Nov 11 - Dec 30 1983

Fri, Nov 11
No Luke & Laura

Mon, Nov 14
Luke & Laura
Blackie, Leslie, & Rick. Celia, Monica, Grant & Robert. Laura’s first day, but her face is not shown. She follows Luke around Port Charles. Watching him through the window at Kelley’s, in the Taylor Shop, and in the halls of the apartment building where they lived. Luke senses “something” and has chills at the Taylor Show as Laura lurks. “Think Of Laura” plays.

Tue, Nov 15
Luke & Laura
Laura is first “seen” when she checks into a hotel. Grant is released from jail and as he and Celia walk out someone takes a shot at them. Robert & Luke have chestnuts on the docks and Laura follows them there. Laura laughs and cries as she listens to Luke, Robert, Holly, Slick & Emma at a restaurant. When everyone leaves she gets up to leave and is almost seen by Luke who returned.

Wed, Nov 16
Luke & Laura
Grant & Celia at the opening. James DiPiva is a waiter. Laura listens outside the Mayor’s Mansion to Luke, Rick & Leslie. Later, she listens to Luke speak at Blackie’s school. She chats with Blackie at one of the vending machines, but he doesn’t know who she is. Laura lurks and listens to Luke & Holly. Full cast credits.

Thu, Nov 17
Luke & Laura
Leslie looks at Luke & Laura’s wedding book telling Rick it is Luke & Laura’s 2nd wedding anniversary [the book says Nov 16, 1981]. She and Rick have a fight and she checks into the same hotel where Laura is staying. Tiffany helps Luke get dressed. A man is following Laura. Yanni & Stavaros have flashbacks to a blindfolded Laura and Stavaros meeting Laura for the first time after she was kidnapped. Non cast credits.

Fri, Nov 18
Celia & Monica at the opening. Laura comes face to face with the man following her. Laura has flashbacks to Stavaros showing her the newspaper article telling of Luke’s death in the avalanche. No Luke. Non cast credits.

Mon, Nov 21
Luke & Laura
Opens with Mr. Q. Laura is in the room next to Rick & Leslie who spent the night together, but Ramsey interrupts their rendevous. Laura tries calling Luke, but is caught by Stavaros’ man. Blackie and the band stuff. Luke has a picnic in the park with Tiffany as Laura watches them. Laura finds Luke’s sweater and clings to it. Luke & Laura are both in the abandoned apartment, but Laura hides clutching Luke’s sweater. Full cast credits.

Tue, Nov 22
No Luke & Laura
Stavaros has scenes. Bobbi has a miscarriage. Rick, Leslie, Amy, Bobbi, Brock, Ruby, Grant & Celia. Brief cast credits.

Wed, Nov 23
Opens with Luke at the hospital. Undercover Clown & kids at the hospital. Stavaros’ man calls and checks in. Grant & Celia. Full cast credits. No Laura or Stavaros.

Thu, Nov 24
No Luke & Laura
Thanksgiving all over Port Charles & Beecher’s Corners. Rick, Leslie, Amy & Mike celebrate with the Whittaker’s. Leslie grieves over Laura. Rose has a celebration at Kelley’s Diner with Jake, Bryan, Claudia and Blackie & Lou who are heading over to the Hardy’s for dinner. The Quartermaines celebrate with Grant, Celia, Mr. & Mrs. Q, Tiffany and Alan. Tiffany’s cab driver decks Grant because of his past, but later Grant tends to him when he is in an accident with the cab. Bobbi still in the hospital and Ruby surprises her with Thanksgiving dinner and Brock, Dan and Georgia also join them. Dr. Hardy & Audrey have dinner with Jessie, Gail, Blackie & Lou. No Luke & Laura, Robert & Holly, Monica or Lee. Minus opening segment.

Fri, Nov 25 - No GH Due To College Football

Mon, Nov 28
Luke & Laura
Luke picks out a tie for the reception at the Mayor’s Mansion. Laura still hiding in the apartment, this time from Stavaros’ man. Laura secretly watches Luke sworn in as Mayor. Laura lurks around the grounds of the Mayor’s Mansion during the party. Luke sees her yelling "LAURA !!!" and runs to her and they cling to one another.

Tue, Nov 29
Luke & Laura
Opens with Stavaros & Yanni. Luke & Laura reunion continued. Laura begins to tell Luke about her ordeal through flashbacks, but she tells him she can’t tell him everything yet. Luke doesn’t need to know right now and carries Laura up the stairs. Brief cast credits.

Wed, Nov 30
Luke & Laura
Begins with Alan, Jake & Rose, Grant & Celia. Laura wakes up in Luke’s bed and Luke rushes to her side. Laura tells Luke what she could not tell him the night before, that she married Stavaros. Stavaros & Yanni check into the hotel in Port Charles. Ends with Luke & Laura in bed. Full cast credits.

Thu, Dec 01
No Luke & Laura
Rick, Leslie & Amy at the hospital. This episode has scenes with Stavaros & Yanni, Robert & Holly, Celia, Monica, Grant, Jimmy Lee, Bobbi is released from the hospital.

Fri, Dec 02
Luke & Laura
Mr. Q and Jimmy Lee. Luke surprises Rick & Leslie with Laura and then Robert & Tiffany are surprised to see Laura at the Mayor’s Mansion. Stavaros, Yanni and Stavaros’ man discuss the situation.

Mon, Dec 05
Luke & Laura
Stavaros calls Luke and later meets with him and tells him he wishes he and Laura happiness. At home, Laura receives flowers from Stavaros that say, “Goodbye, Stavaros”, and she is upset because she knows he will not let her go that easily. Luke goes on TV and tells of Laura’s return. Celia, Grant, Jimmy Lee stuff. Stavaros tells Yanni, “Laura belongs to me”. Full cast credits. Daytime Dilemma.

Tue, Dec 06
Luke & Laura
Grant & Celia cut some at beginning. Grant gets a job at a Drug Store. Stavaros & Yanni arrive at the hospital and have a meeting because of their benefactor status but make it known they are leaving Port Charles after the meeting. Robert is secretly watching to make sure they leave and he tells Luke when they are gone. Luke & Laura believe he is gone and they hold a party at the Mayor’s Mansion for Laura to see all of her loved ones, including Mrs. Whittacre. Stavaros has not left town and is watching as the party goes on and sees Luke & Laura grilling out and making out. Non cast credits. Daytime Dilemma.

Wed, Dec 07
Luke & Laura
Mr Q. & Jimmy Lee. Grant working at Drug Store. Stavaros tells his man how he gave the slip to Scorpio and remained in Port Charles. Stavaros follows Luke & Laura. Laura feels like Stavaros is still watching her. Stavaros and his men go over blueprints of the Mayor’s Mansion and plan Stavaros’ “revenge”. Non cast credits. Daytime Dilemma.

Thu, Dec 08
Luke & Laura
Rick, Leslie & Blackie, he has a new girl singer. Laura unknowingly lets one of Stavaros’ men into the mansion. Stavaros lurks outside the mansion. Laura meets with the former Mrs. Mayor to get some pointers on the role. Luke & Laura both plan for the reception at the Mayor’s Mansion to introduce Luke’s new staff. Luke & Laura run upstairs and fall down together. Stavaros & his men also planning for the reception at the mansion.

Fri, Dec 09
No Luke & Laura
Grant & Celia, Dr. Hardy & Dan. Alan & Monica fight about Heath Spa partnership. Celia & Jimmy Lee at restaurant. Lane Davies plays an artist that meets with Celia. Stavaros & his men planning his move for the reception.

Mon, Dec 12
Luke & Laura
Grant bumps into a customer and his bodyguard pulls a gun on the customer in front of the Drug Store owner. Grant punches out the owner and quits. Laura with the caterers preparing for the reception. Stavaros and his men also finalizing their preparations. The reception is held and Luke’s staff is introduced. After the reception, Luke is downstairs & Laura is upstairs when Stavaros men cut the power. Laura screams, “LUKE!!!” Full cast credits.

Tue, Dec 13
Luke & Laura
Blackie, Rick, Leslie, Alan, Monica, Jimmy Lee, Grant & Celia. Lights out at the mansion and Luke is overtaken by Stavaros’ men. Laura is cornered in the bedroom by Stavaros. Luke is dragged up the stairs by the men and taken into the bedroom with Stavaros & Laura and Luke is tied to the bedpost. Stavaros throws Laura down onto the bed. Daytime Dilemma.

Wed, Dec 14
Luke & Laura
Grant Celia. Robert & Holly in fun scenes of dancing and later in the sauna. Luke & Laura being held by Stavaros who is planning to rape Laura and make Luke watch. Luke motions to Laura who plays along in order to give Luke some time to loosen the bedpost. Luke is able to get the top of the bedpost off and he clobbers Stavaros over the head with it. Luke & Laura make their escape downstairs, but Stavaros fires a shot at them, collapses and then falls down the stairs. Stavaros is taken to the hospital where he dies, but not before telling Laura his work will be carried on. Luke fears that the Cassadines won’t take Stavaros’ death lightly and he and Laura leave the hospital. Daytime Dilemma.

Thu, Dec 15
No Luke & Laura
Alan & Monica smooching. Claudia & Bryan. Grant & Celia. Robert. Daytime Dilemma.

Fri, Dec 16
Luke & Laura
Holly & Robert. Grant tells Carla that she could run again with therapy. Luke & Laura discuss the press conference to tell of the death of Stavaros. Luke thinks he should do it alone. He fields the tough questions from the press and just tells them that Stavaros fell down the stairs and nothing more.

Mon, Dec 19
Luke & Laura
Rose with a customer. Blackie, Amy & Leslie. Luke & Laura with a business card with the Cassadine crest and Laura is afraid. Amy wants to be Blackie’s girl singer, but Blackie doesn’t want her to. Later, he fesses up and lets her audition. Yanni comes to Luke & Laura at the Mayor’s Mansion. Yanni tells Luke & Laura that Helena had a permanent breakdown when she saw Stavaros’ body and that the vendetta has ended. Laura is relieved to be free. Luke & Laura dine alone elegantly and then end up having a food fight. They talk about the mansion being too big and there are too many servants.

Tue, Dec 20
Luke & Laura
Rose & Jimmy Lee. Grant & Celia. Luke is busy, busy, busy. Laura arrives at a luncheon unprepared to deliver a speech they are expecting. She tries to wing it, but ends up apologizing and some of the ladies act bewildered. Luke & Laura meet for lunch at Kelley’s where they keep getting interrupted there, as well. Finally, Luke grabs Laura up and they dance along with Jimmy Lee and Rose. Luke & Laura meet back at home after a busy day, and Luke gets a phone call and Laura keeps kissing him while he tends to business. Full cast credits.

Wed, Dec 21
Luke & Laura
Monica & Celia. Laura attends another luncheon and Holly is there. Holly offers Laura a ride to her next appearance, but Laura says there will be someone there to get her. Laura has a few moments though and asks Holly how she does it, being a public officials wife. Laura & Holly have tea and talk. Luke & Laura are both completely frustrated with their roles as Mayor and Mrs. Mayor. Luke meets with citizens who ask for his help, but his hands are tied now that he is the Mayor. Full cast credits. Daytime Dilemma.

Thu, Dec 22
Luke & Laura
Claudia & Bryan fight over finances. Rose & Jake record and expose the man who is wanting money from Rose to pass inspection. Luke & Laura are disappointed that they cannot decorate the Mayor’s Mansion for the holidays themselves, so they borrow some coats and head for the docks. Down on the docks they help decorate a Christmas tree. Luke feels helpless as Mayor. Luke & Laura make time for romance by the fire at the mansion. Non cast credits.

Fri, Dec 23
Luke & Laura
Jimmy Lee apologizes to Celia for the other day [he kissed her]. Luke wakes Laura up and tells her there is a surprise waiting downstairs. Leslie & Rick are waiting with “Happy Birthday” and Laura’s Christmas Tree star. Luke leaves Laura with Leslie & Rick while he goes to visit Carla with Grant. Grant tells Luke he really helped Carla, but Luke says she is the one who helped him. Luke rushes home and asks Laura if she wants to take a ride out to Beecher’s Corners and she is elated. Luke & Laura embracing back in their old bedroom at Beecher’s Corners. Daytime Dilemma.

Mon, Dec 26
Luke’s Flashbacks episode. He walks around the docks talking with old friends and remembering all the good times.
No Laura

Tue, Dec 27
Luke & Laura Last Day
Christmas morning at the Q’s with Alan by the tree with the electric train. Rick & Leslie at Beecher’s Corners wondering what Luke & Laura have to tell them. Luke & Laura tell Rick & Leslie they are leaving to travel and they say their tearful goodbyes. Luke & Laura return to the mansion to gather their things and say goodbye to the mansion. Luke & Laura stop by General Hospital and listen to Dr.Hardy tell the children at the hospital the Christmas story, one last time. Luke & Laura sneak away and walk out of the hospital to begin their new life together.

Wed, Dec 28
Bobbi & Brock. Holly & Robert. “Real/Other” Grant in Hospital. Daytime Dilemma.

Thu, Dec 29
Rick, Leslie & Mike. Robert & Holly. Man in hospital says his name is “Grant Putnam”. Daytime Dilemma.

Fri, Dec 30
Mr Q and the maid. Rose wondering where Lou is. Lou is in bed with Blackie and says she will sneak in after Rose goes to bed and before Rose gets up, and Rose won’t even know it.