Tue - Jan 1 No Dool - New Year's

Wed - Jan 2 No B&H No K&S
All talking about the fire and death of Carlo and his Grandfather. Plans are being made for Gene’s Birthday Party. Abe questions Tom about the fire and the death of the man. Tony is going off to find Stephano, the source of the rare wine at Christmas. Liz sings to Noelle, “Where Is Love?”

Thu - Jan 3 B K&S
Melissa & Barry discuss the cocaine she found. Bo & Shawn discuss Eric being in jail. Kim thanks Shane for the talk the other day and tells him she went to the police and told them what Eric did to her. Kim tells Shane her friend is being blackmailed with a video tape. Shane tells her how to erase the tape and will show her how next week. Kim tells Bo that Eric molested her and then Bo tells Shawn, who blows up and tells Bo he wished Bo died instead of Roman. Eugene's Birthday Party, Calliope jumps out of his cake, Gene's mom is there. Kim tells Shawn that Eric molested her and Shawn has a heart attack. Bo leaves Gene's party with Melissa.

Fri - Jan 4 B&H
A drunken Bo & Melissa go to a movie, end up at Bo's place. Bo doesn't know about Shawn's heart attack. Stephano tells Megan that Chorvat is smuggling the prism from Siberia into the US with the Ice Show coming to Salem. Marlena meets Mrs. Lafferty. Hope looks for Bo, takes his Christmas present to his apt, catches Bo with Melissa who is half dressed and assumes the worst.

Mon - Jan 7 B&H K
Hope catches Bo with Melissa [cont], tells Bo about Shawn. Melissa tries to explain things to Hope, who won't listen. Kim tells Caroline that Eric molested her. Bo opens Hope's gift and has flashback of when he recited poem to Hope. Diane tells Megan she might take her to court and she will get Zack and Hope will get Bo. Marlena on phone, figures out Jimmy Porterfield's connection to Stephano when a teletype comes through.

Tue - Jan 8 NO B&H NO K&S
Alice & Tom talk to Speed, he says his father always wore the medic alert bracelet. Speed talks to Gwen about suing Tom Horton. She questions Speed for details. Larry encourages Gwen to sue Tom, she decides to and later calls Tom to warn him about lawsuit. Abe gets findings about the fire, tells Linda it was faulty wiring. Alex tells Linda the man he hired knew how to do the job right. Anna takes photos of Jasmine to try to turn her in to a model, Calliope knows Tony won't like it. Shawn comes to. Barry & Melissa.

Wed - Jan 9 B&H K&S
Marlena's plane tickets to Caracas are delivered. Shane tells Kim she can use the electro-magnet to erase the tape and shows her how. Gwen tells Chris she is taking the case against Tom Horton & Linda Anderson. Kim tells Marlena that Eric molested her. Bo talks to a sleeping Shawn, tells him he loves him. Bo fights with Will, then thanks Hope for the Christmas present.

Thu - Jan 10 B&H
Alice & Tom discuss the Selejko kids suit against Tom. Hope in police training, Bo comes into classroom to observe. Bo tells Hope nothing happened between him & Melissa. Melissa wants Pete to talk to Speed about the lawsuit, he agrees to. Bo & Zachary find a picture of Megan with Stephano, on back is written, "Father and me...Summer 84"

Fri - Jan 11 B K&S
Kim goes to Shane’s for pep talk for her friend as today is the day she ends the blackmail. Linda tells Alex she is being sued by the Selejko family. Shane’s boss wants him to get Kim to “entertain” Bronsky. Melissa finds out that Barry has been using her to deliver drugs in the plants. Kim successfully erases both copies of Linda’s blackmail tapes, stops by to tell Shane the good news and wants to celebrate, but he is distant due to Nickerson’s request. Bo shows Shane the picture of Megan & Stephaon, but Shane already knows.

Mon - Jan 14 B K&S
Bo & Shane, Bo agrees to go after Stephano. Kim calls Shane and wants to see him, he cuts her off. Later Kim gives Shane a gift of the framed picture of the old firehouse. Don tells Diane he set up hearing for her to get her son back. Melissa doesn't go to work and Barry comes over to the house to check on her because she is "sick". Shane tells Kim that Leopold Bronsky is coming to Salem and that the ISA wants her to gain his confidence and get info for them. She tells Shane she is through selling herself and where to go and storms out.

Tue - Jan 15 H K&S
Shane's boss orders him to get Kim to co-operate. Shane tries to pursuade Kim, by telling her Roman devoted his life to stop people like Stephano DiMera. Hope is having trouble getting over the wall in police training and walks out. She later thwarts a robbery attempt which helps her regain her confidence and she returns to class and makes it over the wall. Kim looks at Roman's picture and calls Shane over to her apt. She agrees to work for Shane & the ISA and begins asking questions. Anna & Alex.

Wed - Jan 16 B K&S
Shane at Kim's apt, they discuss Bronsky's arrival any day now, he gives her the dossier on him. Megan tells Stephano she'll do anything to help him find the prism. Shawn comes home from the hospital. Bo with Zack at Megan's, she tells him it would be nice if he spent the night and finished the story in the morning, but he leaves. Jimmy shows up at Megan's, Stephano was there all the time, he says it will be nice to have a family again.

Thu - Jan 17 No B&H No K&S
Grand Opening of Anna DiMera Designs, Tony arrives back in town early and doesn't want Jasmine to model the dresses. Tom & Marie read the newspaper headlines about his malpractice suit. Barry tells Melissa she is late for work again, later he tells her from now on she makes the deliveries on time or she ends up in the bottom of the river.

Fri - Jan 18 B&H S
Marlena in Caracas, nearly seen by Honeycutt who walks by. Melissa finds drugs in the bottom of a plant, tells Barry she isn't going to deliver drugs anymore, later he catches her trying to call the police. Shane dons a mask and beats up Bo to get Megan's sympathy, Hope tries to catch him, he knocks her out. Marlena dressed as a cleaning woman enters a room at Stephano's and sees 2 cribs with Samantha & Eric on them. Melissa enters a condemned building.

Mon - Jan 21 No DOOL - Reagan Inauguration

Tue - Jan 22 H K&S
Melissa still in the condemned building. Newspaper tells of the cocaine in the plants and that Barry & Melissa are both missing. Marlena is back from Caracas, she phones Abe with info about Stephano, Abe tells her to forget about Stephano. Stephano tells Jimmy that he didn't kill Roman, it was an act of fate, and he would bring him back if he could. Shane tells Kim she is having lunch with Leopold Bronsky today. Bronsky shows up and Kim "accidentally" runs into him, they talk and she gives him her phone number. Marlena hires a bodyguard to protect the children. Melissa calls Marie, but hangs up when Marie tells her the police are looking for her. Marlena calls Jimmy, tells him she is back and wants him to cook dinner for her at the farm later in the week.

Wed - Jan 23
Calliope is upset about the girl Gene took to the opening. Jasmine being photographed, Tony arrives and is mad about it. Melissa wakes up in the condemned building, she overhears Alex and Linda talking and hides. Speed & Ivy discuss the lawsuit. Calliope dresses up as Tiffany to try to fool Gene's mom. Ivy meets Melissa for the first time when she catches her shoplifting, takes Melissa home to stay with her. Pete picks Ivy up for a date while Melissa is in another room.

Thu - Jan 24 B&H K&S
Melissa still missing, Hope tells Alice that she & Melissa are not as close now. Bo at Shane's. Shane wants a progress report on Megan, Bo says he has none as he has been looking for Melissa. Shane tells Bo they are on a time clock. Stephano in disguise, at Megan's. Bo & Hope call a truce. Megan sees them together, vows to kill Hope.

Fri - Jan 25 NO B&H K&S
Marlena has a date at the farm with Jimmy , as Stephano watches. She vows to Roman's picture to find Stephano. Melissa at Ivy's hears on the radio that Barry has been arrested. Kim cooking dinner for Shane, she tells him that she intends to get the info from Bronsky without sleeping with him. Bronsky shows up at her door, Shane leaves thru fire escape. Bronsky called away from Kim's by Stephano, but first he mentions "Diamond Ice" to her. Then Bronsky & Stephano meet for the first time. Barry is questioned by Abe, who wants to know where Melissa is. Melissa calls home, but hangs up when Mickey puts Abe on the phone.

Mon - Jan 28 B&H S
Melissa still at Ivy's, is nearly seen by Pete there. Hope tells Alice her exams are Friday. Shane tells Bo to keep close watch on Megan. Megan tells Stephano, she has to get rid of Hope and that she has a plan. Caroline tells Bo a Russian Ship is blocking the docks, they are unloading things for the ice show. Bo goes down to the docks and acts like a worker so he can get info on the items being unloaded. He finds a case that holds something a prism would fit in. HOPE SKATES briefly in black & purple outfit. Bo makes a date with Megan in front of Hope and later kisses Megan in front of her. Speed sneaks into the Horton kitchen and places his father's med alert bracelet in Tom's jacket. Alice asks Marie to drop the jacket off at the cleaners. HOPE SKATES

Tue - Jan 29 K&S
Shane tells Kim what Bo found being unloaded on the docks. Stephano tells Jimmy to get Marlena and the kids' sizes. Eugene tells Marlena to get herself and the kids out of the house for a while as he has a vibe. While they are gone, Jimmy sneaks in and takes some clothing and a catalog, Marlena notices they are missing. Kim pumps Bronsky for info on "Diamond Ice", she gets little from him. Marie drops Tom's jacket off at the cleaners and the clerk finds the med alert bracelet that Speed planted. She retrieves the bracelet and shows it to Tom. Liz sets up a date with Eugene & "Tiffany" [Calliope].

Wed - Jan 30 B&H K
Melissa at Ivy's, Ivy brings groceries. Megan with electrical plans enters hot tub area, Larry comes in. Hope & Chris at Body Connection, she thanks him for letting her use the hot tub after hours. Hope & Megan share hot tub & digs. Kim & Bo talk about she & Bronsky, he tells her to stay away. Melissa runs into Pete at Chris' house, she tells him she believes him now about the stolen car and that he's not sleeping with her mom. Melissa leaves town on the bus. Pete with Ivy, she asks him to stay, he calls Chris to say he isn't coming home tonight. Gwen with Chris, she falls asleep on his couch. Bo falls asleep at Megan's with his head in her lap, he calls out Hope's name.

Thu - Jan 31 B S
Eugene tells Calliope it is time for she and Tiffany to meet. Bo still asleep at Megan's, she calls Stephano. Megan isn't going to be happy until Hope is out of her life...completely...forever !!! Bo &Shane search Megan's apt. Dry Cleaner looks through old newspapers about the night of the fire at Anderson's.

Fri - Feb 1 B&H
Marlena invites Jimmy to dinner. Hope's last exam, she skates at practice rink in the black outfit. Hope tells Alice Pete saw Melissa and gave her money to get out of town. Megan tells Stephano, tonight is the night for her plan for Hope. .Marlena stuck at Lafferty Farm. Hope getting in hot tub at end of show.

Mon - Feb 4 B&H
Megan dies in hot tub. Hope is a suspect. Jimmy gets in the car with Marlena and tells her she's gonna have to spend the night.

Tue - Feb 5 B&H S
Megan's death on front page, died from blow to the head. Marlena still at farm, mechanic shows up, she leaves. Jimmy shows the newspaper to Stephano. Larry has a burnt finger. Megan's funeral, Mrs. Lafferty goes and reveals himself to Bo, who is acting upset. Friday will be the day, Stephano tells his man.

Wed - Feb 6 K
Bronsky gives Kim a neglegee, he passes out and she tells him they made love for an hour. Abe tells Tony that Megan was Stephano's daughter. Tony & Jasmine. Ivy & Pete kiss on the pier & make love at her place.

Thu - Feb 7 B K&S
Shane calls Kim, she tells him what Bronsky said. Bo finds Melissa, she comes home. Kim tells Bo she was a prostitute. Alex in jail, Gwen arrives.

Fri - Feb 8 B&H S
Eugene needs to talk to Marlena. Stephano & Jimmy prepare to take twins. Hope persuades cop to let her skate at arena. Hope wants to get on security force at arena. Larry dreams about how Megan died. Stephano tells Marlena he has twins & if she contacts police, she will never see them again. Bo & Shane.

Mon - Feb 11 B&H K&S
HOPE SKATES Marlena flashbacks to Stephano telling her he has twins. Bo & Shane discuss prism at Shenanigans. Kim & Bronsky are there too. Hope interviews and gets the job as security guard at arena. Hope skates at practice rink in striped outfit.

Tue - Feb 12 No B&H No K&S
Liz signed singing contract. Pete & Chris & Ivy. Marie & Melissa going to court hearing. Linda at door, Melissa sends her away. Marie, Chris, Mickey are character witnesses for Melissa. Pete & Ivy kiss at Chris', Melissa calls & hangs up. Liz sings.

Wed - Feb 13 B&H K&S
Shane, Bo, Hope, Kim discuss plans for getting the prism. Kim is to go to the airport with Bronsky to greet skaters and take pictures. Bo poses as airport employee, switches Sonja's case with prism, she retrieves it. Bronsky gives the rigged raffle ticket to Stephano. Kim & Hope get pictures of ice sculpture.

Thu - Feb 14 B&H S
Valentine's Day. Tom & Alice, he gives her candy. Marlena demands to know where her children are, Stephano takes her there. Alice & Howie scheme, she is "Iron-Fist Sal". Shane, Bo, Hope plan to steal prism. Bo as maintenance man gets it and looses it in scuffle on the ice. Stephano stops Bo. Marlena has gun.

Fri - Feb 15 B&H S HOPE SKATES
Hope & Shane, she is worried about Bo. Stephano has Bo, but he escapes. Marlena writes letter to Don. HOPE SKATES to "Just Once". She & Bo find the prism Bo lost, frozen in the ice rink.

Mon - Feb 18 B&H K&S
Bronsky tells Larry the prism will explode. Gwen & Larry. Bronsky proposes to Kim, gives her the fur hat. Kim tells Shane about proposal & spends the night sleeping on his couch. Bo & Hope get locked in the arena & spend the night together.

Tue - Feb 19 B&H K&S
Marlena puts bullets in her gun. Kim wakes up on Shane's couch. Bo & Hope get caught. Bo puts prism on one of the headresses. Bo punches Hope to make it look like he escaped. Shane & Bo find out Stephano has twins. Alice sees Marlena get into car with a strange man.

Wed - Feb 20 B&H K&S
Kim & Bronsky arrive at arena for Ice Show. Bo hides in the backseat of car where Honeycutt has twins. Marlena holds Stephano at gunpoint.

Thu - Feb 21 B&H K&S HOPE SKATES
Marlena shoots Jimmy. Hope picks up headdress with prism, but other skaters walk in. Bo saves twins, ties Honeycutt to a tree. Tony puts Stephano in shackles, but he tricks Jasmine into letting him go. Shane backstage in preparation. Bronsky goes backstage, sees prism has changed colors, goes to get Kim to leave arena. Hope skates in clown act, gets prism and begins skating in the finale of Ice Show.

Fri - Feb 22 B&H K&S HOPE SKATES
Finale of Ice Show continues. Bo & Shane backstage. Bronsky taking Kim, Shane takes keys to limo, Bronsky threatens to kill Kim, takes her to airport. Gwen finds Megan's electrical stuff in closet. Sonja gives Stephano the prism. Marlena shoots Stephano, the prism catches the arena on fire. TV cameras catch the shooting.

Mon - Feb 25 B&H K&S
Replay of shooting & fire. Bo saves Marlena. Anna meets a Prince when she looses her coat. Kim & Shane tell Bo & Hope that Shane recovered and iced the prism. Marlena arrested & jailed. Someone with a gun waits in Bo's apt for Bo & Hope.

Tue - Feb 26 B&H
Bo & Hope held at gunpoint by Jimmy & Honeycutt. Tony is upset with Jasmine for letting Stephano out of shackles. Pete goes to see Ivy, Melissa [Mary] calls her. Pete & Melissa end up at the fishing shack. Flashback montage to "The Way We Used To Be". Hope is shot, taken to hospital, has to have surgery.

Wed - Feb 27 B&H K&S
Hope makes it through surgery. Marlena in jail, she is to have a special prosecutor, gets to see the kids. Shane takes Nickerson the empty prism case, tells him he dropped it in Atlantic. Shane quits ISA. Anna thinks she won't see her Prince again, he sends a rose and they dine later at her place.

Thu - Feb 28 No B&H K&S
Kim & Shane at Shenanigans, going to share cheesecake, go to work out. Ivy gives Pete a gift of a sweater, wants to make supper for him. Melissa has hearing, gets 1 year probation. Kim & Shane have tea at her place.

Fri - Mar 1 B&H K&S
Anna & Tony, he is livid about Marlena being in jail. Abe, Don & Marlena on their way to the judges chambers. Kim & Bo at the hospital, Neil tells Bo that Hope's hemorrhaging has stopped. Later Neil tells Bo that Hope needs some "special goal" to help her recover. Prosecutor, Hart Bennett wants first degree murder and no bail, but will settle for 3 million dollars bail. Judge grants 2 million in bail. At the Park Cafe, Kim runs into Hart, he tells her he took Marlena's case as a last chance for his career. Kim & Shane at her place talking about new beginnings. Hope comes to and Bo slips an engagement ring on her finger and proposes to her.

Mon - Mar 4 B&H No K&S
Hope tells Bo she dreamed he asked her to marry him, he tells her it was no dream. Ivy is sick. Abe visits Hope and pins an award on her for "above and beyond the call of duty". Bo wants to be Howie's partner in his PI business because he needs the security since he's marrying. Ivy tells Gwen she wants to drop the lawsuit against Tom Horton. Pete & Melissa at the fishing shack, he is going to break up with Ivy, they pledge their love and kiss.

Tue - Mar 5 No B&H No K&S
Alex, Calliope, Nicky, Liz, Tony, Jasmine. Anna gets balloons. Gwen tells Tom & Alice the case against Tom has been dropped.

Wed - Mar 6 B&H No K&S
Bo & Hope after the proposal, Bo has a newspaper with her citation announcement. Jimmy and Kate see the newspaper too. Ivy takes a pregnancy test and tells Melissa. Bo & Tom make Hope get up and walk around. Marlena's fundraiser for defense is tonight. Madeline, Eugene & Calliope making wedding plans. Bo visits Marlena in jail and tells her about proposing to Hope, Marlena tells Bo about Roman's proposal. Madeline gives $5000 to Marlena's fund, the goal is reached and she is out on bail. Kate dresses up like a nurse to try to kill Hope.

Thu - Mar 7 B&H No K&S
Bo stops Kate from killing Hope. Marlena goes home from jail. Melissa meets her new probation officer. Bo, Kate, Abe & the cops go to Jimmy's, he & Kate are arrested and taken away. Bo & Hope have good scenes in her hospital room, he crawls in the hospital bed with her.

Fri - Mar 8 No B&H K&S
Ivy is sick, Melissa brings groceries. Ivy is pregnant for sure, Melissa encourages her to tell "PJ". Calliope sees Eugene's engagement announcement in the paper. Eugene tells Marlena that Hart has been asking about her, she later catches Hart questioning the staff about her. Kim makes a lunch date with Shane then breaks it when Hart shows up at her place, she tells Hart that she is out of the business. Kim then asks Shane to dinner where they run into Hart. Hart tells Marlena that hers is a case he can win. Melissa overhears Ivy about to tell Pete about her pregnancy, she realizes that "PJ" is Pete [pt 1].

Mon - Mar 11 No B&H K&S
Kim & Shane arrive back at her apartment after running into Hart in a public place, Shane grabs & kisses Kim. Melissa, Pete & Ivy about to tell Pete about baby [pt 2]. Ivy doesn't get to tell Pete. Shane tells Kim how Emma died in an explosion meant for him. Linda sets up Hart for blackmail, but Kim realizes she is up to something and she and Shane thwart the blackmail attempt. Kim then tells Hart about erasing Linda's incriminating tapes of them together, and hopes he will drop the case against Marlena in appreciation, he refuses. Melissa tells Pete that Ivy is pregnant with his child.

Tue - Mar 12 B&H No K&S
Abe calls Larry, wants to talk about Megan's death. Bo takes Hope home to the Horton's] from the hospital. Abe & Don question Sonja, she escapes and runs and hides at Don's. Mickey wants Hope to quit the police academy, she won't do it. Anna is upset that Alex had pictures done of Jasmine. Larry begins poisoning Gwen.

Wed - Mar 13 No B&H K
Kim & Marlena discuss Hart Bennett and Kim's vision problems. Pete on phone with Melissa, he needs to talk to her, Ivy is at the door. Don & Abe at Don's, Sonja is hiding in his closet. Kim passes out while Marlena is at her place, Hart shows up. Ivy wants Melissa to be her maid-of-honor at her wedding.

Thu - Mar 14 B&H K&S
Anna DiMera Designs on strike. Nicky gives Anna a Rolls Royce. Kim trying to take pictures, having vision problems. Kim calls Neil about her vision problems and then goes to see him. Bo & Hope planning wedding options--everyone else is making wedding plans for them. Shane gets job offer in Stockholm, he tells Bo and then later tells Kim. End of show montage, "Learning The Ways Of Love".

Fri - Mar 15 B&H K&S
Hart visits Kim at her place. Later she runs into him and he is drunk, she takes him back to her apartment. Bo & Hope are planning to elope. Pete & Ivy's wedding day [pt 1], he doesn't show up and Melissa tracks him down at the fishing shack. Shane stops at Kim's to say goodbye to her, and then leaves. Shane comes back to Kim's to talk more to her, but Hart is now there drunk [pt 1].

Shane at Kim's and a drunken Hart tells her to come back to bed [pt 2]. Shane heads for airport. Bo & Hope plan their elopement for a couple of days from now, Hope says "Wednesday". Larry continues to poison Gwen. Kim follows Shane to the airport to explain Hart's drunken comment, Shane tells her goodbye and that he will never forget her and he leaves for Stockholm. Kim calls Bo over to talk about Shane. Melissa is successful in getting Pete to come to his wedding and Pete and Ivy are married. At the reception, Slick tells Ivy that Melissa is Pete's rich girlfriend [pt 1].

Tue - Mar 19 No B&H No K&S
Slick tells Ivy about Pete & Melissa aftermath [pt 2] and a fight ensues between Slick & Pete. Anna, Nicky, Eugene, Calliope, Alex & Tony.End of show montage, "The Way We Used To Be".

Wed - Mar 20 B&H K
Bo & Hope plan their elopement, but their surprise engagement party intervenes. Kim is at the party missing Shane. Bo & Hope now planning to elope next week. Hart asks for a change of venue for Marlena's trial. Don & Sonja, Calliope, Eugene, Marlena, Abe.

Thu - Mar 21 No B&H No K&S
Hart's request for a change of venue because of inability to seat a jury is denied. Gwen confronts Larry about Megan's death. Larry flashbacks to how Megan died. Ivy overhears Pete say that he is trapped. Nicky breaks a lunch date with Anna & she gets worried.

Fri - Mar 22 H K&S
Nicky surprises Anna when he gets in the car with her. Marie over hears Hope tell Melissa she and Bo are eloping next week after the failed attempt the night of the engagement party. Ivy sees Pete & Melissa saying goodbye and mistakes their actions. Anna shows Nicky around Salem and they express their love for each other. Kim is working at the fish market when Shane returns. Hart has subpoenaed him. Nicky receives a telegram about the illness of his father, the King. He wants Anna to go back to his country with him. Kim tells Marlena that Hart only brought Shane back to testify because of Kim's caring about him. A woman jumps in the river and Pete thinks it is Ivy.

Mon - Mar 25 B&H No K&S
Pete finds out it was not Ivy who jumped in the river and drowned. Larry's birthday and he and Gwen go to Blondies to celebrate. He is still poisoning Gwen, but knocks over her glass this time. Liz sings, "After You". Bo & Hope planning to elope. Great Bo & Hope flashbacks in this episode, at one point to, "Whatever We Imagine". Gwen tapes Larry confessing that he killed Megan. Bo climbs the ladder to Hope's room for their escape.

Tue - Mar 26 B&H No K&S
Bo & Hope leave in the rain to elope. Their leaky car breaks down and they are given a ride in a pick-up by Henry. Bo & Hope spend the night with Henry and his wife, Alma at their farm. Bo sneaks into Hope's room later, but she is sound asleep. Anna arrives in Nicky's country with him. Tony is upset with Anna for leaving with Nicky. Alex & Jasmine.

Wed - Mar 27 B&H K&S
Shane goes into Shenanigans, Kim is there, Marlena comes in. Marlena tells Kim to give Shane a chance. Pete & Ivy's room has been ransacked. Melissa stops by Alice's and they find the note Hope left. Bo & Hope in the morning at Henry & Alma's, they ask if they can hitch a ride to New Orleans with them. Kim tells Marlena that she was once Hart Bennett's prostitute. Bo & Hope ride in the back of the pick-up truck to New Orleans. DARBY HINTON FIRST DAY AS IAN GRIFFIN.

Thu - Mar 28 No B&H No K&S
Anna & Nicky in his country, he wants Anna to design clothes for his friends & family, Anna doesn't have a clue. Gwen listens to the tape of Larry's confession as he overhears it. Gwen calls and wants Chris to meet with her. Melissa is teaching the children's dance class, the job that Ian helped her get. Larry puts a larger dose of poison in some orange juice for Gwen. Calliope, Alex, Jasmine.

Fri - Mar 29 B&H K&S
Surprise support dinner for Marlena the night before her trial begins, Kim & Shane attend. Larry has the glass with the poisoned OJ. Gwen decided not to tell Chris after all. Kim tells Hart that Marlena chose not to destroy him with the info Kim gave her about them. Bo & Hope in back of the pick-up, they arrive and get motel rooms. Bo sneaks into Hope's room and then Alma shows up as Henry is snoring and keeping her awake. Kim & Shane dance. Larry tells Gwen the truth about Megan's death, but it is too late, Gwen drank the OJ.

Mon - Apr 1 No B&H K&S
The space for Melissa's dance class is no longer available, Chris unknowingly offers up space at the Body Connection. Ian & Melissa. Pete, Chris & Ivy discuss Gwen being in the hospital. Marlena's trial begins. Alice testifies. Kim is at the trial.

Tue - Apr 2 B&H No K&S
Melissa at the Body Connection, Pete & Ivy there. Liz & Noelle at the hospital, Noelle is not well. Gwen in hospital, she comes to. Bo & Hope arrive in New Orleans. Henry & Alma abruptly leave them there and head for home. Bo & Hope argue about everything. Larry tells Gwen that he meant to kill himself. Chris decks Larry when he overhears him say something to the contrary about Gwen.

Wed - Apr 3 No B&H K&S
Alex, Calliope & Tony. Fashion show for Anna DiMera Designs discount line is next week. Tony calls Anna in Nicky's country and wants her to come back. Anna tells Nicky there are problems with her company and he insists she go back and fix things. Marlena's trial continues. Kim & Shane at the trial talk about them both opening up to each other. Jimmy Porterfield testifies that Marlena was Stefano's lover. Shane testifies. Kim has a dizzy spell. Kim & Shane have lunch together and talk about having a date soon.

Thu - Apr 4 B&H No K&S
Eugene, Calliope & Tony. Anna arrives back home and Eugene's formula disintegrated Anna's dress. Gwen going home from hospital, she tells Chris she is leaving Salem for good. Bo & Hope in motel in New Orleans, he tells her he needs some time alone. Liz finds Noelle passed out on the floor. At the hospital, Neil tells Liz that Noelle is in a diabetic coma. Bo & Hope end up at Oak Alley and have made up and are happy again. Gwen's last day. [Special Report pre-empted Bo & Hope's making up scenes from my episode of DOOL from LA]

Fri - Apr 5 No B&H No K&S
Liz & Neil at the hospital, Noelle comes out of the coma. Marlena's trial continued, she takes the stand. Melissa tells Ian that she doesn't know if she can handle working with Pete. Melissa goes to the Cheatin' Heart and Pete finds her and takes her to the fishing shack. She leaves and goes back and talks to Ian. Ivy & Chris. Hart drops bombshell at Marlena's trial.

Mon - Apr 8 No B&H No K&S
Marlena's case is dismissed as per the request from Hart. Noelle in the hospital, Liz learns how to give insulin injections to Noelle. Nicky arrives back in Salem with news that his father has died and he is now the King. He wants Anna to be his Queen.

Tue - Apr 9 No B&H K&S
Nicky needs an answer from Anna to his proposal, she accepts. Melissa and the girls in dance class, Linda gives them tu-tu's, Melissa doesn't like it. Shane gives Kim riding clothes and then takes her riding for their first date. Kim has an episode with her vision, but covers it up with Shane. Kim has sore muscles from riding so Shane covers his eyes and sprinkles bath salts in her bath. Eugene & Tony. End of show, "Learning The Ways Of Love".

Wed - Apr 10 B&H No K&S
Bo &Hope return from New Orleans. Alice is delighted that they didn't elope.

Thu - Apr 11 B&H K
Anna DiMera Designs fashion show. Eugene's formula makes Alex's clothing line disintegrate, and everyone loves it. Kim taking pictures of the event. Caroline attends the fashion show with Hope. Nicky is killed by the ring of the Dragon [pt 1].

Fri - Apr 12 B&H K&S
Nicky is killed by the Dragon [pt 2]. Hope sees his face and tries to remember what he looks like. Melissa's purse is stolen and Ivy goes after the thief, a Viper. Sonja cooks for Don and then kisses him. Kim develops the pictures from the fashion show hoping to get a picture of the killer. Shane recognizes the mark on Nicky's neck and tells Kim he knows who killed Nicky. It was the same man who killed his wife, an international terrorist.

Mon - Apr 15 H K&S
Kim's pictures of the fashion show were picked up by someone else. Shane goes to see Nickerson about the Dragon, Nickerson tells him that Emma was killed because of her lineage. Anna tells Carrie by phone about Nicky's death. Speed is back at Ivy's and wants to know how the lawsuit is going against Dr. Horton. Shane tells Kim that Emma's death was not an accident, and not meant to kill him.

Tue - Apr 16 No B&H No K&S
Speed upset with Ivy for telling the truth about their father’s death. Jamie, the new girl sings, panics & passes out at Jump. Eugene & Madeline’s wedding. EUGENE & MADELINE WED

Wed - Apr 17 B&H K&S
Tony asks Bo to find the killer of the Prince. Shane tells Kim about the Dragon & Emma, he asks Kim to go to the library and get books on the Royals. Eugene & Calliope & Madeline on the honeymoon, Calliope gives Madeline a strawberry masque, knowing she is allergic. Don leaves then comes back and tells Sonja he is 2 days late on filing income tax and retrieves an envelope. Sonja apologizes to Bo about the Ice Show. Bo later realizes she is a Romanoff and next in line on the Dragon's list. Shane realizes it too. Both arrive and find her dead at the hands of the Dragon. Kim has flashbacks to, "Learning The Ways Of Love". DON CRAIG LAST DAY.

Thu - Apr 18 NO B&H K&S
Kim reading paper about Sonja's death, Shane arrives at her place. Eugene is upset with Calliope over the strawberry masque. Liz wants Jamie to sing at Jump's opening. Kim massages Shane's temples as he has a headache...they then kiss. Pete, Speed, Anna.

Fri - Apr 19 B&H K&S
Another Romanoff descendant is killed in France. Shane wants Bo to go to England with him to investigate. Shane asks Kim to go to England with him. TODD CHANDLER FIRST DAY.

Mon - Apr 22 No B&H K&S
Hart & Marlena. A magazine article about Hart entitled, “A Wasted Life”. Shane wants an answer from Kim if she is going to England. He is leaving at 6pm and is booking 2 seats. Marlena tells Kim to to with Shane, but Hart attempts suicide and Kim goes to the hospital. Ivy plans a surprise for Pete, but he doesn’t come home. Kim later rushes to the airport, but has vision problems and doesn’t take the flight, instead returning home.

Tue - Apr 23 B&H K
Liz, Todd, Janie & Chris tell Pete he needs a singer for Jump’s opening night, Janie says, “NO”. Bo has info for Tony about the Dragon being in Europe and that he is going there. Hope overhears this and she does not want Bo going after the Dragon. Kim & Bo fill in at the fishmarket and talk about Shane and committment. They continue their talk on the docks and the fishmarket is vandalized in their absence. Kim decides to go to Shane in England afterall. Bo tells Hope he won’t go after the Dragon, which pleases Hope, as the Dragon is right outside the fishmarket.

Wed - Apr 24 No B&H No K&S
Gene, Calliope & Madeline. Anna is depressed again, Tony tells her she was better last night, she wants him to tell her how to go on. Tom calls Marlena to tell her that Hart wants to see her, she reluctantly agrees. Marlena visits Hart, but they fight and she walks out. Alice tries to reach Hart. Marlena returns to his room, but he won’t talk and turns his back on her, she leaves in tears. Tony forces Anna to get back into the swing when he brings in buyers and she has to promote her designs or loose their business, and it works.

Thu - Apr 25 H K&S
Kim gets airplane tickets to London. Kim & Hope at Shenanigans. Shane & Simmons reunite in England, Simmons tells him of some strange going-ons. Hope and Tom talk about wedding plans and Alice's excitement about the wedding. Dragon is lurking around Jump, where Hope is. Jump opens. Kim arrives on Shane's doorstep in London.

Fri - Apr 26 B&H K&S
Kim & Shane discuss her missing the plane, she tells him Hart Bennett tried to commit suicide. Hope is attacked by the Dragon at Jump. Ki having trouble with the blinds in her room, Shane comes in to help her and their hands touch. They begin to make love, she wants him to make sure her past isn't a problem, they make love for the first time [pt 1]. SAVANNAH WILDER 1st DAY.

Mon - Apr 29 B&H K&S
Shenanigan's trashed. Kim & Shane's first time [pt 2], he brings her breakfast in bed.

Tue - Apr 30 No B&H No K&S
Hart Bennett shoots himself in his car outside of Marlena's house. Calliope, Anna, Eugene, Marlena, Alice.

Wed - May 1 H K&S
Hope's bridal shower. A vandal goes after Melissa's car, the women at the shower capture him using pots, pans & household items as weapons. Shane & Kim in England they get caught in the rain. Shane shows Kim his mother's cameo. Part of the cameo set is missing and only Emma knew the combination to the safe.

Thu - May 2 B&H K&S
Kim & Shane still in England, Kim is having vision problems. Shane returns from pawn shop with missing jewelry, he tells Kim that his dead wife hocked the items. Bo tells Shane about Hope near attack by The Dragon in Salem and that Hart Bennett committed suicide. Kim and Shane fly home. Neil examines Kim's eyes at her apartment, and wants her to have some tests run. She doesn't want anyone to know.

Fri - May 3 B&H K&S
Shane figures out a way for Bo to go to England to help find the Dragon--Bo is to become a rock singer. Bo sings, "Surrender To Me" at Jump as a surprised Hope looks on. Shane gives Kim his mother's cameo pin. Chris takes Ivy to the hospital. Pete & Melissa 1st time [pt1].

Mon - May 6 B&H K&S
Pete & Melissa's first time [pt 2]. After making love Pete & Melissa part ways. Ivy is in the hospital. Shane, Bo & Hope are going to England for Bo to sing. Kim joins them at the airport to go to England with them. Emma is revealed for the first time. Gene & Calliope.

Tue - May 7 No B&H No K&S
Eugene & Madeline have dinner with her family. Todd & Liz fight. Marlena tells Tom & Alice she is quitting, because of everything with Roman, Stephano & Hart, she can't take anymore. Savannah tells Todd to get someone--Liz or Janie to do a video. Alex & Savannah. Savannah asks Liz to do the video. Full credits.

Pete & Ivy at the hospital, she is feeling better. Neil tells her how to keep the toxemia in check and releases her. Melissa calls Ian, he is too busy. Eugene calls Marlena and invites himself over, she tells him about leaving her job. In England, Kim & Shane discuss finding the Dragon, he tells her she has become very special to him. Pete takes Ivy home. Melissa sees Linda talking to Ian and comes unglued on him thinking he was discussing her, Ian explains it is not so and they embrace. Pete talks to Chris about his predicament.

Thu - May 9 No B&H No K&S
Eugene, Marlean & Alice talk about Bettina Lovecraft's column. Melissa & Ian talk about the emabrace from yesterday and he says he needs to be more professional from now on. Tony & Anna go to Chicago and are forced to share a room together. Chief Cates' first day. Marlena meets him and he gives her a letter to read that Roman sent him telling all about her. Eugene & Calliope. Tony & Anna share the bed. RICHARD CATES FIRST DAY

Fri - May 10 B&H K&S
Tony & Anna wake up together. He "spanks" Anna and then sets up a romantic dinner to trick her. Theo brought into Cates office, Abe sees him. Theo tells Abe he is off the force and nobody is to know that he ever was a cop. Theo want to stay at Abe's place. Bo, Hope, Kim & Shane discuss not finding the Dragon at Westminster Abbey--too much publicity. They figure he will try to kill the queen at the Masquerade Ball. Neil calls Kim in England and tells her the tests confirmed Papillitis and that she needs medical attention. Pete, Melissa & Ian. Tony & Anna kiss in the shower and end up in bed together. THEO CARVER FIRST DAY

Mon - May 13 K&S
Jake Sellers is angry with Ian, then takes Melissa & LaToya hostage. Marlena goes to see Cates to return the letter from Roman. Tony & Anna in bed. Shane visits the Duke of Earl and Royals and tries to warn them about the impending danger. Pete shows up at police station concerned about Melissa. Marlena tries to talk to Jake, to no avail. Melissa & Jake struggle and the gun goes off.

Tue - May 14 No K&S
Marlena tries to get Jake to turn himself in, he finally gives himself up. Theo back at the police department. Savannah wants Todd to convince Liz to do a music video, but he tries to talk Liz out of it instead.

Wed - May 15 B&H K&S
Kim & Shane walk around London on location. Emma also walking around. Bo sings, "Surrender To Me" at the charity event. Kim has more vision problems at the charity event. Dragon captures Hope and interrogates her. Hope escapes and jumps into the moat.

Thu - May 16 B&H K&S
Hope hitches a ride back to Donovan Manor. Emma lurking around & inside Donovan Manor. Ivy is upset that Pete went to the police station during the hostage situation with Melissa. Kim tries to contact Neil about her vision problems. Shane & Kim visit the home of the Duke of Earl [revealed as the Dragon] about someone using his castle [where Hope was taken]. Melissa and Ian kiss.

Fri - May 17 B&H K&S
Kim asks Shane if she can wear a dress from his attic to the Masquerade Ball this afternoon. Hope prays in an old church, Bo shows up and they tour London on a bicycle to the song, "Starcrossed". Kim & Shane walk around London and watch the changing of the guard. The Dragon tells Emma to kill Lady Johanna when they play "God Save The Queen". Emma tries to warn Lady Johanna, but the Dragon is close by and foils her attempt. Kim wears the dress she found in the attic, Shane is taken aback when he sees her in it as it was Emma's. They all go to the Masquerade Ball. Bo sings, "Turn It On". Kim unknowingly talks to Emma in the ladies room, Shane sees Emma [pt 1]

Mon - May 20 B&H K&S
Shane sees Emma at the Ball [pt 2]. Savannah gives Todd the contract for Liz to sign, he says he won't do it. Hope identifies the Dragon at the unmasking, Bo chases after the him. Hope follows them. Kim tells Shane she talked to Emma before and she seemed fine and not dazed like she now is. Bo & the Dragon duel [pt 1].

Liz talks to Calliope about her video contract. While Bo and Hope look for the Dragon at the Masquerade Ball, Shane and Kimberly findEmma alive and in a daze at the ball. During the unmasking, Hope spots the Dragon, resulting in chaos at the ball. Bo chases after him When he catches up, they get in to a sword fight. Savannah tries to seduce Todd, but her resists and leaves her place. She later shows up at Liz's place, forcefully telling Todd to get her to sign the contract. Later Noelle convulses upstairs. Liz gets to her in time to medicate her.

Tue - May 21 B&H K&S
Bo & the Dragon duel [pt 2]. Dragon is captured. Shane & Kim take Emma back to Donovan Manor. Grand Duchess wants to show her gratitude to Bo & Hope. They ask if they can marry in the church Hope found in the Cotswolds. The family to be flown in for the wedding.

Melissa tries to seduce Ian. Shane, Kim, Bo, and Hope get invited to the palace. As a gift for capturing the Dragon, they are rewarded a church wedding. At Shenanigans, Todd tells Chris about Noelle's convulsions. Savannah and Alex talk.

Wed - May 22 B&H K&S
Invitations to Bo & Hope's wedding are delivered in Salem. Shawn & Caroline arrive at Donovan Manor. Dragon is put into jail, but he kills the guard and escapes. Bo steals a milk truck. Kim & Shane walk around London to, "Friends & Lovers".

In England, Bo steals a milk truck to escort a sleepy Hope. Later, Hope gets a call from her father who is feeling he's too sick to make it. Hope asks her grandfather to give her away at the wedding. Abe's younger brother, Theo, is introduced to Chris and Melissa. Theo asks Abe to get him an invitation to the wedding, but Abe turns down the request since Theo refuses to tell him why. The Dragon escapes from his jail cell after tricking and then strangling a guard. Shawn and Caroline arrive in England. Kim tells Shane that she can wait for him to sort out his feelings for Emma, but she eventually needs an answer.

Thu - May 23 B&H K&S Bo and Hope's Wedding
Bo arrested for stealing the milk truck. People are arriving for the wedding. Bo steals a white horse and races to get to the wedding on time to, "Holding Out For A Hero". Bo sings, "Love Between Us" to Hope during their wedding. Emma tries to shoot Bo & Hope.

Hope gets her pre-wedding gifts. Bo steals a horse so he can get to the wedding on time. The Dragon gets into Emma's room and activates the hypnotic suggestion he has planted in her mind to kill Bo and Hope. The Dragon drives her to the church. As Bo and Hope walk up the aisle to leave the church, Emma shoots at them.

Fri - May 24 B&H K&S
Shane stops Emma from shooting Bo & Hope. Theo arrives in London. Dragon calls Kim and says that Bo & Hope are the new targets. Wedding reception goes on at Donovan Manor without Bo & Hope, who are arrested as he is about to carry her over the threshold. Bo & Hope have adjoining jail cells for their honeymoon night to, "Starcrossed".

Theo catches a plane to England and tries to get info on Bo and Hope. Bo and Hope escape the church unharmed. Shane grabs a hold of a dazed Emma and wakes her up from the trance. Emma is upset over what she did. Bo and Hope are arrested and taken to jail since Bo stole the milk truck and the horse. Kim gets a call from the Dragon. Bo calls Shane for help. Bo and Hope spend their honeymoon in jail.

Mon - May 27 B&H K&S
Theo helps Bo & Hope escape by impersonating a Magistrate. Shane & Kim go to the police station to help Bo & Hope, but they are already gone. Bo, Hope & Theo on the plane back to Salem. Theo wants Bo to continue as a rock musician to infiltrate the video company.

Tue - May 28 B&H K&S
Bo & Hope arrive back in Salem. Tony & Anna still in England. Shane & Emma reminisce over old photos. Savannah briefly kidnaps Noelle to prove a point to Todd to keep him in the business. Kim leaves Shane in England--flashbacks & "Friends &Lovers".

Wed - May 29 K
Kim back from England, she calls Neil over. Neil has her go to the hospital and tells her the Pappalitis is worsening. She won't go to the hospital. Kim refuses Shane's person-to-person call from England. Cates is injured in a explosion, he is in the hospital, but he is OK. Jake Sellers escapes and goes to Marlena's.

Thu - May 30 H
Hope meets Chief Cates for the first time. The Dragon tells Emma she must go back to Salem with Shane. Sellers went to Marlena's for help in turning himself in. Abe calls NYC for info on Theo's dismissal from the force. Marlena cooks mac&cheese for she &Cates.

Fri - May 31 B&H K & S
Kim is now totally blind and calls Neil. He wants her to go to a specialist in Cleveland. She tells Neil that nobody is to know about her blindness. Emma, now in Salem with Shane is having nightmares, Shane is taking her to see Marlena. Shane goes to see Kim. Dragon is in Shane's apartment and about to kill Shane. Emma at Bo & Hope's, wants to hear the music box, it plays "God Save The Queen", she draws a gun on Bo & Hope.

Mon - Jun 3 B&H S
Emma is about to shoot Bo & Hope as the music box plays. They figure out that the music box is the trigger. Dragon is about to poison Shane, but he wakes up, they fight and the Dragon plunges to his death out the window. Marlena sees Emma and thinks she will be alright. Shane makes a statement that Kim has gone off to Cleveland to take pictures. Theo explains to Bo thru flashbacks the details of Danny Grant's death. Abe again calls NYC about Theo. Bo agrees to help Theo once he has heard the story about Danny's death.

Tue - Jun 4 No B&H No K&S
Melissa dances to “The Way We Used To Be”. Anna wants Tony out of the business. Pete & Ivy fight. Calliope gets “Happy Tuesday” flowers. Tony & Anna make up.

Wed - Jun 5 B&H S
Bo & Hope waking up. Emma in hospital with Marlena, who tells her drugs were found in her system. Eugene has premonition about the benefit and practices opening speech. Shane has newspaper with story about Emma being charged as an accomplice as per Chief Cates. Hope tells Melissa that something is bothering Bo. Cates & Marlena fight over his wanting to arrest Emma, then he asks Marlena to lunch. Theo tries to persuade Bo to keep up his cover as a rock singer. Hope got an "A" on her exam. Melissa kisses Ian. Theo tells Todd & Savannah he has a band for them. Theo tells Bo that nobody will be at the recording studio tomorrow night.

Thu - Jun 6 B S
Liz attacked in alley by the paid Vipers, Bo goes after them. Emma, Shane & Marlena at hospital, Emma remembers all, she is released from the hospital. Kim is still in Cleveland, Shane tells Marlena he loves Kim and isn't about to loose her. Neil tells Shane that Kim needs space. Eugene tells Linda that he is Bettina Lovecraft. TOO FUNNY...Theo & Bo fight with the Vipers. Chris & Savannah.

Fri - Jun 7 B&H NO K&S
Juvenile Diabetes Benefit at Jump. Liz sings, "A Shot In The Dark". Attendees: Marlena, Cates, Neil, Chris, Lizz, Tony, Eugene Calliope, Anna, Lionel, Madeline, Alex, Savannah, Pete, Ivy, Melissa, Ian, Bo, Hope, Theo, Todd, Mickey. Chris asks Liz about Savannah. Bo tells Hope about the fight with the Vipers. Melissa tells Mickey that Ian is no longer her probation officer. Chris & Savannah flirt with each other. Eugene in drag as Bettina Lovecraft appears at the benefit, then reveals all and tells everyone about his sham of a marriage to Madeline. Bo & Theo break into Wilder Studios during benefit, they are nearly caught by Savannah, Todd, Neil & Liz.

Mon - Jun 10 B&H
Bo & Theo caught, but Theo explains it away...He was checking out the facility for his client--BO BRADY !!! Hope asks Melissa what is going on between she & Ian. Reception for the JD Benefit continues, Tom & Alice now also in attendance. Anna & Tony.

Tue - Jun 11 No B&H No K&S
Calliope & Gene’s mother both move in. Tony wakes up without Anna, who is going to be gone all week. Gene & Calliope are happy to be together again. Linda bought dresses for Melissa’s prom. Todd is upset that Liz went to New York.

Wed - Jun 12 B&H K&S
Bo & Hope in bed, Theo interrupts by knocking on the window. A blind Kim & Neil return from the clinic in Cleveland, she thanks him for bringing her home. Emma & Shane have just looked at a house that reminds them of their England home. Shane goes to see Kim who doesn't let on about her blindness, he kisses her, she wants him to go. Bo tells Hope he is working on a case with Theo and he is posing as a rock singer. Kim has a change of heart and calls Shane's apartment, but hangs up when Emma answers.

Thu - Jun 13 B&H K
Pete & Melissa talk about her going to the prom, and where did the mirrors for the dance class come from. Bo & Theo search Wilder Studios. Neil at Kim’s she has decided to tell the family, wants him to do it. Savannah wants to know Chris better. At Neil’s urging, Kim gathers the family at the fish market and tells them she is blind, Bo is not there. Later Hope tells Bo about Kim’s blindness, he takes roses to Kim. Bo rushes off after Shane. Marlena makes a date with Cates. Mystery one-eyed man in town keeps his “eye” on Bo & Hope. PATCH'S FIRST DAY.

Fri - Jun 14 B K&S
Bo goes to Shane’s new house and punches him because he thinks Shane knew about Kim’s blindness-- but just didn’t care. Melissa & Ian, going to the prom, but end up not going and share a kiss. Kim tells Neil that everyone who knows about her blindness are the only ones that need to know. Kim gets lessons in managing with her blindness. Patch watches Bo & Theo getting drunk at the “Cheatin” Heart”. After Bo tells Shane about Kim, he goes to her apartment.

Mon - Jun 17 B&H K&S
Kim opens the door thinking it is Neil, realizing it is not, feels Shane’s face and collapses into his arms [classic Kim & Shane moment]. Melissa & Ian kiss by the fire, she tells him she loves him and wants him, he tells her no. Hope comes to get Bo at the “Heart”, and Patch watches them. Cates & Marlena have dinner and then walk on the docks. Shane tells Kim he loves her and always will and then kisses her. Shane leaves Kim’s apartment to “Friends & Lovers”.

Tue - Jun 18 No B&H No K&S
Tony goes to Anna's design company looking for her, when Calliope tells him she's not back from her vacation yet--Anna comes in and announces she's back. Tony then acts like he didn't miss her at all. Ian tells Melissa he's asked to be transferred. Abe tells Marlena her patient, Jake Sellers, was beaten and is in the hospital. Marlena pleads with Cates to help Jake. Ian quits his job. Anna and Tony squabble, as Calliope and Eugene try to play matchmaker. Anna and Tony later make up, when they each try to surprise the other with dinner. Cates grants Jake a work furlough.

Wed - Jun 19 B&H S
Cates & Abe talk about Sellers’ work furlough job. Chris thinks Savannah has lied to him, Alex shows up. Shane & Emma are at Marlena’s office for a session, Cates comes in mad because Marlena hired Jake. Savannah freaks when Bo mentions Danny Grant’s name to her. Hope beats Norma in a shooting match then questions Bo about what he and Theo are up to. Savannah tells Patch to take care of Theo Carver & Bo Brady, Patch says it will be a pleasure.

Thu - Jun 20 B&H No K&S
Eugene argues with his mother about giving away some of his inheritance, when Linda sues him. Melissa practices her dancing at jump, as Pete comes in. Bo and Theo try to learn Savannah's connection to Danny. Eugene and Calliope talk about him losing his inheritance. Music montage with Pete and Melissa “The Way We Used To Be”. Melissa tells Ivy she is seeing someone and later dances with Todd and Pete is jealous. Patch hides in Bo & Hope’s apt and watches Hope. Bo and Theo arrive at jump, after finding a connection between Savannah and Danny. Savannah calls off the hit on Bo & Theo, Patch vows to kill Bo anyway. Patch follows Bo, and is determined to get him.

Fri - Jun 21 H K&S
Calliope & Eugene in the park eating ice cream, worried about Tony & Anna, who are together. Tony proposes to Anna in the shower. Melissa’s graduation & party. Emma goes to see Kim and finds out about Kim’s blindness for the first time. Shane comes to see Kim and tells her he loves her. Melissa sneaks away from her party and goes to Ian’s, he tells her if he lets her in this time, he’s gonna let her stay.

Mon - Jun 24
Tony asks Anna to marry him, and is shocked when she turns him down. Pete goes to give Melissa a present, and learns she's not home. Melissa goes to see Ian, as he tries to convince her she can't go back if they move forward. Anna does her best to explain to Tony, but he doesn't understand. Tony and Anna settle their differences he gives her his share of Anna DiMera designs. Melissa keeps thinking of Pete. Ivy goes to jump and talks to Todd, and realizes it's she and Pete's 6 month anniversary, and prepares a celebration. Anna and Tony celebrate their getting married (again). Pete comes home and is surprised with Ivy's special anniversary dinner. Melissa and Ian are about to make love, when they are interrupted by a woman who comes home. Ivy finds Pete's gift for Melissa's graduation. Chris & Savannah get closer

Tue - Jun 25 B
Bo and Theo discuss him doing another concert, and Bo doesn't want to. Pete tries to explain to Ivy when she finds the graduation gift he bought for Melissa. Melissa is shocked when Ian introduces the woman as his wife, and she sends Melissa on her way. Theo talks to Savannah, and gets distracted by some green stuff, and has to explain to Bo the concert is still on. Savannah and Chris get more acquainted, as they discus Alex. Savannah tells a contact to hide the film, when he calls about being tailed. Savannah finds out the film is in Liz’s tote bag. Ian goes to talk to Melissa, and tries to explain. Bo brings Shawn a vcr, and he thinks Bo's rock lifestyle is changing him, and not for the better.

Wed - Jun 26 K&S
Shane and Emma unpack their boxes sent over from England, when Emma comes across a scarf that Shane recognizes as Kim's. Marlena tries to explain to Jake that Kim is blind, when she doesn't shake hands with him when they are introduced. Liz returns home from her trip to New York. Emma and Shane argue about him and Kim, again. Cates talks to Jake about his work at Marlena's. Savannah tells Todd the film is in Liz's tote bag, and he needs to get it. Shane goes to return the scarf, as Kim makes her way to her apartment, and is startled by Shane's presence. Shane and Kim share a tender moment when he gives her back her scarf. Todd gets the film canister, but hides it in Neil's medical bag. Neil goes to see Kimberly and they talk about Shane, when she knocks down his bag, the canister rolls under her couch unnoticed. Emma's plans to seduce Shane fail when he rejects her kiss. Kim picks up her cameo and thinks of Shane.

Thu - Jun 27 B&H
Calliope tries to check on Eugene's case with Linda in court, but is unable to learn anything, as Anna comes in and tries to calm her. Tony puts his foot in his mouth by saying he's marrying Anna right there. Marlena and Cates bicker about Jake not returning to his cell. Bo and Hope go to Alice's to pick up her things, as Alice is depressed about Mike not coming home. Calliope helps Anna find something to wear for her wedding. Bo and Hope dig up some old movies to cheer up Alice. Abe finds Jake at the Horton's, as he calls Cates, who in turn tells Marlena. Patch watches as Bo shows Hope the edits he made of the movies. Tony tells Anna they can't get married at city hall, but gets cut off before he can explain.

Fri - Jun 28 B&H
Anna is fit to be tied, as Calliope tries to calm her, as Tony pounds on the door. Bo and Hope tell Chris and Melissa about their film fest to cheer up Alice. Savannah turns the heat up on Todd about the film canister. Tony and Anna argue, but later make up. Todd goes to Neil's office and looks up Kim's address when he can't find the film in Neil’s bag, and finds a parking ticket. Bo spots Patch at Shenanigan’s, and takes off after him, promising Hope he'll be back. Hope surprises Alice with a house full of people. Patch jumps Bo on the pier, and promises to pay him back soon. Hope gets to see herself as a child ice-skating and at a party. Savannah sends Patch to Kim's apartment to find the film. Bo gets back in time to get into the family picture at the Horton’s, as Hope wants answers.

Mon - Jul 1 K&S
Pete buys Melissa some ballet tickets, without revealing his identity. Emma sees the picture Kimberly gave Shane of the firehouse, and hides it. Shane comes home and notices it's missing. Abe escorts Kim home from the party at the Horton's. Savannah and Patch arrive outside of Kimberly's apartment, as she orders him to get the film. Ian tries to explain to Melissa about Dale, his wife. Emma covers with Shane about the picture, as he accuses her of hiding it. Patch breaks into Kim's apartment, unaware she's there. He hides when she comes out, then notices she's blind and continues to search. Patch tells Savannah he couldn’t find the film at Kim’s. Shane calls Kim and invites her to go to the park with him, as Emma overhears.

Tue - Jul 2 B&H
Melissa goes to Jump and finds the ballet tickets. Hope takes one of her police exams, and talks to Abe about her fears. Bo goes to the dock looking for Patch. Alice talks to Bo about the party, and her plans to visit Mike and to get him to move back home. Hope goes down the pier to study, as Patch hides and watches her. Pete brings Ivy a hand made cradle for the baby. Patch and Hope come face to face for the 1st time. Carrie talks to Anna and Tony about them getting married. Patch lurks around Hope, as she tries to study for her next police exam. Bo comes by and sends Hope on her way, then meets Patch face to face and they argue.

Wed - Jul 3 K&S
Kim tries to curl her hair for her date with Shane, when Alice comes by and lends a hand. Shane gets a job offer from Scotland Yard in England. Marlena talks to Abe about helping other inmates like Jake, as he tells her she needs to talk to Cates about that. Alice talks to Kim about she and Shane, as Kim insists they are just friends now that Emma is back. Emma tries to persuade Shane to go back to England, but he doesn't want to go. Kim and Shane spend some quality time in the park, but she refuses to help him with his job offer. Marlena presents her plan to the hospital board and Cates. Shane brings Kim home and tries to pass off a British flag as a US flag on her, as they share a tender moment over some Earl Grey. As Shane tries to get close to Kim, she continues to push him back. Shane later calls Kim and tells her he may take the job in England, just to try and see what reaction he gets out of her, but she continues to hide her feelings. Alice is leaving to go see Mike in hopes he will come to work in Salem

Thu - Jul 4 B&H K&S
Hope goes to Shenanigan’s and tells Bo and Chris she passed her police exams. Theo walks in on Patch and Savannah talking and he covers by asking her out. Neil goes to check on Kim, and they discuss Shane. Emma and Shane talk to Marlena about him leaving her alone to check on the job offer in England. Bo and Hope get romantic. Marlena and Cates argue. Theo tells Bo about the delivery he heard Savannah tell Patch about. Bo decides he needs to go with him and he sends Hope to prepare for her celebration without him. Bo and Patch get in a fight, as Hope waits for him to come back. Chris and Savannah get down. Kim goes to Shenanigan’s to test her wings, unaware Shane and Emma are there as well. Patch searches Kim's apartment and finds a film canister, but not the one he's looking for.

Fri - Jul 5 B&H K
Liz rehearses, “It Won’t Be Long”, at the recording studio, as Neil comes in and watches her. Kim has lunch with Bo and Hope at Shenanigan’s. Norma comes in and yells at Hope she won't be partners with her. Melissa invites Pete to go to the ballet with her and her ballet students. Ian and his wife are at the ballet too, and Pete slugs Ian. Bo talks to Kim about Shane after Hope leaves with Norma to fix things. Theo tells Bo about the video tape he found at the trash at the studio. Abe informs Hope and Norma they are indeed partners and to live with it, or they can resign. Kim has dessert with Neil and Noelle and talks about her love of working with kids. Hope talks to Bo about her problems, as she tries to learn what he and Theo are up to. Hope and Theo argue about what is going on with he and Bo at the recording studio. Hope learns Theo was a cop, but because of this case, he got kicked out. Pete and Melissa talk about him defending her honor with Ian, by slugging him.

Mon - Jul 8 K
Alex hands over his share of AD designs to Anna, thanks to Tony. Marlena and Cates discuss Roman. Kim gets an uninvited visitor--Emma who doesn't say a word then blasts Kim for her problems with Shane. Emma steals Kim’s cameo. Kim realizes it and demands that Emma give it back. Emma throws it at the window, breaking the glass, and tells Kim to find it if she wants it. When Kim goes to find it, Emma takes it and leaves, as Kim crawls around feeling through the glass for the cameo. Kim is cut on the shards of glass. Todd tells Savannah he wants out and wants Liz left out, too. Alex pulls a fast one on Tony and Anna, by keeping Calliope in his employment. Anna breaks into Alex's hotel room and steals his contract with Calliope, then gets stuck on the ledge when he returns with Savannah. Kim calls Neil over and fills him in on Emma. she then asks him to look for the cameo, unaware Emma took it with her.

Tue - Jul 9 B&H K&S
Hope and Norma barb, as they try to deal with being partners. Savannah tells Patch the film he got from Kim's wasn't the right one, and orders him back there. Bo has lunch with Kim as they share a tender moment. Bo then finds the roll of film on the floor and convinces Kim to have it developed. Shane returns from England, and Emma tells him her version of her visit with Kim. Hope and Norma are assigned to the riverfront. Savannah calls her boss, Mr. Kiriakis, to let him know the shipment is on track, with Liz as the unwitting courier. Bo and Theo walk in and Theo decides to get a piece of the shipment Liz is bringing. Shane goes to see Kim and learns about Emma's visit from her point of view. They end up arguing and he leaves. Hope and Norma follow Patch and see him make a phone call. Hope then calls the number and gets the Salem Police. Kim and Shane bump into each other at Shenanigan’s, as he pours his heart out to her. Patch trashes Kim's apartment looking for the film. Kim returns and falls over a chair, and assumes it was the work of Emma.

Wed - Jul 10 B&H K&S
Hope tells Norma the number Patch called was the police special unit (McBride). Bo and Theo get a video from the recording studio. Kim finds the phone and calls Emma, but Shane answers and when Kim won't tell him what's going on, he goes there and is shocked. Shane then leaves and confronts Emma on the break in. Savannah and Todd talk about Bo being so temperamental again during a recording session. Tom comes home and pops the tape into the vcr and it's normal until the tape goes blank, and Bo sees what the problem is--a bag of heroin. Shane goes back to Kim's after his talk with Emma, who denies doing anything as she was with Marlena. Hope and Norma are reprimanded for not following orders. Bo and Theo go back to the studio to look for clues, they discover Savannah has reserved the studio for Friday night. Shane comforts Kim while they wait for the police to arrive.

Thu - Jul 11 No B&H No K&S
Anna and Calliope go over the design for her wedding gown. Ivy asks Pete if he'll ever love her, just as her brother Speed walks in. Alex goes to get Calliope to go to work, per her contract with him, when Anna and Calliope just gloat at him. Liz decides to redecorate, and starts with Neil's den, much to his dismay. Liz then decides to hold an auction for Juvenile Diabetes. Eugene's loses in court and is now poor, his mother tries to get him to appeal the decision in the case with Linda, but he refuses. Alex informs Anna her trick didn't work, since he has copies of the contract. Mickey takes Ivy to the hospital with pains. Pete goes to Ivy in the hospital, she turns him away.

Fri - Jul 12 B&H S
Shane is looking for a letter and finds Kim’s cameo in an envelope. Emma admits she took it, he is livid and she reminds him that Marlena says they should try to make things work. Shane phones Kim and tells her he will return something to her tomorrow. In addition to her pregnancy, Ivy has appendicitis & toxemia. Neil talks to Pete about Ivy’s condition and then he performs surgery on Ivy. Theo & Bo at the studio overhear Savannah tell Todd that a shipment is arriving on Pier 19. Norma & Hope are in uniform patrolling Pier 19. Savannah phones “Mr. Kiriakis”. Eugene drives a cab and goes on after losing his inheritance to Linda. He then discovers his passenger is Linda and he hastily throws her out. Hope and Norma see the light flashing on the pier, and go to check it out which blows the deal from going down. Hope finds Patch, who overpowers her as Bo comes out with knife. Emma learns from Liz about the auction and has some "things", mainly the picture Kim gave Shane of the English firehouse, to donate. Bo and Patch fight as Hope watches, and finally gets Patch away. Bo then refuses to tell Hope what is going on and takes off after Patch. Patch reports back to Savannah about the deal not going down. Bo & Theo get locked in the studio all night.

Mon - Jul 15 B&H K&S
Shane and Emma barb, as he tells her he's returning the cameo to Kim. She then decides to give Shane's picture for the auction. Marlena goes to see Kim and they discuss Shane. she then gives Kim a book of tickets for the auction. Bo finally comes home after being out all night, as Hope asks where he's been and they clash over the way things went down on Pier 19.. Shane goes to Kim's to change her lock. Savannah argues with Patch about blowing the shipment, when Bo and Hope arrived on the pier. Savannah sends Patch back to Kim, to get the film. Later at Shenanigan’s he gets the film from Kim’s purse, then lies to Savannah that he couldn’t find it. Shane returns after he and Kim have an argument. He returns the cameo to her and pins it on her then tells her she can do what she likes with it and leaves. Hope asks Abe to assign her and Norma to the riverfront, but Abe refuses. Emma covers when Shane asks where the picture went. Kim calls Shane and tells him he must be crazy to think she would throw away or give away the cameo, then hangs up.

Tue - Jul 16
Abe teases Marlena over Cates, when he invites her to lunch. Eugene goes to see Anna, who is hiding out from Alex. Pete goes to visit Ivy in the hospital after her surgery, and they talk about Melissa. Eugene and Anna talk about Calliope and Alex's injunction. Melissa and Pete argue at Shenanigan’s, and she tells him she doesn't want anything to do with him. Eugene treats Alex to "lunch" to try and butter him up over Calliope's situation. Pete goes to jump to take pictures of the Body Connection's water damage and ends up snapping photos of Melissa dancing, after she told him earlier to leave her alone. Marlena and Cates grow closer, as he asks why she is still wearing her wedding ring. Alex catches on to Eugene and Anna's plan. Pete & Speed fight and are arrested.

Wed - Jul 17 B K&S
Alex practices being an auctioneer at Shenanigan’s. When Chris threatens to throw him out, Savannah comes in and settles things. Marlena and Bo have breakfast with Shawn and Caroline and discuss Hope, when he spots Patch and takes off. Shane comes to see Kim and he sees she's wearing the cameo, they joke about him coming to take it back. Bo and Patch fight in an alley, as Patch reminds Bo of Stockholm. As Bo gets a weird reaction. Patch takes off. Patch tells Savannah he does not have the film, then he takes it to be developed. Alex gives Speed his new orders for the riverfront–-rob the Brady Fish Market. Kim makes some tea and burns her hand, as Shane tends to it. Larry Welch and Emma talk briefly at Shenanigan’s, when Marlena comes in and talks to her. Shane and Kim share a tender moment over a cup of Earl Grey, and end up kissing. Linda, Alex and Shawn are robbed in the fish market. Shane and Kim's moment is interrupted when Linda calls about the robbery and Shawn being taken to the hospital. Alex talks to Speed about the Vipers botching the robbery. Shane takes Kim to the hospital where Emma confronts Kim about getting the cameo back and Shane. Bo waits for Patch in the alley of Shenanigan’s, and fights with him about the robbery at the fish market, when Chris comes and breaks it up they agree to settle it later. Patch tells Bo, “...tomorrow night 10 o’clock on the pier”. Bo has another flashback of he and Patch in Stockholm. CAROLINE’S 1st DAY

Thu - Jul 18 B&H K&S
Kim learns from Marlena the picture she gave Shane is up for auction. Shane looks for the tickets to the auction and asks Emma what she did with the picture of the firehouse. Liz tapes a music video. Patch tells Savannah he couldn't get into Neil's because of the auction, but he'll look for the film the next day. Bo continues to get flashes of he and Patch in Stockholm. When Hope comes home to get ready for the auction, Bo backs out of going with her, but she gets him to give in. Marlena notices something is bothering Kim, but she covers. Emma tries to stop Shane from going to the auction, but is unable to. Kim runs into Bo at Shenanigan’s and tells him about the picture, thinking Shane gave it for the auction. Patch goads Bo on to meet him on the pier later. Emma tries to put the photo back before the auction begins, but she is unable to. Hope catches Bo looking at his knife and wonders what he is up to, as he covers about not going to the auction. Shane bumps into Kim before the auction and is puzzled by her odd behavior, unaware Emma donated the photo she gave him. Bo and Hope go to the stables and discuss their past feelings.

Fri - Jul 19 B&H K&S
Bo and Hope dance and make love in the stables. Patch arrives at the stables with the pictures to meet with Victor. Shane tries to get Emma to tell him what she wanted so badly, as he discovers what she has done, and is livid. Shane tries to talk to Kim but the auction begins, as he decides he's going to buy back the photo--at any cost! Melissa is shocked as a reporter confronts Ian about she and him and he infers she made up the story. Shane bids against a mystery man (Victor) for Kim's photo, as she tries to convince him to quit, but he's determined to prove he didn't give it away and buys it back for $1500. New man in town, Victor Kiriakis, buys the remainder of the auction for $1 Million. Shane has it out with Emma, and tells her he doesn’t love her and for her to go back to England. Bo buys Hope a music box at the auction. Shane takes Kim aside and explains to her what happened and how he loves her and is leaving Emma, unaware Emma is listening and vows to make Shane love her again, even if she has to get rid of Kim. Bo and Patch come face to face on the dock and confront each other.

Mon - Jul 22 B&H K&S
Shane tries to talk to Kim, but she doesn't want to hear what he is saying. Victor orders Savannah into his limo, she is surprised to see him in Salem. Victor instructs her to find the no-name man who summoned him to Curtis Stables. Bo and Patch confront each other--Patch swears he's unarmed and that Bo needs him to clear himself. Patch leaves as a helicopter flies overhead, Bo asks him if he knows where “she” is. Shane accuses Kim of running away from her feelings, as he insists he's leaving Emma for his own well being--Emma interrupts. Hope and Kim discuss Bo taking off, as they decide to go to Shenanigan’s. Victor tells Savannah about the phone call regarding the pictures, and he orders her to find the caller and the pictures. Kim and Hope discuss Shane, as she feels she's be a burden on him. Shane gets a visit from Nickerson, his old ISA boss, who wants him to return to the ISA to catch a “major crime figure”, Victor! Shane turns down the job offer. Kim calls Shane and apologizes for not being understanding about his situation with Emma. Anna and Tony get married, unaware Alex hired a phony preacher. Victor shows Pete how to fish on the docks. Pete discovers he has the wrong pictures and not the ones of Melissa dancing and he throws them away. Bo rushes home to Hope and tells her he needs some time before he can discuss what is bothering him.

Tue - Jul 23 B&H
Anna packs her bags for her honeymoon in Bangkok, when Tony comes to get her. Hope talks to Bo about leaving so early and what is bothering him, but he clams up and leaves. Melissa reads the front page newspaper article about she and Ian. Ian is forced to resign because of the publicity. Pete talks to Ivy about Speed spreading that story to the newspaper. Savannah tries to trace down where the photos are, as Patch comes in with the wrong photo's. Patch recognizes Melissa in the pictures he has from her picture in the newspaper and thinks she may have his pictures. Patch trashes Maggie’s lakehouse looking for the pictures. Hope & Theo discuss what is wrong with Bo, Theo knows where to find him and goes to him at the park. Hope then shows up and she and Bo make up. Anna & Tony realize the preacher was an actor hired by Alex. Victor gives Pete a check to pay for Ivy's hospital bill.

Wed - Jul 24 B&H K&S
Anna and Tony arrive in Bangkok and are confronted by a man who Tony knows from his past. Kim learns Shane is living above Blondie’s, when he tells her he left Emma for good. Bo & Hope in the park, later he tells her he and Theo are going to NYC to find Danny Grant’s killer. Bo finds his old footlocker full of memories and an ID card with his name as Rick Kelly, he remembers picking out tattoos. Hope worries about Bo, as he hides what's bothering him by making love to her in the woods. Kim and Shane talk about his situation with divorcing Emma, and how Nickerson asked him to return to the ISA, and that refused. Neil comes to get Kim to show her the site for the abuse clinic. Liz performs "Friends and Lovers" for the 1st time, as Shane reaches for Kim's hand, she pulls back. Victor goes to see Caroline at the fishmarket where Kim officially meets him, and learns he bid on her photo. Shane meets Victor at Blondie’s, as they discuss Kim and the photo. Tony summons Calliope & Gene to Bangkok for the wedding. Baba wants Anna for himself.

Thu - Jul 25 No B&H K&S
Patch breaks into Melissa’s car, then steals her purse and is arrested by McBride. He is taken out into the woods, where Savannah chews him out and McBride threatens to shoot him. Melissa works with the kids at Jump, until Patch steals her purse. Shawn finds out that Victor is back in Salem. Tom tells Kim & her family that Victor donated half million for the children’s abuse clinic. Shane & Shawn discuss Kim and Shane tells him that he loves his daughter and one day he will get her back. Melissa hiding in the bushes, sees Patch with McBride & Savannah and thinks Patch was shot.

Fri - Jul 26 No B&H K
Anna & Calliope in Bangkok garden, Anna will be married in hours. Ivy is home from the hospital and wants to know where the money came from for the hospital bill. Patch & McBride fight over the gun. Savannah takes the gun away from them and convinces them to go to Victor with the whole story. Melissa runs to Pete and tells him about the robbery and that she thinks Patch was shot. Kim thanks Victor for helping the abuse clinic, and her. Later, Patch is told to leave Victor’s when Pete & Melissa call with the pictures, but Melissa won’t go to Victor’s once she recognizes McBride as the cop who shot Patch. In Bangkok, Tony waits for his bride to walk down the aisle for their real wedding, but Anna has been kidnapped and is held captive. Alice returns from visiting Mike in Seattle. Pete & Melissa hiding at the bus station as McBride searches the lockers.

Mon - Jul 29 B K&S
Alex & Linda discuss torching Shenanigan’s, Mickey asks them if they have seen Melissa today. Kim goes to dinner with Victor at Blondies. Pete & Melissa hide at the bus station while McBride searches for them. Caroline asks Kim not to tell Shawn that she went out with Victor. Shane sees Kim with Victor. Savannah & Chris are caught in Shenanigan’s when it gets torched. Bo & Theo are in NYC.

Tue - Jul 30 No B&H No K&S
Melissa & Pete hide in a hotel room outside of town. McBride at Mickey’s trying to get info on Melissa. Savannah & Chris question the ones who started the fire. Tony & Calliope & Gene try to find Anna in Baba’s harem, Calliope ends up getting kidnapped too. Savannah overhears Alex & Linda make the pay-off for the torching.

Wed - Jul 31 H K&S
Cates tells Hope that Melissa is missing and Hope is relieved that McBride is on the case. Calliope finds Anna, but they can’t get away. Shane calls Nickerson and tells him he is ready to talk, he takes the case on Victor. Kim forgets her purse when Victor takes her home and stays for tea. Shane retrieves Kim’s purse and brings it to her at her place. Shane offers Victor to take over the lease on the house he and Emma were living in. Tony & Gene rescue Anna & Calliope, but Anna steals a statue. Marlena & Cates kiss. Ivy looks for Pete. Shane sends Emma away.

Thu - Aug 1 No B&H No K&S
Neil wants another child, but Liz does not. Liz shoots her video. Savannah shows Todd the newspaper about Pete & Melissa. Victor comes unglued on Savannah & McBride over the pictures and about the kids being missing. Pete tells Ivy he is going to LA, and Ivy tells Todd. Savannah tells Todd to get the pictures, as Pete & Melissa wait at the airport.

Fri - Aug 2 No B&H K&S
Victor liked Shane’s house and has moved in already, he invites Shane to dinner tonight. Todd tells Savannah that Pete & Melissa are in LA. Pete & Melissa arrive in LA and end up in a game show audience where Savannah & Todd see them on TV. Tony, Anna, Gene & Calliope are home, Anna thinks she and Tony are not destined to be married. Tony plans a surprise wedding for Anna. Victor gives a Gala. Shane arrives at Victor’s and Kim is already there in the new game room. Liz avoids Neil, so she doesn’t have to admit to him that she doesn’t want another baby. Savannah tells Victor that Pete & Melissa have been located in LA. Tony proposes to Anna.

Mon - Aug 5 H
Anna agrees to marry Tony. Hope & Norma fight as Norma is tired of hearing about Bo all the time. Later, they apprehend a flasher in the park and then go to Hope’s grandparents house and they talk and begin to bond. Anna & Tony are married for real this time. Liz finally tells Neil that she does not want another baby. Pete & Melissa hide out in the TV studio. The hitman backs off and they spend the night there. Melissa dresses up in a wardrobe costume and she dances to, “Forever, In My Heart”.

Tue - Aug 6 K&S
Melissa & Pete loose the hitman and take a tour bus to look for the next clue. Kim, Marlena & Chris discuss the vandalism on the docks. Chris tells Shawn he knows who is doing the terrorizing and they plan a meeting at the fishmarket. The abuse clinic opening is today and Kim leaves a message for Shane to come, but Emma takes it. Emma overhears that Kim was a prostitute and she tells Shane, but he already knew. Larry, Alex & Linda work together.

Wed - Aug 7 H K&S
Hope has a message from Bo. Later, Hope arrests Patch over suspicion of arson, to try to find out his real name and to question him about Bo, but Patch walks out on her. Kim is upset with Shane for missing the dedication of the clinic. Victor makes a call to get the Brady’s mortgage refinanced, and Kim tells Caroline. Shane finds out that Emma didn’t give him the message about the abuse clinic opening. Speed hassles Ivy about Pete. Emma makes a play for Ian. Chris & Savannah fight about him using her. Shane waits for Kim to come home and makes Kim finally understand why he missed the opening because Emma did not give him the message.

Thu - Aug 8 No B&H No K&S
Mike’s van breaks down as he tries to get to Salem. Ivy fights with Speed then runs out. A train has derailed and it creates chaos at the hospital. Gene wins the lottery. Pete & Melissa escape from the hitman. Jake is arrested for breaking into the Horton’s, but it wasn’t him, it was Mike. Pete looses the pictures. MIKE’S FIRST DAY

Fri - Aug 9 No B&H K&S
Train derailment victims in ER. Ivy crashes her car and Mike rescues her. Pete can’t find the pictures because the hitman has them. When the hitman falls to his death Pete retrieves them. Pete & Melissa find the first clue. Emma introduces herself to Victor as Shane’s wife and suggests that he ask Kim to go riding, [before Shane does] to which Victor does. Kim remembers her first riding with Shane. Shane sees Kim & Victor together and when Emma shows up he figures out that Emma set it up. Mike delivers Ivy’s baby via c-section and Charlie Jannings is born, even though Mike is not on staff. Mike meets up with Tom & Marlena. Pete & Melissa tour the TV studio.

Mon - Aug 12 H
Hope goes to Caroline’s and goes through Bo’s footlocker & memorabilia, and remembers. She sees a copy of Bo’s tatoo. Gene & Calliope plan on how to spend Gene’s lottery winnings. Gene’s mother shows up with a suitcase. Neil & Mike clash over Mike performing Ivy’s c-section. Pete & Melissa sleep on the beach, she wants it to be over. Melissa calls home and leaves a message on Mickey’s answering machine. Dr. Nostrue tells Mike the board is voting on his residency. Pete while with Melissa is thinking of Ivy. Hope searches Patch’s room and hides in his closet when he comes home. He undresses and she sees his tatoo which matches Bo’s. Ending “Forever, In My Heart”

Tue - Aug 13 B&H
Todd with Savannah, she sees the newspaper with news of the hitman’s death, Victor calls. Ivy with Mike, Tom walks in, the board is deciding Mike’s fate today. Bo & Theo talk about Paul Grant was also connected to Savannah when Hope shows up at their door in NYC. Alice & Mike go to the police station to get Jake free. Ivy breaks into the board meeting and tells them that Mike saved her life. Savannah sends Todd off to LA to get Pete & Melissa. Theo comes back home to Salem alone, leaving Bo & Hope in NYC. Bo & Hope have a romantic picnic on the roof to, “Shame On The Moon”. Abe & Theo find Denise overdosed on the floor.

Wed - Aug 14 B&H
Pete & Melissa heading out to Dallas, meet up with Todd as he arrives in LA. Mickey tells Alice & Chris that Melissa left a phone message. Bo & Hope continue to picnic & make love on the roof, then later go out on the town and to a carnival. Todd tells Pete & Melissa he is on his own and that Savannah fired him. Theo asks Abe to keep Denise’s overdose quiet as it is a case he is working on. Mike is accepted as a resident at the hospital. Todd punches a cop and then the three catch a ride on his jet for Dallas. Hope gets a fake tatoo at the carnival and when she shows it to Bo, he angrily wipes it off and runs out on her. “Broken Wings”

Thu - Aug 15 K&S
Tony & Anna are ending their honeymoon in Paris and are presented with the bill. Shane views his new communication room for his pursuit of Victor. Savannah tells Victor the pilot is on the way to Dallas. Pete, Melissa & Todd are in Dallas. Victor stops by Shane’s new house. Neil detects a contraction in Kim’s eye. Todd calls Savannah and she wants him to tell Pete about the baby, so Pete will come to the hospital and she and McBride can get him and the pictures. Pete, Melissa & Todd get jobs at the “Silver Spoon Bar & Grill” and also get a room. Victor wants Neil to get a specialist for Kim and to keep it just between the two of them. Shane & Kim have a picnic. Shane takes Kim to his new house and wants her to let him be her eyes. Shane kisses her and then holds her.

Fri - Aug 16 B&H K&S
Neil tells Kim an eye specialist flew in this morning. Victor has a pool table delivered to Shane’s new house. Peachy on the same plane to Salem as Pete is. Tony & Anna are back home, and he hires a housekeeper. Savannah & McBride have plans to nab Pete at the hospital. Bo & Hope around NYC with location shots to, “Broken Wings”. Victor invites Shane over for the evening. Pete sneaks in to see his baby and sends Ivy flowers. Neil tells Kim has she has “Hysterical Blindness” and there is no physical reason that she cannot see. Alice bumps into McBride and wants to make sure that Hope will not be penalized for staying in NYC another day. “Broken Wings” PEACHY’S FIRST DAY.

Mon - Aug 19 K&S
Liz looks at the paper about Todd, Pete & Melissa as Savannah walks in. Pete & Todd go through Pete’s stuff. Shane welcomes Peachy with a hug, as Emma is at the door bearing gifts--Shane wants her to leave. Victor has taken Kim to his house. Kim is upset and Victor wants her to take the spare room. Victor makes Kim feel safe, he comforts her after a nightmare. Pete tells Todd about his visit to Salem. Victor questions McBride about Pete getting away, he suspects that Todd gave bad info. Tony & Anna dance as Liz sings. Shane shows up at Victor’s for dinner and finds out that Kim is staying at his house for the night. Emma propositions Ian and he complies.

Tue - Aug 20 B&H
Bo & Hope return from NYC and run into Patch at Shenanigan’s. Mike & Ivy, she is going home from the hospital, but is not excited about it, the baby has to stay. Pete is busing tables and Melissa wants to know where he was. Pete tells Melissa he went to see his son. Patch & Bo talk and Patch tells him that Hope had him arrested and asked about Bo’s past. Patch tells Hope she will get what she wants, when he gets what he wants. Bo confronts Hope and later brings her flowers and apologizes. Hope & Norma go undercover and catch under-aged drinkers. Bo & Theo tell Cates about the drug ring and the use of videos. Pete & Melissa find out the next clue will be at the “Jackson Family Reunion”.

Wed - Aug 21 No B&H No K&S
Gene, Calliope & Gene’s mother–Calliope decides to buy a baseball team. Shawn & Caroline have reservations at Blondies for her birthday. Victor stops by the fishmarket. Pete & Melissa discuss the next clue as Todd goes and searches their room. Caroline talk about a date they shared long ago and danced to “Harbor Lights”. Tom, Alice, Marlena & Mickey are at Caroline’s party. Liz sings, “Harbor Lights” and Shawn & Caroline dance as Victor looks on. “Jackson Family Reunion” plans begin. Victor gives Caroline an expensive necklace for her birthday.

Thu - Aug 22 K&S
Liz & Savannah discuss the premier of Liz’s video tonight. Liz & Neil have a party to watch her video. Todd leaves a message for Savannah, he has a package for her. Anna rehearses asking Gene for money. Shane is in Curtis Stables and Victor and Kim some in. Kim tells Shane she is going home today. Victor wants Kim to stay for dinner with Shane. Victor challenges Shane to a horse race. Kim tells Shane that Victor gives her some space. Todd only brings pictures of places they have been to Savannah and she gives them to Victor. Gene & Calliope announce that they gave all of his money to the child abuse clinic. Victor reminisces about Danny Grant.

Fri - Aug 23 B&H
Bo & Theo at Shenanigan’s, but leave when Hope & Norma walk in, Patch comes in. Mickey tells Liz that Todd was seen at Wilder Studios today, so they head over and ask Savannah who denies it. Pete & Melissa notice the pictures are gone and so is Todd. Todd shows up and says he spent the night with Lilith. Hope wants Patch to tell her about Stockholm and he tells her to meet him at Pier 19. Savannah orders Patch to Dallas, so he doesn’t show up. Todd calls Savannah and she tells him that Patch is coming to Dallas and be at Jackson St. at 10 sharp. Chris tells Bo that Norma is worried about Hope meeting someone on the pier–-Bo rushes off and waits for Patch & Hope on the pier. Steve hires a hitman in Dallas. Todd, Pete & Melissa go to 1200 Jackson St. and Todd lets it slip about the elevator and confesses. Chris & Savannah share a kiss on the dock in the fog. Todd, Pete & Melissa play hide-n-seek with the hitman, but he catches up with Melissa at the elevator. End Montage to, “In The Air Tonight”.

Mon - Aug 26 B&H K&S
Shane & Peachy listen to Kim & Victor discuss Kim’s blindness. Bo & Hope on the pier, she admits she was going to meet with Patch to find out about Bo’s past. Bo tells Hope that Patch was his best friend. Later Hope tells Bo she can’t give up for his sake. Melissa throws sand into the face of the hitman and escapes from him. He kills a security guard. Todd, Pete & Melissa get the 2nd clue. Kim knocks over a lamp and Victor finds a bug, and Milos collects more. Todd is shot and Pete & Melissa take off with him and steal a car. Shane goes to Victor’s to see Kim and tells her he wants her to get out of Victor’s, she tells him “today”. Shane talks to Neil about Kim’s blindness, and then feels he is the cause of her blindness. Kim calls and asks Shane to take her riding, but he declines because of his conversation with Neil. Someone in the bushes aims a gun at Pete, Melissa & Todd.

Tue - Aug 27 No B&H No K&S
The man with a gun wants to know why Pete, Melissa & Todd are on his land. The old Doc treats Todd’s wound with old remedies and he doesn’t give them away when Abe & McBride show up on their tails. Anna’s furniture is repossessed. Savannah & Liz plan to make a plea for Todd on TV, by Liz going on the talk show circuit to promote her video. Anna learns to run a sewing machine and Calliope has her baseball team sewing for Anna ‘s Designs. Melissa calls Maggie.

Wed - Aug 28 B K&S
Shane & Peachy go over plans to Victor’s house, he is going to distance himself from Kim. Victor asks Kim over dinner to stay at his house, as Emma overhears. Denise is staying at Theo’s place, sleeping on his couch. Maggie returns home and tells Mickey & Alice that she heard from Melissa. Kim wants to go back to her place, but when she gets there, the place has been ransacked and someone is in her apt. Kim calls Shane, but Emma answers and then Kim is grabbed from behind. Victor “rescues” her, as it was a set up with Mikos grabbing her. Victor insists she get her things and return to his house. MAGGIE RETURNS

Thu - Aug 29 B K
Todd wakes up and Melissa tells him the bullet is out and that he saved her life. Anna goes to Gene for help, and he tells her to tell Tony the truth. Pete & Melissa get romantic in the pond. Bo comes into the fishmarket and tells Caroline there are 2 moving guys at Victor’s. Marlena sees Kim at Victor’s and he tells her Kim is there for a while. Kim explains what happened at her apt to Marlena. Marlena tells Caroline & Bo about Kim staying at Victor’s. Bo tries to get Kim to leave, but she won’t go.

Fri - Aug 30 No B&H No K&S
Anna gives a party which bombs, and Tony tears up their pre-nuptial agreement. Cates kisses and wants Marlena, but she isn’t ready yet, so he leaves her to think. Larry & Alex try to meet girls. Mickey & Maggie worry about Melissa and Cates tries to help. The cops come for Todd, Pete & Melissa, but Earl’s friend escapes with them in his airplane.

Mon - Sep 2 K
Tony & Anna discuss the emerald-eyed statue that Anna took from Bangkok. Mike & Ivy, she looks for a job, he tells her to apply at the hospital. Victor tells Savannah he wants Patch on the job personally and she has a week to find the kids. Pete, Melissa & Todd get away and go to a Carnival in Missouri and start work. Kim meets Victor at Shenanigan’s, she is unable to handle pressure from her family. Caroline comes in and tries to get Kim to move home. Chris asks Mike to stay with him and Mike agrees to. Caroline returns the expensive necklace that Victor gave her for her birthday. Chris & Savannah.

Tue - Sep 3 B&H S
Cates calls Marlena, but she doesn’t want to talk to him–Alice gives her the phone anyway. Shane & Peachy in surveillance van outside of Victor’s. Peach goes undercover into Victor’s house, Victor has something happening a week from Friday. Ivy gets a job at the hospital. Bo sets up Norma & Hope in the park, Norma covers and give Hope some time alone with Bo. Bo tells her he is burying the past and puts a down payment on a condo, but he is still troubled. Victor wants to re-do Kim’s room–Peach undercover as a decorator. Claus set to buy Anna’s statue, but ends up selling her a “Picaso” instead. “Broken Wings”.

Wed - Sep 4 H
Anna plans an ugly painting unveiling party. Alice, Marlena, Maggie, Caroline & Hope have a ladies night out and play Trivial Pursuit. Pete, Melissa & Todd still working at the carnival, Pete says they need to be in Chicago Weds night. Anna calls Ian to fix her balcony. Todd sees Liz on a talk show promoting her video and asking for help in finding him and Pete & Melissa. Anna’s Picaso is a forgery.

Thu - Sep 5
Pete & Melissa on a boat doing clues, going to Chicago. Cates & Marlena are caught kissing in the office by a maintenance man. Abe with the abusive father of Denise & LaToya. Cates sleeps on Marlena’s couch.

Fri - Sep 6 B K&S
Bo & Theo meet Abe & Cates in the park. Peachy disguised as a chef, tries to get into Victor’s meeting. Shane tells her to look after Kim. Concert in the park today, the Friday after Labor Day. Melissa, Pete
& Todd are in Chicago. Shane interrupts Victor’s meeting about a stolen jockey. Cates apologizes for sleeping on Marlena’s couch last night. Kim tells Peach all about the love of her life, as Shane listens in. Pete looks like he is being arrested.

Mon - Sep 9
Pete wasn’t really arrested, he set it up. The trio are still in Chicago and McBride is on their tails. Dancing in the park with Tom, Alice, Mickey, Maggie, Marlena, Cates. Liz shows up at the park and says she is recording a song with Carl Anderson this Friday. Cates wants proof that the drug deal will happen at the video studio on Friday night. Anna goes to Claus for her money and passes out. When she comes to, she thinks Claus is dead. Tracy, Alex & Robert find the “murdered” Claus.

Tue - Sep 10 B&H K&S
Robert blames Anna for Claus’ “death” and Abe arrests her. Hope gets a note from Patch and goes to his place. Bo & Theo find more evidence in the locked room. Kim wants to see Shane in regards to the “fake” jockey concern at Victor’s yesterday. Anna tells Tony what happened when she went to see Claus Kim thanks Victor for being a friend to her and for allowing her freedom. Kim feels that she has “met” Peachy before. Shane wants Kim to leave Victor’s. Liz & Carl Anderson rehearse “Friends & Lovers”.

Wed - Sep 11 B&H K&S
Shane & Peachy are in the stables and Victor & Kim come in. Victor & Shane race and Victor wins. Bo & Hope, Hope reminisces of being in Patch’s place. Pete, Melissa & Todd hide in a closet when the room they were in gets rented. Melissa scares the man away with a ghost story. The trio discover the Pavillion is closed on Weds. Kim talks to Peachy about why Shane so strongly wants her out of Victor’s. She tells Peachy she is at Victor’s because of an intruder at her place. Kim tells Victor she is going home. Victor tells his man to do whatever he needs to do as he wants her back at his place “tonight!”. Victor’s man then floods Kim’s apt. Kim accidentally finds a secret room at Victor’s.

Thu - Sep 12
Tony & Anna. Ivy & Mike have a date. Victor sends Ivy a baby carriage. Melissa posing as a maid, gets into McBrides’ room. McBride chases the trio to a playground where he breaks his arm. Anna is jealous of Tracy’s interest in Tony. Cates gives Bo, Theo & Abe the OK for an unofficial bust, after seeing the pictures. Preps for Liz & Carl’s recording session. Ivy brings Charlie home, and Victor is there. Savannah orders McBride home when he tells her the trio are gone.

Fri - Sep 13
Cates & Marlena alone with flowers & wine--end up making love. McBride returns to Salem. Liz & Carl Anderson record “Friends & Lovers”. Pete, Melissa & Todd find an empty apt to hide in. Liz is shot at the recording studio and no drugs are found. McBride informs Cates of the drug bust & Liz’s shooting.

Mon – Sep 16 B
Liz is rushed to the hospital and Mike operates. Liz will never sing again. Abe & Bo are upset because someone tipped off Savannah. Tony & Anna break into Claus’ office and find a copy of his insurance policy. Ivy takes the baby to the hospital.

Tue - Sep 17 B&H K
Emma at the abuse clinic, hides Kim’s phone. Kim arrives and then Mike brings in a little boy. Bo & Chris, Chris thinks he gets carried away with his heroism. Melissa, Pete & Todd find out that Rose March is dead. Melissa calls Hope and tells about the crooked cop, McBride. Emma tries to con everyone into doing good deeds.

Wed - Sep 18 B&H
Hope tells Norma about Melissa’s phone call, together they tell Cates that McBride tried to kill Melissa. Cates warns them not to discuss it, then later sets them up on the pier to be shot. Melissa is saved from a mugging. Pete decides to return to Salem to give blood to Charlie. Norma is shot as Hope watches and she sees Cates in the darkness. “In The Air Tonight”

Thu - Sep 19 B&H K&S
Shane & Peachy discuss the big race tomorrow. Emma sets her detonator in Curtis Stables. At the police station, Abe, Marlena & McBride talk about Norma being shot. Bo & Hope are being followed in their car by Cates. McBride visits Norma in the hospital and disconnects her IV, and Norma dies. Pre-Race Party at Victor’s. Emma wants to marry someone so she can remain in the US. Tony defends Anna against the murder charge. Bo & Hope have an accident. Bo is captured by Cates and imprisoned, Hope is taken to a Monastery by a Monk. A blind Kim is caught alone in Emma’s fire in the stables.

Fri - Sep 20 B&H K&S
Hope regains consciousness with Brother Francis by her side. Bo cannot find anyone to listen to him. Pete explains things to Ivy and then with Mike’s help, he gives blood for Charlie. Shane goes into the burning stables to rescue Kim. A beam falls over Shane’s head and Kim instantly regains her sight and tells Shane to get out of the way, saving his life. They both make it outside and realize that she can see and they embrace. When Victor gets there, Kim pretends to still be blind. Kim convinces Shane that she can help him by remaining at Victor’s and pretending to be blind. Victor thinks Kim is spending the night in the hospital, but Shane takes Kim to his house for the night and they make love.

Mon - Sep 23 No B&H K&S
Charlie is going to be alright because of the blood transfusion. Todd & Melissa arrive at “Green Acres”. Victor buys Charlie gifts and wants Ivy & Charlie to move into the guesthouse. Pete attends Charlie’s baptism and is taken hostage by McBride who calls Victor, but tells him Pete doesn’t have the pictures. Shane & Kim are together the morning after the fire and plan for the future. Kim begins to pretend to be blind and goes back to Victor’s. Bo & Hope are noticed to be missing when Hope does not shoe up for work. Theo tells Shane about Danny Grant. Shane is going off to search for Bo. Grace asks Conrad if Melissa & Todd can stay and help around their home, he agrees.

Tue - Sep 24 H K&S
Melissa helps out in Grace’s kitchen. McBride & Savannah have Pete tied up. Bro Francis takes Hope to a phone booth and she calls Alice, but Cates is there, so she quick thinkingly tells her that she has to go as her flight is being called. Todd & Melissa call Pete & McBride, but get cut off. Cates tells Savannah that he is going to NY.

Wed - Sep 25 No B&H K
Tony, Anna & Gene try to find out who Felicity York is. Kim talks to Peachy about why she should stay at Victor’s. Peachy tells Kim her life story and about her daughter’s death by a man like Victor. Peachy also tells Kim that she is ISA. A Viper helps Pete to escape from McBride & Savannah, but the Viper is shot by McBride. Ivy has moved into Victor’s guesthouse.

Thu - Sep 26 B&H No K&S
Cates with Marlena after he returns from NY, he wants to know how Liz is. Neil takes Noelle and goes to see Liz. Theo & Alice discuss what Hope told Alice about her plane leaving. Hope has nightmares about the accident, and Bro Francis comes in and comforts her. Tony questions Tracy about Felicity. Savannah visits Cates and tells him that Pete got away and that McBride killed the Viper who helped Pete. Bo is in his prison cell and is visited by Cates who offers Bo a deal. Bo is beaten by Cates and lies on the prison floor. Marlena tries to comfort Cates.

Fri - Sep 27 B&H K
Pete returns to Melissa & Todd. Hope with Brother Francis as an injured Bo lies on the prison floor. Kim is out to lunch with Victor. Bo is found by the nurse who fixes him up and he tells her his story. Bro Francis offers to wash Hope’s clothes. Hope writes a note for Francis to deliver. Savannah goes to Mickey for help. Kim who is pretending to be blind sees McBride in Bo & Hope’s apt. Bo has the nurse call his apt to see if Hope is there. Todd about to meet Amy in the barn.

Mon - Sep 30 B&H K
Todd meets Amy hiding in the barn. Francis couldn’t deliver Hope’s note because McBride & Cates are at the fishmarket. Hope finds out that Norma died when Francis tells her about Norma’s funeral. Bo’s nurse calls Bo’s apt and McBride answers the phone. Kim escapes from McBride who was holding her in Bo & Hope’s apt. Kim takes a paper that Victor gave Milos and calls the phone number and reaches Sgt. McBride’s office. Bo in his prison cell. “Broken Wings”

Tue - Oct 1 No B&H K&S
Kim tells Peach and Shane about McBride. Peach tells Abe as he is suspended. Peachy is bothered that Kim is still staying at Victor’s. Kim sees Shane’s communication room. LaToya was beaten and her father blames Abe. Tony & Anna find out Felicity is divorced. Euge & Calliope paint Anna’s apt. Ivy is given Pete’s medal.

Wed - Oct 2 B K
Kim sees McBride at Victor’s. Neil checks her eyes and realizes she can see, she confirms it. Abe suspended over LaToya’s father’s allegations. Victor tells Savannah she is getting too close to Chris. Marlena meets Kevin. Bo wants a pen and paper and then Bo steals a hypo from Michelle and tries to escape, but is caught.

Thu - Oct 3 K
Melissa & Amy make plans for the Harvest Dance. Liz gets out of the hospital and comes home to a party in her honor. Anna gets evicted from the penthouse. Richard plans a weekend in the mountains with Marlena & the kids and takes them, along with the suitcase full of drugs to the summer house. Tod & Melissa pose as a married couple on a farm, and Pete & Todd fight in the barn. Kim, pretending to be blind, is with her mother at the fishmarket. Caroline wishes Kim wouldn’t move in with Victor. Victor stops by and Kim notices tension between him and Caroline. Kim tells Peachy she will move out of Victor’s while he is in Miami, but later Victor tells her that she is going to Miami with him.

Fri - Oct 4 H K&S
Shane finds Kim at the airport about to go to Miami with Victor, but Kim fakes a fainting spell to avoid going. Hope talks to Brother Francis and wants to leave the monastery. Kim finds a letter to Victor from her mother. Caroline slaps Kim when Kim asks if she ever slept with Victor. Amy thinks Todd's hitting on her while married to Melissa. Tod, Melissa & Pete pretend they're actors when recognized at the Harvest Dance. Victor notices it looks like Kim is moving out and he goes to check it out. In the meantime, Kim has decided to stay at Victor’s to try to figure out the hold he has on her family. Kim & Shane alone at her apt, about to get caught by Victor when he comes by and hears voices inside Kim’s apt.

Mon - Oct 7 B&H K&S
Victor nearly catches Kim & Shane together at her apt, but Shane successfully foils the attempt by having a neighbor of Kim’s pose as a plumber. The head monk finds Hope and she pleads for Brother Francis. Victor invites Kim to move in permanently. Carrie interrupts Richard & Marlena from sleeping together at the cabin. Bo convinces his nurse that Cates is keeping him hostage and for her to go to the site of the accident. Cates drops in on Bo in his prison cell. Shane sneaks into Kim’s room at Victor’s and spends the night.

Tue - Oct 8 K
Neil takes Liz to Blondies for the first time since she was shot. Kim, Mike & Abe talk about a home for LaToya. Kevin brings in the suitcase with the drugs in it and Richard tells him it is old papers & bills. Richard hides the license plates of Hope’s car. Kevin finds the car and thinks it is a surprise for him. Abe tells Richard that McBride is the crooked cop. Anna, Euge & Calliope hear that Claus was involved with Alex. Ivy asks Mike for a date. Emma proposes to Larry.

Wed - Oct 9 B K&S
Jennifer Rose returns to Salem. Abe & Theo have Shane go undercover as a drug dealer. Kim & Marlena run a Parent's Anonymous meeting at the clinic. Grace gives money to Melissa, Pete, Tod & Amy and then covers for them as they head off for Boston. Bo's nurse helps him write a letter for help.

Thu - Oct 10 S
Richard maneuvers McBride into being killed during a drug bust. Mike won't let Jennifer stay on the streets and takes her to his apt. Pete, Melissa, Todd & Amy in Amy’s car heading for Boston. Amy wants to know the big secret between Pete, Melissa & Tod. Mickey & Maggie spend family time together. Chris & Savannah kissing. Michelle gives Alice the letter from Bo telling her about Cates. Ivy cooks a fancy dinner for Mike. “Friends & Lovers”

Fri - Oct 11 B&H S
Bo's nurse gets caught helping him. Alice shows Abe, Shane & Theo the note from Bo about Cates. Pete, Melissa, Tod & Amy have a fancy dinner & can't pay for it, and are almost seen by Mickey. Alice tells Theo & Shane about Bo’s letter and then the three of them break Bo out of jail. Hope dressed as a Monk, bakes bread and sees Marlena & Tom at the Monastery and tries to serve them, but Cates shows up and she misses her chance. Ending Montage to “Run To Her”.

Mon - Oct 14 B&H S
Alice, Shane, Theo, Bo & Michelle narrowly escape, as Cates almost catches the breakout, but Bo manages to inject him. Tony buys his building so he & Anna can't get evicted. Hope has nightmares and Bro Francis comforts her. Alex is blackmailed by Felicity York when he sees a tape of himself killing Claus. Larry accepts Emma’s marriage proposal. Pete wonders if Melissa will be happy with him once they return home. Ending “Broken Wings”

Tue - Oct 15 B K&S
Matt coerces Jennifer into stealing from Mike, later Matt is knifed and Mike tends to him. Bo hides out under Blondies where Shane takes Kim to see him. Victor gives Caroline a hat pin just like one her mother had. Bo, Theo & Alice decide to have Cates arrested. Theo is shot while trying to trap Cates. Eugene has vibes about Cates, but Marlena dismisses them.

Wed - Oct 16 No B&H No K&S
Theo dies in Abe’s arms. Jennifer takes advantage of Mike's hospitality. Kevin bonds with Marlena. Marlena senses something is wrong, but Richard won’t tell her. Calliope & Eugene keep Anna under house arrest while Tony goes after Felicity York. Gene’s “Time Machine” explodes.

Thu - Oct 17 B
Anna being set up as Claus' lover as more “evidence” surfaces. Bo finds out about Theo's death from a distraught Abe. Melissa & Pete arrive in Boston and set up in the houseboat. Pete tries to call home. Patch finds Pete & Melissa in a grocery store in Boston and phones Savannah asking what to do. Abe & Miss Peach plant a bug on Cates. Tracy gets the blackmail note and witness a tape of her killing Claus. Location scenes in Boston to, “The Way We Used To Be” & “Win Some...”

Fri - Oct 18 No B&H No K&S
Victor sends Caroline a locket & love letter. Francis delivers a message in a loaf of bread to the fish market about Hope. Caroline splits the loaf with Alice who finds half of the note in her bread and calls Caroline for details on the other half. Abe finds out where Cates hid the drugs. Mike gets Jennifer out of jail. Marlena finds out Richard hid Hope's car when she finds it in the boathouse.

Mon - Oct 21 B&H
Alice goes to the tunnels to tell Bo that Hope is at the Monastery. Cates poses as a Priest to get into the Monastery to get to Hope. Hope asks for her gun and tells Brother Francis that she is leaving the Monastery tomorrow. Brother Francis kisses Hope and then confesses it to a Priest (Cates). Patch breaks into the houseboat, questions Amy, gets the pictures, but Todd arrives and scares him off before he gets the clues. “Let It Be Me”

Tue - Oct 22 B&H S
Bo rescues Hope and they are reunited, but Francis gets shot protecting Hope from Cates. Steve fights with Pete & Melissa for the fourth clue. Marlena figures out what happened to Hope. Richard Cates draws on and is Killed by Abe.

Wed - Oct 23 B&H K&S
Marlena finds out the truth about Cates. Bo & Hope are safe and back in Salem. Kevin doesn't believe his father was a bad guy. Abe arrests the other crooked cops.

Thu - Oct 24 K&S
Victor declares his love for Caroline and kisses her. Shawn belts Victor for kissing Caroline. Todd reads that Patch is in jail. Melissa wants to be with her family and knows that Bo & Hope could figure out the clues. Amy goes to get Bo & Hope for Melissa. Savannah thinks about getting out of the drug business. Tony sees the blackmail tapes and disappears into the fog on the docks.

Fri - Oct 25 B&H K&S
Amy & Todd arrive back in Salem. Bo & Hope return home after being followed for miles. Shane has a new offer for them to go to Miami. Party at Curtises to celebrate Bo & Hope's safe return. Amy poses as a hostess at the party to get to talk to Bo & Hope. Todd tells Bo & Hope about Boston. Emma overhears Kim & Shane pledge their love and make plans to meet later. Emma drugs Kim's drink; Kim switches the glasses and Victor sees her do it.

Mon - Oct 28 B&H K&S
Bo & Hope take over the treasure hunt for Pete & Melissa and figure out the clues lead to Miami. Patch finds Hope and takes the last 2 clues from her in Boston, then turns them over to Savannah. Melissa begs Pete to go home. Kim gets Neil to lie to Victor about her blindness. Shane learns Savannah has a plane ticket to Miami. Victor tricks Kim by knocking over a glass and Kim reflexes.

Tue - Oct 29 K&S
Victor confronts Kim about lying to him about regaining her sight. Todd & Amy still hiding out in Salem, Todd sneaks in to see Noelle. Victor forces Kim tell Shane she wants him to leave her alone, which she does and she and Shane have a nasty confrontation. Shane later sneaks into Kim's room to tell her he knew Victor made her do it and he spends the night with her.

Wed - Oct 30 B&H K&S
Victor makes arrangements for himself & Kimberly to go to Miami. Shane questions Patch who won’t tell him anything. Savannah gives Patch money to go to Miami. Shane & Peach evesdrop on Patch & Savannah. Gene almost kills Liz & Neil over his impressions aboutTodd. Bo & Hope arrive in Miami.

Thu - Oct 31 No B&H K&S
Miami storyline begins with Victor, Kim & Shane all arriving in Miami. Chris also arrives in Miami and surprises Savannah. Kim & Shane play “footsies” under the table on the patio at Victor’s estate. Pete lets Ivy know he's back. Amy slips and tells Pete, Melissa & Tod that Victor's in Miami. “In The Air Tonight”

Fri - Nov 1 B&H K&S
Kevin comes back to live with Marlena. Anna is indicted for Claus’ murder. Shane meets with Bo & Hope. Bo & Hope go to the Orange Bowl. Kim & Shane's begin to make love on the lawn on Victor’s estate, but are interrupted by the sprinklers. Shane falls into Victor's alligator pit.

Mon - Nov 4 No B&H K&S
Kim pulls Shane out of the alligator pit. Kim tells Shane she overheard Victor talking about “Purse, Pawn & Power”. Peach takes Pete & Melissa to Shane's for safe keeping. Melissa's 18th birthday and Pete sneaks Maggie in to see her. Kim & Shane make love in her room at Victor’s estate.

Tue - Nov 5 B&H No K&S
Mike hides Jennifer from the cops, then later she finally reveals herself to Tom & Alice. Anna mourns Tony's disappearance. Steve breaks into Bo & Hope's hotel room and steals a picture of them, he tears off the half with Bo and kisses the picture of Hope.

Wed - Nov 6 No B&H K&S
Mike convinces Jenn to register for school. Victor discovers that Petov’s informer is Alexander. Shane solves a problem for the British Consulate while Kim searches Victor’s belongings. Todd shows up at Neil’s. Victor & Shane toast one another.

Thu - Nov 7 B&H K&S
Savannah arranges to meet with Steve on the “Dolphin”. Meanwhile, Bo & Hope who have sneaked onboard the “Dolphin” become stranded there when their boat floats away, just as Patch & Savannah are arriving for their meeting . Kim distracts Victor by going for a walk on the beach with him, while Shane searches Victor’s room, and flirts with Janet for a cover. Eugene tries to find Tony with his smell-o-meter to no avail. Tracy, Alex & Robert buy up the Claus murder tapes. Felicity York is Emma. Anna prepares for the grand jury hearing.

Fri - Nov 8 B&H K&S
Pete introduces Melissa to Charlie. Bo & Hope are stranded in the shower on the yacht during Steve & Savannah's meeting. Savannah gives Patch details of the drug deal and tells him to go meet with Panama Jack. Kim & Victor walk in on Shane & Janet. Ivy tells Mike to stay out of her problems with Pete. The hospital rapist attacks a volunteer and Ivy sees the rapist wearing a shirt like Mike’s. Bo suggests that Shane take Panama Jack’s place to meet with Patch. Patch kidnaps Hope who is dressed as a Salvation Army worker.

Mon - Nov 11 B&H S
Steve takes Hope to his sleazy room & torments her with fake acid hanging over her head. Amy gets Todd to make a list of the drug ring participants and then she steals the list to give it to Petrov. Ivy thinks Mike is the hospital rapist. Shane disguises himself as Panama Jack and meets with Patch. Ivy takes Charlie away from Pete & Melissa.

Tue - Nov 12 B&H K&S
Patch leads Bo & Shane to Hope, Shane knocks Patch out. Hope asks what makes Patch hate Bo so much, but Bo begs Hope not to ask him. Bo has flashbacks to Stockholm with Patch in bed with Britta. Shane goes to his room and finds Kim sleeping with a Tarantula, courtesy of Victor. Pete proposes to Melissa.

Wed - Nov 13 No B&H K
Victor shows up instead of Shane for breakfast in bed with Kim. Victor accuses Kim of being evasive. Steve gives Savannah the last clue as Chris bugs their conversation. Mike tells Neil that Liz needs voice therapy. Caroline finds out Kimberly went to Miami with Victor. Ivy tells Mike the rapist was wearing his shirt.

Thu - Nov 14 B&H K&S
Victor has a maid keep Kimberly under house arrest while he and Shane compete in a yacht race of which Victor wins. Patch calls Savannah for a meeting, and she finds him playing his harmonica on the boardwalk. Chris follows Patch as he leaves a note for Panama Jack. Chris picks a fight and steals the note. Bo & Hope attend the party at Victor’s estate. Chris tips Shane to the change in drop site, then grabs Savannah to have a talk and she throws him into the pool.

Fri - Nov 15 B&H K&S
Bo & Hope search Victor’s estate for the treasure, they find the book in the grotto and give it to Shane. Bo & Hope find the map to the treasure and head off to find it. Gene has a vibe about a Brady woman in trouble. Kim begins to detain Victor, as Shane is locked in the study and attempts to decode the book using Victors computer. Nickerson & Petrov & the Pawn are en route to the meeting at Victor's estate. Shane is shot in Victor’s study. Bo & Hope bring the treasure up from the sea, only to find Savannah & Patch on the yacht, with guns trained on them.

Mon - Nov 18 B&H K&S
Shane is still locked in Victor's study, but he had on a bullet-proof vest, so he is not hurt. Kim overhears Victor say that the study doors will automatically unlock at 4 o’clock and then Shane will be killed. Kim once again tries to detain Victor. Savannah & Patch take Bo & Hope hostage on the yacht. Patch wants to open the treasure, but Savannah won’t let him. Bo & Hope break free and Bo & Patch fight on the yacht. Shane & Chris arrive by helicopter as Bo pushes Savannah overboard and Chris jumps in to go after her. Shane shoots Patch from the ladder on the helicopter and Patch also falls overboard. Bo & Hope escape onto the smaller boat with the treasure in it as the lid opens with a ticking bomb inside with only seconds to go. Shane yells to Bo & Hope to jump, which they do just as the boat explodes. Kim sleeps with Victor to save Shane’s life. Miami finale “Just A Job To Do”.

Tue - Nov 19 B&H K&S
Victor realizes that Kim tricked him, later he tells her that they both got what they wanted. Replay of the previous shows finale. Victor catches Kim taking a picture out her window and he removes the film and discards it in the trash can. Bo saves Patch from drowning, and they have an awkward moment as Patch realizes that Bo saved his life. Chris rescues Savannah and then she is arrested. Amy pulls a gun on Todd and he lets her escape and then Todd is arrested. Victor is arrested and Kim can’t bring herself to tell Shane what happened between she and Victor. Miami finale "Just A Job To Do"

Wed - Nov 20 B&H K&S
Bo & Hope again search for the real book at Victor’s estate. Shane finds the book along with a snake and Kim kills the snake. Cat-burglars Anna, Calliope, & Gene break into Tracy’s apt. Bo & Hope find film in Kim's trash can. Bo visits Patch in the hospital and Patch wants to know why Bo saved his life. “Broken Wings”

Thu - Nov 21 No B&H No K&S
Victor who is in jail offers Larry Welch the deal to take the fall for him and Larry agrees to do it. Calliope and Gene try to find Claus for Anna by holding a time-travel seance. Chris packs to leave Miami and then later visits Savannah in the jail. Liz is going to Washington, DC for Diabetes research function. Marlena is stalked by the hospital rapist. “Broken Wings”

Fri - Nov 22 B&H K&S
Bo, Hope & Kim all back home in Salem. Chris visits Patch in the hospital before leaving Miami with memories of his time with Savannah. Shane visits Victor in Salem’s jail and tells him he has the book, then later Shane turns the book over to Nickerson. Larry Welch is arrested and Victor is released from jail. Victor & Kim agree to keep secret their encounter, as she moves out of his home for good. Patch sees the Pawn being made ready for surgery and recognizes him, then Patch escapes from the hospital. Party at Horton's to welcome everyone home and to meet Jennifer. Rapist hiding in Marlena's office closet, he rapes Maggie. “I Don’t Care Anymore”

Mon - Nov 25 B&H K&S
Horton party continues. Maggie's rape aftermath and Mickey steadfastly stands by her. Abe questions Mike again. Kim, Bo & Hope try to enlarge the photo of the pawn that Kim took out her window at Victor’s estate. Patch goes to Hope’s apt and she holds him at gunpoint wanting to know how he got out. Patch tells her if she shoots him, she will never know the new secret. Shane sets up Nickerson on docks and overhears Nickerson & Victor's conversation.

Tue - Nov 26 B&H No K&S
Savannah & Chris run into one another back in Salem. Patch destroys the picture of the pawn and is caught and arrested. Hope visits Patch in jail, but he won’t talk, yet he taunts her by telling her they will be together someday. Eugene, Calliope & Anna show the 3 videos to Alex, Tracy & Robert. The trio realize they were all blackmailed by Claus and Anna begins her search for Tony.

Wed - Nov 27 B&H K&S
Hope goes to see Patch again and he sings “The Ballad Of A Boy Named Bo” for her. Bo shows up repeating the scene from Stockholm by catching Hope with Patch. Through flashbacks, Bo confesses to Hope that he put Patch's eye out over Britta when he caught them in bed together. Shane confronts Nickerson who first destroys the book and then kills himself by taking poison. Kim has "flu" symptoms. Victor wants Savannah to work for him. Savannah runs into Chris, but he walks away from her. Petrov brings the pawn to Salem.

Thu - Nov 28 No DOOL - Thanksgiving

Fri - Nov 29 K
Kim is still sick and Peach asks if she is pregnant. Eugene, Calliope & Anna find Claus hiding out in a cabin and Anna confronts him, but she does not find out where Tony is. The Horton’s have a left-over turkey dinner. Linda tells Melissa goodbye. Kevin also is leaving Salem. Neil tells Kim she is pregnant.

Mon - Dec 2 B&H K&S
Hope goes to see Brother Francis who is now teaching Theology in Salem. Kim tries to deal with her pregnancy. Shane, Bo & Peach hunt for the pawn. Nurse Honeycutt changes the dressings on the Pawn. Jennifer comes between Veronica and her boyfriend, then Veronica has an accident.

Tue - Dec 3 H
Mickey brings divorce papers to Anna who is devastated. Anna, Eugene & Calliope each receive letters from Tony. Mike stops Dr. Curry from removing Veronica's leg. Mickey asks Maggie out. Hope tells Alice about Bo and Patch's eye.

Wed - Dec 4 No B&H No K&S
Victor and Alex plot to trap Petrov and the Pawn. Pete tells Victor off. Maggie & Mickey have a date and he gives her new red dancing shoes. Eugene takes a Christmas tree to Marlena and Carrie finds the star ornament that Roman made. Pete tells Ivy he wants a divorce. Savannah brings wine to Chris‚ and he sends her away--rejected she later agrees to go to work for Victor again. Caroline remembers Victor’s gift to her from a Christmas long ago to “As Time Goes By”

Thu - Dec 5 B&H K&S
Gene & Calliope try to cheer up Anna who is trying to “un-TonyDimeraize” her life. Hope is upset that Patch is getting released from jail and that Bo arranged it. Petrov sets up a meeting with Victor. Shane, Bo, Hope & Peach sneak into the basement and eavesdrop on the meeting between Petrov & Victor. Kim has flashbacks of England & Miami to "Friends & Lovers"

Fri - Dec 6 B&H K&S
Petrov is eliminated from the game by Victor who takes Nurse Honeycutt and the Pawn home with him. Kim tells Caroline she is pregnant and she advises Kim not to tell Shane. Shawn looses his boat slip. Peach, Bo & Hope are gassed at Victor’s, but Shane saves them in time.

Mon - Dec 9 B&H K&S
Maggie breaks down at the rape seminar. Hope goes to see Larry in jail. Bo finds Patch on the docks and they talk about the old days, their dreams–and their bargain. Hope overhears them and that Roman is part of the secret. Hope enlists Howie’s help in figuring out Bo & Roman’s Stockholm connection. The Pawn is now upstairs at Victor’s house. Hope decides she wants to be a PI. Bo helps Shawn with his problem.

Tue - Dec 10 No B&H K&S
Ivy flies off to divorce Pete. Chris and Marlena draw closer. Marlena helps Maggie then sends Mickey to her. Pete & Melissa celebrate alone at “Jump”. Shane is to be named the new head of the ISA and has to go to Washington. Kim worries that he won’t want a baby.

Wed - Dec 11 H No K&S
Patch calls Victor for his payoff. Patch later taunts Hope and tries to lure her to him with his harmonica. He breaks into Bo & Hope’s apt and leaves his harmonica there. Savannah gives Patch the payoff from Victor. Gene asks Marlena to be his best man. Anna wants Tony’s seat on the hospital board. Mike continues to work against Dr. Curry and Neil agrees to look into Dr. Curry’s record. The Pawn’s re-orientation is about to begin. Hope tries to convince Howie that she would make a good partner for him.

Thu - Dec 12 B&H No K&S
Patch goes to Victor asking for more money, Victor refuses but offers him a job. Bo upset that Patch was at his apt, returns the harmonica and tells him to stay away from Hope. As Bo leaves, Patch laughs that Bo believes that Britta is dead. Bo & Shawn wind up on the same side over the riverfront problems. Savannah confronts Marlena about Chris. Gene & Calliope try to surprise each other with a romantic evening and he proposes.

Fri - Dec 13 B K&S
Kim is mysteriously swept away and pampered and taken to a Vermont inn. Peach & Bo doing surveillance on Victor’s house, they notice exercise equipment is being delivered. The Pawn is shown pictures and given the names of various people in Salem, by Victor and Honeycutt. The Pawn shows no reaction. Shane surprises Kim at the inn with an engagement ring and asks her to marry him.

Mon - Dec 16 No B&H K&S
Kim says “YES” to Shane’s proposal and they have a wonderful romantic evening. Tod buys Jump from Chris. Eugene & Calliope make wedding plans. Mike accuses Dr. Curry of malpractice. Ivy returns to Salem with divorce papers. Jennifer gets attacked by the hospital rapist, but she gets away.

Tue - Dec 17 H K&S
Kim & Shane return to Salem with the news of their engagement for Caroline. Jennifer deals with aftermath of the attempted rape and feels the pressure of being a Horton. Kate's discouraged by the Pawn's progress. The Pawn listens to Victor on the staircase. Shane is suspended from the ISA. Hope takes on a case about a jewel thief magician while Howie is out of the office.

Wed - Dec 18 H S
Shane is frustrated because he cannot find out anything about his suspension. Hope and Gene plan to catch the jewel theif magician. Dr. Curry resigns. Anna is elected to the hospital board. Jenn sends Veronica to the dance with Nick and turns Todd down.

Thu - Dec 19 H S
Honeycutt has the Pawn removed by ambulance, driven by Shane incognito. There is an accident and the Pawn overtakes Honeycutt and begins to escape. Hope goes undercover as the magicians assistant to try to prove he is the thief. Neil & Todd are worried about Liz.

Fri - Dec 20 H K&S
Patch finds the Pawn and takes him home with him. He sets out to tell Victor, but decides to hold out for awhile. Patch tells Victor he has it covered and then later plays his harmonica for the Pawn. Liz & Neil find Shane unconscious in the ambulance and the Pawn is missing. Hope successfully captures the magician thief. A slightly injured Shane returns home to Kim, who gives him a package with a baby rattle in it, as her way of telling him she is pregnant. Shane is happy about the baby, but Kim has her doubts about who the father is.

Mon - Dec 23 H K
Patch continues to hold the Pawn while Victor pressures him. Patch & the Pawn make a deal–Patch will take care of him, if he will stay out of sight when people are around. Kim announces her pregnancy. Miss Peach finds out about the espionage charges against Shane. Victor puts Savannah in charge of the search for the Pawn. Howie agrees to allow Hope to become his partner, she tells him she wants to investigate Bo’s past. Victor gives Caroline back the book of sketches she gave him when they were dating. Chris & Savannah exchange Christmas presents.

Tue - Dec 24 B&H No K&S
Patch gets a tree and decorates it, then tucks the Pawn in and plays “Silent Night” on his harmonica. Savannah stops by Patch’s for an update on the search for the Pawn. The Horton’s Christmas with decorating the tree with their special ornaments. Bo returns from Mexico with a Christmas Tree and then he and Hope go to the Horton celebration. Noelle gets sick at a store with Liz and Savannah helps out. Chris goes to the Horton’s with Marlena. Pete gives Melissa an engagement ring. Brother Francis conducts the Christmas Eve service at the chapel with the Horton’s in attendance.

Wed - Dec 25 B&H K&S
Christmas at the Brady’s. While they are all away at church, Matt & Nancy break into the fish market and blame Jennifer. Hospital Christmas party, Gene plays Santa and passes out the presents. Caroline gives Kim her old knitting basket with yarn, and an old letter is still tucked away inside. Shane gives Kim a tin baby cup. Christmas at the Curtis’

Thu - Dec 26 B&H K&S
Jennifer’s is humiliated at the dance when paint is dumped on her by some girls wanting to get even. Shane finds out from Janet that Victor no longer has the Pawn. David Helpern tells Shane the ISA wants him to sign papers admitting the espionage, but he refuses. Gene creates an alarm for the nurses.

Fri - Dec 27 B&H K
Kimberly asks for Bo's help with Shane's espionage charges, but Bo says he doesn’t know anything. Todd tells Tom & Alice about Jenn and Mike finds her in a warehouse and convinces her to come home. Howie & Hope start the investigation into Bo's past, they go through Bo’s things looking for clues. Patch sets up a boat explosion that Shawn gets caught in.

Mon - Dec 30 B K
Victor & Bo save Shawn from the explosion. Kim thanks Victor, but tells him she wants to see him stopped. Calliope's afraid to take a blood test for the marriage license. Ian does a construction job at Jump and Pete is jealous of him and Melissa. Liz hangs out at a bar alone and meets a man who makes her laugh. Montage “Something Always Brings Me Back”

Tue - Dec 31 B&H K&S
Victor comes by to chew Patch out for almost killing Shawn. Patch tells the Pawn it will be real interesting to see what he looks like under there. Eugene and Calliope marry in a winter wonderland with Calliope in her wedding dress that lights up. Alex & Emma also marry. Bo shows Hope their new home at the loft and they have a fantasy dance and make love by the fire. Kim & Shane celebrate a quiet New Year's Eve at home alone together. Patch comes home with party hats and finds the Pawn has gone. “Tonight I Celebrate My Love” & “When You Wish Upon A Star”