Mon - Jan 2 No Dool - Football

Tue - Jan 3 B&H
Bo’s room--Doug’s attack. Julie & Hope at the hospital. Bo talks to Chris about Hope. Doug’s heart stops at end of show.

Wed - Jan 4 H
Trying to revive Doug. Hope is not allowed in to see Doug. Larry comforts Hope at the hospital.

Thu - Jan 5 B&H
Roman & Bo at warehouse. Alex & Gwen. Julie & Hope go home from hospital. Julie & Hope & Bo fight. Bo leaves Hope’s apt. Credits.

Fri - Jan 6 B&H
Hope tells Melissa they won’t let her see Doug. Bo brings Anna’s stuff to Roman. Tony calls “Phoenix”. Bo goes to Romans empty room.

Mon - Jan 9 B&H
Liz & Neil...he sent flowers. Marlena at Eugene’s for dinner. Bo & Hope have a nice talk in the car and Bo tells Hope they are like "oil & water". Bo upset that Marlena & Eugene are following him. Larry & Hope with her grandparents.

Tue - Jan 10
Gene has a cold, Marlena asks if he found Bo. Liz and Don hug, Maggie sees it. Alex & Gwen. Tony & Delia. Abe & Joan. Tyler is now blackmailing Alex.

Wed - Jan 11 B
Liz & Neil. Doug asks about Bo. Melissa & Maggie, Pete calls. Gene wants to know who Michael Brown is. Tyler & Alex confiscated 6 copies of the tape. Bo waits for Roman to call, which he does.

Thu - Jan 12 B
Bo & Gene talk. Sandy goes to Chris’, Pete gives her a hard time. Chris & Sandy kissing by the fire.

Fri - Jan 13 B&H
Chris & Sandy. Larry invites Hope to spend the evening with him. Bo thinks of breaking up with Hope. Roman & Anna as Monks. Julie tells Doug she won’t see Bo, but she will love him forever. Bo arrested for speeding and cop finds a gun.

Mon - Jan 16 B&H
Roman & Anna still as Monks. Hope & Gene see the paper telling of Bo’s arrest. Classic scenes of Bo & Hope breaking up on the pier.

Tue Jan 17 B&H
Gene tells Marlena the Baka is lost. Tony has the Baka. Bo & Hope dream of her 18th birthday and their breakup on the pier. Hope runs into Bo at Marlena’s. Hope signs for her inheritance money. Bo as a Monk visits Roman and they go over a pic of the Baka. Tony on the phone--Hope Williams is the next victim.

Wed - Jan 18 B&H
Hope & Larry, she tells him she signed papers for her inheritance. Bo & Roman still as Monks, Roman explains the Baka to Bo. Bo tells Anna she is leaving the Monastery. Joan & Alex, Anna & Bo at the door as Roman speeds off in the car.

Thu - Jan 19 B&H
Tony & Delia. Hope tells Larry she had a wonderful time. Bo & Anna at Alex’. The “Phoenix” calls Tony. Alex threatens Anna to keep quiet. Killing paraphernalia, Tony revealed as the killer--mentions Hope’s name.

Fri - Jan 20 B&H
Another computer message. Hope & Larry by the fire. Alice tells Marlena that Roman is in Salem. Bo & Marlena fight. Hope to be Tony/Andre’s next victim. Bo & Ro meet. Hope attacked in her room by Andre/Roman.

Mon - Jan 23 H
Hope attacked. Tony alone takes off Roman’s disguise. Marlena cries over Roman. Tony & Delia.

Tue - Jan 24 B&H
Anna & Alex at breakfast. Hope to police station to file a report on Roman. Roman hides in Gene’s basement.

Wed - Jan 25 H
Hope & Melissa at hospital, run into Doug taking a walk. Pete bumps into Maggie. Tony & Anna at “Doug’s Place”. Liz sings, “Letting It Go”.

Thu - Jan 26 B H??
Roman & Bo planning Ro’s “death”. Doug going home from the hospital today. Marlena has dinner with Don. Roman, Anna, Bo--Anna wants to be the “eyes&ears” of Salem. Roman & Bo, Roman angry and says he has to solve the murders.

Fri - Jan 27 B&H
Bo, Howie, Hope, Melissa, Doug, Anna, Chris, Tony. Pete & Speed strong-arm Hope.

Mon - Jan 30 B&H
Gwen, Gene, Larry, Howie, Bo, Hope, Julie, Chris,Sandy. Bo takes Hope home which upsets Doug. Pete & Speed strong-arm Hope, Chris stops Speed.

Tue - Jan 31 B&H
Tony & Anna, Marlena at the door. Roman dreams of he & Marlena. Hope & Bo talk about them--he kisses her. Hope & Larry share a dance.

Wed - Feb 1 H
Hope & Melissa, Pete walks in. Hope tells Melissa that she got Bo's old apt. Sandy & Chris, Tony & Anna. Gwen exercising, Gene shows up and excercises too--funny scene. Tony kisses Anna.

Thu - Feb 2
Maggie, Julie, Liz, Don walks in. Tony in bed, Anna sneaks in, he has a gun. Everyone is at a formal affair at Tony’s. Tony finds Anna in his room.

Fri - Feb 3 B&H
Hope & Chris, Bo walks in. Liz & Noelle, Neil at the door. Neil later grabs & kisses Liz. Anna & Delia fight, Tony walks in. Bo kisses someone at the bar and Hope sees it. Hope has a fantasy dream of dancing with Bo in her new apt.

Mon - Feb 6 B&H
Anna & Tony, Delia & Phoenix, Neil & Liz. Hope upset, Bo shows up. Nice Bo & Hope moments in her apartment. Liz calls Don, Maggie answers. Tony looks at pictures--Marlena is the next public victim.

Tue - Feb 7 B&H
Tony calls Marlena. Larry brings Hope flowers. Hope graduates. Bo, Gene, Howie. Marlana is sick.

Wed - Feb 8 B
Bo & Roman. Gene & Mrs Horton at Marlena’s. Alex, Gwen, Anna, Delia. “Roman” is seen--actually Tony/Andre. Anna looking for Tony. Abe enters the room Roman is in -- guns drawn. [pt 1]

Thu - Feb 9
Anna still looking for Tony. Tony takes off the “Roman” disguise. Abe & Roman with guns drawn [pt 2]. Abe is with Roman when another crime is committed, so he knows Roman is innocent. Abe wants to know what is happening tomorrow night, wants to help.

Fri - Feb 10 B&H
Roman speaks with his Russian friend about the plan. Tony calls Marlena--he secretly has pills for her. Abe at Bo’s door--tells him he talked to Roman & he’s in on the plan now. Hope shows up at the explosion site, Bo gets there in time to get her out. EXPLOSION.

Mon - Feb 13 B
Gene has vibes about Marlena as Tony gives her the pills. Explosion---Bo rescues Hope. Bo & Abe think Roman died in the explosion. Abe tells Marlena, Roman died.

Tue - Feb 14 B
Alex & Gwen hear the news of the explosion. Bo & Abe discuss what went wrong. Bo goes to talk to Doug, who asked to see Bo. Tony talks to his contact. Trista appears to Gene.

Wed - Feb 15 H
Danny fights off a reporter. Abe & Larry hounded by reporters. Coroner from DC, says it WAS Sgt. Brady. Doug tells Hope she is a grown woman and should take over her life. Welsh annonces that Roman is guilty.

Thu - Feb 16 B&H
Marlena & Don, Marlena planning the service, Tony arrives. Anna runs into Alex. Bo & Hope see one another in the hallway. Larry takes Hope to a party. Marlena lashes out at Bo for keeping the plan from her. Bo & Hope have a nice talk in the car.

Fri - Feb 17 B&H
Bo sees “Memorial Service For Killer Cop” in paper. Anna tries to get into the secret room, Tony comes in. Hope in bed, Larry at the door with a gift. Marlena has a dream about Roman, Bo comes in. Bo tells Hope, she should have a better life with the rich & famous people from the party. Anna tries again to get into the secret room. Marlena is startled by Don standing in her bedroom.

Mon - Feb 20 B&H
Anna still tying to get into the room. “Don” removes the mask, and reveils it is Roman to Marlena. She is ecstatic to know he is alive. Bo & Hope cross paths. Shawn is upset with Hope and blames her for Roman's death. Anna hides from Delia. Roman & Marlena as she is getting ready for the memorial service, Bo knocks on the door. Full Credits.

Tue - Feb 21 B&H
Delia, Anna & Tony ready for Roman’s memorial. Bo at Marlena’s bedroom door, as Roman is inside. Bo & Alice go into the bedroom as Roman hides in the closet. Shawn upset with Hope, blames her for Roman’s death. Marlena tells Abe that Roman is alive, but wants to keep the original plan going. Abe speaks at Roman’s memorial and Bo is livid for the Eulogy Abe delivers. Abe finally gets to see Roman. Roman & Marlena make love.

Wed - Feb 22 B
Melissa & Pete study for today’s GED. Bo & Abe, Bo is upset with Abe. Roman & Marlena wake up together. Abe & Marlena let Bo know Roman is alive and they reunite. Bo wants to start all over. Roman tries to fire Bo because of Hope’s constant involvement. Bo insists upon helping. Bo tells Diane to tell Hope he couldn’t wait any longer.

Thu - Feb 23 H
Hope runs into Gene on her way to meet Bo. Delia tells Tony about wax on the keys--they suspect Anna. Diane tells Hope that Bo couldn’t wait--Hope looks for Bo. Abe, Roman, Marlena make arrangements to transport Roman to Gene’s basement. Roman again wears the “Don” mask. Gene gives Hope the note from Bo to end things. Gene sees the dead Roman in his basement.

Fri - Feb 24 H
Tony goes to see “Phoenix” in Toronto. Roman in Gene’s basement. Gene thinks he is having more visions, Roman reveals himself to Gene, who passes out. Roman questions Gene about his wealthy family and about being related to the DiMera’s. Lonely Hearts Club meeting at Gene’s [J.EddiePeck] Alex is losing money. Pete passed his HS equivalency exam. Hope is upset over the note from Bo telling her goodbye. The note was designed to get her out of the picture to protect her. Flashback of Bo telling Hope he can’t have her in his life, and to forget him.

Mon - Feb 27 B&H
Tony & Phoenix. Gene & Roman Hope finds Diane in Bo’s room--she claims to have moved in. Bo & Roman make plans to work to solve the slasher case. Marlena talks the press in present tense. Bo tells Hope it is over and Diane is his new woman. Hope tears up a picture of her and Bo, and Larry comforts her as Bo looks on. Bo picks up the torn picture. Flashback to Bo & Hope dancing.

Tue - Feb 28 H
Gene sees Trista again. Marlena & Roman in disguise meet on the pier. Chris has a party celebration for Pete because of passing the HS equiv exam. Melissa & Hope discuss Bo & Hope’s breakup.

Wed - Feb 29 B&H
Delia meets the 2 men on the pier who are projecting Trista’s images to Gene. Tony & Anna.

Thu - Mar 1 No B&H
Gene & Gwen, he gets impression of a computer. Roman wakes in Genes basement. Tony, Delia & Anna. Delia tears a page out of Tony’s passport.

Fri - Mar 2 B&H
Tess & Julie, Chris walks up. Larry, Bo, Hope, Pete, Melissa, Tony, Anna, Delia, Tony/Andre. The reporter shows Larry the scathing article he wrote about Hope and Larry pays him. The reporter takes the article to Hope. Stephano revealed.

Mon - Mar 5 B&H
Bo & Roman look for Gene, he shows up. Tess & Chris in the car. Hope & Larry read article Tony sees Phoenix [Stephano]. Stephano has flashbacks to the murders of Trista & Kelly.

Tue - Mar 6 B
Gene & Bo talk about Kelly and the date of March 8. Roman & Marlena in bed at Gene’s, Roman also thinking of March 8. Tony & Anna in bed [Delia’s voice is telling Tony to kill Roman Brady]. Gene, Bo & Roman all discuss the significance of Mar 8. Gene talks on phone to Bernita Jean [Delia].

Wed - Mar 7 B&H
Hope $5000, Larry at her door. Anna, Gwen, Alex. Fashion Show. Larry “saves” Hope’s $5000. Bo & Diane at his place. Larry stops Hope from kissing him.

Thu - Mar 8 No B&H
Tony & Anna in bed, Alex phones. Roman & Gene’s “TUT” statue [Kelly, $50,000 & murder”. Gene drawing Baka and says he and Tony are related as Liz walks up with Noelle. Anna takes files from Delia. Liz remembers the Baka 10 years ago, recalls it was prize possession of Stephano’s. Tony gives Anna pearls. Delia burns files and opens secret door with the Baka.

Fri - Mar 9 B&H
Chris, Larry & Hope. Diane enters and asks for Bo. Gene thanks Liz for Baka info. Tony tells Stephano he wants Anna. They then discuss Roman’s death in front of thousands. Larry & Hope get stranded at Gene's with Bo, due to the blizzard. Lights go out and Hope jumps in Bo’s arms. Gene sees a vision of Trista and Gwen screams. A man in chains is seen on Stephano & Tony’s screen.

Mon - Mar 12 B&H
Tony tells Stephano he wants to marry Anna. Chris & Tess at Shenannigans, no customers due to a blizzard. Bo & Hope embracing as Larry walks in. End Bo & Larry start to fight as Hope tries to stop it.

Tue - Mar 13 B&H
Neil at Liz’ door as he is marooned in snow drift. Stephano watches Bo & Larry fight. Roman & Marlena hear the fight. Later Stephano watches Roman & Bo, as Roman is losing it.

Wed - Mar 14 BB
Don at Marlena’s, he is worried about her, she comes home. Tony & Anna dancing, she wants to know where he was last night. Pete, Bo & Melissa. Bo & Roberta have a date. Roberta falls asleep on the couch, Bo takes her passbook--covers her up and leaves.

Thu - Mar 15 B
Tony & Anna in bed. Liz & Neil planning rerun of wedding vows at Rinehart. Bo gives Abe the passbook as Roberta arrives, Abe tells her she left it in Gene’s cab. Doug & Julie are leaving next week on a cruise. Liz & Neil try to re-create their wedding scenario. Billie holds a gun on Liz, but Liz doesn’t remember. Anna & Tony jetting off to Paris for dinner. Delia taunts the man in chains about Tony proposing to Anna.

Fri - Mar 16 No B&H
Liz & Neil in the car, he has a new idea. Larry wants to see Gwen. Tony & Anna dance in a restaurant in France. Tony talks to the man in chains and tells him that Anna will marry him and that they made passionate love. Robbery at Doug’s Place–-gunshots, Liz wants Neil.

Mon - Mar 19 No B&H
Gwen is eating ice cream and watching TV and Larry shows up at her door. Anna & Tony in their room in Paris and a man shows up that Tony does not know. Robbery at Doug’s Place repeated. Liz remembers everything. Tony & Anna on a plane headed for home. Man in chains. Liz sings to Noelle, “Where Is Love?” Doug & Julie last appear.

Tue - Mar 20 B
Tony & Anna on their plane arriving in Salem. Maggie tells Don that Liz got her memory back. Gene at Marlena’s door, Roman is waiting in Gene’s taxi. Shawn knows that Roman is alive. Tony goes into the chamber and loosens the helmet on the man in chains.

Wed - Mar 21 B
Marlena & Roman are in bed when the doorbell rings. Tony loosens the helmet on the man in chains and another Tony is revealed to be the man in chains. Chained Tony’s first words, “Cousin, you go to hell”. Alice asks Bo if Roman is alive. Delia & Andre in the chamber with Tony, who is back in the helmet.

Thu - Mar 22 B&H
Hope tells Larry that Doug & Julie left this morning. Bo & Diane put on an act for Hope & Larry. Stephano tells Andre he drinks too much and reminds him who he is. Hope overhears Diane tell Danny that she thinks she is pregnant. Larry put Diane up to it. Hope tells Bo to stay out of her life, and he leaves. Larry kisses Hope per her request, then leaves saying to himself, “Won’t be long now”. Hope alone.

Fri - Mar 23 B&H
Alex tells Gwen he has bad news–he needs a lawyer. Roman & Marlena & Bo–they have an assignment in Tony’s basement. Larry & Hope. Bo, Roman & Gene make plans to go through Tony’s garbage. Stephano listening to his classical music. As Bo, Roman & Gene go through Tony’s trash, he pulls up in his car.

Mon - Mar 26 B&H
Tony pulls up as Bo, Roman & Gene are going through his trash continued. Chris & Sandy seated for dinner by Dave. Larry calls Hope. Larry kisses Gwen. Bo reminisces about Hope’s 18th Birthday. Hope is on the phone with Doug as Larry shows up, he is coming to dinner tomorrow night.

Tue - Mar 27 H
Sandy & Chris; she loves Chris, does he love her? Roman & Marlena in bed. Hope with Pete, Melissa comes in and talks to Pete. Gene calls Chris and tells him there is an emergency for Bo.

Wed - Mar 28 B&H
Pete, Chris & Tess having dinner at Melissa & Maggie’s. Bo with Diane, Chris tells Bo that Gene called for him. Anna & Andre/Tony go over guest list for engagement party. Larry & Hope kiss on the docks.

Thu - Mar 29 B&H
Hope is working, Larry comes by, they have a date tonight. Anna with Andre/Tony, picking a gown for tonight. Bo & Gene & Ralph, the housecleaning robot. Bo & Gene at Tony’s thinking they have all night to search his penthouse. Alex moves Anna & Andre/Tony’s engagement party to the penthouse.

Fri - Mar 30 B&H
Alex & Gwen. Liz is having trouble with the help. Alex is the new owner of the Salem Inn. Hope & Larry in the car. Bo & Gene searching Tony’s penthouse. Liz plans a surprise for Neil at the Salem Inn. Hope & Larry go carriage riding. Alex spills a drink on Anna. Bo & Gene are safe at Tony’s penthouse. Neil goes to his room at Salem Inn, Liz is waiting. Gene goes over the balcony.

Mon - Apr 2 B
Marlena answers the door to Alice, Tom calls for Alice. Liz & Neil re-united. Bo succeeds in rescuing Gene after he went over the balcony. Liz explains to Neil how she got her memory back.

Tue - Apr 3 B&H
Neil & Liz in bed, they will be married. Anna & Alex talk about Anna loving Andre/Tony. Hope dreams of hearing Bo’s voice; then hears Larry’s voice. Diane tells Bo she wants to help him get over Hope and kisses him. Later Diane takes off her towel and crawls into bed with Bo and kisses him again.

Wed - Apr 4 B&H
Gene listens as Alex asks Anna about Mrs. Venable. Hope tells Larry she is glad that Bo is out of her life. Diane tells Bo she loves him. Bo & Gene see Mrs. Venable, who was hired by Stephano. Gene steals a chess piece. Bo & Gene in the car discuss chess and that Stephano may be alive. Bo & Hope flashbacks to, “I Will Be Here For You”.

Thu - Apr 5
Chris & Pete talk about priorities. Alice, Maggie & Melissa talk about the recital. Marlena & Roman in the back of Gene’s car with the chess piece. Andre & Stephano–someone has the chess peice. Andre/Tony wants Melissa to perform at the concert. Roman gets fingerprint report on chess piece, as Stephano watches on his monitor--it is Stephano’s print.

Fri - Apr 6 B&H
Chris, Hope & Howie talk about Pete & his dad. Howie & Hope discuss Bo as Larry walks up. Melissa at the hospital with Pete who is there to see his dad. Tess is in the room with their dad. Bo, Roman & Gene discuss Stephano, as he watches them on his monitor. Bo & Gene caught by the doorman, but they get the Baka. Roman & Gene, & Bo have the Baka as a livid Stephano listens to them. Stephano gets on the phone and announces, “I want Roman Brady at once”.

Mon - Apr 9
Neil & Liz with Larry discuss their wedding on April 20. Andre/Tony tells Stephano that they stole the Baka from the safe. Stephano wants Roman taken immediately. Roman. with the Baka, is clubbed in the park and knocked out. Stephano’s man calls and has Roman in the car.

Tue - Apr 10 B&H
Andre/Tony & Anna have breakfast, he gave her a castle in Spain. Delia talks with Andre/Tony & Anna about the cocktail party tonight. Hope & Larry also discuss the party. Bo tells Howie he is worried about Roman. Bo & Hope talk in the park, he thanks her for coming to the park. Bo & Gene at the party, Howie arrives and says he traced the car that had Roman in it and that it had blood on the backseat.

Wed - Apr 11
Chris & Sandy talk about her deciding today if she is going to London. Gene with Marlena-–Roman supposed to be gone only 2 days. Roman & Stephano meet face-to-face. Marlena is pregnant–Gene takes responsibility for it and Tom asks when will they be married. Sandy decides to go to London. Marlena tells Maggie she is pregnant, Gene tells her he is the father.

Thu - Apr 12
Alice wants to call the police about Roman being missing. Delia & Andre/Tony get the key which is now on the robot and take food to Tony. Anna looks for Andre/Tony and finds a locked door. Andre explains through flashbacks why he killed Renee. Alice, Marlena, Maggie & Gene discuss Gene & Marlena’s wedding. Andre/Tony & Anna talk about a wedding after the concert. Anna moves the horse head and Delia comes in and orders her out.

Fri - Apr 13 H
Hope & Melissa talk about Melissa’s dance. Gene & Marlena are out to eat. Roman in the car with Stephano’s man. Roman is released as per Stephano, when his man shoves Roman out the car door. Melissa getting ready for the dance, Pete shows up to take her. Alice, Tom & Judge Hastings & cake arrive at Gene’s, as Roman listens in the basement. Gene & Marlena are married. Anna finds the secret room and screams.

Mon - Apr 16 B&H
Hope with Larry, Bo walks in and talks to Abe. Pete & Melissa on the way to the dance. Marlena tells Roman that she is pregnant. Anna in the secret room with Tony, she goes out and comes back in and sees “I am Tony DiMera”. Anna gets the key and starts to take the helmet off of Tony.

Tue - Apr 17
Liz & Maggie, Liz & Neil are getting married on Friday, but she hasn’t heard from him. Danny congratulates Gene. Pete & Melissa run out of gas. Larry kissing Hope. Anna & Tony in the secret room. Tony tells her question

test Andre to which she does. Maggie finds out that Pete took Melissa and that they didn’t go to the dance and grounds her. Anna goes back into see Tony and the camera light comes on.

Wed - Apr 18 H
Melissa & Hope discuss Pete slashing Damian’s tires. Liz & Marlena talk about Marlena really being pregnant and a telegram arrives from Neil. Delia watching Tony on monitor as Anna hides, and Anna drops the key. Anna tricks Andre/Tony with a cat, he will be allergic if he is Andre.

Thu - Apr 19 B
Diane & Bo hug as Larry walks by. Roman & Marlena & Gene at breakfast. Flowers arrive for Liz & Neil’s wedding. Neil calls with Happy Wedding Day wishes for Liz. Anna & Andre/Tony at the hospital from his allergic reaction. Anna is caught by Andre & Delia, and she is imprisoned along with Tony.

Fri - Apr 20 B&H
Liz & Neil’s wedding day. He finally arrives for the ceremony. Stephano holding a picture of Renee. Alex wants Gwen to help him find Anna. Liz & Neil’s reception begins.

Mon - Apr 23 B
Liz & Neil’s reception continues. Liz sings, “You Were Always On My Mind”. Hope & Melissa notice Carlo. Gene & Bo in the taxi looking for Roman. Roman & Petrov fight as Stephano looks on. Nick & Diane talking in Bo’s room, Nick wants to know what Welch had her do. Roman & Marlena in the back seat of Gene’s taxi as Stephano listens to them.

Tue - Apr 24
Liz & Neil have breakfast in bed. Stephano comes into the secret room with Anna & Tony. Anna is allowed out to have lunch with Andre/Tony. Anna is returned to the secret room and tells Tony she was acting.

Wed - Apr 25 B&H
Gwen is exercising as Larry shows up with Chinese food. Pete & Tess in the park talking about their father having pneumonia. Hope & Diane run into each other. Bo & Gene talk, Diane stops Bo as he is leaving. Out of nowhere, Diane mentions Megan’s name to Bo. Bo wants to know how Diane knew about Megan, she tells him she knew her from HS. Diane gets Bo to tell her that Megan is with her father in New Orleans. Diane later relays this information to Larry Welch. Larry hatches a plan to get Megan and her father, Maxwell Hathaway to return to Salem. Bo has memories of Hope’s 18th Birthday, when Hope shows up at his door. Hope apologizes to Bo for mentioning morning sickness to Diane, as it was none of her business if Diane is pregnant or not. Hope leaves but lingers outside Bo’s door, he opens the door and she wishes him happiness. Bo touches her face but they are interrupted by Gene. Hope goes to see Larry and tells him she needs a hug, he says “you saw Bo today, didn’t you?” Larry tells Hope that he loves her and he will make her forget about Bo.

Thu - Apr 26 B&H
Bo & Melissa as she shows him the newspaper article about her dancing during the Benefit Concert. Bo also sees in the paper an article about Maxwell Hathaway coming to Salem. Stephano makes the statement that he will have it all back by the end of the week. Roman dressed as a fisherman gets info from his friend on the docks. Hope tells Melissa that she is moving back to her parents place, so she & Larry won’t keep bumping into Bo all the time. Liz is at the concert hall making preps and rehearsing. Roman is also at the hall disguised as a worker and talks to Andre. Pete thinks his father died and he lets it all out, as Melissa overhears. Bo comes to Hope’s apt and she tells him she is moving on with her life and gives Bo back the book he gave her for her 18th Birthday. She admits that she is obsessed by him and she would camp on his doorstep if she thought she had a chance with him. Bo leaves and she cries as he listens at the door. Roman sees Stephano rehearsing as Maestro, at the concert hall. Stephano has flashbacks of many things he has done in the past. Roman holds a gun on Stephano, but someone turns on the bright lights.

Fri - Apr 27 H
Larry has Hope’s home filled with flowers when she returns to it. Anna asks Andre again that he will protect her from Stephano. Roman is taken hostage by Stephano’s men when he tried to capture Stephano. Stephano show Roman the monitor with Marlena out and about when Roman thought she left town. He also shows him Tony in chains in the secret room. Hope & Larry dance and Liz wonders what Larry is up to. Larry takes Hope home and she wants to know where they are headed, as Liz referred to them as a couple. Larry tells her it is up to her, but he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and then he kisses her.

Mon - Apr 30 B&H
Hope & Larry kissing, then they go downstairs and Bo is at the bar. She tells Larry that Bo can leave if he wants to. Liz sings, “No Easy Way To Break Somebody’s Heart” as Hope & Bo listen...Hope tears up. Neil and a mystery man also listen to Liz singing. When she is finished she talks to the man and realizes that it is Al Jarreau, who is in town for the Benefit Concert. Bo leaves Hope & Larry alone. Larry tells Hope that he has to go to Las Vegas and cannot take her to the Benefit Concert.

Tue - May 1 B&H
Hope has a fantasy daydream of she and Bo, then calls Larry and asks if he really has to got to Vegas. Liz meets with Al Jarreau and brings him some songs she wrote. Larry tells Diane his is asking Hope to marry him and Diane is to make Hope believe that Bo is getting back with Megan. Bo & Gene find a locked door at the concert hall, and Stephano & Petrov are behind it. The real Maestro is about to be overtaken.

Wed - May 2 No B&H
Gene, Chris, Gwen, Tess. Liz at the concert hall. Larry & Diane. Roman is wheeled in to Stephano in a big wooden box. Appears as though Roman tried to escape.

Thu - May 3 H
Gene has a vibe and Marlena threatens to not go to the concert. Stephano sees this on his monitor. Hope doesn’t want Larry to go to Vegas, so she decides to go with him. The bomb is planted in the concert hall. Everyone arrives at the concert. Roman escapes from Petrov. Andre and Delia stall Marlena

Fri - May 4 No B H
Alice watches the Vipers breakdance. Petrov leaves a message for Stephano telling him that he let Roman go and knows he will come to the penthouse. Nick spies on Larry and Hope in Vegas. Nick calls Diane and tells her to find out why Larry is in Vegas. Roman finds Tony and Anna. Gene tells a cop that Roman and Stephano are alive and the cop thinks he is nuts The concert begins; Liz sings "Even Now". Billy & the Beaters sing “You Got Me Thinking...” Al Jarreau sings "Trouble in Paradise" Billy & the Beaters sing “This Time I Showed You.”

Mon - May 7 No B H
Andre & Marlena arrive at the concert hall. Tony sends a message to the police station that Marlena will be killed, and come and get us at the penthouse and Gene intercepts the message. Gene finds Tony and Anna. Speed & the Vipers catch Melissa alone in the alley and tell her to stay away from Pete who rescues her from them. Stephano is impersonating the conductor at the concert hall. Al Jarreau sings "After All” Liz and Billy Vera sing "Storybook Children" Melissa dances to "Sleeping Beauty Waltz"

Tue - May 8 B&H
Howie is outside the concert hall and Bo arrives on his motorcycle. Gene frees Tony and Anna, but Petrov catches them, and holds them hostage. Gene uses the remote to make the machine go haywire and smoke heavily and they overpower Petrov.. Larry takes Hope to the desert. Nancy Lee Grahn scenes in the alley. Andre is backstage ready to kill Marlena. Roman calls the police station and they don’t believe it is him, later. Real Roman arrives at the concert hall. Liz sings "Quiet Please...There‘s A Lady On Stage" Liz and Al Jarreau sing "Take Me To The Pilot"

Wed - May 9 B
Andre attacks Marlena, but is unsuccessful in killing her. The bomb countdown begins and the concert hall is cleared. Marlena comes face to face with Stefano who holds her and Neil hostage. Everyone looks for the bomb. Bo and Roman search for Stefano..

Thu - May 10 B
Bo and Roman find Marlena. Tony and Andre have a swordfight. Petrov shoots Bo . Gene deactivates the bomb. Stefano escapes and his limo plunges into the river along with Petrov and Alex.

Fri - May 11 B
Stefano and Petrov are missing–only Alex resurfaces out of the river. Charges against Roman are dropped. Chris walks Tess home. Bo has is taken to the hospital and goes into surgery.

Mon - May 14 B&H
No one can tell Andre and Tony apart, Abe tries to prove which one is the impostor. Tony has nightmares with Anna by his side, he then confronts Andre in the hospital. Bo is going back into surgery. Chris defends Tess to Barney. Larry takes Hope home. Bo can't feel his legs and he asks for Hope, but Larry is fielding the calls from the hospital. Delia promises to help Andre.

Tue - May 15 No B&H
Roman & Marlena wake up in bed, they get bombarded by reporters outside. Pete’s dad goes looking for Chris. Carlo is upset that his picture is in the paper. Carrie comes home. Roman & Marlena tell Carrie about the baby. Don runs into old friend, Max Hathaway. Celebration at the club, Liz sings, “Up Where We Belong”. Don tells Roman that Andre escaped while being transferred.

Wed - May 16 B&H
Bo in hospital dreams of Hope. Diane tells Hope that Bo only wants to see Megan. Bo doesn’t want visitors. Larry wants called when Hope wakes up, she isn’t to know about Bo. Hope accepts Larry’s marriage proposal.

Thu - May 17 No B H
Abe tells Anna & Tony that Andre has not been located. Hope wants to marry Larry tonight. Alice runs into Blanche Daily. Tess’s father abuses her and she remembers his abuse when she was a child. Larry holds a press conference to tell that all charges have been dropped against Sgt. Brady. Larry also announces his engagement to Hope and that the wedding will be in a couple of weeks.

Fri - May 18 B&H
Bo sees press conference about Hope & Larry’s wedding in a couple of weeks. Bo reminisces about himself and Hope. Roman tells Bo that he can stop the wedding by leveling with Hope. Bo tells Roman he is paralyzed. Roman with reporters at the end.

Mon - May 21 No B H
Roman with reporters continued. Tess wakes up at Chris’. Hope wakes up from a bad dream, Melissa is with her. Alex meets with Maxwell Hathaway.

Tue - May 22 B&H
Gwen with Larry, Larry meets Maxwell. Anna goes over to Tony’s. Hope with Maggie, Hope dreams of Bo. Roman stops in to see Bo in the hospital and tries to get him to tell of his paralysis. Hope calls Bo, but she hangs up when he answers. “Welcome Home Sgt. Brady” party at station. Bo tries to call Hope.

Wed - May 23 B&H
Carlo, Melissa, Tess, Chris. Larry & Hope in hotel in Wash DC, he has a full day planned. Later he tells her they are going to NYC. Marlena visits Bo in the hospital. Bo starts to get the feeling back in his legs and later he stands up. Larry tells Diane to make Bo think that Hope is madly in love with Larry. Carlo & Pete have words. Bo wants Diane to help him find Hope. Bo falls.

Thu - May 24 B No H
Alex, Anna, Pete, Melissa. Bo falls, but he is ok. Carlo & Pete make ammends then go with Melissa to a Viper party. Diane helps Bo sneak out of the hospital on the hunt for Hope.

Fri - May 25 B&H
Anna crashes Tony’s party. Hope & Larry have arrived in NYC. Diane keeps Bo from finding out where Hope is. Hope leaves a message with Joey about being in NYC, but Diane retreives it. Bo meets with Howie. Carlo agrees not to tell Mickey & Maggie that he was NOT Melissa’s date to party. Joey remembers and tells Bo that Hope is in NYC at the Hotel Barrington. Hope & Larry get close.

Mon - May 28 B&H
Bo & Diane take a plane and arrive in NYC. Hope breaks away from Larry and tells him she has never been with a man. Diane calls Larry and tells him she and Bo are in NYC, he tells her to keep Bo away. Hope& Larry and Bo & Diane just miss running into one another. Bo tells Diane if someone is keeping Hope from him, he will kill them.

Tue - May 29 B&H
Tess is at Chris’. Melissa & Maggie discuss that Hope marry’s tomorrow. Bo & Diane find Hope & Larry’s empty room. The Horton’s preparing for the wedding. Hope & Larry on the plane home. Larry’s secretary tells Bo the wedding has been postponed. Bo tells Diane he’s on the first plane outta threre.

Wed - May 30 B&H
Maggie, Melissa, & Liz at church preparing for the wedding. Bo & Diane as he frantically tries to get a flight back to Salem. Hope & Larry on plane for home. Hope & Larry arrive at the church. Hope getting ready for wedding. Marie gives her a letter from Doug and she reads it. Bo & Diane get a flight and are on the way home when Diane confesses that she has been keeping him away from Hope and the wedding is going as planned–this afternoon !!!

Thu - May 31 B&H
Tom & Alice at the church. Hope is ready to wed. Bo & Diane on the plane, she takes the blame for keeping him from Hope. Bo & Diane arrive and Bo steals a car and then decks a cop and steals his motorcycle to get to Hope in time. Bo arrives to “Holding Out For A Hero”, and breaks in on Hope who is crying. She is upset with him, as he tries to explain why he kept her away in order to protect Roman. Alice catches Bo with Hope and smiles. The wedding begins, Liz sings, Larry professes his love to his “gorgeous” bride and lifts the veil, to HOWIE who proclaims, “...talk about gorgeous, dollface, you got a puss on you that won’t quit”. KIDNAP WEDDING

Fri - Jun 1 B&H
Larry & Howie at the altar, and Larry punches Howie, as Bo & Hope escape on the motorcyle. Bo takes Hope to a park and chases her as she tries to run from him. He catches up with her and she tells him how much he hurt her and ruined her wedding. Bo finally gets her to listen and she melts. Wedding fallout back at the church as everyone is trying to figure it out. Tom suspects Alice is involved. Bo & Hope back on the cycle hide from a cop and then arrive at Maggie’s barn. Wedding goers end up at the club and Liz sings, “Believe In Me”. Bo & Hope make up in the barn.

Mon - Jun 4 B&H
Bo & Hope in Maggie’s barn. He tells her how he tied to find her, and all is resolved and they pledge their love once again.. Larry & Gwen. Bo leaves Hope alone to go investigate noises and as he is gone, Max’s men force her to write a letter to Bo, telling him she doesn’t love him and shr’s returning to Larry. Bo returns and is devastated to find the note. Gene, Danny & Melissa find and help Bo.

Tue - Jun 5 B No H
Gene & gang pulled over by the cops, Bo escapes. Bo is tracked by dogs and arrested and jailed Roman talks to Bo and Larry shows up and tells Bo that Hope has been found and is at home. Bo looses it.

Wed - Jun 6 B&H
Bo talks to Roman & Don about his case. Hope is with her captors, who tell her she is marrying Larry. Bo is beaten in his jail cell as a message to Hope to comply. She is forced to watch as badly beaten Bo is loaded up and taken to the hospital. She is told she will be Larry’s wife, or else. To save Bo, she plays the part and returns to Larry, tearfully telling him she doesn’t want to see the man she loves, go through so much pain ever again.

Thu - Jun 7 No B&H
Neil says Bo is drifting in & out of consciousness. Diane, Howie and one of Hope’s captors keep a vigil ouside Bo’s room. Speed warns Pete he was to stay away from Melissa, Mickey breaks up the fight. Carlo agrees to work for Liz. Carlo wants to buy guns from Speed and ship them to South America. Hope calls Neil and asks to see Bo.

Fri - Jun 8 B&H
Hope’s captor tells Larry that he is to make sure that Hope shows up for their wedding tomorrow. Bo reminisces about Hope’s letter left in the barn. Bo wants to see Hope and hear her tell him in person. Hope is threatened into going to see Bo. She tells him she wants Larry and not him and that she doesn’t love him. Gwen tells Larry that she doesn’t want to fall in love with him. Hope returns to the Horton’s and tells Larry that she doesn’t want to go through with the wedding. Larry slaps Hope...

Mon - Jun 11 B&H
Diane visits Bo in the hospital. Roman tells Bo that Hope is marrying Larry today. Larry slaps Hope repeated, he apologizes and tells her she was hysterical. Roman tells Hope that he doesn’t believe that Bo kidnapped her. Melissa tries to get Bo to call Hope before she marries Larry. Hope dressed to wed.

Tue - Jun 12 B&H
Melissa still trying to get Bo to call Hope, but he won’t do it. Hope preparing to marry Larry, with much difficulty. Finally after passing out, at the altar, she gets it together enough and the wedding goes on. Mickey sees Melissa with Pete and tells her he doesn’t like the company that she has been keeping. Larry & Hope arrive at Largemont Lodge for their honeymoon. Larry still trying to find out who forced Hope to return Larry comes on to Hope and she spills her guts and tells him that she was forced to marry him, and that she hates him and she loves Bo. LARRY & HOPE WED

Wed - Jun 13 B No H
Pete’s dad asks Mickey how much it is worth it to him to keep Pete from Melissa. Bo is released and runs into Diane. Roman tells Marlena he is going undercover. Alice talks to Bo and tells him that she is glad that he is out and that she doesn’t understand her granddaughter. Alice tells Bo about Blanche and Harold Daily and asks his help. Bo getting drunk.

Thu - Jun 14 B No H
Bo is drunk and he tears a picture of he and Hope in two. Melissa & Pete talk about their father’s fight. Bo meets with Blanche Daily. Pete & Melissa discuss the Viper’s party and Pete’s B-day party. Neil meets with Maxwell about a loan. Bo comes unglued on Melissa and then apologizes. Neil tells Liz he bought Doug’s Place and it is now “Blondies”. Liz sings. A distraught Bo yells to the world that he is “...gonna forget about you, Hope”.

Fri - Jun 15 No B&H
Tony, Daphne, Anna. Carlo tells Liz she is headlining in Vegas. She gives him $500 check for helping her, later he gives the $500 to Speed for guns. “Cowboys”, Roman & Abe on a stakeout. Melissa doesn’t want to go to dance camp. Pete’s 18th B-Day party. Pete, Melissa, Carlo sneak away to the Viper’s party. Viper’s party gets busted.

Mon - Jun 18 No B H
Viper’s party getting busted. Marlena who is at the police station, hears that a cop is down. Abe is in the undercover car, getting shot at. Hope & Larry on their honeymoon, have a fight and Hope disappears. Larry returns to Salem wondering what happened to Hope. He is handed a note with instructions.

Tue - Jun 19
Opens with a very angry Anna kicking a door, Alex enters. Larry sees someone watching him. Viper’s strongarm Pete. Tess & Chris talk about camping. Pete & Speed find a dead rat.

Wed - Jun 20 B&H
Pete calls Melissa and hangs up when Maggie answers. Hope surprises Larry by showing up, she tells him she is doing as directed, for Bo only. Megan’s first day. Melissa asks Bo not to tell that she was with Pete on the docks. Megan and Bo meet each other for the first time, on the docks. MEGAN’S 1ST DAY

Thu - Jun 21 B No H
Bo and Megan on the docks. Tony, Liz, Max, Anna. Roman tells Marlena he accepted the Lt. position. Roman and Marlena have a moment and he carries her upstairs. Bo on his bed looking at the torn picture of Hope. Megan looks at Bo’s class ring.

Fri - Jun 22 B&H
Chris & Tess ready to go camping with Pete. Pete & Melissa on docks about to kiss and Speed interrupts. Bo drops in on Megan, as they have unfinished business. Hope and Larry in their new apartment, Abe comes by and Hope tells him she is not testifying against Bo. Megan asks Bo to escort her to a party, declines, she tells him to be at her place at 8pm if he changes his mind. Bo is told that Hope is not testifying, so he decides to escort Megan afterall. Pete drives off and leaves Chris & Tess camping alone. Guests begin arriving for Hope & Larry’s receptions. Bo & Megan show up at Hope & Larry’s party, as Bo didn’t know who the party was for, nor that it was Hope’s new place. Bo calls Hope, “Mrs. Welch”.

Mon - Jun 25 B&H
Party continues for Hope & Larry. Bo creates a mini-scene as he toasts the “bride & groom”. Again he refers to Hope as “Mrs Welch”. Bo leaves and Megan apologizes as she didn’t know that Bo knew Hope & Larry. Chris & Tess. Gwen calls Larry and he wants to see her after the party. Hope and Megan run into one another on the docks and discuss the party. Bo also shows up on the docks.

Tue - Jun 26 B&H
Chris & Tess kissing. Gwen & Larry kissing. Melissa & Pete in the alley and Speed & a gang member come up. Bo, Hope & Megan on the docks. Megan leaves Bo & Hope alone to talk on the docks. The gang member with Speed wants Melissa. Hope & Larry back at their apartment later.

Wed - Jun 27 No B&H
Howie says Hope is not pressing charges against Bo. Pete has taken Chris’ car and went back to Salem leaving Chris & Tess alone on the camping trip. Anna, Carrie & Tony. Andre and Delia in costume. A rival gang member of the Viper’s [Patrick Swayse’s brother] attacks Melissa, alone in cabin.

Thu - Jun 28 B&H
Anna congratulates Roman on his promotion to Lt. Pete rescues Melissa from the attack and fights with the gang member, they talk about the upcoming rumble. Hope reminisces about she and Bo and wonders “what have I done to us?”. Bo runs into a girl he spent the night with and her boyfriend. Roman intervenes, then he and Bo talk about the pain Bo is in over Hope. Roman tells Bo he loves him and tjat he will always be there for him.

Fri - Jun 29 B No H
Max offers Bo a job to work with him, but Bo declines his offer. Calliope is first seen sewing for Anna. Bo & Megan talk about the missing letters to one another that Megan's mother intercepted and kept from them. Megan then realizes that Bo did not know that they had a baby, and she tells him. [pt 1]. CALLIOPE'S 1ST DAY

Mon - Jul 2 B No H
Megan tells Bo they had a baby [pt 2]. Carlo & Liz on the plane to Vegas. Megan tells Bo they had a boy and Roman knew about it and that she put the baby up for adoption. Tess & Chris, she has a letter from California. Tess calls Barry Reid’s social worker and leaves a message that she won’t be there and it’s all over. Pete & Melissa on the pier, Speed shows up and wants to talk to Pete. Pete tells Speed he wants out, Speed tells him the rumble is set for Jul 4th and that the Warriors have declared war. Speed has a guns and Melissa sees them.

Tue - Jul 3 B&H
Larry & Hope fight about her wanting a housekeeper. Roman comes to see Bo, Bo calls him a traitor and confronts him. Roman tells him Megan begged him not to tell and then later told him she ost the baby. Melissa tells Maggie that Pete loves her. Pete & Speed talk about the rumble, Pete doesn’t like the idea of guns. Melissa tracks Pete down at the Vipers clubhouse, she wants to talk to Pete, tells him she saw the guns and wants him to bow out. Max’s man tells Larry he will meet the top man by the end of the week. Hope sees Bo & Megan in park having ice cream. Melissa & Pete back at her house arguing about the rumble, Maggie catches Pete there and has Don throw him out.

Wed - Jul 4 B&H
4th of Jul picnic in the park, a Renaissance Faire, all in costume. Liz & Carlo in Vegas. Liz sings “Here’s To The Winners” [montage]. Tess makes call to airlines and then steals money from cash register at Shenanigans. Melissa tells Mickey about the fight, he goes to stop the rumble. Mickey is shot by Pete [pt 1].

Thu - Jul 5 No B&H
Mickey is shot [pt 2]. Pete is arrested. Larry tells Gwen he loves her. Tess tells Chris she loves him after he asks why she didn’t take the plane to California after she stole the money. Don tells Melissa he will go to police station to see if he can help Pete. Chris & Tess go to see Pete too. Mickey is going to be alright, Melissa goes in to see him and is distraught. Pete in his jail cell.

Fri - Jul 6 B&H
Bo & Larry nearly fight, Danny intervenes. Bo comforts Melissa in the chapel, Hope comes in and talks to Bo and nearly passes out. Abe brings Pete out of his cell for questioning and he tries to escape. “London”, the butler brings Larry home and Hope overhears him tell Larry that he has to get Hope pregnant. [pt 1]. Melissa visits Pete in jail, Pete tells her to tell Abe everything [pt 1].

Mon - Jul 9 No B H
Hope overhearing London & Larry [pt 2]. Melissa, Pete & Abe, Pete wants her to tell everything [pt 2]. Don tells Chris & Tess he will represent Pete. London checks with Max about moving in with Larry & Hope, then he coaches Larry on flowers, champaign and perfume to sweeten up Hope. Hope & Melissa talk about Melissa’s dilemma. Hope invites Melissa to stay the night to foil Larry’s attempt to seduce her.

Tue - Jul 10 H
Liz tells Anna her dress was a big hit in Vegas. Megan tells Max that Bo is in love with Hope Williams. Melissa tells Abe that Pete went to stop the fight the night Mickey was shot. Carlo tells Abe he was in Vegas with Liz when the rumble happened. Melissa goes to see Mickey in the hospital. Larry wants to sleep with Hope. She tells him she slept with Bo at Maggie’s farm when Bo kidnapped her from the wedding and that she is pregnant with Bo’s child. Mrs H meets Hope’s butler “London”. Carlo tells Melissa the guns were paid for by him but meant to be used in his country for his people to defend themselves and he doesn’t have anything to do with the Vipers having them. Larry tells Maxwell that Hope is expecting. Melissa goes to see Mickey in the hospital. Hope uses Marlena’s file to make up a fake pregnancy file on herself in Dr. Farley’s office. Alice catches Hope in Dr. Farley’s office [pt 1].

Wed - Jul 11 B&H
Alice catching Hope in Dr. Farley’s office and sees fake pregnancy report [pt 2]. Hope sees Megan & Bo in Park. Megan wants Bo to reconsider Max’s job offer. Tom confirms Hope’s pregnancy to Larry. Max tells Megan, Hope will be out of Bo’s life soon as she is pregnant with Larry’s baby. Hope tells Alice she isn’t pregnant and she is married to a man she hates. She loves Bo and told Larry she was pregnant to keep him away from her. She also told her she was forced to marry Larry. Melissa begs Mickey not to tell that it was Pete that shot him and that if he lets him go free and gives him a chance to prove himself that she will give Pete up.

Thu - Jul 12 B
Carlo admits to Liz that he paid Speed for the guns, and that one of them was used to shoot Mickey. Chris visits Pete in jail. Carlo visits Pete too. Megan & Bo--he wants to find “their” son, they go to the Cheatin’ Heart and dance. Marie tells Bo that Hope is carrying Larry’s child. Howie fires Bo. Abe decks Bo as a ruse. Alice setting the plan in motion for the meeting of Bo & Hope at the Lodge.

Fri - Jul 13 B&H
Melissa goes to see Pete in jail after talking to Mickey. Abe and Bo after Abe decks him. Abe wants Bo to accept Max’s offer so he can get on the inside. Alice finalizing plans to re-unite Bo & Hope. Mickey tells Abe he didn’t see who shot him, only shadows. Bo & Hope see each other in the tunnels [pt 1].

Mon - Jul 16 B&H
BO & HOPE RE-UNITE IN THE TUNNEL [pt 2]. Hope explains EVERYTHING about marrying Larry and the fake pregnancy. Pete ready to confess to Don Craig--Melissa gets there in time to stop him. Melissa tells Pete she won’t be seeing him anymore. Pete rushes off to see Mickey at hospital. Bo & Hope see Gwen & Larry on pier.

Tue - Jul 17 B&H
Pete arrives at hospital and talks to Mickey. Bo goes to Eugene for the walkie-talkie watch to communicate with Hope. Bo gives Hope the watch. Melissa tells Pete she did agree not to see him if Mickey wouldn’t tell it was Pete who shot him. Roman & Marlena. Bo tells Max he will accept his job offer. Pete & Melissa montage to “Let It Be Me”

Wed - Jul 18 B
Bo reports to his first day of work for Max. Megan tells him the art exhibit is going to New Orleans to the World’s Fair. Pete agrees to go back to work at Shenanigan’s and talks to Tess & Chris. Pete tells Tess some guy is looking for her. Bo & Megan in park talking about finding their baby. Diane tells Marlena about her 4-year old son in Foster Care. A letter arrives from Kimberly.

Thu - Jul 19 H
Pete & Melissa meet at the fishing shack and are nearly caught by Maggie. They later pledge their love to one another. Nick, Diane’s former pimp, attempts to blackmail Larry.

Fri - Jul 20 B&H
Max tells Nick to find a 4-year old boy. Max tells Larry that Nick won’t bother him anymore and Nick is doing a favor for him. Calliope & Eugene “officially” meet. Bo & Hope’s row boat filling up with water. [pt 1]. ** Tony coming home “next” week.

Mon - Jul 23 B&H
Bo & Hope’s boat filling up with water--Hope can’t swim [pt 2]. Gene has vibes and ditches Calliope. He jumps in the water and he and Hope end up saving each other. Max announces to the cartel that Bo Brady is his protégée and he’ll be taking him into the organization in New Orleans. He is going to put Bo to the test first. Roman & Marlena. Alex has a cold. Max tells Megan if Bo Brady is what she wants, then she shall have him. ** Tony coming home “this” week.

Tue - Jul 24 NO B&H K
Tony’s plane arriving tonight and Anna is having a party for him. Alex has a cold. Melissa wants to go to 2-week Dance Camp so she can slip away and meet Pete at night. She leaves for camp, thinking Pete isn’t coming along with her. Mr. Daly puts the disc in computer and later sets up a meeting to try to get out of his job. Tess hears someone outside the door. Mystery woman arrives at Tony’s penthouse. Tony arrives, showers, turns on the light, and the mystery woman in his bed screams...it is... KIMBERLY BRADY. Anna walks in on them [pt 1]. KIM'S 1ST DAY

Wed - Jul 25 NO B&H K
Kim, Tony & Anna in Tony’s bedroom [pt 2]. Kim tells them Daphne told her she could stay there as the penthouse was empty. It is Barry at Tess’s door, he calls her Mrs. Reid. Tess packs and leaves with Barry. Tony’s party/Anna’s Fashion Show. Kimberly sees Roman at the party and meets Marlena for the first time. She tells them she is being followed and her place has been ransacked. Mr. Daly’s meeting continues, he wants out in exchange for his silence. Pete comes to Melissa’s cabin, someone is about to catch them.

Thu - Jul 26 NO B&H K
Tony returns Kim’s clothing. They explain their encounter to Roman. Liz & Neil. Diane comes to see Marlena, her son’s foster parents are divorcing. Tess tells Chris, she can’t tell him what is going on. Barry shoves Tess on the bed {pt 1].

Fri - Jul 27 NO B&H NO K&S
Barry shoves Tess on the bed [pt 2]. Pete tells Melissa he almost got caught by the night watchman and his neck hurts from sleeping on the floor. Diane tells Marlena her son’s foster parents have to move by Mon - of next week. Marlena tells her to take the weekend & think about it. Diane goes ahead and signs the papers Nick has and then overhears him say the boy will be in New Orleans. Tess goes to see Chris as Barry is watching & waiting outside. Pete & Melissa swimming, he tells her that he got a job at the camp. Melissa introduces Pete to Susie, as her cousin. Susie tells Melissa her dance moves are not clean.

Mon - Jul 30 B&H NO K&S
Pete, Melissa & Susie after swim, Susie wants lead in the recital or she spills her guts about Pete & Melissa. Barry waiting for Tess while she is at Chris’. Bo & Megan and then Larry & Hope show up dancing. Liz sings, “Whatever We Imagine”. Classic Bo & Hope scene playing “footsies” under the table. Gallery opening is tomorrow night. Hope asks Bo if they are still on for meeting at Eugene’s later. Megan tells Hope that she and Bo had a baby together. Upset... Hope confronts Bo about the baby, when they meet in Eugene’s special room and Bo explains it all to her. Max & Megan head over to the gallery where Bo is supposed to be, Gene alerts him and he rushes off, having to leave Hope at Gene’s.

Tue - Jul 31 B&H K&S
Bo has lunch with Kim, for the first time since she returned. Harold Daly wants Tom to have the safe deposit key. Photographer at Larry’s and Hope’s capturing photos of the “happy couple”. Hope meets “SHANE” her new butler, for the first time. She announces that she wants to go to New Orleans. Hope tells Larry that Bo doesn’t know the baby is his. Bo wants Kim to go to the gallery opening party with Tony so she can take pictures. Tom takes Hope to the hospital to meet with Bo. Pete tells Melissa they need to break away from each other. Art Gallery opening begins, Bo purposely steals statue as a test [pt 1]. SHANE'S 1ST DAY

Wed - Aug 1 B&H K
Art Gallery opening continued [pt 2]. Bo steals statue and gets in the elevator. He comes back and explains why he stole statue and that Megan helped. Barry tells Chris he is Tess’ husband. Max thinks the disk in the exhibit is “the one”. Tony & Kim leave opening and end up on the docks. Bo Asks Max if he is going to have to prove himself to Max’s colleagues, Max agrees he will. Max tells Neil he will soon be asking a favor. Blanche & Harold Daly’s place trashed, Harold dies from heart attack. Tony agrees to invest in Anna’s company if she can get matching funds from another investor. Hope promises Bo she will not come to New Orleans [fingers crossed behind her].

Bo is working for Maxwell Hathaway. He recently found out that Hope was forced to marry the crooked D.A Welch and he was working undercover for Abe to find out information on Hathaway. Larry is having an affair with Gwen. Maxwell staged an art show which showed off one of the three prisms and Bo wanting to show his boss that he was loyal attempted to steal one of the objects by switching off the lights and running to the elevator. After about two minutes or so he came out of the elevator with Larry Welch saying he was going to be arrested but Maxwell said no let Bo explain himself which he eventually. (I think this will lead to him being Maxwell's right hand man which he wants.) Also Harold Daley, a customs clerk who helped Maxwell to bring in his shady art exhibits but wanted out died. He came upon two thugs in his apartment and died but not before he gave the key of his security deposit box to Tom Horton which held incriminating evidence against Maxwell and his men. [Background Info: About two episodes earlier Shane and Kimberly appeared. She had now returned from Paris where she was supposedly a photographer but really she was a prostitute and having hard times that's why she returned to Salem and Shane was posing as a butler in Larry and Hope's house. Tony, on his return from Europe, found Kimberly in his house she had met Daphne in Paris and she had given her the key to the Penthouse. Tony obviously found her very attractive. Anna convinced Tony to invest in her designs by Anna DiMera and contracted Gwen as her lawyer and she was also very jealous of Kimberly.]

Thu - Aug 2 B NO K&S
Megan tries the disk, but it is blank. Carlo & Melissa at the lake, Pete shows up. Maggie catches them, Pete tells her Melissa is with Carlo. Liz & Tess discuss Barry & Chris. Bo tells Max to tell his business associates that Bo Brady is ready to prove himself. Chris tells an unknowing Pete that Tess is married, Pete confronts Tess. Megan tells Bo she is concerned about finding their “son” and what kind of mom she will be. Nick tells Max he has the kid. Abe tells Bo that Max’s art went thru Harold Daly. Carlo & Melissa throw a party. Bo, Megan & Max all going to New Orleans tomorrow. Pete sees Melissa kissing some guy at the end. Liz sings “I Found A Miracle In You”. Megan dreams of she and Bo as Bo flashbacks to “Whatever We Imagine”.

Barry made Tess go to Shenanigans where he introduced himself as Tess's husband. All the while Pete didn't even know that Tess was married . While Mickey was recuperating from his gun shot wound Maggie asked him to stay in the guest house because he was living at the Salem Inn and she figured it was a good place for him to get well. Meanwhile Megan and her father Maxwell hatched a plot to get a child and make Bo believe it was his. You see she had told Bo that they had a child which she gave up for adoption because her mother had come between them and told a lot of lies and she believed that Bo didn't care for her anymore. The child they planned to tell Bo was his, was really Diane's, a prostitute that Bo knew from high school. Bo got her off the street and helped her to get a job as a waitress at Shenanigans. Nick Corelli her former pimp was now working for Maxwell Hathaway and he convinced Diane that he knew a nice family who wanted her kid. Maxwell paid Nick a great deal of money to get the kid. Carlo was falling for Liz but she didn't know but Melissa realized this, he and Melissa threw a party to get their minds off of their problems. At the end of this episode as the credits were rolling, Melissa was kissing another guy whilst Pete was looking on in the bushes. [Background info: In previous episodes Maggie and Mickey had forbidden Melissa to see Pete Jannings but she still continued to do so behind her parent's back. Pete was to be involved in a gang fight because he was one of the members of the Vipers and Melissa begged her father to stop the fight. Well, Mickey went down to the fight and he was shot by Pete accidentally. Pete was arrested and Mickey was in the hospital in a coma. He was shot in the stomach. When Mickey recovered he made a deal with Melissa if she would stop seeing Pete he would tell the police he saw nothing the night of the shooting. Melissa agreed to this but she still saw Pete, it was Pete who made the decision for her because he said he couldn't cause her anymore grief. Tess and Chris had declared their love for each other but then Tess's husband Barry Reid came out of jail to cause problems. Although Tess told him she didn't love him he made her come live with in a little apartment and threatened Chris so that she would stay with him. He also raped her. Meanwhile Chris knew nothing of her husband and Liz whom she had confided in told her she should tell Chris but she kept on insisting she couldn't.]

Fri - Aug 3 B&H NO K&S
NEW ORLEANS on location storyline begins. Max & Megan arrive first. Bo goes to Horton’s to see Hope before leaving for NO. Someone is watching them and Alice confronts the man. Pete & Melissa see each other at Shenanigan’s, he tells her he saw her kissing some guy. Tom gives Blanche the key to the safe deposit box that Harold gave to him before he died. Pete reunites with Speed on the docks and he tries talking Pete into getting a dancing job at the ladies night club. In New Orleans, Bo is contacted by Hope on the wrist radio, she tells him to go to Jackson Square. When Bo arrives there, he is surprised & happy to see Hope.

Mon - Aug 6 B&H NO K&S
Bo & Hope meeting in Jackson Square continued. They tour New Orleans, mimes, etc. Gwen & Larry arrive in NO. Liz & Carlo in NO, she receives flowers from an anonymous admirer. Bo runs into Liz in a restaurant as Hope hides. Liz invites Bo to her opening at the .“Can-Can Cabaret”. Hope surprises Larry with her presence, as Bo & Megan walk in.

In Friday's and Mon - 's episodes Pete left Chris's house to start over and he renewed his friendship with Speed one of his Viper buddies, this was beginning of Melissa and Pete being over for good at least for now. Anyway Sly got him a job at this joint as a stripper and whilst he was there Calliope and Eugene arrived she was there to sell her designs to the sleazy bar owner but Eugene messed it all up for her. In order to make it up to her Eugene offered to buy all her designs. As the gang arrived in New Orleans (the gang being Liz, Carlo, Gwen, Bo, Maxwell and Megan, Larry) Hope who was forbidden to come to New Orleans by both Larry and Bo arrived also. She then ran into Bo chastised her for being there but he was still happy she was. They went all through New Orleans together and they were nearly seen by Liz and Carlo who were in a restaurant they were in but Bo managed to get Hope out of there quickly. After that episode, Hope went to her husband's room where everyone joined them and learnt that she had come to New Orleans, persons pleased with this Bo and Hope of course.

Tue - Aug 7 B&H NO K&S
Barry tells Chris to stay away from his wife. Liz & Carlo at club taking reservations and preparing for her opening. Hope calls Bo on the wrist radio and tells him to meet her. Max shows up, then Megan. Nick calls Max and tells him the”goods” are in NO, meaning the little boy. Blanche & Alice show Howie the contents of Harold’s safe deposit box. Diane tells Howie that Nick has something that belongs to her and she has to get it back. Later she tells him she made a big mistake and now has to fix it. Tess & Barry fight in the car, she goes to Chris’ house and he comforts her. Bo & Hope hide in closet and overhear Max ask Gwen to spend the night with him. Blanche, Alice, Tom & Howie have contents of safe deposit box and take the disk to Eugene’s to use his computer. Liz has her opening and sings for the visitors from Salem. Barry goes to Chris’ to get Tess. Hope falls over balcony outside of Bo’s room when Megan comes in [pt1].

Liz performed in New Orleans in front of the Salemites who went there. Back in Salem Chris was at Blondies when he ran into Tess and Barry in order to get his mind off of them he decided to throw a party. While he was there he ran into Anna and Alex Marshall and told them about Tess's marriage which no one in Salem knew about. Meanwhile Blanche Daley, Howie Hoffsteder, Alice Horton and Dr. Horton had opened Harold Daley's safety-deposit box. It contained a diary, a disk and other document. They decided to take the disk over to Eugene's house because he had a computer. When they inserted the disk it had a lot of numbers and letters and a message that read Three prisms for power. Howie thought it was sort of code and decided to ask Eugene's help in breaking the code. Hope and Bo locked themselves in a closet in Maxwell Hathaway's house to be close to each other and they overheard Max asking Gwen to spend the night with him. After they came out of the closet Megan also made that suggestion to Bo but in other words and Hope was seething inside. Later that night Megan went to Bo's room and Hope was outside the window looking in and Bo saw her. Don't know why but Hope ran forward and lunged over the balcony.

Wed - Aug 8 B&H NO K&S
Bo sends Megan on the hunt of smoke, then pulls Hope to safety. Barry & Chris fight and Chris nearly kills him, Don stops him. Liz receives flowers from Carlo and then a note from the anonymous admirer, who says he is in the room next to hers & to come see. She is angry and goes to confront him and discovers it has been Neil all the time. Megan returns to Bo’s room and Hope hides under the bed. Max wants Bo to meet him at the “Can-Can Cabaret” for an assignment. Bo goes back to his room where Hope is waiting for him, she wants to make love, but he says just couple more days to get the info he needs and then they can be together. Nick tells Max that Diane has checked into the hotel in NO and she must want the kid back. Max tells Bo his assignment is to kill Diane.

Liz received another note from her secret admirer she told Carlo she was going to confront this person once and for all. She had received a note telling her she could meet him in the room next to her. Carlo who was beginning to develop feelings for Liz begged her not to do so as it could be very dangerous but she went ahead anyway. The secret admirer turned out to be Neil who had shown up to surprise her. Meanwhile back in Salem Tess had ran away from Barry to Chris's house. They were there about five minutes when Barry came knocking on the door. Chris answered and he insisted he wanted his wife and barged in. Chris ordered him out of the house and he refused to leave without Tess she grabbed for the phone to call the police but he knocked it away and started knocking her around that was when then he and Chris started to fight. Barry was getting the upper-hand at first but then Chris recovered and started beating him till he was unconscious. Don arrived in time and stopped him or else Chris would have killed him. As the last episode finished, Hope was seen going over the balcony but she managed to hang on until made an excuse to get Megan out of the room and pulled her up. As he and Hope were about to make love the phone rang it was Maxwell Hathaway he told Bo he had an assignment for him to do and he was very mysterious about it he told Bo he couldn't discuss this over the phone. Hope was upset about this because she wanted him to stay and make love to her and so she asked him where is the Bo Brady she fell in love with the one who was afraid of nothing. He told her he was the only clear headed one there he had to keep them both alive. Diane, Bo's classmate from Salem High School who was a prostitute arrived in New Orleans to get her child back from Nick who in return had sold him to Maxwell Hathaway. When Bo arrived at the restaurant Max began to tell him how much he trusted him and he wanted to know what Bo thought about his organization. Bo told him he thought it was a cover for something else but he didn't know what and that Max's banks handled all of the dirty money as he called it. Max told him some of his assumptions were true and that he was a member of a extremely powerful and dangerous organization and if Bo wanted to join forces with them he had to prove himself and this was to kill Diane his friend. Max wanted her out of the way because he wanted to Bo to believe that Diane's child was Megan and Bo's that she had given up years ago.

Thu - Aug 9 B K
Bo greets Diane and dances with her and tells her they are in trouble, he instructs her to change clothes and sneak out and he’ll meet her. Maggie & Melissa run into Pete who sends tea to them, Maggie tells Melissa it is just an excuse to get to talk to her. Max & Neil discuss the medical forms Max wants signed and if Neil doesn’t comply, Max will tell Liz about the money Neil borrowed to purchase “Blondies”, because of Neil’s bad credit. Bo & Diane meet up with a gypsy who holds a gun on them and then tells them that one of them will kill the other. Tony, Anna & Kim out on the town discuss Anna’s business. Blanche calls Alice and tells her she read the diary and it explains all and can Alice go with her to NO so she can give the diary to Bo. Bo agrees to kill Diane for $100,000 and vehicles. Blanche is run down as she and Alice were leaving for NO. Neil signed Max’s forms.

Bo agreed to kill Megan and in return he demanded $100,000 a year and 3 vehicles of his choice. Bo pretended to be dancing with Diane and he whispered to her that she was in grave danger. They met up later at a gypsy's place they thought it was abandoned so that he could tell Diane his plan. The gypsy woman pretended to befriend them by offering soup and telling them they were in grave danger she used some sticks muttered some words and dropped them saying they would tell her what she needed to know she said one of them was to kill the other. Elsewhere in New Orleans Maxwell Hathaway had asked Neil to get him some Medical Forms which he did but Neil had refused to sign them . Max threatened to tell Liz that he loaned him the money to buy Blondie's because his credit was so bad. He also threatened to tell the hospital Neil was trying to pedal the forms illegally to gain money he used the fact that Neil used to be a gambler to enforce his actions. Eventually Neil gave in and signed the forms after telling Max he could go to hell. Meanwhile the gypsy was revealed to be actually working for Nick, Diane's pimp who she had given her baby to. He revealed himself to her and paid her some money after over hearing Bo's plan.

Fri - Aug 10 B&H NO K&S
Blanche died from the hit & run. Tom & Alice are heading to FL for Blanche’s funeral. Alice is then going to sneak off to NO. Bo & Diane stage her death. Melissa overhears Don & Mickey, Don thinks Mickey denied knowing who shot him to keep Pete & Melissa apart. Melissa runs to tell Pete. Bo & Max’s man prepare to go into Diane’s room.

Bo told Maxwell Hathaway the job was finished that he had killed Diane but really she was going to leave town but she never got the chance because she was killed by someone else. When Bo took one of Max's henchmen to the scene she was already dead. Alice discovered the key word to unlocking the code on the disk and decided a plan to say that she and Tom were going to Florida for Blanche's burial and then she would catch a flight to New Orleans to tell Bo what she discovered. Don confronted Mickey about his suspicions of him knowing who shot him. He told him he thought he made a deal with Melissa so she would stop seeing Pete by denying knowing who shot him he told him if it got out it could ruin his career. Melissa overheard this and went to tell Pete who told her that Don couldn't prove this. She was just using this excuse to see Pete. Melissa is so pathetic sometimes. The episode ended with Bo discovering Diane's body.

Mon - Aug 13 B&H K
Tony & Kim on dock having a late night swim. Eugene tells Howie he has unlocked the access code and Howie has to go to NO to save lives. Bo & Max’s man see Diane is dead. Tess visits Barry in hospital. Alice arrives in NO. Bo has passed the test and is welcomed as a member of the Cartel.

Calliope wanted to make up to Eugene for being so kind to her so she made him a coat she told him she made it to suit his personality but the coat was outrageously ugly and Calliope realized Eugene didn't like the gift so she told him she had to bury it at sea although Eugene tried to convince her not to, she dumped it anyway and Eugene jumped in after it after he did that she was convinced he was her hero. Tony, Marlena and Kimberly were on the dock and Tony and Kimberly were having a late night swim. (Why would a Count swim at a dock when he should own a pool) but anyway Kimberly told Marlena she was having problems finding a job in Salem all of them were boring or just didn't pay enough that when Marlena suggested Tony could find her a job because he owned so much companies. Finally Tony agreed to look at her portfolio. Meanwhile Alice had arrived in New Orleans with the excuse that Hope was having morning sickness and she needed her remedy. Earlier Megan had commented that Hope was glowing in her pregnancy and she wasn't even showing. Hope was guzzling champagne all the while (how can a pregnant woman drink). Well everyone was having dinner at The Cann Cann and Gwen and Larry who were still continuing their affair were even dancing. Bo asked Megan to dance all the while looking at Hope who was seething. Alice asked Hope who she thought was behind everything her being forced to marry Larry and Blanche and Harold Daley's deaths. Hope said she thought it was Maxwell Hathaway he had the power and the means to do it and it was obvious he wanted Bo in his family. Alice thought this was ridiculous because he was a banker and his banks owned half the mortgages on her street. At the end of the evening Maxwell told Bo welcome to his family he was now a member of The Cartel. Bo was led into a room and introduced to each member one by one whereby they all welcomed in then the credits rolled.

Tue - Aug 14 B&H K
Megan & Bo walk in on Howie at the Hathaway’s. Howie says he is there as a security consultant for the art exhibit. Kim brings her portfolio for Tony to see. Bo explains about Diane’s death to Howie. Max, Bo & Howie discuss an alarm for the exhibit.

The episode began with Anna bringing over her designs rather Calliope's designs for Tony to look at, Tony was rather peeved because he had an appointment with Kimberly Brady when she arrived he politely asked Anna to leave but she said she had to wait because Eugene would be arriving to pick her up. Kimberly had brought over her portfolio for Tony to look over of course he was critical and they began to argue to Kimberly telling him he could keep his job she didn't need it.Calliope intervened and told them they were opposites on the zodiac chart and that was why they couldn't agree. They both agreed on this though because Tony said he was an Aries and Kimberly said she was an Aquarius. Anna all the while was amused because she was hoping that Kimberly would photograph her designs so she could keep an eye on her. Meanwhile back in Salem Roman and Marlena learnt that Diane was killed. She immediately phoned Bo in New Orleans to tell him the reason why Diane went to New Orleans was to find her son whom she had given up. She left the message with Megan who of course didn't tell Bo a word. She told her father though who told her it was nothing to worry about then she started throwing things all across the room and told him her mother came between her and Bo and she has since gotten over her weaknesses and no one was going to stop her from getting him. Maxwell merely looked at her and left the room. Back in Salem at the Salem Inn Kimberly told Roman how they had been another break-in at a place she had stayed in Paris, Roman asked her if there was anything she was hiding she said no but Roman wasn't convinced Kimberly just rushed off as Abe walked in. Abe confronted Roman about all the traveling that he was doing lately but he said there was nothing to it just routine work. Abe told him he thought that he was working for the ISA but Roman denied it . Abe told him as a friend and a partner Marlena's pregnant and you're working for the ISA, he said it could be only one reason Stefano DiMera you think he's still alive at this Roman said nothing. Meanwhile Bo, Hope, Mrs. H and Howie all met up in Jackson Square where they discussed there plan to steal one of the prisms they were discreet but they were still overheard by one of Maxwell henchmen and then the credits rolled.

Wed - Aug 15 B & H NO K&S
Eugene & Anna on the docks in Salem. Mrs. H, Hope & Megan arrive at a restaurant in NO. Megan catches Hope talking into her watch. Megan’s car is stolen [by Howie]. Cop who informs her of theft--looks like James DiPiva ????

Episode began with Eugene and Anna on the dock she was sunbathing and she asked Eugene to rub some suntan lotion on her back. As Eugene was doing this he began to have this fantasy about Anna I guess it made him so hot he had to go take a swim. Pete and Tess were at Shenanigans when Chris came in they were talking about Pete's new job and he was avoiding the subject. When Chris came to the table he made an excuse to leave after telling Chris to take care of his sister. Mrs. Horton, Hope and Megan were having lunch together but they wanted to get rid of Megan so they could meet Howie and Bo. Hope contacted Bo via her watch and was almost caught by Megan. Megan said Hope don't you think its a bit childish talking into your watch she told Megan it was a game they used to play when she was a child so they were just reminiscing. Megan bought the story. Howie was tired of waiting so he stole Megan's car and then doubled back to Bo's car and while the police were talking to Megan Hope and Alice left and Bo and Howie followed them. They met in a park where they discussed their plans. Bo and Howie planned to steal one of the prisms but Alice was to have a duplicate made so no one would notice. Hope was to keep everyone away from the exhibit during the parade that was being held in town for the royal family from Tibet. After discussing their plans Howie and Alice went for a walk to give the couple some time together. Hope told Bo how she couldn't wait for this whole mess to blow over and he told her not to worry it was just a matter of days. Back in Salem Eugene invited Anna to the movies as there were leaving the dock and Chris and Tess arrived. Tess was talking about what Barry would do when he left the hospital and Chris told she knew what had to be and that was to file for divorce he told her he couldn't do it for her this was something she had to do for herself. Anna and Eugene arrived at the Salem Inn where Marlena and Maggie were having lunch. She told Marlena she thought Don and Mickey were hiding something from her and that Melissa overheard and she won't tell her anything either. Marlena told her not to worry Don would tell her soon. Marlena went over to ask Eugene for a lift to the hospital but he had lent his cab to Calliope who went to The Strip Joint where Pete worked to sell some more of her costumes. She told Eugene she couldn't let Anna know she was making any extra money or she wouldn't pay her. Don arrived at the Salem Inn and he Maggie started to talk she asked him what it was that he and Mickey were keeping from her Don refused to tell her so Maggie walked out and told him she was going to ask Mickey. Marlena was surprised to see Maggie had left when she returned to the table.At Pete's work place one of the strippers called in sick and the sleazy boss was trying to get Pete to go on stage in place of him. Pete was reluctant at first but when heard you could make up to a 100 bucks a night he decided to go for it after asking Calliope not to tell anyone that he worked there. Pete strutted his stuff on stage and he was dressed as a cop and outfit which Calliope made for the other stripper that called in sick. He didn't strip right down to a G-string he left on his pants grabbed the money and then ran off the stage. His boss informed the crowd that was just a taste there was more to come as Pete didn't know the other stripper was going to be out for a couple more days with a sprained ankle. Calliope told the boss she felt sorry for the poor kid. Back in New Orleans Bo and Hope were kissing and telling each other how much they loved each other when they were leaving Bo picked a flower and put it in Hope's hair. After they left a man appeared wearing a glove with only had three fingers the other two were missing he picked the exact same flower as Bo and then the credits rolled.

Thu - Aug 16 B&H NO K&S
Liz & Neil talk about his surprising her in NO. Bo & the gang making preps for the heist. Mrs. H picks up the replacement prism. Maggie over hears Mickey tell Pete “Stay away from Melissa & stay away from jail”. Hope does her act to buy time while Bo switches the prism’s. Hope knocks over a marble exhibit which triggers the alarm system. [pt 1] Special Report interruptions LA--DeLorean.

Maggie and Mickey met up at Shenanigans to discuss what Don and him were keeping from Maggie. Chris was there and he saw Pete counting a lot of money and asked him where he got it from, Pete said from his new job and that he wasn't lying, Chris said okay he believed him. Calliope came in whilst there were talking and winked at Pete, Chris saw it and asked if he knew her Pete said sure from around here I think Chris was a little doubtful. After Chris left Pete went over to her table to ask her not to make it so obvious she agreed to and then invited Pete to a party at the Curtises. He was reluctant at first but then he agreed. Meanwhile in New Orleans Hope was leaving her room when someone grabbed her by the mouth and dragged her into a room. It was Bo he told her don't say anything just kiss me. Mrs. Horton and Howie arrived for Breakfast and Megan invited them in. She said she was just going upstairs to see what was taking Bo so long and Alice knowing Bo and Hope were probably together pretended to feel faint. Megan asked if there was anything she could get her and Alice said a nice cup of tea as usual. After she left Howie phoned upstairs to warn Bo. Megan reaching the top of the stairs saw Hope as usual they pretended to be civil to each other while dishing out insults. As everyone sat down for breakfast Maxwell came in, he and Megan got into an argument about working Bo too hard. They left the room and went outside to talk and closed the door. As they were arguing Bo came outside and heard them, he asked am I interrupting anything Megan sweetly said Daddy knows when I don't get my own way I throw a tantrum. Back in Salem, Anna arrived at Liz's house to show her some of her designs but she could tell that Liz was distracted. She asked her if anything was wrong she said yes it was Neil something was going on with him and he wouldn't let her in. Anna told her not to worry men were sometimes like that. Neil had begun to worry about the medical forms he'd given to Max and so he called him in New Orleans but Max told him he would have to speak to him later and hung up the phone this was during breakfast at the Hathaway Mansion. Before there plans were carried out Bo told Alice if anything happened to him he wanted she and Mr. Horton to take care of Hope for him. Alice refused to listen to this saying they would be no need to because he and Hope were going to be together. Meanwhile in Orleans Hope, Howie and Mrs. Horton went to the exhibit to distract the guards. What they didn't know was that Maxwell Hathaway and two of his associates were on there way there to check out the exhibition. Hope pretended to be looking for Larry but the guards insisted her husband wasn't there she preceded to hit them with her bag and told them they were just like him. After they told her she had to leave she pretended to faint and Alice told them she was pregnant and she couldn't leave not in her condition. Everyone arrived for the Curtises party Mickey, Maggie, Pete, Calliope, Chris and Anna and Eugene who Calliope was angry with for coming with Anna after he had turned her down. Mickey ran into Pete and told him if this was a way of him trying to meet Melissa he had better be careful or the deal was off. Maggie had walked into the room unknown Mickey as he told Pete as he left the room stay away from Melissa and stay away from Jail! Maggie said Mickey Oh My God! Hope's stalling was enough time for Bo to steal the prism and replace it with a fake but Hope spilled some marbles which caused the alarms to go off and then the guards saw the rope that Bo had used and said that the guy still had to be up there Hope began to cry and said I'm so sorry Bo. Credits

Fri - Aug 17 B&H K
Bo switching prism’s [pt 2]. Bo & Hope chased all over New Orleans. Maggie presses Mickey about Pete being the one who shot him and he finally admits it. Party at Curtis’ continues as Liz & Neil slip away to make love. Max called to the art exhibit and alerted about the theft attempt. Alice is conductor of the trolley car and helps Bo & Hope get away. Howie looses the prism over the edge of the showboat when a man lunges at him and the man falls in the river. Bo arrives at Oak Alley “Holding Out For A Hero” [pt 1]

Bo met up with Hope and they were being chased by the security officers at the exhibit. Maxwell was informed of the attempted robbery and went onto the exhibit to look at the prism he informed the members of the cartel that nothing was stolen. If he knew that the prism was a fake he didn't let on and Megan told him he was very lucky. Bo and Hope were still being chased by the security officers but someone was shooting them it was as if someone was looking out for them. They then met up with Alice who was dressed as a conductor and looking mighty young I must say and she and Hope boarded a bus. Bo then met Howie and gave him the prism to hold for him, all the while this mysterious man was looking on. (I think it is Shane Donovan because he could have killed Hope and Bo but he didn't) Well the woman stopped talking to Howie and he put the prism into his pocket and held the bag over the pier that was when the man lunged at him and fell over the pier into the water. Howie just peered over at him and said Bo would have killed me. Bo in the meantime was riding through the countryside and he found Oak Alley Plantation and he said this would be the perfect place to meet Hope then the credits rolled.

Mon - Aug 20 B&H NO K&S
Bo’s arrival at Oak Alley replayed. Hope’s watch in the river sets off monitor at Eugene’s. Hope is on her way to Oak Alley and hitches a ride with the gypsies. Bo looking for Hope at Oak Alley. Max & company looking for Bo & Hope. Max calls Liz and tells her there is a problem with loan at Blonies. Hope finally arrives at Oak Alley [pt 1].

Calliope was at Euge's home. He went to the kitchen to get her a soda but he told her not to touch anything. Of course she didn't listen and ended up blowing up all of Eugene's inventions. Eugene was livid luckily Abe arrived in time to stop any further arguing.(because I just can't take these two) Howie went to the police and told them about the guy who went over the pier. The prism was in the water (by the way I thought Howie had managed to put it away in time) however the police thought he was somehow connected to the attempted robbery seeing he fit the description and so they called Maxwell Hathaway.Max came down to the station with Megan and Alice whom they had met up with earlier and she told them she had lost Hope. Alice explained to Maxwell how Hope had too much to drink and she was feeling neglected by Larry and she went there to look for him and that is why she was reacting that way. Larry and Gwen were discussing the attempted robbery of the exhibit and he told Gwen he felt that Hope and Bo were somehow involved. Gwen didn't believe this was true but she asked Larry why he didn't tell Maxwell to go to hell and let them get on with their lives. Larry said he was tired of that spoiled brat Hope so Gwen told him well get a divorce then but he said no he still needed her for his campaign. Back in Salem Abe asked Eugene if he he'd heard any word from Bo but Eugene said no and that he couldn't track them on his radar either. Abe said he was beginning to get worried. Melissa and Pete ran into each other on the dock, Pete told her he'd gotten a place of his own and that he wanted to fix it up. It was above Shenanigans he said it wasn't as nice as Hope's but she was invited if she wanted to come. Pete said it wasn't wise to be there on the dock so they left. Over at Blondies Liz and Neil were having dinner when the phone rang and it was for Liz the waiter told her it was Maxwell Hathaway. Earlier Neil had called and threatened him about the medical forms he told him he could tell the hospital he had signed some forms and they had disappeared and he was worried about them. Maxwell did not take this threat lightly he told Liz there was a problem with the loan on the club and he would speak to her when he got back to Salem. Neil told her it was probably and accounting error and he would deal with it himself . Eugene arrived at Blondies where he met up with Melissa he told her Trista's cousin was coming to Salem and he wanted her to go out with him. Pete was coming through the club and he overheard as Melissa agreed to go on the date. Back in New Orleans Howie was free to go from the police station after Maxwell told the police he didn't think he was involved. Hope was supposed to meet Bo at Oak Alley Plantation, she hitched a ride with these gypsies who told her they followed the wind and whatever direction it took them. Hope had to pay them money to take her there she also had to give the woman her dress in exchange for the woman's gypsy wear. Bo in the mean time was wondering what was taking Hope so long he had to take a cleaning job in order for no one to suspect him. Finally Hope reached there and they embraced and kissed Bo told her he thought he had lost her and she told him you'll never lose me then the credits rolled.

Tue - Aug 21 - No show in the US due to a Geraldine Ferraro press conference.

Wed - Aug 22 B&H K
Hope arrives at Oak Alley [pt 2]. Hope tells Bo about the gypsies. Eugene introduces Marlena’s cousin, Rick to Melissa. Rick is going to Salem College. Sam, Pete’s boss, wants him to dance & strip permanently. Pete dances as the “Arabian Knight”. Kim & Don talk on the docks. Bo & Hope make love for the first time.

Eugene met up with Trista's cousin Rick Evans he introduced him to Melissa and she welcomed him to Salem. Marlena arrived to greet Rick they weren't really cousins just by marriages I suppose he was like some distant cousin. Bo and Hope were at Oak Alley Plantation and she tried on a dress that was from the 18th century so then the caretaker came and they tried to hide but he realized it was a trick as they came out of their hiding place he passed out from a bottle of cognac Bo had given him earlier. Bo lifted him up the stairs and put him to bed he said it was the least he could do. Back in Salem Melissa, Marlena and Eugene were having dinner when Calliope walked in she saw Eugene there and went over to talk. Eugene wasn't very polite, after she left Eugene asked Melissa when she last spoke to Hope she said, "its been days, why?" Eugene told her he had a feeling she was in Paradise right about now. Calliope went to the bar and ordered a drink, she and Chris made small talk and then she asked him out. (seems Calliope is very desperate for a man, either that or she wants to make Eugene jealous). Anyway, Melissa asked Rick if he wanted to take a walk which they did. They ended up on the dock of course and Rick asked her if she was now getting over someone. She said yes does it show that much, he told her if she was going to Salem University he would like to see her only as a friend of course. I think talking to him cheered Melissa up somewhat. At The Strip Joint, Speed and Sam (Pete's boss) were pressuring Pete to perform again as usual he made a fuss. Calliope had brought over some more designs and Pete chose to go on stage as the Arabian knight he stripped to the song Lets hear It for the Boy and this time he stripped right down to a bikini that boy's got some moves. Speed and Sam told him how great he looked but Pete still wasn't sure about especially when Sam told him to keep the ladies happy. Back at Oak Alley Plantation Bo was undressing Hope. She seemed a little nervous and she told him she was glad that they had waited. He had a dinner prepared and some Champagne (at least he was romantic about it) but Hope said she wasn't hungry. He finished undressing her and laid her on the bed. Then after a minute or so they were naked in bed together and he told her he was going to love her forever and asked her if she knew how good she felt. They kissed again and Hope told him they should put up a sign Bo and Hope made love here for the first time. Hope said the first and second time and then she rolled on top of Bo. Then the credits

Thu - Aug 23 B&H K
Bo & Hope repeated from the end of previous show only. Max’s men on the way over as Max & Megan still looking for Bo & Hope. Kim & Anna talk about Tony, Kim is not interested in him. Pete sees Melissa with Rick and is jealous, they talk. Later Melissa goes to Pete’s room and they kiss and confess their love for each other. Tony sees a wad of bills in Kim’s purse. The Cartel listens as Max explains that when the three prisms are positioned correctly, they give power. One of the men questions the authenticity of the prism, Max tell him it is very hard as a diamond and unbreakable. To demonstrate, he drops the prism, which shatters. The lead henchman says “Find Bo Brady at once!!!”

Note: Hope and Bo were shown in bed together but that was what was shown in the previous episode and they didn't show them again.] Kimberly and Anna were at Shenanigans and Kimberly told her she didn't like the animosity between Anna and herself and she wanted to bury the hatchet but Anna was still bitter. To prove her point to Anna when Tony joined them she told him he should forgive Anna because she was looking out for him and she didn't know that Andre wasn't really Tony. Anna told her she was just saying that to make herself look good and then they all started arguing at once and Kimberly walked out, Tony followed her and told her maybe she was right maybe it was about time he did forgive her. Alex Marshall appeared and told Kimberly Marlena and Roman wanted her she then left with Alex. Roman and Marlena were trying to convince Kimberly to stay with them but she wouldn't hear of hear it. Roman told her he heard Alex Marshall only washed the sheets once a week to save money. All of them started laughing. Melissa went up to Pete's room to see him. This time he didn't push her away he told her he was going to save enough money to take her away from Salem so they could be together. Tess who had went and picked up Barry from the hospital was feeing a bit down and so she went to her little brother to cry on his shoulder. Pete told her Kositchek loved her and that was all she needed. Meanwhile in New Orleans Maxwell Hathway had the prism delivered and they were very nervous because the Cartel were on they way there and Bo couldn't be found. Eugene was getting these impressions about something slimy and sleek but he couldn't figure out what it was. Actually it was alligator that was in the same river that the real prism was. I think one of the alligators will swallow the prism. One of Maxwell's henchmen dared him to drop the prism. Maxwell said it was ridiculous as the prism was unbreakable. Maxwell said he would if he didn't believe him and Megan told him Daddy I don't think this is such a good idea. Maxwell didn't listen and dropped it anyway, the glass shattered. The Cartel said find Bo Brady right away then the credits rolled.

Fri - Aug 24 B&H K
Bo & Hope wake up at Oak Alley together. Kim visits Tony with real estate pictures. He tells her he wants her to got to Paris tonight and photograph real estate there. She says “I Quit!!!” and runs out. She returns and tells him there are people there she doesn’t want to run into. Megan asks Max who could have taken the prism. Bo in bubbles :) and then he & Hope share a bubble bath. Bo has a surprise for Hope, tells her to put on the dress and come downstairs when she hears the music. Bo asks Hope to marry him and they have their wedding. Tony wants Kim to photograph Anna’s designs, but be on his payroll. Howie is released by the police, Max wants him found, but he eludes Max’s men. Howie and the half-gloved man are both on their way to Oak Alley.

Bo and Hope dressed up as Rhett and Scarlet. They donned costumes from the museum and Bo proposed to her. He also gave her a ring and he read a poem to her whilst she said the words from her heart. Howie was being chased by Maxwells men while he was on his way to Oak Alley Plantation to see Bo but he managed to lose them. Max was furious as he wanted to know how they could lose the guy as he was so conspicuous. I think Maxwell was beginning to lose it. Megan still believed that Bo had nothing to do with the theft, she believed that Bo had to have an explanation for his disappearance, she felt he was after the culprits. Tony and Kimberly were at Tony's Penthouse she told him in no uncertain terms that she wasn't going back to Paris Tony agreed to this but only if she would work alongside Anna. Tony wanted to know why she seamed so petrified after he mentioned her going back to Paris. She told him she just didn't want to run into some one. Tony assumed it was an old boyfriend. Marlena arrived then to discuss with Tony the hospitals' fund raiser just as Kimberly was leaving Tony told her to come back in an hour they had further work to discuss. Just then Alex Marshall and Marie Horton came in. She had cut her hair and asked Marlena if she liked it she said no I love it. Marie and Alex got into an argument about Howie Hoffsteder Marie told him she wasn't interested in him. He said you prefer a man who's been to jail over me and she told him I don't which is worse--a man who's been to jail or a man who committed a crime and should be there but got away. Alex went silent at this comment. Back in New Orleans Bo and Hope spotted a horse and buggy on the Plantation's grounds so they went for a ride in it they were laughing and kissing and then the episode ended.

Mon - Aug 27 B&H K
Bo & Hope have a picnic and make love on the grounds at Oak Alley. Max tells Megan that he has ordered Bo brought to him. Roman & Abe attempt to put the baby crib together, Carrie ends up doing it. The half-gloved man watches Bo & Hope at Oak Alley. Howie arrives and tells Bo & Hope how he lost the prism in the Mississippi River. Howie tells Bo he is going to need a good cover story with Max. Hope muddies up Bo to make it look like he has been chasing after the prism thief. Howie belts Bo to complete the effect. Madam DuPries’ first day. Hope returns to Max’s with a story that she was going to Switzerland. Bo returns to Max’s house and is shot.

Hope and Bo had a little picnic on the grounds of Oak Alley Plantation and then they made love. The mystery man finally arrived at Oak Alley Plantation but he wasn't seen by either Bo or Hope. Back in New Orleans Megan demanded to know what sort of instructions were given to Maxwell's men when they captured Bo. Her father told her by whatever means possible. She was livid she told them if any of them hurt Bo they would answer to her. When Bo and Hope returned to the plantation they were surprised to see Howie there. Bo asked him what he was doing there and he told them the whole story about how the prism fell into the bottom of the Mississippi. Bo didn't waste much time on deciding what to do he told Hope to go get changed that she had to go back to the Hathaway Mansion hope agreed although she was scared. While Hope was upstairs dressing Bo and Howie heard a noise in the other room they went to check it out but didn't see anything however it was the mystery man who'd been following them. When Hope came downstairs Bo told her he needed to look like a man who'd been chasing a thief for years. He and Hope went down to the river and she smeared mud all over him. When they went back up to the house Bo asked Howie to hit him. Howie couldn't bring himself to do it but then he did Bo stunned told him Howie I didn't know you had it in ya. Back in Salem Roman and Abe were trying to assemble a crib for him and Marlena's baby. They were having a hard time fixing it so Marlena decided to make them lunch then Eugene called and told Abe he was very worried about Hope but Abe told him that he got it from a reliable source that she was in safe hands. Eugene then figured out what he meant but decided to come over anyway. Alex Marshall received a check for $500 as first payment for writing his book but he proceeded to tear it up. Anna and Kimberly who had found it very amusing scolded him for tearing up the check. Then Tony came in and Anna told everyone they had a date Tony told her she looked very beautiful. Over at Marlena and Romans' house they were still trying to put the crib together. Carrie had been helping and Roman told her to stop because she was going to mess everything up but she ended up being more help than trouble because she figured out how to put up the crib. Back in New Orleans Hope arrived at the house. She pretended she was drunk but I don't think they were convinced. She started ranting and raving about Larry and they asked her if she'd seen Bo. She said no he could be at the bottom of the Mississippi for all she cared. Bo ran into two of Maxwell's men and started to explain but they wouldn't listen and one of them shot him. He was dragged into the room where Hope, Max and Megan were and Megan began screaming like a banshee while Hope did all she could to stop from crying. Credits rolled.

Tue - Aug 28 B&H K
Bo was not injured in the shooting. Alice arrives and helps bail out Hope’s explanation of her whereabouts. Kim agrees to move in with Roman & Marlena. Bo meets with Mrs. H & Hope at Jackson Square, Bo insists Hope return to Salem with Mrs. H.

A mysterious woman checked into the Salem Inn under the name Madame X DuPrix. Alex found her very strange and so he went to Kimberly and asked her if he wanted to find out about someone from Paris how would he go about it. Melissa, Rick and Carlo threw a party down at the dock with some friends of theirs. Rick made his decision to stay in Salem then he asked Carlo if he would consider sharing an apartment with him but Carlo told him he had a very comfortable room at the Curtises. Meanwhile in New Orleans Bo wasn't really shot it just looked that way when he came in. Anyway Larry barged in and demanded to know where Hope was. Bo of course defended her and Maxwell told him he should know better to come between a man and his wife. Mrs. Horton then came in and gave the explanation for Hopes' absence was that she was going to Zurich to meet her father and sister and that she changed her mind at the last minute. Larry demanded proof of this which Mrs. Horton produced then she told Hope she think she should rest and stop all the drinking she has been doing. Maxwell and Carlton proceeded to interrogate Bo when everyone else had left the room. Bo pretended that he didn't know the prism had been stolen, Carlton was still doubtful but Maxwell was beginning to believe Bo. Larry went back to Salem without Hope and she and Bo met up later he told her she gave a convincing performance. Back in Salem Melissa asked Carlo for his help in finding out where Pete worked but Carlo declined saying she should just ask Pete himself and if he didn't want to tell her she should just leave it alone. Melissa said fine she would get someone else. Alex was even more curious about Madame X now and he decided to move into the room opposite hers. Anna and Tony went for a boat ride on the lake that was his surprise to her he wanted her to find herself and after that he didn't know if things could be same between them but he told her he would always love her. This really shook Anna up and she decided that he was right she had to be independent. Tony told her he wanted a woman that was his equal. Then the episode ended.

Wed - Aug 29 H S
Melissa and Maggie were at Hope and Larry's house to welcome them home. Hope and Larry were arguing as they came through the door. Larry demanded to know what they were doing there. Maggie just explained that they just brought over some food and filled the refrigerator for them, Larry apologized and immediately excused himself saying he had to get back to the office. After he left Maggie asked Hope what was strong she kept saying she was happy but she didn't buy it. Hope managed to talk her way out of it by saying it was the pregnancy. Afterwards Maggie left and asked Melissa if she was coming Melissa said no she needed to ask Hope some advice. Melissa told her it's Bo right, Hope denied it and Melissa said its just that she can't imagine her with anyone else but Bo. After Melissa left Hope received a call from Abe she was to say her car was stalled and have Gene pick her up. Hope said okay and went upstairs just then Shane arrived Hope had left her purse on the sofa and when she came downstairs she caught Shane going through it and she threw her shoe at him, he ducked and it missed. Hope immediately ordered him out of her house and threatened to call the police, Shane told her Larry would have something different to say about it. Hope told him she was leaving and by the time she got back he'd better be gone. When she left Shane said I swear that woman looks even better when she's angry. At Shenanigans Calliope ordered a burger and a soda it came to $3.75 but she didn't have enough to pay for it. She told Danny this and he told her he could put it on a tab, she confided to Danny that she was about to be evicted out of her apartment for not paying her rent. Danny told Eugene and told him he had to do something about it. Eugene sat down and talked to Calliope and told her he would help her but she refused stating she was not a charity case. She came up with some hair raising idea saying she would make outfits for cats and dogs and parakeets because they needed clothes too. At the park Marlena ran into Maggie who asked her to speak to Hope and she said she would, Marlena left just as Don arrived. Maggie told him she was worried about Mickey not about his health but his state of mind, Don asked her how she felt about Mickey and she couldn't answer. Hope had left the house and pretended her car was stalled, then she picked up the phone and called Eugene who said he was on his way over. Just then Marlena arrived she asked Hope why wasn't she showing just a little yet. Hope told her she must be just like her mother she heard she didn't show until she was six months. Eugene arrived and Hope hurried Marlena out telling her she would talk to her later. Tess was in the park on the phone talking to Chris when Barry walked up, he told her he had gotten a new job and he was going to pay the hospital bill. It was as a chauffeur at this rich guy's house (probably Maxwell Hathaway) and he was going to get them a house and everything. Tess told him she couldn't go back but he wouldn't hear of it and started shaking her, she asked what are you gonna do hit me but Barry just doubled over in pain and Tess asked him what was it. He was breathless and Tess told him she had to go. She then went over at Shenanigans where she met up with Chris and they went off to talk. Over at the Salem Inn Larry was having lunch with one of political stalwarts and Alice and Tom arrived. Hegot up to greet them and after he went back to his table Alice said the sight of that man made her skin run cold. Tom didn't like the idea of Hope living in a house with him but Alice assured him Bo said nothing would happen. Tom said I hope Bo's right this time. Alex and Anna were at another table talking he asked her how did things go last night. She said she and Tony were just friends now and she asked him how things were going with Madame Du Prix. Alex told her she was loaded he had just gotten back from the Credit Bureau he had lots of friends over there. He signaled a bell boy and asked him how was Madame X enjoying her stay he said she was driving the Chef crazy asking for caviar and their best bottle of wine things that they didn't have. He told him get her whatever she wanted and tell her it was compliments of Alex Marshall. Hope met up with Gene and Abe and Abe told him he needed to be on a flight to New Orleans tonight he had to track the prism, he might need to learn how to scuba dive too, Hope was just to stay put and do everything as usual. When Hope arrived back home one of Maxwell's henchmen was waiting. He started pushing her around and gave her a book and told her she was to do everything in it. From now on everything she did was to come from that book. Hope started to cry and then the credits rolled.

Thu - Aug 30, 1998 B&H S
Show contains Pete & Melissa, Bo & Megan, Hope & henchman. Roman goes to see Hope and questions her about Bo.

Melissa and Rick were having dinner at The Salem Inn when she saw Pete come in with a woman all over him. She told Rick she'd lost her appetite and then they left. Pete told the woman who was Sam's' (his Boss) sister that he was not feeling well so she told him to go home but next time she wouldn't let him get away that easily. Maggie and Don talked and she decided to give him back his ring. She told him she didn't know how she felt anymore and she hoped she would always have his friendship. After that Maggie telephoned Mickey and told him they had to talk. They met up at the park where Melissa and Pete were talking, when they heard them approaching they hid in some bushes behind Maggie and Mickey and Melissa overheard when she told him she had given Don his ring back. She was excited because it meant a chance for her to get them back together. Over at the Salem Inn Don met up with Marlena and Roman after Roman left the table Marlena asked him if he needed to talk and he told her what happened but he didn't feel like talking she told him okay but if he ever needed to he could come to her. He told her thanks. Eugene arrived in New Orleans and went over to the exhibit with Bo where he subsequently ran into Megan who was trying to come on to Bo who was trying his best to shake her off. She demanded to know what he was doing there and asked if her father knew he was there. Bo told her no but Eugene might be able to help them locate the prism because he had some very good tracking devices. Megan believed them and said she would be going home. After she left Bo said good lets get to work and then the credits.

Fri - Aug 31 B NO K&S
Megan reminds Bo that Daddy wouldn’t like Eugene knowing about the prism. Marlena’s ultrasound is tomorrow. Megan shows Bo a partial letter she found of her mother’s. Max sent Neil a tape of their conversation over loan. Neil catches Carlo hugging Liz at end.

Alex Marshall forged his way into Madame X Du Prix's room to ask her if she wanted to invest in his business. Anna who saw this and overheard Alex when Alex ordered a bottle of champagne to be delivered to Madame X's room and so she dressed up as a maid and tried to pitch her dress designs to Madame X. She told her Count Tony DiMera was going to invest in her company but she needed another investor Madame Du Prix told her the designs were very good but she turned her down. Liz and Carlo were home when Neil came home early. He was in a very good mood and offered to take Noelle and her to lunch he was going to take the rest of the afternoon off that was until he received a phone call from Maxwell Hathaway. He immediately went for a drink and after he came off the phone Liz asked him what was wrong but Neil denied that anything was wrong. Max had told him over the phone to check his mail because he meant business if he didn't comply and hand him over some more medical forms Liz would know about his loan. He and Liz argued and he stormed out of the house after he left Carlo told her he never heard Neil shout at her before she told him it was the first time. She asked him if he wanted to go out to lunch he didn't want to but she persuaded him. When they went to the Salem Inn Neil was there having a drink Marie was also there with Marlena and she left and went over to Neil's table. She began asking him if he wasn't on duty at the hospital and why was he drinking. Neil told her he didn't need any nagging from any of his ex or present wives. Alex who overheard wanted to throw Neil out but he apologized to Marie who said it was okay. When she saw Liz and Carlo standing there watching them she excused herself and Liz sat down to talk to Neil. She told him she didn't like being lied the had told he was going to the hospital and now he was there with Marie. He said there was no need for her to be jealous of Marie and he apologized for shouting at her, he attributed his mood to stress. After that Neil went home and Liz went on to the hospital where she met up with Tom Horton and asked about Neil's schedule if it could be a little less strenuous as he was under a lot of pressure, Tom said sure. In New Orleans Eugene and Bo tracked the prism back to Oak Alley Plantation, Gene asked if this was where he and Hope had their romantic adventure and Bo told him yes. Gene said he would take a look around the premises but Bo couldn't come as someone could probably recognize him. Back in the car Bo made a phone call at the hospital on Eugene's bow tie phone and told him a package was to be delivered to Hope at Blondies he also told him to tell her he loved her and he missed her. Just then Eugene came back and told him he saw a strange guy down by the marsh and he thought they should follow him as the signal led that way. Bo said lets go.

Mon - Sep 3 B&H NO K&S
Neil, Liz & Carlo. Hope & Larry ready to go to party. Liz sings “Greatest Love Affair” . Bo & max try to figure out what woman is getting a package delivered to her.

Eugene and Bo tracked the prism to a marsh where they discovered that it was in the stomach of an alligator. Bo asked him how were they supposed to get it out but Gene had no idea. They were sprayed on by a skunk also and they returned to Salem. Neil and Liz who had made up were at home talking, she was getting ready to go over to the club for Larry's party when the phone ran it was Maxwell Hathaway, he told Neil he was over at Blondie's and he should join him. Neil immediately dressed and went over with Liz. Marlena arrived at Larry and Hope townhouse with Dr. Horton, she asked them if they knew where Gene was she had been trying to reach him and he wasn't answering the phone she also said she saw someone upstairs in the house. Hope told her Gene was probably caught up in one of his inventions, Marlena said yes probably that's it but she would try calling again. The person Marlena saw was actually Calliope who'd been kicked out of her apartment and was now residing at Gene's unknown to him.While Marlena went to use the bathroom Hope asked Tom if he'd heard from Bo he said yes earlier he told her that he said that he missed her and he loved her and she was to pick up a package over at Blondie's. She was curious to know what it was. Bo and Eugene arrived at Gene's house where Eugene told him they would have to use tomato juice to get rid of the smell, Bo was sitting on Gene's bed while he was in the shower and he asked him what was the fluffy thing on his bed Gene told him it probably belonged to Calliope. At the party at Blondie's Larry made a speech and introduced everyone to his wife Hope Williams Welch as Bo was looking on. When Hope saw him she excused herself while she was passing by Carlton and his wife Ruth were arguing and she dropped a note which Hope stepped on and picked up without anyone observing an picked it up. Maxwell was talking to Bo and asked him what was going on Bo practically shouted at him that he would talk to him in the morning. Maxwell didn't like this one bit but he shut up when Bo asked him if he wanted to cause a scene. Meanwhile Madame X Du prix had called Alex to room and she made him an offer he couldn't refuse. She told him he was to invest in Anna DiMera Designs and in return he would receive a large salary and an expense account. He was not to let Ms. DiMera know it was she who had given him the money and he was to make up a good reason as to how he got it. Alex who could not believe his good fortune picked up the phone and called Anna he told her Stefano DiMera hadn't been successful in draining all of his bank accounts. Anna was hysterical she said Alex do you mean to tell me you're rich again he said you've got that right honey. Bo and Hope were kissing and hugging downstairs in the cellar when she asked him what was that smell, he embarrassingly told her it was him, she laughed and he told her a skunk got him and gave her a flower to smell. Then they heard someone coming down the stairs and they hid.

Tue - Sep 4 B&H NO K&S
Tom Horton was the person behind the footsteps that Bo and Hope were hearing in the cellar, he came to warn them that Larry was looking for Hope. Meanwhile Eugene discovered Calliope in his bed and threw her out. He had gotten a vibe about Bo and Hope and went to warn them. He told Calliope to put on her clothes and gave her the keys to his cab and told her to meet him at Blondie's. Pete was doing his strip act and Madame Du prix was a part of the audience, one of the ladies asked her isn't he something and she said we shall see. After Pete came off the stage the women immediately mobbed him and Speed had to tell them give him a break he would talk to them later. Sam told him he had to take them out and make them happy so they went over to the Salem Inn where Mickey and Maggie were having dinner. Maggie saw Calliope there looking very sad and asked her what was wrong (although I thought she was supposed to meet Gene at Blondie's seems they get their restaurants confused) anyway Calliope told her she had no place to live and not even two dimes to her name but she still had her pride. Maggie asked her to join them for dinner of course she accepted. Larry who was with Gwen called at the Hortons for Hope and Tom told him she had gone for a walk over by Marlena after Larry hung up and said he was going to call her over there, Tom hurried over and grabbed the phone from Marlena who had wanted a peaceful night with just Roman and her. Gene had already told Hope she had to get over to Marlena, she and Bo were nearly caught by Larry in Gene's cab but she hid in some bushes. Gwen and Larry were in his car when some political people that Larry knew and he quickly pulled Gwen down in the seat. Gwen was very angry and hurt about that and Larry told her she knew what the situation was when she got involved. Gwen left the car fuming and went over to the Salem Inn where Eugene and Calliope were, when Gene saw her he ditched Calliope who seemed jealous and took her home. Tom apologized to Marlena for snatching the phone and suggested to Roman they play some chess to pass the time. When Hope arrived he asked her if Alice had went to bed, Hope didn't catch on at first but then she said yes. After Tom left Bo arrived and told Marlena he came to see how the pregnant lady was and rubbed her stomach. He said seems like I can't go anywhere without running into you Mrs. Welch, Roman said do you two expect us to believe you just happened to come over here and demanded to know what was going on. Marlena said she felt they had issues to resolve and if they didn't it could cause problems with Hope's marriage and her baby so she and Roman left them alone to talk. After they left Bo turned out the lights and they began to kiss, then they heard a car outside, Hope made sure Bo was outside before she opened the door. Larry wondered why Marlena and Roman would leave her in a darkened room alone, Hope told him they just did and that he had her waiting long enough lets go .When they went outside they heard a motorcycle speeding off, Larry said "that motorcycle sounds in a big hurry to me" and then the credits.

Wed - Sep 5 NO B&H K
Daphne returned from Europe late last night. Daphne gets the package. Daphnes’ place trashed. Kim is in this episode.

Anna began making preparations for her design business. She got a hold of Calliope who demanded to be paid or else she wouldn't work and Alex gathered a group of women to work as models for the business. He later met up with Madame X Du prix and she asked if Anna bought his story, he told her hook, line and sinker and she told him that was very good. Alex asked Madame X Du prix to remove her veil but she refused stating it had nothing to do with her hiding anything but she needed her privacy. Daphne was the lady who had received the second prism, it came in the form of a necklace which Kimberly asked her if she could borrow to wear to the hospital benefit she told her yes. Maxwell Hathaway who was very anxious to get his hands on the second prism sent some of his men over to the penthouse to search for the prism but they turned up empty handed as Kimberly had it in her possession. Liz went over to Anna's room to view some of her designs, she had told Carlo earlier that on her next trip he wouldn't be accompanying her and he was puzzled by this. She asked Anna to hire him but all Anna could tell her if she thought of something she would let her know. Roman and Abe were having lunch at Shenanigans, Roman still demanded to know what was going on with him and Bo but Abe wouldn't budge so he changed the subject, he told him Marlena had gotten and ultra sound and they were waiting on the results. Madame X Du prix was seen with one of the models who had been with Anna previously they were drinking Champagne and toasting to forming one of Salem's newest prostitution rings with Alex Marshall as the ring leader and they started laughing. Neil came over and told Marlena the results of her ultra sound she was thrilled and called Marie and Maggie who went out to buy another crib. When Roman came home later she asked him to sit down, he said why is something wrong with the baby she said no but we're going to have twins, he said what and started laughing when Marie and Maggie arrived with the second crib. Back at the Penthouse Daphne and Kimberly arrived to find the place ransacked, Kimberly thinking it was connected to shady past in Paris cried no it can't be happening here and then the credits rolled.

Thu - Sep 6 B&H K&S
Kimberly and Daphne discovered the place had been robbed and then Don came over and he told them to call the police when he turned his back the crooks jumped on him and then ran through the door, Don ran behind them but they got away. Kimberly was saying it can't be happening again and Don asked him what she meant she said the same thing had happened when she was in Paris and in another apartment she stayed in. Daphne felt violated and she said she was determined not to be scared in her own home again. Roman came over and looked the place over and told Kimberly not to worry he would look into the matter. Bo and Hope met in the tunnels again but they didn't know they were being watched by Shane who was posing as a butler. (They didn't show his face but I knew it was him). Bo told her he was looking for the child that he and Megan had together but that was all he had no interest in her. Hope told him he'd better not. Marlena, Roman, Maxwell, Hope and Larry and Megan and Bo were all at the benefit and then Kimberly and Don arrived it then that Carlton noticed the prism around her neck and showed it to Maxwell, he told him he didn't care if he had to kill her but the prism was to be returned to him immediately. Megan and Bo were dancing close and Hope was fuming, Marlena realized this and told Roman she knew she was right Hope was still in love with Bo and she felt sorry for her. Roman said they were doing a poor job of hiding it. After Megan's father asked her for a dance Bo went over to talk to Hope and then he saw Larry coming over and he told her here comes Mr. Sudden Emergency now (and what cracked me up was that Larry used those exact words) he said Hope I have a sudden emergency my brothers been in a car accident and I have to go to the hospital, Hope said why don't I go with you but he told her not to worry to get a ride home with Roman and Marlena and he'd be home as soon as he could. His emergency was actually Gwen who was waiting in a room for him, the television was on she began imagining herself as an old woman sitting on the bed watching Larry and Hope on television talking about what a family man he was, when Larry arrived Gwen stormed out the room leaving him by himself and wondering what he'd done wrong. Bo and Hope sneaked downstairs again to meet and Bo told her she looked beautiful and she said I'm glad you noticed then Bo told her they'd better get going and then they left. Marlena and Roman took Hope home and Marlena told her if there was anytime she wanted to talk feel free to call her, Hope offered to help her shop for the baby and she said that would be wonderful and then they left. Kimberly and Don arrived at Roman and Marlena's first and then she poured Don a drink and they sat down on the couch and Kimberly kicked off her high heels, she told Don lots of women at the benefit were talking about Maggie and him breaking up and she told him he was the most eligible bachelor in town. Don told her all he wanted was a wife to love him and a couple of kids. A man was lurking in the window of the house and we saw his shadow. Credits rolled.

Fri - Sep 7 B&H K
One of Maxwell's henchmen pretending to be a waiter delivered breakfast to Anna's room at the Salem Inn, Calliope and Kimberly were there for a meeting with Alex and Anna, he pretended to set down his tray and cover up Kimberly's purse with it. Before he left Alex told him he'd never seen him before and he told Alex another guy was sick so the union sent him over. Melissa and Hope were having breakfast together and Melissa began questioning her and saying that people were saying she was behaving strangely, Hope tried to change the subject by asking her what she thought of her new maternity dress and Melissa said that she wasn't showing anyway so why was she wearing it, Hope said because her other clothes made her feel uncomfortable. Hope excused herself from Melissa to go talk to her grandfather who told her that her Aunt Marie had been asking her doctor questions about her and he had to cover he said he hated having to lie and Hope began to cry. Bo and Roman had another talk about him and Hope but Bo just kept avoiding the questions and stormed out Roman told him he was going to get to the bottom of it and Bo said he wasn't a little boy anymore. Kimberly on discovering her purse was missing felt very alarmed and Calliope said she could feel the evil all around them and Liz told her she didn't want to be around when anything bad happened. Melissa while she was on her way over to Anna's room ran into the same guy and he almost knocked her over when she heard about Kim's purse she said it must be the same guy. Calliope measured her for some gowns and then she saw the necklace that Daphne had loaned Kim and asked if she could borrow it and Kim gave her. Bo and Hope met up at Tony' s stable and she told him she had been threatened again, Bo suggested she go and visit her parents but Hope wouldn't hear of it he said he had to do something to get her out of the situation. Maxwell who was still threatening Neil met him in the alley and Neil gave him the medical forms, then Neil who didn't like the idea of being threatened grabbed him and Max said that was very stupid doctor and then Neil said what the hell and knocked him out. Kimberly and Roman returned home to find the place ransacked and Roman thinking Marlena was still at home rushed upstairs but she had left, Kimberly told him she wanted to run as far away as she could but Roman told her no she was family and he was going to help her, he called a squad car over.

Mon - Sep 10 B&H K
Melissa shows Maggie the necklace. Kim tells Daphne it happened again. Hope overhears Max & Megan, and is about to get caught.

Megan was having lunch over at Shenanigans when Bo walked in shortly before Hope and her grandfather did. He had a lot of grass on him from being in Tony's stables and Megan was inquiring where he'd been, Bo told her he went rolling in the grass with a lady. Megan became angry at this and asked him who it was he said Carrie and she said good or else she would have had to strangle the woman. Hope was looking on and grandfather told her there was some grass in her hair which she picked out and smiled. As soon as Neil knocked Maxwell down two of his men ran up and with guns, Maxwell told him he had people who were willing to kill for him and he'd better not do anything foolish then he ordered the men to let him go. After that Neil telephoned Don and made a lunch appointment with him at Shenanigans. Neil told Don about a child who was in the hospital, he was about 4 1/2 years old and he'd been adopted but his adoptive parents were now dead and they had been killed in a car accident. They had told the next of kin the kids parents were from Salem so they brought him here to try to find his real parents. Pete was at Beefcakes and he performed his strip act, a lot of women began hassling him so he decided to get some fresh air. Don who knew about Megan and Bo's child told them he would look into it, Bo told her it could be just a coincidence but she pretended to be all worked up about it. Megan and her father left and were outside talking, she was saying she this baby would put Bo exactly where she wanted him and Hope overheard this, she was almost caught when Maxwell went to check it out then the episode ended.

Tue - Sep 11 B&H S
Hope overhearing Max & Megan continued, Bo rescues her. Pete & Melissa on pier. Megan calls Cartel upset with loss of 2nd prism, informs them that she is now the one solely in charge of the operation. Shane lurking in the shadows at the end of show.

Bo dragged Hope down to his room, he told her he didn't want her sneaking around and then he pulled her down on the bed and started kissing her. They were then interrupted by a knock on the door it was Megan, she kept pounding on the door and Hope got out of the bed and told Bo she was going to give her a piece of her mind. Bo pulled her back and kissed her long and hard and then he changed his shirt and told her to wait in the bathroom. Bo finally answered the door and she asked what kept him so long and he said he was in the John. Hope's purse was lying on the table and he picked it up and placed it behind his back, he then sat on the bed and dropped it in between the bed. Megan was rattling on about hoping to fix up his place and he told her he liked it exactly the way it was. He and Megan left and then Hope went upstairs to Shenanigans where she met up with a drunken Larry Welch, he was upset because Gwen had dumped him she had poured two glasses of wine and told him Larry this is goodbye she even toasted him. Pete and Melissa met up on the pier, she was unhappy because of the letter her mother wrote, Pete didn't know what to tell her but he wanted her to talk to her mother. She snapped at him and told him never tell her what to do. She later apologized and then Pete told her he had to get back to work, he was on a break. Melissa told him if he told her where he worked she would talk to her mother but Pete said it was on the wrong side of town and he didn't want him coming there. Gwen had met up with Gene at Shenanigans and she was crying and Eugene hugged her and took her home. She told him she always fell for the wrong men and that she didn't feel like being alone tonight so Eugene slept on her couch. Hope took a drunk Larry home and put him in bed and then she called Bo on his watch, she told him wait a minute I think someone is coming and then she went around the corner and met him. He was surprised, she wanted to go back to his place and make love but he told her no supposing Larry woke up so she agreed to go.

Wed - Sep 12 H K
Linda shows up to see Melissa. Don talked to Megan, told her the relatives of the adopted boy said that he is Megan’s child.

Tony and Anna were having lunch at the Salem Inn they were celebrating their new found business venture. Alex came in told them not so fast he was to be included in their toast. Just then Megan passed by and congratulated Anna on making the business section of the newspaper, Anna was surprised and Megan said she would take a look at her dresses. When Megan and Alex left Anna asked Tony if he knew about the article in the paper and he said yes she never missed the financial section. Kimberly was upstairs photographing some of the models when Marie came by to pick up Melissa's costume but it wasn't ready, just then Megan came in and she saw the prism on the costume she demanded to buy it but Marie kept insisting it wasn't for sale. Anna who came in just then told Megan she could have it but not the necklace. Megan then said she didn't want it anymore then because the costume was nothing without the necklace. Hope and Maggie were watching Melissa dance when the doorbell rang, Maggie told her not to stop. When she answered it was Linda Anderson she asked Maggie if she could come in and Maggie told her it was up to Melissa to decide, Melissa said since you're here yes. Maggie went to call Mickey and Hope went upstairs and left Melissa and her mother alone. When Mickey arrived he told Melissa to go wait in her room whilst he and Maggie talked to Linda. Melissa called Pete and told him her mother was over there and that she didn't know if she would talk to her or not. Pete told her he would meet her later. Shortly after that Melissa went downstairs and said she would like to speak to her mother. Maggie and Mickey let her. Linda explained why she did the things she did and that she had changed. Melissa just told her how she felt but it didn't change the way she felt. Later Hope was having lunch with some ladies when Pete shouted her and asked her to give Melissa something for him she said she would and then one of the women recognized Pete and Pete said she must have him mixed up with someone else then he ran off. Megan was reporting to someone in the Soviet Union, she had told him her father was very incompetent and two of the prisms were still missing. She apologized for this and said she would recover the two prisms immediately. Later at Shenanigans Megan informed Melissa that her father was importing a dance troupe and she was a part of it. Melissa was thrilled, Hope went over and gave Melissa her gift from Pete and told her she would see her later. Then Melissa and Pete went over to the theater where she was performing, Pete told her he loved her and put the bracelet on her hand then they danced together, but they were being watched by this guy that Megan had sent to follow them he had a gun.

Thu - Sep 13 B NO K&S
Alex meets up with Linda Anderson. The boy’s adoptive parents tell Bo & Megan that her name was on adoption papers and the boy was born April 6, 1980. Megan tells Max she knows where the 2nd prism is. Megan’s men have Melissa, she screams. Bo & Megan in Zack’s room, he wants them to leave.

Megan told two of her henchmen to follow Melissa, they pretended to be stage hands, but they couldn't do anything as Pete was there with her. She had told them to use force if they had to and they were not to return without it. Neil looked over Zachary at the hospital and asked the boy how he was feeling he said he was sleepy. This was then when Neil realized the boy had been tranquilized, he told the nurse no one was to go near the child's room without his permission and then he left the hospital to look for Maxwell Hathaway. Pete and Melissa began talking about how they would love to leave Salem but Pete told her he wanted her to finish school first. Melissa said he was right and then she told him she wanted to dance with him. She realized he was a pretty good answer and asked if he was taking lessons. He told her no he'd picked up the moves at his job. Over at Shenanigans Calliope demanded to know where Eugene had been last night, Gene subsequently told her it was none of her business. She didn't take too well to this and she began ranting and raving. Abe who was looking told Gene looks like you're woman's in a temper, Eugene declared she was not his woman but Abe just laughed. In the middle of Calliope's tantrum Gene said he'd just gotten an impression and it was at Salem University he told Calliope lets go and they left. Over at the hospital Bo was anxious to see his son, when he and Megan went into the room the boy told them to leave. Melissa and Pete were dancing together but they didn't know they were being watched by the two men Megan had sent to follow her and they had guns, then the credits roll.

Fri - Sep 14 B NO K&S
Bo & Megan in Zack’s room. Bo asks her to step out and leave him alone with Zack, Zack throws a toy. Bo questions Neil about Zack’s adoptive parents. Bo asks Zack about a park in Salem.

Pete came back when he heard Melissa scream she was struggling with the two men and when Pete ran in that made them let her go. They then started to beat Pete up and when Maggie and Tom came in they let him go. Zack throws a toy and Bo tells Megan he wanted to see Zack alone. She said okay and then left the two of them together. Bo asked him if he missed his parents and he said yes. Just then Neil came in and told Bo the boy needed his rest and he would have to leave, Bo agreed. Bo and Megan were at the hospital to meet Zachary's adoptive parents relatives. The woman made a fuss of how they weren't rich and she didn't know if they could afford his medical bills. Megan told her not to worry she would take care of everything. Don was also there and Roman for moral support for Bo. Roman had told Marlena not to come over to the hospital as the situation might be too stressful for her but she didn't listen and still came anyway. She said she wanted to be there for Bo. Maggie demanded to know what was going on there, Melissa told her the two men had just grabbed her and she didn't know what for and that Pete saved her. Maggie asked her what Pete was doing there and she said she didn't know. Pete ran out the back to see if he saw the two men but he didn't and Tom called the police. Abe and another cop arrived and questioned Melissa but she didn't see her attackers faces. Abe said they would look into it though and he thanked Pete for helping Melissa. The two men arrived at the Hathaway Mansion and informed Maxwell of what they did. He was furious with Megan for not telling him where the prism was. When Megan arrived home her father was sitting waiting in the dark for her, he told her the men were unable to get the prism and he demanded to know who had it. She told him it was in the hands of an innocent Melissa Anderson and she would personally take it from her. Linda who had dinner with Don asked him where Melissa's recital was and she went over there. Melissa said she would not be dancing tonight and she just wanted to go home. On there way home Melissa said she would take the necklace back to Daphne and Maggie agreed. After his visit Bo told Roman something did not sit right with him and he questioned Neil about the parents but Neil just snapped, so Bo placed a phone call.

Mon - Sep 17 B&H K
Tony goes to Kim’s and tells her he wants photos re-shot. Pete meets Madam DuPries. Marlena at Bo’s, Megan shows up. Kim is now staying at Roman’s/Kayla’s old apartment. Diane is alive, on phone with Bo at the end of show.

Marlena went over to pay a visit to Bo. She felt that they shouldn't pressure the adoptive parents relatives if they hoped to regain the child. There was a knock on the door and it was Megan she had come over to meet Bo to go over to the hospital to see Zachary. Marlena left shortly after and Bo and Megan went over to the hospital. Hope was asking Gene to find a way so she could see Bo but Gene wanted to go on a picnic with Gwen and he ignored her. She told him she had to go on a trip and Eugene told her that wouldn't be such a good idea as he sensed she would be in danger. Pete was summoned over to the club by Madame X Duprix, she offered him a contract worth a lot of money but Pete didn't sign he told her he would have to think it over. Back at Shenanigans Calliope came in and saw Gene with Gwen and he told her he was going on a picnic with Gwen. Calliope was very jealous and she told them it was going to rain. Tony went over to Kimberly's and told her the photos she took of Anna's designs he needed them reshot. Kimberly was angry about this and told Tony what if she decided she'd quit them but Tony wouldn't hear of it he just told her take the pictures again and left. Hope had to go to a meeting with Jonathan and he told her he was pleased to see she was backing her husband's career to the fullest. Hope was very sarcastic in saying yes that was what she intended to do. Over at the hospital Megan went into Zachary's room and told him she was his real mother and he would have to come live with her. The boy freaked out and ran from his room. When Bo asked Megan where he was she said she didn't know then Marlena came by with him and told him he shouldn't be running through the hospital like that. She asked Megan to speak to Bo alone and Megan said anything she said she could say it in front of her. Marlena told her it was family business and she left, then she told Bo what Zachary had told her that Megan had come into his room and said she was his mother and that he was going to have to come live with him. Bo was angry about this, then he told Megan he wanted to speak to the child alone and he showed him a picture of Diane and asked him if he knew her. Zachary said yes he hated her she said she would come back and she didn't. After that B left the hospital and made a telephone call to Paris, he asked to speak to a Helen Vondberg and then he said yes Diane thank god you're home I think I found your son. Just then Hope walked through the door dressed in a disguise and she said Bo Diane's alive and then the credits rolled.

Tue - Sep 18 B&H NO K&S
Bo & Diane on phone continued. Madame X Du prix asked another stripper at Beefcakes about Pete Jannings. He just told her what he knew that Pete's parents lived down by the river front and that he had a sister but he didn't know her name and he was hung up on this rich chick. He said Pete didn't stick around the club like the other guys and that he made the most money. After Hope walked in on Bo's conversation with Diane he explained everything to her. Hope told him she didn't want to go on this political junket with Larry. Bo told her he would think of something then there was a knock on the door it was Megan. Bo didn't answer then she went away. After she left Hope told Bo she had an idea she would get Megan to confide in her (which is ridiculous why would she do that) but Bo told her he wanted her to stay away from the Hathaways. After Hope left Megan appeared again and asked Bo who was that he was talking to, Bo told her it was his neighbor Mrs. Lafferty and Bo shouted in the fog I love you Mrs. Lafferty. Megan asked if he went about telling all his neighbors he loved them he said no just that Mrs. Lafferty was a real sweet old woman. After Megan left Bo met up with Tom who told him that he would tell Larry because of Hope's condition she wasn't fit to go running around the country. One of Madame x Duprix's models went to Alex's room and told him a man had given her a bundle of money for the collection and he hadn't even seen the line, then she told Alex she had to go and Alex went to Madame X and told her. She said just do what you're supposed to do and do not be concerned that is a lie, Alex was very confused about the whole thing.

Wed - Sep 19 B&H K
Bo at the hospital he went to visit Zachary and Neil told him he had been taken for some more tests. That's when Bo grabbed him and Marlena walked in and scolded them for acting that way in the hospital. Bo told her it was his fault and Neil said he was under stress. After Marlena and the nurse left Neil said the tests were faked and that the boy was fine. Bo demanded to know who he was so scared of and why wouldn't he tell him the truth. Neil said he told him the truth about the boy and that was all he could say. Hope and Eugene arrived at the hospital she talked to Gene about her trip and he told her Bo had found a way to get her out of it. As Hope walked to her grandfather she fainted dead away in his arms Bo who didn't know it was a trip rushed to her when Eugene pulled him back and told him that was the plan. Dr. Horton asked for Bo's help in getting Hope to a room and then he left the two together. About five minutes later Larry came rushing in with one of Maxwell's daughters who he wanted to examine her but Hope refused stating her grandfather was the best doctor. Larry reluctantly agreed and when the doctor had left did he realize Bo was in the room and asked what he was doing there. Hope told him he had helped to the room and that Larry owed him an apology, Larry grumbled one and then Bo left followed by Larry. Marlena and Abe were over at the Cheating Heart when she explained to him what happened at the hospital that morning with Bo and Larry Welch walked in Abe was staring at him and Marlena couldn't help but notice this. She told him if he could take his eyes off of Welch she would like him to keep and eye on Bo. Larry met up with Jonathan and they discussed how Hope was behaving, Jonathan told him not to concentrate on that but think of how far he would get in his political career. Kimberly was setting up the shoot for Anna's designs and Tony made a suggestion about how she should position the dress and she got upset and dropped her camera and broke it. Everyone realized how uptight she was and she ran out crying, Tony ran behind her and then the show ends.

Thu - Sep 20 B NO K&S
Bo, Alice, Gene and Howie came up with a plan to crack Daphne's safe. Alice was to invite her out for dinner and Tony would be at several meetings. Abe went over and confronted Bo and asked him what he thought he was doing, Bo denied being up to anything.. Marie met up with Alice at Shenanigans and asked her if she remembered their date but she told Marie she couldn't as she had an important dinner date with Daphne DiMera to discuss a ball. When Alice arrived at The Penthouse she was greeted by Daphne's friend from Paris Jacque she was most surprised that Daphne had a guest. He told her he was a chef and he would be preparing dinner for them tonight.

Bo, Alice, Gene and Howie came up with a plan to crack Daphne's safe. Alice was to invite her out for dinner and Tony would be at several meetings. Abe went over and confronted Bo and asked him what he thought he was doing, Bo denied being up to anything.. Marie met up with Alice at Shenanigans and asked her if she remembered their date but she told Marie she couldn't as she had an important dinner date with Daphne DiMera to discuss a ball. When Alice arrived at The Penthouse she was greeted by Daphne's friend from Paris Jacque she was most surprised that Daphne had a guest. He told her he was a chef and he would be preparing dinner for them tonight.

Fri - Sep 21 B&H K
Tony at Kim’s door. Carlo & Liz. Carlo watching Liz sleep as “I’m On Fire” plays. Megan tells Hope that she & Bo are about to get legal custody of “their” son Explosion at DiMera’s safe at end. Liz sings, “Hero”.

Alice was trying to convince Jacque that they should have dinner out but he wouldn't hear of it. He had prepared escargot and it would not spoil and he told her to sit and have a glass of wine. She told him she would need to cancel the reservations then and he yes that would be nice he hated when people didn't do that it caused a lot of problems for the chef. Alice was very nervous and she dropped her glass of wine, she apologized but Jacque told her not to worry those things happened. Alice then began to question him about Daphne's safe. He said since the break in Daphne had stepped up security, he said if anyone touched the safe it triggered an alarm that would have the police there in two minutes and the person could also be electrocuted. Just then Bo and Howie came into the Penthouse Alice turned Jacque in the other direction and asked him to tell her about the safe again. She said in a loud voice Jacque tell me more about this safe that electrocutes you if you touch it and gets the police here in two minutes. So Bo and Howie caught on and left before they were caught. Alice, Bo, Howie and Gene all met back up in Gene's cab and discussed what they were going to do. Bo said he knew what he was going to do he wasn't going to stick around there because Maxwell's men were going after the prism tonight. Alice and Howie told him don't be foolish but he wouldn't listen. Over at Liz and Neil's house Liz had went to bed and she was asleep when Carlo walked into her room and stood watching her and he was bare chested. Carlo and Liz argued about her going away alone and Liz told him he shouldn't worry about her anymore as he didn't work for her anymore. He looked at her hard and she told him not to look at her that way and then she went on stage to perform. She sang Wing Beneath My Wings as Hope, Megan, Larry and Carlton looked on. Hope and Larry began dancing and she was daydreaming in about dancing with Bo and Larry told her she almost seemed happy tonight and she said almost. Liz finished performing earlier than usual that night and Carlo asked her why she said Noelle had a cold and needed her. Carlo went home shortly afterwards too Jacque left the Penthouse and then Max's men came in through the gallery, they didn't touch the safe but they put explosives around it and went back outside just as Bo came in and walked towards the safe it blew and then the credits rolled.

Mon - Sep 24 B&H NO K&S
Carlo & Liz, he tells her he loves her, she slaps him. Liz calls Neil who is working late. Calliope helps Pete dance as “lumberjack”. Megan & Max wonder if the guys got the prism. Alice & Howie saw the explosion at DiMera’s. Men say the safe is empty. Bo is lying on the floor, but he is alright. Bo, Hope & Eugene in taxi, they go up to Tony’s. Daphne has had a heart attack.

Tue - Sep 25 H NO K&S
More Carlo & Liz. Melissa and friends in park, plan to go to Beefcakes on Friday night. Eugene & Hope, she’s upset that Bo was nearly killed in the explosion at DiMera’s. Megan tries to get into the Cardiac Arrest Unit to see Daphne. Eugene, Alice & Tom search Tony’s for the prism. Megan catches Alice at Tony’s [pt 1].

Wed - Sep 26 NO B&H K
Kim & Calliope, Tony comes in, Daphne is much better. Anna made a sale. Pete & Chris, note from his boss. Megan catches Alice [pt 2]. Pete dances. Maggie & Marie at Beefcakes. Tony at Kim’s, he leaves, someone unknown watches her thru a telescope [pt1]. Surveillance of Kim begins.

Thu - Sep 27 B&H K&S
Megan & Max in limo, talk about Daphne. Bo & Howie discuss not knowing where the prism is. Kim being watched by Shane [pt 2]. Max’s man has tape recorder for Daphne’s room at hospital, plays it for Max & Megan. Bo & Hope make a date as the tape is recording them. Daphne tells Alice she only wants her Bible, later Megan brings one to Daphne. Alice finds the tape recorder in Daphne’s room. Shane records message about watching Kim, Bo, Hope & Daphne.

Fri - Sep 28 B&H NO K&S
Melissa rehearses conversation for her night at Beefcakes. Pete calls and confirms their date for 11pm. Larry & Hope spat over each other’s evening plans. Bo & Howie, Howie knows about Bo’s “assignment” for this evening. Melisssa just misses Pete dancing. Bo & Hope have a date in the tunnel set up by Alice, Tom, Eugene and Howie. Pete breaks date with Melissa. Shane’s man, in tunnel, overhears Eugene say tracking devise is working in NO.

Mon - Oct 1 B&H K
Roman & Marlena, she finds a note in his Jacket. Pete & Madame Duprie, she calls and finds out Pete & Melissa’s date was broken. Kim & Calliope. Bo & Hope & Eugene in tunnel, Bo is leaving for New Orleans. Marlena wants to know if Roman is after Andre, she starts having pains. Bo & Eugene are off to NO, Howie is to look after Hope. Roman & Marlena head for the hospital.

Tue - Oct 2 H S
Butler Shane answers the door at Hope’s to Pete. Neil re-reads the note from Carlo’s mother, the phone rings, he tells the operator to keep trying, as Liz walks in. Marlena is at the hospital, false labor, she goes home. Liz wants Carlo not to tell Neil about “the kiss”. Max phones Honeycutt and tells her to make her move on Daphne. Hope at Shenanigans, meeting Megan for lunch. Shane’s man calls and gives update.

Wed - Oct 3 NO B&H NO K&S
Pete & Chris. Marlena, Carrie & Roman, he makes chicken salad, Carrie wanted peanut butter & jelly [cute scene]. Tony & Daphne in hospital. Eugene & Howie in the park, Gene fakes a call to Bo, for the benefit of Max & Megan. Max & Megan meet with Honeycutt. Honeycutt tries to hypnotize Daphne. Andre in costume, Delia has been taken to the hospital, he sees a picture of Kim wearing the prism. Andre vows to Abigail that he will have power no one else has had.

Thu - Oct 4 H K
Honeycutt at Tony’s, has a report on his mother. Andre with newspaper with Kim’s picture, Abigail comes in. Hope walks into her apartment where Alice is waiting. Liz & Anna, the guy who decked Alex is at the door. Kim at Hope’s, Caroline drops by, reminds Kim that Shawn’s birthday is week-after-next. Andre at the theater, a fire breaks out.

Fri - Oct 5 NO B&H NO K&S
Roman & Marlena. Pete counts his money, Beefcakes promo on the radio. Melissa & Mickey, she is back from NYC early. Anna, Alex & Tony, Eugene & Calliope at the door. They discuss where to do the tropical island shoot. Eugene says they can use his Haitian estate. Daphne tells Calliope she can use the necklace in the shoot and that the jewelry is in the vault of the bank on Ash Street. Tony beside a picture of a Phoenix, wonders if it will rise from the ashes again. Andre reads last entry in Stefano’s diary, May 12, thinks Stefano is dead. Melissa answers the door to Pete [pt 1].

Mon - Oct 8 B&H NO K&S
Welsh & Max’s man, Gwen walks in. Melissa answers the door to Pete [pt 2], they later make up. Bo calls Hope, Gene is there with her, Bo is coming home in a few days. Calliope goes to Daphne’s bank to pick up the jewelry. As Max is passed out on Gwen’s couch, she goes and searches his office [pt 1], Larry is on his way to Max’s office.

Tue - Oct 9 H K
Liz & Neil, Carlo comes in Blondies. Andre in the water as Abigail is on the pier. Hope & Melissa on the pier. Eugene & Calliope in his cab. Hope finnds the name “Chorvat” in Larry’s family Bible. Gwen in Max’s office [pt 2]. Kim & Tony having dinner. Abe & Eugene, then Abe on phone with Bo. Bo [unseen this ep] phones Hope. Andre & Abigail, everything is rightfully his.

Wed - Oct 10 H NO K&S
Andre & Abigail. Max wakes up on Gwen’s couch. Hope goes on TV with Larry’s Bible. Andre impersonates Tony in the presence of Anna, Caliope and Alex. [pt1]

Thu - Oct 11 H K
Andre impersonating Tony [pt2]. Calliope tells him they want to use Daphne’s necklace in the photo shoot. Susie tells Pete she saw him dance at Beefcakes. Roman questions Kim about avoiding the family and she storms out. Don follows Kim, he tells her she is interesting and has alot to offer. Hope tells Melissa she never slept with Larry, she loves Bo, and she is not pregnant. Kim returns to Roman and tells him she will attend Shawn’s Birthday Party.

Fri - Oct 12 B&H K
Bo reunites with Diane in England. Kim & Marlena have lunch. Bo talks to Hope from England. Andrekills Max, by making him fall thru a trap door. Gene has visions of a planecrash. Kim & Don talk on the docks. Carlo questions his mother about Neil being so upset. Megan begs Andre to let her live when he tells her Max has “disappeared”. Megan on the phone, tells “father” Maxwell has been removed.

Mon - Oct 15 B K
Neil & Carlo talking in the car. Megan again tells “father” Maxwell has been removed by Andre. Bo & Diane still in England. Bo calls Megan and talks to Zachary, as Diane listens. Andre & Abigail ransack Kim’s apt looking for the prism. They end up hiding in the closet as Kim talks to her mother. Shane’s man spies on Kim from Shane’s apt [pt 1].

Tue - Oct 16 H K&S Spies
Andre & Abigail hiding in Kim’s closet [pt2]. Megan tells the Cartel, Max has left town and they will now report to her. She tells Will to put more pressure on Hope and don’t let her out of his sight. Tony shows up at Kim’s apt while Andre is in the closet. Shane’s man is spying on this, then Shane takes over spying.

Wed - Oct 17 B&H K&S Spies
Shawn’s birthday party at Roman & Marlena’s, Kim acts strangely towards her father. Kim leaves and is offered money for a “good time” by a man in Shennanigans, she declines. Bo & Hope. Shane begins spying on Kim as she cries at the window. Marlena goes into labor and leaves for the hospital.

Thu - Oct 18 B&H NO K&S
Roman & Marlena are stopped by the Police on the way to the hospital. They make it to the hospital.

Fri - Oct 19 B&H K&S Spies
Marlena gives birth to Sami & Eric. Will holds Hope at gunpoint, he catches her talking to Bo on the wrist radio. Megan is informed that her “father” is in Salem. Kim runs into Clark, an old “friend” from Europe, she allows him to come to her apt and begins prostituting again, as Shane spies on her. Stephano is revealed to be Megan’s father !!

Mon - Oct 22 B&H K
Bo visits Kiim at her apt and she hedges about visiting Marlena & twins knowing her parents will be there. Roman & Marleana at the hospital with the twins. Staphano & Megan. Roman informs Tony that Andre may be back in Salem.

Tue - Oct 23 NO B&H K
Marlena fears for the safety of the twins. Anna, Tony & Alex. Andre questions Megan about the prisms. Gene asks Gwen what she found in Max’ office. Caroline chastises Kim for not seeing the twins and that “Eric” is the name of the boy. .Caroline tells Kim she is breaking her father’s heart by avoiding her family. Alex snoops in Madam DuPrie’s room and she walks in on him [pt1].

Wed - Oct 24 NO B&H K
Madam DuPrie catches Alex [pt2]. Carlo tells Liz she is denying her feelings for him. Melissa has dinner with Mickey and then visits Marlena at the hospital. Tom confronts Neil about his drinking problem and then takes him off duty. Alex knows the identity of Madam DuPrie. Kim hedges about visiting Marlena and then “entertains” a man in her apartment. Danielle tells Neil 2 men were asking about him. Liz sings.

Thu - Oct 25 NO B&H K
Kim wakes up in bed with Hart. Pete & Melissa make plans to spend a couple of days together alone. Kim finally visits Marlena in the hospital with tons of excuses. Neil levels with Liz about Tom taking him off duty because of his drinking problem. Special Report at the end.

Fri - Oct 26 B&H NO K&S
Roman & Marlena take the twins home. Mrs H remembers a spy by the name of Chorvat & tells Bo & Gene. They enter the info in the computer and find it is Larry’s father. Gwen secretly sees the ino about Larry. Will lets Hope talk to Bo on the wrist radio. Stephano explains to Megan how he must have all 3 prisms for the proceedure to rid him of the brain tumor. When his laser shoots thru all 3 prisms configureed correctly, the knowledge is revealed thena nd only then. He tells her that Larry’s father, Viktor Chorvat devised the proceedure. Pete & Melissa are in an accident in Pete’s new car with the stolen license plates. Roman gets a delivery from Trinidad with a picture of a Phoenix.

Mon - Oct 29 NO B&H K
Pete & Melissa at the police station following the accident. Liz & Carlo. Gwen leaks the story to the reporter that Chorvat is Larry’s father. Kim & one of her john’s. Roman wants Abe to put security on the house. Roman receives a package from St. Croix, a metronome.

Tue - Oct 30 B&H K
Megan is upset about the newspaper report on Chorvat’s connection to Larry Welch. Kim livid that Roman has put guards on her. Marlena intercepts the package with the raven’s feather and a note, “The Phoenix Rises Again”.

Wed - Oct 31 B&H K&S
Neil making plans to play poker. Pete in costume tells Madame DuPrie this is his last night. Melissa and friends at Beefcakes, she sees Pete dancing and runs out. Larry comes home. Marlena & Roman discuss the note & feather. Shane bumps into Kim and offers to buy her a drink, then leaves to follow Michelle and listens her talking to Andre on the phone. He later apologizes to Kim who isn’t concerned. Larry gives a press conference to address the news report, that his father was Chorvat, he then has Hope speak on his behalf. Roman is summoned to Haiti by Brother Andrew, making the call at gunpoint. Bo takes Zack trick-or-treating, stops at Hope’s and gives her a carmel apple carved with “I Love You”.

Thu - Nov 1 B&H K&S
Kim hides her hooker money behind a family picture. Shane trashes Kim’s apartment when she is at the airport. He takes Carribean photo shoot negatives, she returns home to find the apartment trashed, but the money behind the picture was not taken. Stephano & Megan. Eric rushed to the hospital with breathing problem. Will fights with Hope and tells Larry she is not pregnant. Hope slugs Larry and he falls down the steps and she runs out.

Fri - Nov 2 B&H K&S
Kim tells Abe her apartment was trashed. The negatives Shane took are not what he expected. Carlo plants a fake love note in the night stand for Neil to find. Due to Eric being hospitalized, Roman cannot make the flight, so Bo goes in his place. After slugging Larry, Hope catches up with Bo on the plane and goes with the group. Andre also on board the plane, it crashes at the end.

Mon - Nov 5 B&H NO K&S
Planecrash aftermath. Tony badly hurt, Andre assumes Tony’s identity. Eric is going to be alright. Neil finds Carlo’s planted letter. Salemites learn of the planecrash. Full credits at shows end.

Tue - Nov 6 B&H K&S
Kim sees news of planecrash on TV and calls Marlena. Shane & Roman meet at Kim’s apartment, Capt. Donovan is Roman’s contact. Hope tells Bo what happened back at her apartment with Larry. Larry Welsh is elected Lt. Gov. Roman’s last scenes in Salem and with Marlena as he heads off for the island. Wayne & Dee’s last scenes together.

Wed - Nov 7 B&H K&S
Shane meets Abe and introduces himself and fills him in on his and Roman’s connection. Abe & Shane go to search Kimberly’s apartment and she catches them there. Abe officially introduces them. Shane tells her she has been under surveillance and Kim realizes Shane knows about her secret life. Anna realizes it is Andre and not Tony with the group on the island.

Thu - Nov 8 B&H NO K&S
Pete talks to Chris, Melissa talks to Gram. Larry tells Gwen that Hope was not pregnant and later tells Mrs H. Andre knows Anna knows he is not Tony and holds a knife to her back to keep her from telling. Don & Marlena. Madam Duprix getting Pete drunk.

Fri - Nov 9 NO B&H K&S
Kim remembers the photos Shane wants and she and Caroline retrieve them from the attic. Shane meets Marlena for the first time and waits for Kim to bring the photos to her house. Melissa waiting for Pete. Madame Duprix [Linda] gets Pete drunk and he passes out. She gets in bed with him and sets Melissa up to find them together [pt1].

Mon - Nov 12 B&H NO K&S
Melissa catches Pete and her mom in bed [pt2]. Melissa tells Pete she hates him for everything he has done. Barry finds Melissa crying on the docks. Tony & Jasmine communicate Daphne DiMera dies on the island. Full credits.

Tue - Nov 13 NO B&H K&S
No Island - Shane goes to Marlena’s, he and Kim discuss her secrets, he is leaving for the island. Gwen tells Larry she leaked the story to the press about Chorvat being his father. Linda Anderson begins blackmailing Kim. Full credits.

Wed - Nov 14 B&H NO K&S
Andre contacts Abigail who is with Stephano. Good Bo & Hope scenes as the go off alone on the island together.

Thu - Nov 15 B&H K
More good Bo & Hope scenes on the island. Stephano locates the island. Jasmine makes crutches for Tony. Melissa confronts Linda about sleeping with Pete and she denies it, Alex backs her up. Linda brings the incriminating blackmail video tape to Kim’s apartment. Hope is stung by a Stingray [pt1].

Fri - Nov 16 B&H K&S
Hope stung by the Stingray [pt2]. Shane arrives at Stephano’s compound and is caught by Petrov. Kim cries in the hospital Chapel where the Brady’s and Horton’s gather to pray. Honeycutt about to give Hope a large injection of Insulin [pt1].

Mon - Nov 19 B&H NO K&S
Honeycutt about to give Hope Insulin, but Calliope stops her in time. Hope really very sick from the sting. Pete, Melissa, Chris & Barry. Divorce papers from Don to Barry from Tess. Hope regains consciousness.

Tue - Nov 20 NO B&H K
Tony kisses Jasmine while on the beach. Stephano’s women search Jasmine’s hut for the prism. Calliope tells the group & Andre about Bo’s plan to use the raft. Tess stops in to see Chris, then talks to Barry and then leaves for good. Linda & Kim discuss the rules of the blackmail and then Kim turns her first trick for Linda. Calliope goes to the hut and sees the real Tony & Jasmine.

Wed - Nov 21 B&H S
Hope is Ok now. Petrov leaves Shane hancuffed and shackled at the compound with a bomb ticking nearby. Calliope tells Tony that Daphne died. Andre slashes the sail on Bo’s raft. Volcano erupts !!

Thu - Nov 22 B&H K
Thanksgiving at Marlena’s, Kim is there. Tony tells Bo it is Andre with the group. Hope is kidnapped by Stephano’s women. Chopper flies over and sees the group. Andre & Tony in the quicksand [pt1].

Fri - Nov 23 B&H K
Thanksgiving at Marlena’s, Kim is there. Andre & Tony in quicksand [pt2], Tony is saved, Andre drowns. Stephano steals the prism from Jasmine. Bo rescues Hope from the yacht. Roman lands on the island in the chopper. Roman & Stephano fight on cliff, Roman is shot and falls off the cliff [pt1].

Mon - Nov 26 B&H NO K&S
Roman & Stephano [pt2]. Roman dies in Bo’s arms on the beach. Bo leaves Roman on the beach and his body is gone when he returns. Tony contacts the Coast Guard with the radio.

Tue - Nov 27 B&H K
Kim & Brady’s congregate at Marlena’s for news on the Islanders. Bo tells Marlena that Roman died. Tony visits Daphne’s grave. Islanders rescued.

Wed - Nov 28 NO B&H K
Alice phones Tom at that hospital and tells him Roman died. Shawn tells Carrie and she has some memories of her daddy. Flashbacks of Roman, by Abe, Stephano, etc. Kim & Don on docks. Marlena alone clings to a picture of Roman and has flashbacks and then breaks down. Stephano has the prism and Roman’s body--exactly where he wants him. Full credits at end.

Thu - Nov 29 B S
Shane asks Bo to help him get Stephano. On todays show, Gwen & Larry, Alex, Linda, Melissa, Pete, Stephano & Megan.

Fri - Nov 30 B&H K
Survivors arrive at the airport with much fanfare. Larry waits for Hope with roses. Hope finds out Larry won the election and she publicly denounces him and announces she loves Bo Brady and Bo is upset over her announcement. Caroline notices the 2nd phone in Kim’s bedroom. Shawn wants to have an Irish wake for Roman. Anna finds out Alex sold Anna DiMera Designs, he asks Gwen to get it back. Bo tells Marlena he left Roman’s body on the beach and she spases. A distraught Bo rides off on his motorcycle.

Mon - Dec 3 NO B&H NO K&S
Jasmine, Tony & Anna. Larry & Gwen--Larry resigns. Neil tells Liz about finding Carlo’s letter. Neil heading home to apologize to Liz who is in bed with Carlo as “I’m On Fire” plays.

Tue - Dec 4 NO B&H S
Honeycutt has the prism and shows it to Megan. Neil catches Carlo & Liz in bed. Megan talks to Stephano on the phone and tells him she has the prism. Liz finds a box of Neil’s things and goes through it.

Wed - Dec 5 B&H NO K&S
Hope & Marlena at Alice’s. Bo returns and finds Diane in his bed. Diane goes to see Zack, Megan threatens her with kidnapping charges if she takes Zack. Don will help Diane get Zack. Jasmine & Anna go shopping for a dress for Jasmine. Alice & Hope back at Hope’s apt. Alice slaps Larry. Bo calls Hope--he needs to talk.

Thu - Dec 6 B&H K&S
Liz looks through Neil’s things for a clue about his past. Bo tells Hope on phone he won’t be going to Roman’s wake. Caroline visits Bo in hopes of changing his mind about coming to the wake. Bo talks to Hope at the Horton’s about all the pressure he is under. Hope thinks Bo blames her for Roman’s death, because he was saving her life on the yacht. Roman’s wake begins. Shane attends the wake and Shawn’s brother Eric shows up, which really shakes Kim up.

Fri - Dec 7 B K&S
Roman’s wake continues. Bo shows up. Kim & Shane on the dock talking about her reaction to Eric’s appearance at Roman’s wake.

Mon - Dec 10 NO B&H NO K&S
Anna wants the money Alex got for selling her company. Jasmine & Tony, he explains kissing to her. Marlena wakes up from a nightmare, touches Roman’s pillow and weeps. Marlena gets a fanletter from Jimmy Porterfield. Marlena leaves for the mountains with the kids, Eric is to housesit.

Tue - Dec 11 NO B&H K
Kim, her parents, & Eric. Liz & Chris

Wed - Dec 12 B&H S
Neil comes home and Liz tells him she has been worried about him. Megan talks to Stephano on the phone, she has the prism hidden in the bear. Bo & Hope at his place, they both apologize, he lets her come in.

Thu - Dec 13 B&H K&S
Kim & Shane share cheesecake. Liz & Neil, Hope, Bo, Melissa, Anna Tony, Don.

Fri - Dec 14 B&H NO K&S
Calliope, Anna & Eugene. Bo & Hope have Chinese at his apartment, tender moments and make love, then have a fight. Bo goes to help out at the fishmarket and ends up throwing a customer out. Bo then hits a cop and gets arrested.

Mon - Dec 17 B&H NO K&S
Hope finds out Bo is in jail, she tells Melissa it is over with she and Bo. The cop drops the charges against Bo and he is released. Hope mistaken as a police school applicant but she signs up after Bo ridicules her. Melissa helps Barry by delivering flowers for him.

Tue - Dec 18 NO B&H K&S
Kim is roughed-up by her john and Shane calls the Fire Department to divert the beating.

Wed - Dec 19 H K
Marlena arrives home from her trip, Gene has decorated the Christmas tree. Kim finds out Eric babysitting at Marlena’s and sends him on his way. Kim has a bruise on her face. Abe tells Hope she has been accepted, she was in the top five on the rookie exam. Fire at Anna’s, so survivor’s party moved to Liz & Neil’s. Someone is following Hope.

Thu - Dec 20 B&H NO K&S
Hope’s first day of police school--she is late and is wearing fur. Carlo resurfaces and tells Liz he knows all about Neil and the secret he has been keeping. Liz leads Carlo on to keep him quiet, but he figures it out. Bo follows Hope into the ladies room to try to talk her out of going thru with police school. Tony & Anna working on survivor’s party preparations.

Fri - Dec 21 B&H K&S
Survivor’s Party at the Curtis’. Don & Abe at Marlena’s, she can’t go to the party. Marlena gets a basket from Jimmy. Liz sings. Kim & Shane on pier, she invites him to Christmas Eve & hot chocolate at her parents house. Carlo & Neil fight in the stables [pt1].

Mon - Dec 24 B&H K&S
Kim & Shane & Marlena arrive for Christmas Eve at the Brady’s. Kim & Shane share their first kiss under the mistletoe. Diane convinces Bo to go to his folks for Christmas. Marlena gives Roman’s fishing pole to Bo. Kim asks Shane if he heard fire engines from the other night at her apt. Horton’s sing Christmas Carols at Shenanigans. Carlo & Neil fight [pt2], Carlo badly injured.

Tue - Dec 25 B&H NO K&S??
Tony & Jasmine at Christmas, he receives a rare wine. Calliope & Eugene at Christmas, she meets his mother. Christmas at Marlena’s with Bo, Don, Anna & Abe. Carrie finds the family ornament--Roman had added Eric & Samantha’s names. Christmas at the Horton’s with the ornaments. Hope has a gift for Bo--framed poem. Bo gives Hope the music box from New Orleans.

Wed - Dec 26 B&H K
Calliope & Eugene, she tries to get on the right track with his mother. Bo brings hookers to the fish market and then to Blondies where Hope & Melissa meet them. Kim runs into a former john at Blondies, Bo punches him when he refers to Kim as a hooker. Hope tells Melissa she feels like someone is watching her, Megan is sitting in a car writing down notes on Hope.

Thu - Dec 27 NO B&H?? K
Kim surprised to see Uncle Eric at the fish market, he warns her not to start anything. Marlena meets Jimmy Porterfield. Carlo’s grandfather arrives at the hospital. Carlo tries to sit up, but has problems. Eric follows a little girl out of the fish market, later Abe phones and tells Shawn that Eric has been arrested.

Fri - Dec 28 B&H K&S
Hope in Karate class at police school. Stephano & Megan discuss Marlena being his new adversary. Melissa about to deliver a plant , finds cocaine. Kim tells Shane about Eric abusing her. Kim goes to see Abe and tells him about Eric and she talks to the little girl he molested. Pete tells Hope she can use the hot tub after hours, as Megan evesdrops.

Mon - Dec 31 NO B&H NO K&S
Neil tells Carlo’s grandfather that Carlo is out of danger and going to live, but his grandfather upsets him and he gets out of bed and dies. New Year’s Eve party at Shenanigan’s . Linda tells Alex she wishes someone would do her a favor and torch Anderson’s Manufacturing. Tony thinks Stephano sent him the rare wine. Tom & Alice witness the explosion at Anderson’s and try to help a man who has been injured [Mr. Selejko]. Carlo’s mother shoots his grandfather as he is about to shoot Neil over the death of Carlo.