired" from the ISA in front of daniels.when shane goes to talk to kim, she slaps him and tells him off.

September 23,1987:Characters: jenn, frankie, alice,tom,bill,kayla,anjelicia,caroline,eve, kim, shane, steve,jo, jack,neil, grace,victor, daniels.H/L:jenn announces she and frankie are getting married. caroline and anjelica make wedding plans, as kayla gets nervous. kim hears eve calling shane and questions her on it. eve covers, but kim doesn't buy it. shane and steve meet, and when shane tells him about the disk being stolen, steve fills him in on his part with it.jack is determined to leave the hospital to get married to kayla. victor doesn't trust steve.shane sees kim at the hospital and slips her a note, as they "argue" steve sees kayla and congratulates her on her upcoming wedding to Jack.

September 24,1987:Characters:shane, roman,kim, eve, adrienne,kayla, jo,jack,diana,justin. H/L:shane fills roman in on victor.eve brings andrew to the clinic to see kim,when adrienne comes in to see kim. she tells kim her feelings for justin. shane tells roman about his idea to have diana help them with victor. when roman asks diana to dinner, she insists they have dinner at her place. justin overhears adrienne tell kim she's falling in love with justin. eve sneaks andrew to see shane. roman and diana's dinner starts well, but quickly turns bad, as she tells him to leave with his plan.

Tape 51`

September 25,1987:characters: mike, jenn, kayla, caroline,steve, adrienne,frankie, shawn, melissa,justin,anjelicia,kim, jack,roman, diana,victor. H:/L: jenn tells mike about her plans to elope with frankie.adrienne tries to get steve to stop kayla and jack's wedding. roman is to escort diana down the isle at the wedding,as they exchange cold stares at each other, and barb a little. steve gives jack a wedding present. kim has sisterly chat with kayla about the wedding, as kayla tries to convince herself she's doing the right thing. the wedding begins as steve watches from the sidelines.

September 28,1987:Characters: shane, gabrielle,steve, kayla, jack,kim, jo, mike,roman,diana,melissa,frankie, jenn, caroline,adrienne, justin. H/L:shane and gabrielle talk about him and kim. steve watches the wedding as jo reminds him he is saving (billy) jack, as kayla and jack are married, justin and adrienne talk about going to montrel. roman and diana bicker again over victor. frankie and jenn decide not to elope. shane creates a "scene" at the reception. diana snoops around victors, and learns the truth about james. kayla puts jack off on their wedding night, as he agrees he's not up to the challenge yet.

October 1,1987:Characters: diana, eve,nick, shane, roman,abe, johan,carrie, gabrielle. H/L: nick finds eve and tells her to get to work.diana continues to snoop on victor, as she listens to his phone call about the disk.johan is brought in for stealing, along with carrie,as abe blasts them out. shane meets with gabrielle as they discuss diana's encounters with victor. diana tells roman about victor going to greece- and he wants her to go with him. roman tells her not to go, and calls shane for assistance. victor moves up his departure time, as diana stalls for time. shane plans to go to greece as roman goes to tell diana, only to discover she has left already with victor. Roman goes to the airport and has diana dragged off the flight and arrested.

October 2,1987:Characters: roman, diana, frankie, jenn,bill,justin,anjelicia, adrienne, victor, kim,janice,caroline. H/L:roman and diana argue about her trying to go to greece with victor. frankie helps jenn move into bill's. justin thinks adrienne has joined him in montrel, only to find anjelicia.victor goes to the police station to get diana, and she covers. when diana won't go with him willingly, roman picks her up over his shoulder and carries her off kicking and screaming. bill and janice get friendly. adrienne turns the tables on anjelicia. roman and diana talk about marlena and the similarites between them. adrienne surprises justin.

October 5,1987:Characters: shane, steve, roman, diana,kayla, jack, anjelicica,justin, adrienne,victor,kim, neil. H/L: shane and steve meet in a selcluded area and discuss the disk. roman goes to diana's apartment and finds her there, after she leaves while sleeping on his couch. jack is in a foul mood over being sick, as kayla does her best to comfort him. justin goes to adrienne's hotel room and awakens her, and they discuss anjelica and what she has done. diana has decided to go to greece with victor. kim and shane go for the amnio for the baby. kayla talks to steve about jack. roman tells shane he is going to greece, and as a cover he will act like a jealous boyfriend, as kim ask if it's only an act.

October 6,1987:Characters: kim, shane,eve, gabrielle,jack,mike,steve, kayla,melissa,nick, calliope,trevor, ethan. H/L: kim, shane and eve go to the park with andrew. eve tries to create havoc by bringing up what happened with gabrielle to kim.mike checks jack and he wants to know when he can make love to his new wife. steve comes to see jack, as he and kayla share an uncomfortable encounter. eve talks to nick about kim and a way to get her out of the picture- for awhile. shane meets with gabrielle in the park. nick calls kim about an abuse child needing help, and lures her to an abandoned building.trevor helps ethan woo calliope. shane goes to blondies to meet kim, when eve arrives claiming to be there to meet a date. nick locks kim in the apartment. shane worries when kim doesn't show up.a construction worker sees nick and ask if there is anyone else in the building,since it is scheduled to be demolished in the morning, but he keeps mum about kim, as kim realizes she is locked in and looks for a way out.

Tape 52

October 7,1987:Characters:jenn, bill, shane, abe, nick, eve, kim,mike, frankie, janice. H/L: shane is a wreck worrying about kim. bill sees jennifer's engagement ring. eve goes to see nick about what he did to kim. he finally tells her about the building. kim wakes up when she hears machines outside and yells for help. shane and abe work on finding kim.janice assists mike and bill in the operating room. shane and abe fianlly find kim,and she tells them about the phone call she received,as shane thinks someone lured her there,as eve is hiding and listening. later at the house, kim is determined to find out who did this to her, as eve lurks and smirks from around the corner.

October 12,1987:Characters: kim, eve, shane, gabrielle,jo, jack,steve, kayla, anjelicia,ethan, calliope,trevor, nick. H/L: shane meets with gabrielle at the hotel. kayla dreams about her and steve talking about how her marriage to jack is a mistake, when he awakens her to let her know the storm has past and they can leave now.eve tries to convince kim to go to the seminar in hawaii. eve later slips to shane about hawaii. kayla calls jack to let him know she and steve are fine and on their way back. shane and kim meet at blondies and he suggest she go to hawaii with---calliope.. nick goes to see eve at kim and shane's and tells her to get to work. kim decides to go to hawaii. jack asks kayla about her feelings for steve and she says she has no more feelings for him.

October 14,1987:characters: shane, gabrielle,eve, jo, harper,kayla, steve, jack,daniels,nick, melissa,trevor. H/L: shane and gabrielle meet on the pier and discuss roman and diana, when she spots daniels coming, she pushes shane off the pier. harper breaks into jo's apartment and steals billy/jack's adoption papers. steve tells kayla they need to tell jack the truth, as jack comes and asks what is the truth. steve tells him it's over between him and kayla. daniels talks to gabrielle as she covers about the guy he seen her talking to. nick finds out eve tried to double cross him and he's out for revenge, when he sees a picture she has of shane and emma, and decides to keep it, since it means so much to her. steve and kayla fight the tempation. shane repays gabrielle by pushing her off the pier. jo imagines telling jack the truth.

October 19,1987:Characters: nick, eve, shane, gabrielle,steve, kayla, jack,harper,melissa,jo. H/L: Eve goes to see nick to go to work, and he is cold towards her. shane and gabrielle discuss victor's holdings in greece, when she mentions bringing in another agent to help them, as shane blows a fuse at the idea. kayla goes to get some coffee and gets dizzy,as jack and harper wonder what is wrong with her. nick tries to learn what eve is hiding. he later tells her he knows shane is her father.kayla ask jo for the real reason she quit working for harper. steve grabs kayla as she almost faints,as jo gets her some water. steve and jo later talk about what could be wrong with kayla, as jo suggest kayla may be pregnant. steve later imagines himself and kayla in bed with her being pregnant and eating ice cream.

October 20,1987:Characters: shane, eve, kim,frankie, jenn, steve, jack,kayla, harper,mike, janice,bill, jo. H/L:as eve goes to tell shane her secret, kim comes home from hawaii. jenn tells frankie she is going to see her mother. steve and jack are going over some plans for the riverfront project, when kayla tries to sneak out to go to the doctor, but is caught by harper. eve goes to see gabrielle about shane and kim. jo confronts kayla with her suspicions, when kayla checks a pregnancy test, and it's negative. kim tells shane about her conversation with eve about gabrielle, as shane fills her in.

October 21, 1987:Characters: kim, shane, roman,diana, victor,justin,adrienne,steve, jo, calliope,kayla, jack,anjelicia,harper, eve,neil, melissa. H/L: kim and shane are at blondies, reliving her hawaiian vacation, when roman comes in. then diana follows with victor. justin and adrienne discuss their engagement party. kim goats on roman about being interested in diana. jack tries to get romantic with kayla,when they are interupted. eve imagines telling shane she is his daughter. neil calls and leaves a message for kim and shane about the amnio test. kim talks to diana about roman and her assingment with victor. adrienne asks kim to be a bridesmaid, as well as melissa and kayla at her wedding in greece. the engagement party is a bust. harper continues to drug kayla. eve gets caught trying to steal kim's amnio results, but lies her way out of it. neil tells kim and shane the baby appears normal, and it's a girl,as eve watches. diana returns to blondies for her scarf, and roman is there to hand it to her. she fills him in about her evening with victor, as they share a hot dance.


October 26,1987:Characters: diana, roman,eve, kim,shane, kayla, jack,steve, shawn, caroline,harper,victor. H/L: roman and diana go over their plan to but a bug on victor,and what she is to do if she needs help. shane gives kim a baby dress, as eve looks on. kayla and jack are going on a trip that is to be their honeymoon, as steve comes in and overhears jack say how excited he is for this to be their first time together. roman unbuttons diana's blouse to plant the bug on her, as she wonders what he was really up to. roman then hugs diana to see if victor could feel the bug on her, as they fight their tempation. even has shane help her with homework and talks about his growing family. kim searches eve's room and finds her cameo. she later tells shane of her discovery. steve and kayla talk about her trip and he ask if she is up to it, being sick and all, but she assures him she is fine.kim confronts eve, but she denies taking anything. kim tells shane they need to send eve home, as eve comes in and begs them not to send her home, but shane says she has to go in the morning.

October 28,1987:Characters: kim, shane,eve,abe, lexie, jonah,adrienne, justin, victor, carrie, gabrielle. H/L: kim and shane take andrew to the clinic with her, and eve watches them. abe and lexie talk about his double shift interfering with his plans with his brother jonah. adrienne and justin arrive in greece (Location scenes of Greece).When shane suggest they let eve babysit andrew,since they are in a lurch, kim is reluctant. eve later sneaks in and takes andrew, and when kim finds out he is missing, she freaks out. gabrielle sees eve in the park with andrew. eve comes in the clinic with andrew, professing to have found him wondering around, as gabrielle looks at her and almost spills the beans to kim and shane. shane later finds out gabrielle covered for eve, and is very angry and wants to know what is up with eve.

October 29,1987:Characters: kim,eve, frankie, jenn,roman, shane,diana, bill, abe, janice. H/L: roman and shane discuss victor and how he is glad diana is not involved anymore, as shane tells him he understands how roman feels, even if he denies his feelings for diana. diana's father goes to her apartment and wants to know about her last trip to greece with victor. eve goes to see kim and tells her about taking andrew, and asks kim to forgive her, but kim doesn't trust her anymore. jenn and frankie talk about how things are going, since they broke up.. diana's father goes to see roman about her, and roman admits he cares for diana, as she stands in the doorway listening. shane walks in on kim and eve's discussion, and backs kim. roman and diana argue about her going to greece earlier than planned.

November 3,1987:Characters: frankie,jenn, bill, shane,steve, eve,esther,kim,tom, mike, janice,gabrielle, nick. H/L: jenn reads up on laura's condition.steve tells shane he's getting restless and wants to know exactly what the ISA has on victor. eve's friend esther goes to see kim, per eve's instructions, but her plan fails, so she goes to gabrielle for help. kim fills shane in about eve's "mother's" visit. shane walks in on steve and gabrielle arguing about victor. she later tells him about her visit from eve. nick argues with eve about where she is living, and tells her she is to live with him. shane learns esther isn't eve's mother. shane tells kim his discovery, and they conclude eve is a runaway, and needs to be found and place in a home until her parents can be found, as eve listens from outside.

November 5,1987:Characters: jack(new; Matthew Ashford),kayla, steve,frankie,mike, jenn, kim, shane, eve,maggie,mickey,melissa, janice, bill. H/L:Jack wakes kayla with a kiss, as she continues to act uncomfortable being alone with him. jenn overhears frankie talking to mike about her. steve calls to speak to jack, and after a few tense moments with kayla he tells jack there is a problem with the riverfront project that requires jack to cut his honeymoon short. eve steals a car as a rainstorm hits, and she runs over sarah. when abe arrests eve, she tells him to call shane. shane goes to see eve and blasts her out, as she finally blurts out shane is her father.

November 6,1987:characters: diana, roman,justin, victor, adrienne, shane, eve. H/L: Roman is keeping a watchful eye on diana while she is in greece, when he notices a man watching her, roman grabs the man and wants to know why he is following diana and for whom.shane doesn't believe eve is his daughter, but eve claims she can prove it. adrienne walks in on justin and victor having a private conversation, as justin covers. roman learns the man is working for the mystery woman in black. eve tells shane how she was adopted and the letter from the midwife, and that emma was her mother. shane looks through eve's things and finds the letter. roman and diana agree to act like a couple in love, for apperances.shane talks to kim and she notices he is easy on eve about what has happened, as he tells her eve may be his daughter. justin learns the truth about his father's death. shane fills kim in and wants to bring eve home.victor and the mystery woman talk about diana. roman and diana finally share an intimate kiss in greece,as he carries her to a bed in the crypt they are locked in overnight.

Tape 54

November 9,1987:Characters:kim, shane, mike, maggie, mickey,jenn, bill,janice,diana, roman,abe,calliope,shawn, caroline,victor. H/L:kim and shane are having problems with eve staying there again.everyone waits for news on sarah. diana and roman kiss passionately, when they hear a noise that interupts them. kim and shane argue about eve. shane overhears eve telling jenn about her adoptive parents. diana and roman finally give in to tempation while they are locked in the crypt. kim fills in shawn and caroline about eve, and they argree to take her along with andrew while kim and shane are in greece.

November 1987:characters: steve, gabrielle,roman, kim, shane, diana, victor,adrienne, justin,jo, neil. H/L: steve talks to gabrielle and learns shane went to greece early. kim and shane meet up with roman. victor tells diana he knows she wasn't home last night, as diana covers her tracks. justin tells adrienne the men she has seen all over the place are bodyguards for the wedding and their guest. kim goes to check on diana at victor's.. shane asks diana to help lure the mystery woman out of hiding. adrienne calls jo and asks her to come right away, since she is not sure she can go through with the wedding, as justin overhears. shane and roman lose the mystery woman in a fortess. roman spends the night with diana in the hosptial room.

november 1987:Characters: diana, roman, kim, shane,adam, steve,adrienne, justin,victor, janice,bill, jo, tom,alice. h/L: roman sneaks into diana's window at victor's to wake her up. kim hears adam tell shane he got the information shane wanted on eve. steve arrives in greece and wants to know what is bothering adrienne, as justin asks the same question. victor comes to check on diana, as roman quickly hides under the covers next to diana. kim and shane argue about eve-again. bill tells janice his feelings for her. adrienne talks to steve about her feelings for justin. steve runs into shane at a luncheon for justin and adrienne, and they argue. roman takes off his wedding ring as he and diana sneak off together. kim and shane reach a truce.

November 13,1987:Characters: kayla, jack,steve, melissa,justin,victor, adrienne,jo,kim, shane, diana,anjelicia. H/L:Kayla is sicker, and calls out for steve as jack sits with her and hears her. he then goes to get steve, but harper stops him.melissa tells steve about kayla not coming to the wedding since she is sicker. justin wants to find out what is bothering adrienne on their wedding day, but victor won't allow him to see her before the wedding. adrienne tells jo she can't marry justin, as jo tries to calm her down.diana delivers a message to shane and kim from roman, and notices the strain between them. steve reads a letter from kayla, where she proclaims her happiness with jack. kayla wakes up and tells jack she doesn't want steve to know she is sick.kim and diana talk about roman as they get dressed for the wedding. adrienne insist on talking to justin, but victor intervenes, but justin catches up to adrienne and they clear the air. the wedding begins, as the bridesmaids ask steve where adrienne is, and he tells them to walk real slow down the isle, as the wedding begins.

November 16,1987:Characters:justin, adrienne,victor,kim, diana, melissa, jakc,kayla,steve,frankie, jenn,roman (full house)H/L: harper continues to drug kayla with some tea laced with the drug. jenn calls the tenn hotline about her mother and her troubles as frankie is there working and hears her. just as justin stops the music, adrienne comes in the doorway with steve, as the wedding proceeds and justin and adrienne are married. diana sits in a pew and imagines her and roman being married, when he sneaks in and whisks her away. victor gives justin and adrienne a wedding gift, a yacht named adrienne. while he is there, he spots diana and roman kissing, and plots his revenge.

November 17,1987:Characters: justin, adrienne,kim,shane,steve,victor,diana,roman, eve,shawn, gabrielle.H/L: justin tries to calm adrienne's fears on their honeymoon night. shane calls steve to meet with him. shane then tells kim they are not head home like she thought, but rather they are going to england to check out the letter about eve, but kim refuses and says he can go himself. victor is furious with diana. roman worries about diana going back to victor's, and tells her not to try and get him to reveal anything else. while at the fish market, a customer comes in and knows eve as one of nick's girl's. diana covers with victor, unaware he has seen her with roman. the customer from the fish market blackmails eve,as gabrielle approaches and aks if everything is alright with her, as eve covers. roman, shane and steve meet and plan their next move. victor goes to diana's bedroom with some champagne and plans for a romantic tryst. roman learns diana is in trouble. kim goes to victor's and barges in to see diana to spend some time with her before they go home. victor orders diana and kim be followed. adrienne and justin have a wonderful honeymoon night. roman tells diana she is not going back to victor's as they argue, but he gives in after awhile when shane and kim agree with her.


November 23,1987:Characters: steve,kayla, kim,eve,shane, roman,diana,jack, harper,alice, gabrielle. H/L: steve is caught by harper carrying kayla out of the house. shane calls the house from the airport, and talks to eve. she asks if he belives her now. when shane asks to speak to kim, eve lies that she is not there. roman shots the mystery woman in black as she tries to get away, but diana and her come face to face first, as she tells roman he shot her mother. steve brings kayla to the hospital, but realizes he made a mistake and works on getting her out of there. diana waits for news on her mother, as roman comes and she tells him serena is paralyized from the waist down, and they argue about him shooting her mother. alice helps steve with kayla.. kim comes back home and shane sneaks up behind her. as he goes to fill in kim about his trip, he spots eve hiding. steve asks gabrielle for help in finding a safe place to hide out, and she gives him the keys to her new place. shane tells kim about the trip and how he still doesn't know if eve is his daughter.shane tells kim of his plan to do an dna test to determine if eve is his daughter. steve gives kayla the antidote to the posion.

November27,1987:Characters: eve,kim, shane,frankie, jenn,roman, victor,diana, mike,abe, serena. H/L:shane comes home and tells kim and eve the handwriting in the letter from the midwife is real. frankie works on the teen hot-line with his teacher mrs carson, when jenn calls and says she has a problem, as frankie listens. roman asks victor where diana is since she came back with him. diana brings her mother home and has mike examine her. shane tells eve he needs more proof, an dna test, but eve doesnt' want to do it. kim talks to shane about eve's point of view, and he admits maybe a small part of him doesn't want eve to be his daughter. mike suggest bill operate on serena. roman finds diana at the hospital, but she wants nothing to do with him unless he drops the charges against her mother.mike explains the dna test to eve, as he takes the blood. eve calls the teen hot-line and hangs up. diana tells victor she only agreed to marry him for her mothers sake.

December 2,1987:Characters: adrienne, kelly, justin, shane, eve,kim, caroline, shawn, kayla,steve,tom, marcus,gabrielle,anjelicia. H/L:justin goes to see adrienne at the clinic, and tells her she needs to quit there. shane does his best to avoid spending time with eve. kim comes home and plans a surprise birthday party for shane.kayla wakes up and reads the newspaper about her disapperance, and asks steve what is going on.tom introduces adrienne to marcus, as they all discuss the offer about buying the clinic, as adrienne protest it would be wrong.gabrielle gives shane a report on the disk from the ISA. steve explains to kayla what is going on, but she doesn't believe him.steve comes back with marcus and finds kayla is gone. kayla walks around the docks, then calls roman, but passes out.

December 8,1987:Characters:frankie, caroline,jenn, kim,shane, eve,gabrielle,calliope, alice, abe,tom,ethan. H/L: caroline notices how frankie and his teacher are joking around together, and worries something is going on between them. kim, shane and eve talk about eve's case and the attorney they just meet with who wants eve to plead guilty. Eve worries about going to jail. abe talks to tom about the fire at the clinic. gabrielle offers to defend eve, since she has a law degree. kim tries to talk to eve about her problems. calliope and tom talk about him investing in her new club. eve calls the teen hot-line and talks to frankie about her problems.

december 10,1987:Characters: adrienne, justin,anjelicia, kim, shane,gabrielle,eve,steve, marcus,mickey, maggie,abe, kayla. H/L: justin and adrienne recreate their trip to greece, when they are interrupted by anjelicia. gabrielle explains to kim,shane and eve what could happen, as kim is served with a supena to testify at eve's hearing. marcus pulls steve out of the weird man's house, as steve knows he saw kayla in there. later he allows steve to come back in with marcus, as they take kayla back to gabrielle's. shane tries to explain to eve that kim has no choice, and she doesn't hate her, contrary to what eve thinks. kim talks to maggie about sarah before the hearing starts. kim's testimony doesn't help eve, as shane is angry about it. shane is recalled to the stand, and it's revealed he may be eve's father. justin tries to teach adrienne to ski.

December 11,1987:Characters: diana, carrie, roman, shawn, caroline, shane, kim, eve, gabrielle,mickey,maggie, jenn, allen,frankie. H/L: carrie sees diana and invites her back to the house to make dinner, for the two of them. shane is forced to admit he may be eve's father. gabrielle remembers a time when she was pregnant. jenn and allen practice for a dance contest, as frankie walks in and watches them. shawn and caroline talk to roman about diana and him.maggie convinces mickey to allow eve to get a ligter sentence of joy riding. roman goes home and sees carrie has dinner ready for her and someone else and thinks she has a boy in the house, until diana comes in the room. the judge orders eve in shane's custody and on probation for 2 years. diana and roman are forced to have dinner with carrie. shane shows gabrielle eve's letter, as she remembers giving birth to a baby girl, and wonders if she is eve.

Tape 56

December 15,1987:Characters: adrienne, calliope, justin,janice, bill,shane, gabrielle, eve,tom, alice,kim, victor,anjelicia,ethan. H/L:justin surprises adrienne with a private lunch at blondies. bill walks in the doctors lounge as janice is changing her clothes. gabrielle ask shane to help her get transfered, as he wonders why.victor interrupts adrienne and justin's lunch. adrienne tells anjelicia she wants to fill in as the secretary until they get another one. gabrielle talks to eve, and wonders if she is her daughter.ethan invest in calliope's new club. kim notices shane's starting to act like a father to eve. adrienne surprises justin with her business skills.

December 17,1987:Characters: justin, adrienne,victor,diana,roman, abe,shane, kim,eve, anjelicia,gabrielle,caroline.H/L: diana goes to victor about her mother and their bargain. shane tells kim the dna results have come in, as eve wonders what he is waiting for. the test prove eve is shane's daughter. kim tries to be gracious, and welcomes eve, as shane tells her he needs time to get used to the idea. victor assures diana serena will not go to jail, but he's not sure she'll go through with the marriage.anjelica gives adrienne a long list of things to do at the office. eve tells gabrielle her news. kim and shane talk about how to deal with eve with this new revelation, as they end up arguing again. roman testifies at the hearing on the disk involving serena. justin tells adrienne she can't work for him. kim and eve talk about getting along for shane's sake. diana goes to blondies with serena, as abe and roman watch them.

December 18,1987:Characters: shane, gabrielle, diana, victor,melissa, jack,steve,kayla, adrienne, justin, calliope, roman, marcus. H/L: diana tells victor he has won, but he tells her he's not sure now he wants to marry her. jack tells harper he has an idea on how to find kayla. shane sees gabrielle looking at a baby picture,and she covers saying it was her as a baby, but shane is suspicious when he notices the picture is a color poloraid. when adrienne and justin walk in, victor annouces to them he and diana are getting married. eve and kim are not adjusting too well. kayla shows steve the airline tickets she has for them, but he doesn't think running away is a good idea. shane walks in on kim and eve, and senses the tension between them. after reading gabrielle's file, shane talks to her about the poloriad, and she gets mad and walks out. victor, with diana at his side, invites roman to a party at blondies. roman dances with diana, as victor watches them. calliope announces victor and diana's engagement, as roman is stunned. shane takes a flight to england, with gabrielle right on his tail. victor looks for diana, as roman and her share a passionate kiss. steve finally tells kayla jack is his long lost brother billy.

December 22,1987:Characters: justin, adrienne, victor,eve,kim,shane, shawn,caroline,jo, neil,gabrielle. H/L: Eve blasts her music, as kim comes in and says they need to set some rules up. shane meets with the midwifes daughter and shows her a picture of emma and asks if she is the woman who was calling his name when she was in labor. the woman lies and says yes, as shane mentions her being an american in england, and the woman agrees, as shane knows she is covering.adrienne surprises justin and victor with a christmas tree. eve tells kim she can't tell her what to do in her own fathers house, as kim is at her wits end with eve, but when shawn and caroline come over with a tree, eve puts on an act of sugar and spice in front of them.kim decorates the tree with andrew, when she suddenly keels over in pain, as eve runs in and kim tells her to call the hospital. gabrielle pays off the woman for lying for her, as shane catches the woman and wants the real story from her. eve apologies to kim for upseting her, as kim tells her to call shane in england. gabrielle is confronted by shane, as he tells her he knows she is eve's mother.

December 24,1987: steve, kayla, marcus, kim, roman,eve, frankie,shane,gabrielle,jack, jo, neil,shawn, caroline,carrie. H/L: marcus talks to steve about kayla going back to jack. roman goes to see kim in the hospital, and brings kayla with him. eve calls the teen hot-line, and when frankie doesn't answer, she hangs up. shane and gabrielle are on the plane back home, as they discuss him telling kim everything, despite gabrielle not wanting it revealed. shane gets to the house and eve tells him about kim, as he heads to the hospital. while jack is giving an interview to some reporters on the waterfront, steve comes dressed as santa with some kids. kayla sees him and smiles at him. shane decides not to tell kim at the time about gabrielle. neil tells kim she can go home, but must not have any stress. kayla gets a kiss from santa clause. when kim comes home, eve apologies. everyone goes to shane and kim's for christmas.

December 28,1987:Characters: kim, shane, eve, harper,anjelicia,melissa,kayla,jack, steve,neil, gabrielle. H/L: shane pampers kim as eve watches. anjelicia plans a new years eve party. jack wonders what is bothering kayla, as she covers. neil comes by to check on kim. steve goes to the brady's and jack yells at him to stay away from kayla,but steve says he's there to see him, and he tells him about the posion pills kayla has been taking, but jack doesn't believe him. they head to roman's office with the pills and continue to argue about them. shane walks in as kim and eve are arguing again, and announces some changes are to be made, starting with eve. shane tells kim he's going to ask gabrielle if eve can stay with her for now. kayla continues to put jack off in the bedroom, as he grows inpatient.

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