Laura Applies For A Job At The Disco - Original ABC Airdate: 8/24/79
Richard Simmons conducts an exercise class including Laura, Amy, Claudia, and Bobbie at the disco. Scotty and Brian joke about the class, and Richard takes offense. In Luke's office, Roy informs Luke that the official word is that his cousin committed suicide. Roy vows that someone is going to pay for it, but Luke insists that they get proof before they take any action. Laura overhears one of the girls in her class mention that she just got a job with the disco and decides to talk to Luke about a job for herself. She goes directly to Luke's office and convinces him that she could be a good waitress, even though she is underage and cannot serve drinks. Meanwhile, Roy tells Bobbie that he might not see her for a day or two, and she kisses him and asks him to be careful. Tracy visits Edward at the hospital and Edward advises her to bring Ned back home and act like a real mother for him. When Edward inquires about Monica, Tracy is honest with him and tells him that Monica had a bad fall. Edward expresses his concern for Monica's baby, who he was hoping would carry on the Quartermaine name, just as Rick enters his hospital room. Mitch tells Susan that he has deep feelings for her and that he is very sorry for what he did to her. He takes her hand and insists that he is not married yet just as Tracy enters the restaurant and sees them. Laura and Amy have lunch at the hospital cafeteria, and Laura tells Amy how excited she is to tell Scotty her big news about her new job. Amy tells Laura how jealous she is that Laura will get to see Luke Spencer every day, and Laura gets very serious. Laura warns Amy that she should stay away from Luke, noting the strange characters that Luke hangs around. Laura is distracted with the news of Monica's fall. After she checks with Rick to find out Monica's status, she returns to the cafeteria and finds Amy with Scotty. She tells Scotty about her new job, and Scotty is less than enthused. Later, Amy tells Rick about Laura's new job, and Rick looks concerned. Back at their apartment, Scotty tells Laura that the disco is not the type of place where he wants his wife working.

Luke’s Obsession Goes Too Far - Original ABC Airdate: 10/5/79
A very concerned Laura calls Brian from the disco looking for Scotty. It's after two in the morning, and Scotty never picked her up. Brian offers to pick Laura up, but Laura insists that she wants to wait for Scotty. Meanwhile, Scotty sits with Zelda at a diner and discusses business. Rick and Lesley are kissing in bed when they are interrupted by a call from Howard. Rick states his relief at the dismissal, but Howard notes that Rick and Monica's depositions are now public record, which includes their testimony about sleeping together. As Laura waits alone in the disco, Luke stumbles in drunk. Laura watches him sit down at the bar where he begins crying. When he sees Laura, he tells her to go home. She tries instead to console Luke, telling him that she has seen better days herself. Laura tells Luke that she thinks her marriage is over, because she lied to Scotty about using her credit card to pay for his law books. At the diner, Scotty talks to Zelda about his fight with Laura. He notes that he should apologize to Laura. As they talk, Scotty realizes how late it is and decides he'd better get home. Luke informs Laura that he found out tonight that within a month he'll be dead. Joe Kelly and Anne Logan sit in his car after their date, and Anne gives Joe a hard time about being so mysterious. When their discussion later turns into an argument, Joe calms her by telling her that he loves her. Mitch Williams arrives at Susan Moore's upset, advising her that there is a contract on his life. He tells Susan that she is the only person he can trust in the whole town. Later, after they make love, Mitch apologizes to Susan for having ever hurting her. At the disco, Laura insists that she wants to help Luke, and he continues to try to get her to leave. Luke balks at Laura's innocence, and she assures him that she knows that he cares about her. Luke responds that he is in love with her, and that he can't concentrate on anything else. Luke gets more and more agitated as he tells her that knowing she sleeps with Scotty every night is driving him crazy. Laura insists that her life with Scotty is all that she wants right now. She tells Luke that she and Scotty are his friends and that they can help him. He begs Laura to dance with him, and she hesitatingly agrees. As they dance, Laura tells Luke that he's frightening her and insists that she needs to go. Things spin out of control as Luke holds her tight and begins kissing her. Meanwhile, Scotty arrives home and is interrupted by a call from Lesley. After he gets off the phone, he realizes that Laura is not home. He calls Brian, who informs him that Laura called him from the disco earlier, where she was waiting for Scotty. Scotty calls the disco, but no one answers. He calls Rick and Lesley, and then various hospital emergency rooms. Luke stands over Laura where she is laying on the floor. Her shirt is torn and as Luke moves toward the ringing phone, she stands and leaves. Luke answers the phone and tells Scotty that Laura isn't there. Luke stares at Laura's jacket on the floor as he comes to the startling realization of what he's done. Laura runs through the woods frantically and ends up by the fountain, falling to the ground crying. She turns and screams as she sees someone standing over her.

The Wedding Of Luke Spencer & Jennifer Smith - Original ABC Airdate: 7/11/80
Susan glances nervously at Mitch as Frank Smith tells Susan that he hopes to make Susan his fiancé soon. Outside at the marina, Brian, Claudia, Amy, and Richard Simmons decorate Luke's car with a "just married" sign and paraphernalia. Meanwhile, Scotty reads a letter from Laura to Luke, becoming more and more enraged as he realizes that Luke is the person that raped Laura. When Laura enters the room, Scotty turns on her, accusing her of having an affair with Luke. Laura denies it, asking for a chance to tell him the truth. As Luke's friends arrive at the yacht, Luke gives them all a tour. Frank informs Jennifer that he and Luke are going to sign a contract to be business partners prior to the wedding. Jennifer is ecstatic and asks Susan to help her get dressed. Laura tries to explain everything to Scotty, telling him that things got out of control, and she couldn't stop it. Scotty tells her it is just like her affair with David Hamilton, and calls her a tramp. He throws her down and tells her that she won't have Luke, because he is going to kill him. He runs out of the apartment, leaving Laura on the floor crying. Jeff visits Anne, and assures her how much he loves her. He explains that all he wants is for Heather to get well so that he can get a divorce and be with Anne. Laura tries to call Luke to warn him about Scotty, but no one is home. Meanwhile, Scotty is outside Luke's apartment, and he breaks down the door. When he realizes Luke is not home, he runs out. Frank meets with Luke and assumes that Luke is pleased with the contract that he offered. Luke tells Frank that he wants away from all mob ties. He adds that he looks at Frank and sees what he could become in a few years, and he hates it. He threatens Frank that he knows about the left-handed boy, and shows him his copies of Frank's little black book. Meanwhile, guests begin to arrive for the wedding. Frank excuses himself, warning Luke that he has a threat against him that outweighs anything Luke has on Frank. Scotty arrives at the yacht and tears past the guests as he looks for Luke. When he finds him, he attacks him. Luke gets away for a moment, but jumps back down to the deck where Scotty is standing to continue the fight. The fight grows until Scotty punches Luke over the side of the yacht.

Dancing At Wyndham’s - Original ABC Airdate: 8/6/80
Alan tells Monica that he expects her to be at the fundraiser, and she assures him that she will not be there. After Monica leaves the room with baby A.J., Alan and Rick argue. Both men insist that he is A.J.'s father. Meanwhile, Luke and Laura are at Wyndham's. Luke proposes a very fancy evening for the two of them, including fabulous clothes and a gourmet meal. When they run into a storage room to hide from the night watchman, Luke discovers mannequins donning the perfect tuxedo and evening gown. The couple does not realize that a stranger is lurking in the same storage room. Lesley has dinner with Howard at the Floating Rib, but she cannot concentrate on much of anything but Laura. Lesley worries that her marriage problems with Rick must have been a bad example for Laura. Rick and Monica dream about their future together, including working side by side at the Waterfront Clinic. At the Quartermaine mansion, Alan vows to Edward that his plans for the fundraiser dinner will get Monica back home. The Hardy's have dinner with Dr. Tony Perelli, and run into Lesley and Howard at the restaurant. Dr. Perelli takes an immediate interest in Lesley. Steve Hardy is interrupted by a call from Edward Quartermaine, who informs him that Frank Smith rescinded his offer to donate a wing to General Hospital because of the situation with his daughter. At Wyndham's, Luke is dressed in top hat and tails, and Laura is dressed in a fuchsia evening gown. The couple dance through the aisles of the department store. Luke takes Laura to where he has a table fully dressed and set with china, and the two share a champagne toast. Laura exclaims that she feels like Cinderella, and as if they are the only two people in the world. Later, Rick mentions to Monica that he sees no resemblance of him in A.J. Rick seems unconcerned, but Monica is obviously nervous about the conversation. When Jeff mentions that he needs to discuss Heather with Howard, Tony Perelli takes the opportunity to talk to Lesley. He is very direct with her, wasting no time in asking her to dinner. Luke and Laura continue dancing, and he picks her up and carries her to a bed in the furniture department. Much to Luke's dismay, Laura drifts off to sleep just as the couple is in the midst of a passionate kiss. The stranger from the storage room watches over the sleeping couple, gun in hand.

The Walls Of Jericho Come Down - Original ABC Airdate: 10/20/80
Rick consults with Steve Hardy and tells him that Monica is having a hard time accepting that she will not be working with him. Steve asks if she should be reassigned, and Rick confirms that it would be a good idea. Alan confronts Monica and asks if Rick is finally going to back off. He demands that she act like Mrs. Alan Quartermaine when she is in public, regardless of what her true feelings are. Meanwhile, Luke and Laura arrive at the Whitaker farm. They explain the truth about their identities, but the Whitakers already know. Mr. Whitaker tells Luke and Laura how disappointing it was to find out that Hutch was really a hired killer. Luke informs them that he mailed the little black book to Joe Kelly in Port Charles, and that they would wait now to see when it would be safe to return home. Later, Luke calls Joe and agrees to lay low at the Whitaker farm for the next 24 hours. Luke and Laura dance around the Whitaker kitchen as they realize how close they are to returning to a normal life. Meanwhile, the thought-to-be dead Hutch appears in a phone booth, and calls Frank Smith. He assures his boss that he will get the black book and finish off the job of killing Luke and Laura. At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward enjoys his new mummy case, courtesy of his niece Alex. He tells the housekeeper how excited he is about Alex's upcoming visit, assured that she will add spice and excitement to the Quartemaine's lives. At the farm, Luke teases Laura about being torn between Lucy Johnson and Laura. Luke asks Laura if she is ready to take off her wedding band, telling her that he cannot beg her. He explains that he cannot wait any longer, and she assures him that she loves him more than any man she has ever loved. Finally, Luke leaves Laura in the bedroom and tells her to take her time there alone to decide what she wants, and to let him know. Later, Luke talks with the Whitakers in their kitchen while Mrs. Whitaker prepares dinner. As Luke tells Mrs. Whitaker about how much he loves Laura, Laura enters the kitchen. Laura takes some silverware from Mrs. Whitaker's hand and holds it out for Luke, showing him that there is no longer a wedding band on her finger. Luke is so ecstatic that he grabs Mrs. Whitaker and dances with her around the kitchen. Back in Port Charles, Brian and Gail talk about their concern for how Scotty is handling things. Gail notes that she is especially concerned about what will happen when Laura returns to Port Charles. Later, when Luke comes out of the bathroom in his robe, the wall of Jerico is back up. Laura flirtatiously tells him that someone must have put it up so that someone else could take it down. After taking down the blanket and joining Laura on the bed, Luke kisses her slowly. He savors each kiss, telling her that they have all night and they are going to need it. Later, as they lay in each other's arms, Hutch enters the Whitaker barn and hides. Hutch overhears Mr. Whitaker when he comes in to check the barn and tells the animals that Lloyd Johnson is back, and will visit them first thing in the morning.

Luke Saves The World - Ice Princess - Original ABC Airdate: 9/18/81
Steve paces nervously in his office, hoping that they will be able to reestablish communication with the island. Everyone wears winter coasts and scarves, as the temperature continues to drop. Meanwhile, Robert and Laura point rifles at the guards at the Cassadine complex, demanding the code to get into the control room where Mikkos and Luke are. On the other side of the door, Mikkos Cassadine has a gun on Luke, as Luke begs him not to move the lever that will further the process of freezing the world. Mikkos shows Luke the monitors in the room that are carrying the news coverage from various cities announcing that temperatures are already lowering around the world. Luke tries to strike a bargain with Mikkos as Robert continues to try to get the door open. At the hospital, Rick tries to talk Alan and Monica through what was involved in A.J.'s surgery. He offers them no guarantees, and agrees that the cold weather certainly aggravated their son's condition. He warns them that the hospital could lose power, and if that happens, all of the patients in the intensive care unit would be traumatized. Mikkos laughs as he and Luke hear a grenade explode on the other side of the door. Robert and Laura come to the realization that nothing can tear the door down. Mikkos puts through a call to the relay station noting that he is ready to make contact with Port Charles. He advises that he has Luke Spencer at gunpoint, and that if Luke makes any mistakes, he will immediately cut off transmission and dispose of him. Edward and Alan discuss the current temperature issue, and Edward asks Alan to let him know if there is any change in A.J.'s condition. Ballantine receives a call noting that they have made progress on the search for Mikkos, but the phone connection gives out. Mikkos gives Luke one last threat that if Luke tries to convey any hidden messages to Ballantine, he will instantly put a bullet through his heart. As Mikkos talks to Ballantine, he puts Luke on the phone. Luke betrays Mikkos by giving out the location of the island, but the line gives out before Port Charles can get the information. On the island, a struggle ensues between Luke and Mikkos. Victor Cassadine arrives and Robert threatens him at gunpoint to help them get into the control room. Inside, the battle between Luke and Mikkos ends when Luke throws Mikkos into the freezer and Mikkos meets his death.

The Wedding Part 1 - Original ABC Airdate: 11/16/81
Laura and Luke each wake up happy on their wedding day. Laura and Lesley have a heart to heart, and then Laura joins the girls as they prepare for the wedding. Meanwhile, Luke heads over to Ruby's, and tells her that he will always need her and that he loves her. Later, as Laura prepares for the wedding, Amy gossips about Heather and Joe. Lesley enters and gives Laura a gift that the delivery boy said must be opened immediately. Laura opens it to find a model of the Titan. Laura continues to get ready, looking for her missing earring. Slick and Robert get nervous about Luke's whereabouts when Luke finally appears. Soon after, Jean-Paul arrives and inquires as to whether or not Luke and Laura will attend Helena Cassadine's reception the next day. Luke tells Jean-Paul that he will be on his honeymoon the next day, and the last thing he wants to think about is the Cassadine family. After Jean-Paul leaves, a delivery arrives for Luke?Luke opens the package to find a model of the Titan. The guests begin arriving at the mayor's mansion for the wedding. The wedding is potluck-style, and the guests help to set up as they arrive. Rose Kelly helps to coordinate. As the preparations are under way, Gail asks Monica if Alan will be at the wedding alone?Monica replies that they will have to wait and see. Meanwhile, Alan tells Susan that it will upset his parents if he takes her with him to the wedding. He makes a promise that their wedding day will come. As the wedding begins, the sidewalk is lined with spectators. Jean-Paul announces on his one-way that Luke refused Madame's invitation, but that the gifts were delivered. Madame should arrive at the wedding immediately. When Slick pulls up with Luke and Scorpio, the wedding begins. After Joe and Bryan escort Lesley and Ruby down the aisle, the bridesmaids make their way down the aisle. Laura and Rick arrive, and Rick escorts Laura down the aisle. As it proceeds, Helena Cassadine slips out a door and watches, holding Luke's stickpin and Laura's earring. As Rick and Laura reach the gazebo, he moves to Lesley. Luke offers Laura his arm, and they face the mayor as he begins the ceremony.

The Wedding Part 2 - Original ABC Airdate: 11/17/81
The wedding begins with the mayor giving a speech about how proud and happy the community is to see this couple married. As the wedding continues, Helena Cassadine watches from the side. The couple takes their vows of marriage, and then the mayor declares them legally married as they kiss. The crowd cheers. As they walk down the aisle, the couple greets the crowd?hugs and kisses are abundant. Later, the couple shares their first dance, as everyone watches. Helena looks on, clasping their stickpin and earring, as she curses the couple and all of their descendants. Luke and Robert later share a moment before the couple heads off for their honeymoon. Before they leave, Luke throws the garter, and Rick catches it. Then, Laura throws the bouquet?and Scotty catches it. Scotty throws the bouquet back up to the balcony where Luke and Laura are standing, and he screams that there will be no marriage. Luke jumps down the balcony, and proceeds to knock Scotty out cold. Luke grabs Laura's hand, and they run away?heading for their honeymoon. Meanwhile, Noah is with Stacy at the hospital. Stacy comments on how nice it was for Noah to give up Bobbie's brother's wedding to operate. Noah replies that he still hopes to make it to the reception.

The Honeymoon - Original ABC Airdate: 11/18/81
The town is abuzz about Scotty's appearance at the wedding. At the Baldwin's, Scotty tells Gail and Lee that he broke into the town hall and stole the divorce papers. Lee then confesses to Scotty that he burned the papers that were sent in the mail. Lee continues, telling Scotty that he has given up alcohol, and that he's dry now. Scotty tells Gail and Lee that he was there to seek revenge, but Lee replies that there will be no revenge, or Scotty will have to contend with him. Meanwhile, Luke and Laura are at the Whitaker farm, beginning their honeymoon. They laugh as they read the many, many notes that the Whittakers left for them. Later, Buford Honeycutt arrives, and tells the couple that he will return in the morning to help with the chores. He leaves saying that he expects a big breakfast to be ready when the chores are done. Luke carries Laura up to bed, and Laura tells Luke that she remembers the only time that they made love in that room. The next morning, Luke and Laura wake up?after only ˝ hour of sleep. Luke assures Laura that he will go do the chores, and will be back in bed before she knows it. Joe is determined to prove that Heather did not kill Diana. He talks to Rose, telling her that Ramsey said that the D.A. will go for a charge against Heather of assault with the intent to kill, and that bail will be set at $100,000.

Luke Sees Laura After His Inauguration - Original ABC Airdate: 11/24/83
Holly arrives at Luke's to help him get ready for his inauguration. Meanwhile, Laura enters her old apartment, and opens the Port Charles Herald. Luke's picture is on the front page with the headline "Spencer to be Sworn-in as Mayor Today." A mysterious man places a call to Mr. Cassadine, telling him that he thinks he has located his wife and that he has his word that she will be on her way back to him tonight. Laura stares at the newspaper, saying that at least she will get to see Luke for just a little while. She is alarmed when she hears voices outside the apartment. Meanwhile, Holly tells Luke how happy she is that he and Robert are friends again. Luke tells Holly that he has a strange feeling that something is about to happen, but Holly laughs it off as an expected feeling on his inauguration day. Tiffany arrives to lend an extra hand, and the ladies escort Luke downstairs, where Blackie is waiting for them. The Cassadine henchman looks through Laura's empty apartment as Laura makes a quick getaway. Later, she peeks through the door of the city council office as Luke is sworn in. As soon as she steps away into the ladies room, the henchman turns the corner and sees her. He is blocked from approaching her by Luke's family and friends as they come out of the city council office. After the group exits, the henchman is approached by the police captain because the henchman's car was involved in an accident. They force him to join them to straighten out the situation with the accident. Laura is once again able to make a clean get away. As Luke enjoys his inauguration reception, Laura stands outside the mansion and watches the guests enter. The mansion brings back memories of Luke and Laura's wedding for Tiffany and Claudia. When Laura ducks into the back yard after one of the staff sees her, she is also inundated with memories of her wedding day. Midway through the party, Ruby and Brock tell Luke that Bobbie is in the hospital with an infection. Luke quickly makes an announcement that his guests should continue to enjoy the party while he leaves to go visit his sister in the hospital. Laura overhears one of the staff tell the party guests that Luke left to visit his sister. At the hospital, Luke is devastated to learn that Bobbie needs a hysterectomy. Luke visits Bobbie, and they reminisce about both their good and bad times. Luke confides to Bobbie how hard it is to be in the mansion with the many memories it holds for him. Later, Luke arrives back at the mansion where the party has ended, and is instantly filled with thoughts of Laura. As Laura strolls around the back yard, an unknowing Luke goes inside the mansion and heads to his room to have one last glass of champagne. He walks out onto the balcony outside his room, and once again is filled with memories of he and Laura dancing on their wedding day. As he pours himself more champagne, he sees Laura from the back as she walks across the yard. He runs downstairs just as Laura catches a glimpse of the henchman staring at her from across the yard. Luke runs out to the yard and screams Laura's name. She pauses, and then runs into Luke's arms, as Luke cries and holds her tight.

Laura Tells Luke She Is Pregnant - Original ABC Airdate: 12/7/84
Bobbie tells Brock that she wants to talk, but he warns her that the subjects of Rick, Ruby and Luke are all off limits. Meanwhile, Luke, Robert, Holly and Sean arrive at Felicia's grandmother's ranch in Texas. Her grandmother, Maria, thanks all of them for returning Felicia home safely to her and for getting the statue back for her. Maria tells Luke that Laura is upstairs waiting for him. Laura is upstairs in the bedroom and hears the voices downstairs. She quickly hides the red fire engine that she was holding. Laura tears into Luke when he enters, demanding to know exactly what he has been doing. When Laura finds out that Holly got to go to Mexico, she is furious and begins pummeling Luke with a pillow. Celia tells Grant that she has to finish her mural, and Grant asks her to keep her fingers crossed that their bank loan goes through so that he can finish his surgeon's center. At the ranch, Sean, Holly, Robert, Frisco, Felicia and her grandmother talk about how glad they are to be safe and back in the states. Felicia talks to her grandmother about her hopes for the family treasure, but her grandmother discourages her and tells her that the stories about the treasure are all myth. Sean agrees that he doesn't believe in the treasure, but Holly insists that it would be worth looking for if there is any chance at all that it exists. After Brock leaves home in a huff, Terry questions Bobbie about their argument. Bobbie regrets ever marrying Brock. As Luke and Laura lay in bed, Laura continues to question Luke about his adventure. Laura insists that she was in just as much danger without him, having to fight off Jack Slater. As they talk, Luke finds the red fire engine in the bed. Luke questions why it is there, and Laura reminds him about the fire engine he told her he had when he was a little boy. Laura has to push the subject since Luke is more interested in making love than discussing the fire engine. When she tells him that Lucas, Jr. will love the fire engine, Luke finally comes to the realization of what she is hinting at - she's pregnant! Later, Luke goes through various boy names, but Laura insists that Lucas, Jr. is the perfect name. Luke tells Laura that if he ever did anything right in his whole life, it was marrying her. Luke is suddenly overcome with the need to share the big news, so they call Ruby. After they get off of the phone, Luke runs out to the hallway and shouts to the rest of the gang that the Spencer's are going to have a baby. Meanwhile, Bobbie's talk with Terry is interrupted by a call from Ruby. Bobbie rushes over to Ruby's to share in the good news. In Texas, Maria decides that they need to have a big party to celebrate Luke and Laura's news as well as the return of her treasure and her granddaughter. Jimmy Lee visits Celia on the docks where she is working on her mural. Celia informs Jimmy Lee that the Quartermaine's have cut her off completely, leaving her and Grant pressed financially. The party is in full motion at the ranch, and Sean proposes that everyone come back to Mexico with him for an extended vacation. Luke and Laura take a pass, but everyone else readily agrees. Celia is furious when she returns home and thinks Grant hocked her mink coat for loan collateral. She is embarrassed when Grant looks in the closet and shows her that the mink is still there. Robert, Sean and Luke toast each other in honor of meeting again soon. Felicia gives Frisco a brief kiss, assuring him that she will show him around the grounds of the ranch tomorrow.

The Divorce - Original ABC Airdate: 6/18/01
Gia is stunned to see Nikolas and Liz in the same shower together. She demands to know what is going on and isn't satisfied with their explanation that it was a mistake. She calls Lucky in who believes them. Gia pretends to make peace, but draws Liz a cold shower as retribution. Mac and Felicia kiss, then gently pulled away from each other. They mutually realize that there is no fire left between them and decide it is time to end their marriage for good. Mac sadly tells Maxie and Georgie that he and Felicia are finished, but he tells them that he will always be their father. He kisses them goodbye, hugs Felicia and leaves. After calling Luke, who doesn't have time to talk to her, Felicia is ready to swear off men for good. She later stands by the window and cries over the state of her relationships. Scott waits for Laura at the PC Grille, but she never shows up. Mac comes in after leaving Felicia and the two men commiserate over the sorry state of their lives. Both realize that Luke is at the crux of their problems with their women and try to figure out the man's strange appeal. Mac wishes Scott luck in winning Laura back, but Scott says he doesn't need it. Mac sits outside in the rain and cries as he realizes his marriage truly is over. Luke stalls on signing the property settlement papers when he realizes that signing them will signify the end of the Luke and Laura era. They both reflect on how they arrived to a point where they are ending their lives together. Laura assures Luke that she has had a wonderful time on the road with him, but it has never been enough. She always wanted to come home to Port Charles. Luke understands and marvels that they had made a go of it for as long as they did. Laura tells him that she will always be proud that he was her husband. Luke tells her that he no longer sees a little girl when he looks at her. Instead, he sees a magnificent woman. She declares that he taught her all the magnificence she knows. Knowing that they will always be connected through their children and that a divorce can't erase the memories, Luke agrees to sign the papers. Laura cries as he signs them and hands them to her.