Thu & Fri & Mon - Sep 1, 2 & 5
Three full episodes of Renee's party where she is murdered.

Thu & Fri - Sep 29 & 30
Two full episodes w/o/c Hope cares for Bo in his room after he is beaten by the Vipers.

Mon & Tue - Oct 3 & 4
Two full episodes. Bo is furious when Hope brings Kayla to his room to help Bo who is fevered. The fire is set to smoke out Bo & Hope.

Fri - Nov 4
Hope sneaks around to find out what Bo & Danny are up to. She stows away in the van that is packed and ready to head out to Rinehart. A message that another will die comes through on the police station computer. "Gene" is shown with a knife and the poison plant.

Mon - Nov 7
Bo & Danny discover Hope is with them in the van. Leticia calls Abe to tell him Gene is in the house with her. Leticia is killed by "Gene". Roman & Abe arrive at Gene's and he is arrested for killing Leticia. Hope is introduced as "Mrs. Resnick" at Rinehart and is informed that she and Bo will be sharing a room with a double bed.

The following 7 episodes follow Bo & Hope & Danny at Rinehart and the aftermath when they return to Salem.

Tue - Nov 8
Synopsis coming soon

Wed - Nov 9
Synopsis coming soon

Thu - Nov 10
Synopsis coming soon

Fri - Nov 11
Synopsis coming soon

Mon - Nov 14
Synopsis coming soon

Tue - Nov 15
Synopsis coming soon

Wed - Nov 16
Synopsis coming soon

Thu - Nov 17
Pete watches Melissa & Alan. Maggie & Don return from Hawaii early. Anna who is looking for Kathy, bumps into Alex and jewels fall from her purse. Roman has a dream about all of the murder suspects. Marlena tells Bo how much she cares for him. Marie tells Maggie that she has been neglecting Melissa. Brady/Horton get together at Roman & Marlena’s where Marlena tells Bo that someone is trying to hurt Roman. Kathy tells Anna that she has the package.

Fri - Nov 18
Anna has the tape. Plans being made for Hope’s birthday party. Marlena sees the message on the computer screen from the slasher. Marlena & Sandy see “Roman” kill Daisy Hawkins in her apartment [pt 1].

Mon - Nov 21
Marlena & Sandy & Roman & Daisy [pt 2] Doug tells Hope & Melissa they can’t go to the library because of the killer. Melissa thinks she is being watched. Pete is watching Melissa. Maggie tells Mickey he & Don got engaged in Hawaii. Marie mentions it to Melissa, who did not know. Pete lurking a Maggies. Roman arrested at home by Abe.

Tue - Nov 22
Roman has been arrested. Pete still lurking. Marlena tells Bo about Roman. Abe talks to Roman at the police station, tells him Marlena & Sandy were witnesses. Sandy questions Marlena about them seeing Roman. Anna leaves the tape at the Horton’s, it ends up in the attic. Roman in his jail cell.

Wed - Nov 23
Headlines boast of the arrest of Sgt. Brady, to Alex, Tony, Sandy, Hope. Roman in his cell. Reporters at Marlena’s. Anna looks for the tape at the Horton’s. The man who sold the knife to “Roman” comes to the police station and later picks Roman out in a lineup. Knives, leaves, feathers, pics of the victims are found at Roman & Marlena’s house.

Thu - Nov 24 No DOOL - Thanksgiving

Fri - Nov 25
Melissa with Hope, still thinks someone is following her. Anna meet Alex at Shenanigans. Bo has a domestic dream of him and Hope. Neil visiting Liz in prison today, they will be married 2-wks from today. Roman’s arraignment, he pleads “not guilty”. Bo questions Alice about her famous donuts. Anna wants her 2nd installment from Alex. Hope applies for a job with Chris. Melissa catches Pete in Shenanigans. Pete grabs Melissa and she screams.

Mon - Nov 28
Pete takes Melissa hostage & ties her up. She begs him to untie her. Liz tells her cellmate that in 2 weeks she will be Mrs. Neil Curtis. Marlena announces to Neil & Julie that “Roman killed no one”. Bo & Hope talk.

Tue - Nov 29
Gwen & Alex in bed, Alex gloats about Roman’s arrest. Roman in jail, talks to Abe. Maggie is worried because Melissa did not come home last night, Hope comes by. Melissa still tied up. Roman tells Abe that he has been set up when Abe tells him he was seen at Gwen’s.

Wed - Nov 30
Bo & Alice make the donuts to help get Roman out of jail.

Thu - Dec 1
Alice gives Roman “the donut” and he collapses [pt 1]

Fri - Dec 2
Roman & "the donut", [pt 2]. Roman escapes with the help of Bo & Alice. Melissa & Pete begin to bond. Cops know where Melissa is being held, but they fear Pete may have a gun. Cops arrive at the cabin where Pete & Melissa are holed up. Alice brought in for questioning [pt 1]

Mon - Dec 5
Alex and the money to give Anna. Anna tapes a gun to the table and enlists Bo’s help for $1000 to witness the exchange with Alex. Alice at police station [pt 2] - she is arrested & jailed. Hope asks Bo for a date. Melissa tries to get Pete to give himself up. Melissa finally hits Pete on the head with firewood and the police storm the cabin. Anna on the pier to meet Alex and a large box nearly falls on her at the end. Marlena talks to Pete at the police station.

Tue - Dec 6
Bo shows up right after the box nearly falls on Anna. Melissa & Hope talking right after Melissa is released. Melissa cares that Pete may be hurt. Bo & Hope on his motorcycle, they share a kiss. Liz adoring her wedding dress--wedding is on “Friday”. Charlene can’t wait for Liz’ wedding. Tyler takes Anna’s blackmail tape. “Roman” attacks the lady cop, Joan Hopkins. The beginning of Anna & Roman on the run together. The killer takes off his make-up.

Wed - Dec 7
Liz & Charlene preparing for the wedding on “Friday”. Alex wants Anna and the tape from Tyler. Anna & Roman check into a room. Marlena goes on TV pleading for Roman to come home. Roman later calls Marlena and tells her he is innocent.

Thu - Dec 8
Melissa talking to Hope. Melissa wants to see Pete. Roman & Anna--the tape contained Stepano & Alex planning Roman’s death before the wedding to Marlena. Bo upset with Marlena over the TV broad cast. Liz’ bridal shower in prison--going to be Mrs. Neil Curtis “tomorrow”. “Shoot to kill” order put out for Roman. Bo asks Hope to help babysit for Carrie.

Fri - Dec 9
Chris hires Hope. She tells Bo and reminds him they have a “date” with Carrie. Cute scenes of Bo & Hope & Carrie. Party for Liz & Neil waiting at Neil’s. Liz is free. Charlene puts gun in flowers before the wedding. Wedding ceremony begins, Charlene grabs Liz and holds her at gunpoint.

Mon - Dec 12
Liz is shot by Charlene at the prison wedding. Liz’ appeal went through--she is free. Surprise reception called off due to the shooting. Liz in the hospital hearing voices. Bo asks Hope for a date for Friday Night. Missing 5-6 minutes.

Tue - Dec 13
Hope tells Melissa she has a date with Bo on Friday night. Liz hearing Don’s voice, she wakes up and tells Don to take her home. Anna calls Carrie. Bo & Hope dance for Carrie at Marlena’s. Full Credits.

Wed - Dec 14
Liz doesn’t know that Noelle belongs to Neil. At end, Liz tells Neil she doesn’t love him and gives him her rings. Roman & Anna. Bo tells Hope to dress warm for their date.

Thu - Dec 15
Liz & Don, she is ready to go home, but where is home? Roman & Anna move into a different room. Eugene has “vibes” about Roman and tells Marlena. Hope wants to talk to Bo about their date tonight. Liz remembers Don and wants to go home with him. Bo tells Hope they are going sailing on the lake & stargazing. Julie finds condoms in Hope’s room and wants to know what Hope’s intentions are, encourages Hope to wait. Liz & Julie discuss Liz’ situation. Liz doesn’t know how she could care for Neil who was so mean to her.

Fri - Dec 16
Bo & Hope’s date tonight. Chris tells Hope she has to work, or be fired. Bo calls to tell Hope he will be late. Chris lets Hope go early to meet Bo on the pier. Bo doesn’t show up. Fire at Anna & Roman’s bldg.

Mon - Dec 19
Bo rescues Roman & Anna from fire at their hotel room. Hope tells Melissa that Bo stood her up for their date. Bo calls her up to tell her he was sorry about tonight and she hangs up. Later Bo throws stones at Hope’s window. Roman tells Anna that someone wears a mask like him to kill.

Tue - Dec 20
Melissa refused to make a statement against Pete. Anna calls the police department about someone using a mask to commit murder. She speaks with Joan Hopkins. Anna escapes and nearly gets herself and Roman killed by Tyler.

Wed - Dec 21
Liz & Neil put up a tree and then go out on the town. Hope & Bo & Doug talk about Bo standing up Hope. Carrie falls on the ice while with Marlena & Tony. Bo rushes off to tell Roman who wants to see Carrie.

Thu - Dec 22
Carrie in hospital, Bo comes to see her. Hospital Christmas party begins. Roman shows up as Santa at the end, with Alice.

Fri - Dec 23
Christmas party at hospital. Liz sings. Roman as Santa visits the kids, and bumps into Marlena who doesn't know it is him. Roman visits Carrie's room and tells her the Christmas story from the Bible...she comes out of her coma and talks to Roman. Hope gives Bo a tux for Christmas. Melissa hangs her new ornament on the Horton Christmas tree.

Mon - Dec 26
Carrie gets released from the hospital. Alice & Hope both show up at Bo's. Roman & Anna are seen by a Forest Ranger. Bo races off at the end to help Roman.

Tue - Dec 27
Liz & Neil, he kisses her and they go out. Chris wants Pete to move in with him.

Wed - Dec 28
Hope choosing dress for her Birthday party. Liz sings again. Bo helps set up Roman & Anna at the Library. Bo & Hope share a big kiss.

Thu - Dec 29
Hope wakes up on her birthday. 9am on Monday Hope gets her inheritance--Doug wants her to invest. Marlena asks Bo if he knows where Roman is. Hope calls Bo as he is getting ready for her party. Doug & Julie give Hope gift inscribed 12/29/83. Hope’s 18th Birthday Party begins. Doug & Hope dance.

Fri - Dec 30
Hope’s 18th Birthday Party continues. Hope gives Bo his gift and they fight. They both leave her party and end up in Bo’s room at the end. [1983 credits at the end]